You Beautiful Tropical Fish: The Finest Lady Friendships on Television

TV these days! Guy love gets ALL THE LOVE, and then the guys get to come between the ladies and turn them against each other. Not on my watch, dudes. There are still some ladies out there who celebrate each other, don’t take themselves too seriously, and are genuinely happy for their friends’ success. Amy Poehler teaches me that every time she laughs in an award’s face.

And then she makes an entire crowd laugh at awards with her. We don’t care who wins! Let’s just give a standing O to all the funny women!

TONIGHT, the Golden Globes take Amy’s side—and, I guess, laugh in their own faces? Amy Poehler and Best Friend Tina Fey take the stage together to share their message of peace, love, and sloppiness with the world. In their honor, let’s look at some of TV’s best lady friendships. These are the women who wear their WWTAAD bracelets proudly (“What Would Tina and Amy Do?”) (ughhh now I want that bracelet; let’s make it a thing).

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey:

Heroes to us all. Everything you need to know about these two smart, funny, fearless besties, you can learn from this Vulture article.

In the words of Madame Poehler, “That lady is hot stuff, I wanna know her.”

tina fey photobomb amy poehler

Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones:

Because they refer to each other as “my wife” and pass notes on national television via Jimmy Fallon’s chair.

Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins, Parks and Recreation:

Submitted by Heather from TVexamined and Sage from Head Over Feels 

Sage comments, “Every female friendship I can think of had some kind of competition over a dude. Leslie and Ann are the obvious exception.”

They are EVERYTHING, you guys. EVERYTHING. In the word cloud of Leslie’s life, you’ll find “Ben and a much larger Ann. She definitely loves Ann.” No two people have more ways to call each other beautiful.

It is not a coincidence that Amy Poehler makes this list three times. Ladies supporting ladies, y’all.

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig:

Submitted by Antonia from prettydamnweird

They’re like Amy and Tina’s cousins! Maya and Kristen make hit movies together, laugh ‘til they cry in interviews, and one-up each other with increasingly silly voices.

The women of Friends:

Submitted by Kim from Head Over Feels and Jen (@NatesMama1128)

Jen submits Monica and Rachel as one of her top two TV friendships, and Kim reminds us all of our duties in life when she comments, “You can’t forget the women of Friends!!” The double exclamation points tell us how important this is.

Because you really can’t forget these women. Monica and Rachel are proof that every awkward high school friendship is capable of getting better with age, and the three of them together do something unheard of: they share different histories, move in with each other in different combinations, move out with each other to preserve their friendships, and yet never really get jealous or insecure about who’s closest with whom. Except when they’re picking a Maid of Honor. That never gets old.

Lucy and Ethel, I Love Lucy:

Submitted by Sage from Head Over Feels

“I’m going old school. Give me a little Lucy and Ethel any day.”–Sage

Lucy and Ethel have ADVENTURES every single day, even if they never leave the house. They get each other into trouble, but they also get each other out of trouble, and if you’re looking for a friend to support you in your crazy schemes, you can’t do any better than these two. Lucy and Ethel are the standard.

lucy ethel

Brennan and Angela, Bones:

Submitted by Heather from TVexamined and Jen (@NatesMama1128)

Angela went to jail for Brennan, soooo cased closed. Their friendship is the best thing about Angela by a landslide.

The ladies of Sex and the City:

Submitted by Kim from Head Over Feels

Perhaps the women responsible for taking “ovaries before brovaries” to its most literal level, their most stable relationships were always with each other.

Lily and Robin, How I Met Your Mother:

Submitted by Kim from Head Over Feels

Lily doesn’t even try to hide her girl crush on Robin, and why should she? In a group that’s basically one big chain of hookups, these two never let the dudes keep them apart. Robin’s friendship with Lily is probably the main reason she manages to stay friends with all of her exes, so we wouldn’t even HAVE this show without these ladies.

lily robin himym

Red and Snow, Once Upon a Time:

Submitted by Heather from TVexamined

Red killed her mom to protect Snow, and she didn’t even seem all that broken up about it. That’s love.

Liz and Maria, Roswell:

Submitted by Heather from TVexamined

Heather says, “Liz and Maria have been best friends since they were young. Maria was the first person that Liz trusted with the secret that Max, Michael, and Isabel were aliens and while Maria was skeptical, she trusted Liz enough to give them a chance.”

I’ve never seen Roswell, but it’s clear from my googling that Liz and Maria overcame significant height differences to find true friendship, and that means something in high school. High school is rough.

Kaylee and Inara, Firefly:

Submitted by Heather from TVexamined

Ah, Firefly. If it’s important to Troy and Abed, it’s important to me.

troy abed firefly

Heather says, “Inara is the person Kaylee will go to when she needs help or support… It’s almost a sibling-like relationship, with Inara as the big sister and Kaylee as the little sister.” You guys, I’ve always wanted a sister!

And if you can survive living on a ship with someone and not secretly wish terrible accidents upon them, you’re probably best friends.

Dawson and Shay, Chicago Fire:

Submitted by Heather from TVexamined

The internet is ALL OVER this friendship. According to Heather, “When Shay needed a place to stay, Dawson didn’t hesitate to offer her place.” Dawson and Shay are all about saving lives and making serious eye contact. High-pressure situations: they’ll get you every time.

And there you have it: proof that strong lady friendships do exist on television. Now go! It’s party time. Tina and Amy are waiting for you! Let their love be your guide!


And of course, if I missed anyone, add them to the comments pronto. It’s never too late for now.


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