An Intervention with TV Lists

I have this thing with lists and rankings, Top Tens and Best Ofs: I can’t say no to them.

They get me every time. I just have to read them to see if my favorite shows/ characters/ moments are included. If they’re not, I get indignant. How dare they not rank Li’l Sebastian the Greatest Little Horse on NBC Ever to Have an Honorary Degree from Notre Dame? That list was MADE for him! Nobody else is as smart as I am!

And if my favorite show/ character/ moment does happen to be included, I’m not learning anything I didn’t already know. Look, it’s Booth on this list of “Hot TV Crimefighters.” Oh, he’s hot? I had no idea.

In short, lists, cut it out. At best you’re a waste of time; at worst you’re maddening. I know you’re no good–I just don’t know how to quit you.


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