Parks and Recreation Recap: “Women in Garbage”–Love in the Time of Edible Refrigerators

“We must always walk BEHIND the men…”—April

Pawnee’s local government is a Sausagefest. It’s a full-on, ‘can’t book a conference room without your daddy’ Sausagefest (which, ZOMG, makes it just like our actual government!), and every woman caught laughing is a witch has her own way of dealing. Donna works her mad sex appeal to her advantage. April messes with people. Feeny’s wife TAKES FEENY TO THE NEXT TOWN HALL MEETING PLEASE. As for Leslie, she takes up a commission for equal gender employment. 

Chris fully supports Leslie’s quest, even when almost every other man in local government is old and silly. (“Round of applause for the girl, ‘cause she has to leave to get more snacks.”) To prove their worth in the workforce, Leslie and April spend a day with the most sausagey department of all: the Pawnee Sanitation Department.  Aided by Leslie’s efficiency binders and April’s deep passion for violating privacy, our ladies make better time than the guys do. And when Leslie sasses, “You’d think our boobs would get in the way,” I can’t be the only one whose mind goes here, can I? She loves hanging with the men and besting them at their own game. As for April, collecting trash is right in her wheelhouse. We all know she cares more than she lets on, but the weirder and dirtier the job is, the more she lets on.

April watches Bones; I'm sure of it.

April watches Bones; I’m sure of it.

Everything’s easy breezy beautiful until the Sanitation guys ask the ladies to move an industrial fridge. That fridge is HEAVY. It doesn’t even get spooked when Leslie sneaks up on it. There’s only one solution here, and I’m seriously disappointed that it takes April so long to see it: they have to eat the refrigerator. If they start chewing now, they can finish before the sun comes up. (April’s arms may be weak, but her jaw is STRONG.) Before they have time to give this idea proper consideration, the previous owner of the fridge/ potential ghost pops up, informing the ladies that they’ve been duped. The guys couldn’t move this fridge either.

Our little canaries—smaller than bears, but smarter too—could easily fly away and call it a night, but April is too well trained. She doesn’t want to tie; she wants to win. So, since the fridge still works, Leslie and April decide to donate it to the soup kitchen. These two! Not only are they reviving the feminist movement in Pawnee; they’re feeding the hungry and saving the environment one reusable refrigerator at a time. VICTORY FOR ALL WOMANKIND. The Sanitation Department hires three new female trash haulers and even gives them efficiency binders, and April commemorates their victory by sending Leslie a box full of trash. My favorite part of that gag is the thought of April sitting at home filling a nice box with trash.

Next page: Ann is the lost Hanson sibling.

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