How the Irish Saved Television*

They gave us JACK DONAGHY, whose great-grandfather walked to Boston from Ireland like a water spider.

They gave us Colin O’Donoghue, so yay.

colin o'donoghue hook

They gave us the Claddagh ring, which, you know, some people might say is romantic.

buffy angel claddagh

They replaced Henry VIII’s gout with this.

jonathan rhys meyers the tudors

They gave us Dr. Perry Cox, that stubborn hero.

They gave us Jack Bristow, by the transitive property that the Titanic is from Belfast and Victor is from Titanic and Jack is from Victor.

mister andrews

They gave us TJ Thyne (I’m assuming, on the basis of the hair and Boston and that spot-on Irish accent. And even if I’m wrong, nothing bad can ever come of appreciating TJ Thyne, so let’s just roll with it).

tj thyne IN PLAID

tj thyne sweatshirt

I’d marry him based solely on this picture.

They gave us Daniel Faraday’s mom.

eloise hawking lost

They gave Amy Poehler a wicked good education.*

They gave us a whole mess of policemen/ firemen/ mob bosses on The Wire, Blue Bloods, Chicago Code, Rescue Me, Castle, Shameless etc.


And of course, they gave us Adam Scott’s lyrical analysis of Ice Ice Baby on Conan (because they gave us Conan).

Actually, you’re going to want to watch this too. It is, as the Irish would say, “grand.”

What else have the Irish done for television? Leave your thoughts below. Now share! Celebrate! Have the craic!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, friends.

the office st patrick's day

*I’m not biased at all.


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