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Mindy Watch: That’s Why I’m All Turned On, I’m Watching Friendship

It’s safe to say that TV hasn’t been giving us good times lately, so when Mindy launched into a joyful voiceover about how great it was to straight-up date Danny Castellano—complete with a romcom-style montage of their secret make-out sessions (“Let me read the chart first and then I’ll give you kisses!”)—maybe I should have known. Their relationship was too precious for this world. We can’t have nice things right now.


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Mindy Watch: A Little Bit In Love with the Practice

The Mindy Project got real for me when Danny Castellano danced. Danny, who thinks the sunshine emoticon has some issues to work through (“It makes no sense, the sun’s the only thing that never needs sunglasses”), performed a hip hop dance routine to Aaliyah’s “Try Again,” which Mindy used to love. He said was the first thing about her that ever really annoyed him, and he said THAT in such a way that it sounded like a damn sexy pick-up line. He ran his hand down his side. He smiled when he brushed his shoulder off. He cupped Mindy’s chin in his hand like Pocahontas reaching for some kind of rare feather. It changed me.


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I Don’t Have to Wait For It Anymore: A Goodbye to How I Met Your Mother

A friend of mine in college once said that we make a home with the people nearest to us. That’s why we tend to become friends with people who live in our halls or take classes with us or work in our office. It’s not always a matter of being meant for each other, as specific individuals, although sometimes that can happen—it’s just that we as people are meant to connect with other people. It’s what we do.

How I Met Your Mother is like that, in show form.


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Parks and Recreation Recap: “New Slogan”–The Other 98%

He came to Pawnee as a cute fascist hardass, but never let it be said that Ben Wyatt doesn’t absolutely LOVE stuff. He’s put together a website that lets you apply for your utility tax refund online. That’s the dream. Unfortunately, Ben lives in a town where practicality isn’t greeted with nearly as much excitement as an animated panda who plays ping pong with his tail. Times like these, he could really use Chris Traeger.


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Parks and Recreation Recap: “Anniversaries”/ “The Wall”–You Like Fixing This Town

“If you believe in something, you sign your name to it.”

Remember when Leslie accidentally performed a marriage ceremony for gay penguins, and suddenly everyone had an opinion on her, and it threw her into a panic? Pawnee doesn’t like it when government officials take a stand. This town will do everything in its power to tear down anyone who makes herself visible. That’s still true, but Leslie’s not afraid anymore. She’s signed her name to this town merger, and she’s going to make it work.


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“Always the lead, darling.”–Falling All Over Paul McGann at Gallifrey One

Posted by Sage of Head Over Feels

We GET it, Paul McGann.

You’re smooth and suave and enormously talented and infuriatingly nonchalant about all of it.

We’ve been double-teaming our Gallifrey One recaps with Kelly of The TV Mouse, our travel buddy and most direct “pay-it-forward” Whovian creation. She’ll readily agree that we destroyed her life with this fandom in general and David Tennant’s face, specifically. You can read part one of our adventures at the largest and longest running Doctor Who fan convention in the US here. Part two is here. If you read those already, you might have noticed that Kim and Kelly skimmed over all McGann (full name: Sexy Beast Paul McGann) specific happenings. Why? Because Paul deserves his own post. Always the lead, darling. (more…)

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It’s Raining Tens: A Weekend at Gallifrey One


“They always throw it on Valentine’s Day because Doctor Who fans are available.”

That’s what actor/ writer/ comedian Toby Hadoke said on Friday night to a packed room full of Whovians. Fair play, Toby. But if you’re not going to surround yourself with people who love something enough to fly across the country and talk about it, what exactly is the point of Valentine’s Day?