“I never get picked for audience participation,” and other things you WILL NOT be saying.

Today, you will all be luckier than Marshall Eriksen (he never gets picked for audience participation). I want YOUR IDEAS, because they’re better than mine. Much, much better.

In honor of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who will one day reign over us all in love, and who are TOMORROW hosting the Golden Globes, I’m making a list of TV’s best lady friendships (real women or fictional characters; anything goes). So leave your suggestions here in the comments, on the TVmouse twitter page (@theTVmouse), or on our NEW FACEBOOK PAGE (find it here), and I’ll include them in the post.

Gimme all of your Female Empowerment Awards!

Give me all of your Female Empowerment Awards!

In related news, yes, TVmouse has found a hole in the Facebook wall! (SOCIAL MEDIA PUNS.) The page is brand new, so please shower it with your affection. I’ve already equipped it with a video of Ryan Gosling whispering insults to Conan O’Brien, just to make it worth your while.

Now, back to the lady friendships! And remember…


  1. Leslie and Ann are my favorite friendship, closely followed by Brennan and Angela.

    Some of my other favorites are: Liz and Maria (Roswell), Kaylee and Inara (Firefly), Red and Snow (Once Upon a Time), and Dawson and Shay (Chicago Fire)

    I’m looking forward to seeing the final list! I always need more awesome lady friendships on my television.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! I completely agree that Leslie and Ann are my #1, with Brennan and Angela at a close #2. They are EVERYTHING.

      I haven’t seen Roswell, Chicago Fire, or Firefly (yet!!)…if you have any particular cute quotes/ stories/ reasons they rock, feel free to let me know so I can elaborate a little more on their friendships in the blog post! (On any of them; you don’t have to comment on all three if you don’t want to.)

      1. Kaylee and Inara don’t interact nearly as much as I would like (which is actually a problem with all 3 of these friendships) but they are constantly supportive of each other. Kaylee has never judged Inara for her job and while she glamorizes the job at times, she doesn’t make Inara feel like there’s something wrong with her because she’s chosen to be a companion. Inara is the person Kaylee will go to when she needs help or support with a crush. It’s almost a sibling-like relationship, with Inara as the big sister and Kaylee as the little sister.

        Dawson and Shay are co-workers, but they have become friends as well. They tease each other, give each other relationship advice, and Dawson is very protective of Shay when Shay is considering getting back together with her ex-girlfriend who broke her heart. When Shay needed a place to stay, Dawson didn’t hesitate to offer her place. It is very easy to tell that they care about each other and are comfortable together.

        Liz and Maria have been best friends since they were young. Maria was the first person that Liz trusted with the secret that Max, Michael, and Isabel were aliens and while Maria was skeptical, she trusted Liz enough to give them a chance. Throughout the series, they always supported each other, although their friendship did get a little neglected in favor of their romantic relationships. Despite that though, it was obvious that their friendship remained solid.

  2. Sad to say that there are SO few on TV now. Every female friendship I can think of had some kind of competition over a dude. Leslie and Ann are the obvious exception. So anyway, I’m going old school. Give me a little Lucy and Ethel any day. –S

    1. No school like the old school. Ethel and Lucy are the standard.

      But other than that, YES, SO FEW. The dudes are ruining it. What is this idea that women can’t build up other women? (Tina Fey: “You’re not in competition with other women. You’re in competition with everyone.”)

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