Listen Up: The Bones Mix Tape, Volume 1

What’s so romantic about the mix tape?

Chandler and Monica would say nothing. Nothing at all. Still, I think there are a lot of high school flirts who’d beg to differ. On last night’s Bones, a 14-year-old boy left his crush a heartfelt mix tape, prompting Brennan to ask Booth why he’d never made one for her. Booth shrugged it off as the kind of sentimental gesture Brennan has never required—so then of course he made one for her anyway. Aww, these two.

So, serious question: what would be on Booth and Brennan’s mix tape? We already know the first song on the list. It’s “their song.” It’s obvious and wonderful and fills me with all the happiness.

It’s “Hot Blooded.”

“Foreigner. Talk about a guilty pleasure.”

“Hot Blooded” was the first time they sang together, the first time Booth saw Brennan’s place, the first time they bonded over music, and the first time he sacrificed his beautiful ribcage for her. Four years later, at a rock and roll fantasy camp, they jumped onstage to sing it and called it their song without a second thought. Now we find them jamming out in their kitchen, barefoot with their baby. So, yes, Brennan, you do have a song. Every couple has a song, and this is yours. It’s a good one.

Appropriate Lyrics:

You don’t have to read my mind to know what I have in mind.

original hot blooded

But what else might we find on their mix tape? Consider this the first in a series of posts dedicated to answering that question, because I’m unnaturally invested in a fictional relationship, and I have a “Bones” playlist that’s waiting to meet the world.

Going on the theme the show established with “Hot Blooded,” today’s post will focus on songs that we know are in B&B’s world. These songs have actually been on the show, and not just as background music. These are the songs we know they might choose.

“Keep on Tryin’”–Poco

We’ve already covered this, but this song is a big connection for them. They sing together, just for each other, in public. The smiles! The unbroken eye contact! “Keep on Tryin’” is Brennan’s rescue theme, and it’s a good one.

Appropriate Lyrics:

I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout
All the times you told me
You’re so full of doubt
You just can’t let it be
But I know
If you keep on comin’ back for more
Then I’ll keep on tryin’
I’ll keep on tryin’

And I’ve been drinkin’ now
Just a little too much
And I don’t know how
I can get in touch with you
Now there’s only one thing
For me to do, that’s to
Keep on tryin’
To get home to you

And I feel so satisfied when
I can see you smile, I
I want to confide in
All that is true

keep on tryin

“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”–Cyndi Lauper

If I got shot at an open mic night, I would probably not enjoy listening to the song that reminds me of that moment. Just a guess. But I’m not Booth. The man has a remarkable ability to separate the good moments from the bad; he was blown up after dancing to “Hot Blooded,” and that clearly hasn’t stopped him, so I’ll allow this one. The look on his face while Brennan sings “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” is one of my top Booth faces of all time. He’s so enamored that he’s straight-up giddy. Brennan is opening up and letting him in—in many ways, I think she’s never been as uninhibited. Smiles all around! There’s so much promise between them in this scene, and it’s the reason we’ve seen Cyndi Lauper twice on this show. Also, those Deschanel sisters can sing.

Appropriate Lyrics:

Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun

girls just wana


Got any suggestions for Volume 2? Post away! But for now, enjoy the music.


  1. What about ” To Make You Feel My love” by the show it plays when brennan tells both that she is pregnant what a better song to play at that moment. Plus I think the lyrics fit both perspectives in the relationship at that time for brennan and booth.

    1. I so agree! I didn’t include it here because it was background and not something that happened between them, but it’s definitely on my list for next time! That was such a perfect song for them and for that moment. Thanks for the comment!

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