Spotlight on Bones: Keep on Tryin’

In which we follow up a light kidnapping with a sing-along.

In season two’s “The Killer in the Concrete,” B&B are called in to investigate a body found buried in concrete. Booth dubs him Cement Head, which Brennan protests—it’s not cement. Cement is an ingredient in concrete. (Sometimes I think Bones would make me very well suited for Jeopardy.) But Concrete Head doesn’t have the same ring to it, so Cement Head it is! They’re pretty sure he was killed by a crazy old one-legged hit man whose favorite murder weapon is an ice pick. Booth dubs him Ice Pick. Brennan does not protest. She actually scolds Cam for calling the killer by his real name. “We don’t call him Kennedy; we call him Ice Pick.” I love it when Brennan takes her linguistic cues from the people around her. It’s like they give her permission to say cute things.

Meanwhile, Brennan’s dad shows up to tempt her with snickerdoodles. Apparently, five-year-old Brennan liked to eat cookies and dance around to the old song “Keep on Tryin’” by Poco. She doesn’t remember. Abandonment does tricky things to the memory. Be gone with your snickerdoodles, Max.

Booth tracks Kennedy to his hotel, so Ice Pick retaliates wily-old-man style: he wraps Booth in a blanket like a man hor d’oeuvres (yes please, I’ll have some). Ice Pick confirms that he murdered Cement Head, so well done team!, but he “never killed nobody for fun,” so he hits the road and leaves Booth all wrapped up, gun and all. He even puts the TV on for him. Nicest crazy old one-legged hit man EVER! Unfortunately, his former partners are miffed and not as nice. They find Booth and, anxious to know whether Kennedy is still alive, take him to their place for an interrogation that’s straight out of King Lear. They actually ask Booth which of his eyes he likes best. This episode is such a hot mess, in the most wonderful way.

Brennan and the squints work overtime to save Booth, eventually using the victim’s shoes—shoes! They’re so smart—to locate Kennedy’s hangar. Brennan calls in the location to the FBI, but she casually leaves out the fact that they’re just guessing.

Brennan: Yes, this is Dr. Brennan at the Jeffersonian. I just received a call from Agent Booth that he’s being held at the Purdue Airfield in Oakville, Virginia. Send backup. I’m going in.

Angela: You just lied your ass off to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Hodgins: That is so hot.

This is totally one of those moments when I want to be Brennan. She’s such a badass. I always love it when Hodgins calls Brennan hot, for the same reason I like Booth to compliment Angela: friend chemistry is every bit as great as romantic chemistry. They all like each other! Also, it’s the truth. They’re all hot.

So the action montage kicks in—set to “Keep on Tryin’,” naturally—as Brennan speeds off with her father. Yes, she’s so desperate to save her partner that she calls on Max for help (y’all, SHE LOVES BOOTH). Angela, Hodgins, Cam, and Zack are stuck in the lab, waiting for news, and we see how worried they are for Booth.

I wish Booth could see that. He has such a hard time believing that he’s worthy of that kind of affection, probably because he occasionally finds himself tied to a chair with a burning screwdriver in his leg. Ouch. Booth is good at being tortured, which is the absolute saddest compliment you can pay a person. He knows how to stay silent, stare straight ahead, and tolerate pain. He also knows how to hit his torturer with a chair, Sydney-Bristow style, when his partner rushes in to rescue him.

Oops, British guy fell on his own implement of torture. Irony’ll get you every time. As he rolls over, burning hot screwdriver in his chest, Brennan advises, “If you lie really still, you may not die.” Which is just really cool of her. Max runs up to ask for the car keys, and Booth—from the floor, tied to a chair—tells him he’s under arrest. Nice try, Booth. I love your spirit. Brennan lets Max get away, because he did help save her partner, and she finally understands that we all do things for family (Booth absolutely counts as family). Max leaves a note, along with an old picture of Brennan and her mom, under a glass dolphin before he skedaddles.

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  1. This is possibly one of my all time favourite B & B moments. I mean, for one I ADORE that song. Full on love it, and the fact that they have this little deep, emotional sing song in the middle of the Diner? I ❤ it hard core.

    And Booth's face when he watches her… *swoon* It slays me…it's very similar to the face he makes when watching her in Weeds, to be honest. Really…Brennan should sing at ALL times so I get to see that face on that man. It's delicious.

    Okay, I may need to watch this episode again some time soon. And by soon I mean RIGHT THIS SECOND!

    *happy sigh*

    Awesome post mate. Just awesome.

    P.S. You're the only blogger, other then Sarah C, that can make me laugh out loud when I read. Kudos to you!

    1. So true, I wonder what everyone else in the diner was thinking. Although sometimes they’re practically the only people there, which is adorable.

      This always makes me think of his face when she sings Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, too! That might be my favorite Boothface. It would probably be my favorite last scene if not for the fact that it ends how it does, and then of course I just have to watch Pain in the Heart and go down that rabbit hole. But she should definitely sing more, aka all the time. It makes him so happy!

      Aw thanks so much! I’m so glad to amuse. I try.

  2. I love this. The picture, I don’t know, but the song? I think she needed confirmation that good things go with that song. Now she made a new memory with it. And I love that. Booth, on the other hand, I think is just dazzled by her in that moment. She did everything she could to save him. She’s trying to figure out her relationship with her dad. And now she’s singing a song in the diner. He never knows what to expect. I think he likes that.

    1. I LOVE THIS. Great points. “She needed confirmation that good things go with that song.” I completely agree. And she really does surprise him all the time, which I think he loves about her.

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