Parks and Recreation Recap: “Two Parties”–The Gettysburg Undress

“You are sad drinking right now, and I need you to be happy drinking.”

Mixing business with pleasure: never a good idea. But “never” isn’t really in Leslie Knope’s vocabulary, is it? She can’t really stop caring about any park, much less the Pawnee Commons, fruit of April’s fertile employment. So when Councilman Jamm reneges on his promise and moves forward with the Lot 48 Paunch Burger (Start Drooling, Fatties), Leslie’s bachelorette party is pretty much doomed.

She tries not to let it distract her. She tries to happy drink. Ann begs her to happy drink. But the minute anyone tells Leslie, “You can’t do anything about it right now,” Leslie will find a way to do something about it right now. In this case, that means burying a bunch of Wamapoke artifacts in the dirt to delay construction. The woman is either mad or both. I love her.

Don’t get me wrong: I am so incredibly bummed that her party wasn’t a Snork Juice rager. We’ve been denied so much historical nudity! DARN YOU COUNCILMAN JAMM. But I do think it’s very Leslie Knope of her to keep looking for solutions even when everyone tells her that there are none, and then to immediately realize hmm, probably shouldn’t exploit Wamapoke history for my own gain. And THEN to rally her friends to the cause, penis hats in tow (April: “I’m serious, don’t be afraid, use the penises!”). Even Babe Lincoln—small-town stripper/ clarinet player—gets in on the action, and not just in Donna’s lap.

gettysburg undress parks and rec

Even after a night in the pit, the group still can’t find every artifact Leslie buried. Now she has to answer to Ken Hotate, which is just unfair. The Zodiak Killer never had to confess! Ken accepts her apology and proceeds to play Jamm like he’s a fiddle and Ken’s the lost member of Mumford and Sons. He even threatens to remove the Paunch Burgers inside the Wamapoke Casino (allll six of ‘em) if Jamm doesn’t uphold his deal with Leslie.

Leslie: In the spirit of fair play, I suggest we put on these authentic Wamapoke headdresses and dance around the table.

Jamm: Absolutely not. That sounds highly offensive.


YES YES YES put that in your offensively stereotypical peace pipe and smoke it.

Next page: SHOOP there it is.


  1. “Did y’all know that Ben Wyatt is nationally ranked in Settlers of Catan? Or that he’s a huge Homeland fan? Of course you did.” and “I would ship them, but “Shawna Malwae-Tweep” doesn’t roll off Rob Lowe’s tongue like “Ann Perkins.” That matters.” both made me laugh out loud. ALSO TRUE. This is my favorite of your Parks recaps! – S

    1. Thank you!!! That thrills me, because yours are hilarious 🙂 I think mine are usually too long–which I know as I’m writing, but every episode is so packed with jokes that I can’t choose. I was internet apartment hunting all day yesterday and couldn’t afford to get too precious with this one. So naturally it ended up being my favorite too.

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