206 Happy Bones Things: Part 1

Bones fans are collectively in need of a hug right now, so I have 206 of them! (They’re in no particular order. I could never rank my babies.) Here’s part one; be on the lookout for a new segment every day this week.

Today, let’s keep it light.

  1. “I don’t know what that means, but I think I could be a duck.”
  2. Daffodil, daisy, Jupiter.
  3. “Prime is 18.” bones prime is eighteen
  4. “Sometime, when you’re not busy, I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about sexual positions.”
  5. “I want you to get federal on his ass.”
  7. “Ooh, Wendell might get a basket!”
  8. “Put on a sad face.” booth sadface
  9. “Dark sorcerers suck, man.”
  10. “I’m gonna need a flashier tie.”
  11. “Maybe you shouldn’t have had all that pudding.”
  12. “Can I come in and watch you broil the suspect?”
  13. “It is possible because we are both women.”
  14.  angela stabbing
  15. “I’m from Michigan.”
  16. “When you write you get this stunned look on your face, like you stuck a fork in a toaster.”
  17. “I bet he’s a great skier. His hips and thighs are perfectly developed for strength and maneuverability…You want some corn flakes?”
  18. “This is like watching cars mate.”
  19. “Just so you know, I find your lack of Puritan modesty very refreshing.” bones lack of puritan modesty
  20. “That’s not bickering. That’s being a good friend.”
  21. “I am. Very good. But Booth has no direct knowledge of that fact.”
  22. “Objectively I’d say I’m very smart, although it has nothing to do with my ass.”
  23. “I’m her number one uncle.”booth trained sniper
  24. “Doesn’t mean it’s not creepy.”
  25. “Bowwwling alley.”
  26. “Sooo I can shoot them.”
  27. “You  could never do that before the baby. What did the baby do to you?!”
  28. “Elephants are not purple. This is wrong.”
  29. “I’d back down if I were you. He shot a clown once.”
  30. This gem of a conversation:

Sweets: “When I was ten, the kid next door had a Turtle Party Wagon. It’s an- accessory for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures.”
Angela: “Mm.”
Sweets: “It’s a toy. Anyway, I loved that Party Wagon. I wanted that Party Wagon. So I climbed the tree outside his bedroom window. But the tree had a fungus, and his dad was too cheap to hire an arborist. So unbeknownst to me, some of the branches were- were dead. ”
Angela: “Lucky for you I, uh, I enjoy a convoluted story with my hot beverage.”
Sweets: “I’m in the hospital. Broken arm, concussion. And the kid with the Party Wagon comes in. I confess everything. You know what he says? ‘I would have given it to you.’”
Angela: “Ah. He had a little gay crush on you.”
Sweets: “He did?”
Angela: “Mhm.”
Sweets: “Oh man that explains a lot.”
Angela: ”But, I’m guessing that you have a different point to the story? Like, maybe, I’m the Party Wagon?”
Sweets: “No, you’re the gay neighbor boy. Your love is the Party Wagon, Grayson is the tree, I’m Hodgins.”
Angela: “Which brings us back to the point that all men are idiots.”
Sweets: “See how I worked that? It’s because I’m so good.”

Feel better? Your show wants to hug you!

brennan hodgins hug

Hodgins IS THE SHOW.

If you’ve got any suggestions for the rest of the list, hit up TVmouse on Twitter, on Facebook, or in the comments! This summer is our Christmas lung fungus. It’ll only bring us closer.


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