How Ted Met a Stranger

Who cares about the Mother?

Can we talk about this?!

I like How I Met Your Mother, but I don’t care who the Mother is. I don’t care that we haven’t met her yet. It seems like everyone does, and I don’t understand.

First of all, Ted is the worst. Nobody watches for Ted.

He wears those red cowboy boots and he thinks he’s pulling them off. He pronounces Encyclopedia like a jerk. He actually makes me annoyed by traits like optimism and the desire to share your life with someone. I find it hard to invest in the relationship between a character I haven’t met and a character who is Ted. He’s the kind of guy who would totally make his children listen to a story for eight years—the same thing that makes him so obnoxious is the thing that makes this show work as a concept. Maybe if we knew the mother I’d be sitting here saying, “Come on, show, they totally want each other.” But we don’t, which is kind of the point. The show’s about looking back on your life and realizing that you didn’t actually need to worry about everything. It all worked out just fine in the end.

UNLESS they pull a big, bold, sad twist, like in the episode Robin narrated, and it turns out that Ted and the mother aren’t actually together anymore. I’m far more interested in that than I am in the mother’s name.

In the meantime, here’s why I watch:

  • Marshall. He’s cuddly.
  • Marshall. He’s not afraid of Sasquatch; he just thinks we should all be on alert.
  • Marshall and Lily. They can’t even spend a night apart.
  • The Canadian citizenship test: “Question one: Do you want to be Canadian? Question two: Really?”
  • Robin Sparkles.
  • Slap Bet.
  • Barney’s one-man show.
  • Neil Patrick Harris.
  • #burn #ducktieslams #stinsonrocks
  • Marshall. He’s Jason Segel.

So what keeps you coming back to HIMYM? Or, if you’re not watching, what turned you away? Are you in it for the Mother? Can Ted pull off the red boots?

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