Romance According to Television

Personally, I’m still of the mindset that a lollipop taped to a construction paper heart should be an acceptable Valentine at any age. It’s personalized and there’s candy involved; WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US, WORLD? But for an outside-the-box wooing experience, look no further than your favorite shows. If TV is to be believed (and if it isn’t, I’ve made a hug mistake), these are the most foolproof ways to romance that special someone in your life:

  • Clear out a drawer.

castle beckett drawer

  • Make a mix tape (just make sure YOU made it).

  • Borrow some old-school machine guns.

valentine's massacre bones

  • Go freestyle on a batch of mac and cheese.

mac and cheese

  • Plan an elaborate scavenger hunt.

this is the woman I've chosen to love

  • Actually, plan everything.

  • Think of it like role-playing.

pepperwood disguise

  • Visit an office supply store.

  • Be a beekeeper.

pushing daises beekeeper

  • Dance like nobody’s watching.

nick miller dancing

shawn dancing

  • Drive somewhere far away together.

  • Show up at the airport with a marching band.

three days of snow

  • Buy 70s sitcom relics online.


  • Keep important things in a symbolically important box.


  • Pigs are always a plus.

himym teacup pig carnitas meet jasper

So what’s your favorite TV-inspired romantic gesture? Whatever it is, your homework is to make it happen and report back on the results (friends are acceptable test subjects). Now have at it, lovebirds! And happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. great stuff Kelly! sadly i’m in Australia so by the time you posted this, my valentines day was over 😛 so couldn’t do the homework

    I probably would’ve done something Jim did for Pam in the office, that guy is like a guru for romancing someone. And have you noticed most of the cool romantic gestures in TV are on comedies, dramas these days are basically – Boy: hey, girl: hey *cut to sex scene* 😛

    1. Haha it does feel that way sometimes with the dramas, doesn’t it? Still, I think there are some really romantic ones hiding out there too (LOST definitely had its moments)!
      I fully support any Jim Halpert-like romantic actions. He is wonderful. I say try it anytime, Valentine’s Day or not! But in any case, I hope you had a great holiday in Australia!

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