206 Happy Bones Things: Part 3

All this week, we’re celebrating the side of Bones that doesn’t lead to debilitating heartbreak! Be sure to check out part one and part two if you missed them. Now bring it in for more hugs, y’all.

61. Dancing phalanges (it really works, you guys).

dancing phalanges

62. “Look what I made!” booth clay horse

63. “My uncle Preston wants to be buried standing up without a casket.”
64. “I solved that one. In my head. While having my cup-o-soup.”
65. “I’m not going to fare well in jail. I’m lovely.”
66. “Sometimes when you speak, it’s like you watch PBS on purpose.”
67. “We’re doing something bad. You ready?” bones dined and dashed

68. “Tequila.” bones tequila

69. The benevolent dictatorship of Brennan and dog. brennan and dog

70. “Hot tub plus cold beer equals warm beer. Hat equals solution.” bones hat equals solution

71. “Thanks for ruining the whole sea chimps thing for me.”
72. “Angela, if we were a Peruvian soccer team and crashed in the Andes, who would you rather eat? Me or Zack?”
73. “Now we can load it onto a truck and take it to Bethesda.” bones bethesda

74.Well-trained man.

Emily: She’s like the perfect pregnant person because she didn’t gain any weight anywhere but her stomach.
David: Well look at you. You look great too. You’re the same.
Emily: Well, I’ve gained some weight in other areas.
David: I don’t think so.
Emily: You’re very sweet.
David: Thank you. I’ve learned how to talk to you after six seasons.

75. “He’s never been more attractive to me.” david and emily 10

76. “You were there. You killed the bad guy dead. I know you hate that, but it always makes me a little glad. Does that make me a bad person?”
77. “I could call you ‘Shoes.’ Because they are so very shiny.”
78. She knows what she’d name her pig, Booth. bones jasper

79. “Three degrees and still a fool.”
80. “Which gives me the same number of doctorates as the two of you put together BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE ANY.”
81. Scarredface.
82. Invasion of the Mother Suckers. That’s an ACTUAL THING in the Bones world. Appreciate it.
83. “I assure you I will be totally, awesomely mature on the stand.”
84. The season six bloopers: 
85. “With this chair. I’ll wait outside WITH THIS CHAIR.”
86. “What are we, brook trout?”
87. “Is it paranoia that Monica Lewinsky was a KGB-trained sex agent mole?”
88. “Jeff’s got a groin pull.”
89. “When you leave your socks on during sex, I feel like I’m making love to a guy in a nursing home.”
90. “This man has been murdered.” booth shock

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 4, in which things get even more adorable than Brennan’s little dog. And don’t forget to share any and all suggestions in the comments, on the TVmouse Facebook page, or on Twitter!

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