206 Happy Bones Things: Part 5

Bones fans, we might have a long summer ahead of us, but let’s not forget that our characters are total badasses. We’ve got this. 

121. King of the Lab.


122. “That’s a lot of heart, Bones.” booth brennan hug verdict

123. THIS WAS INCREDIBLY SATISFYING brennan pushes jared bones

124. “What I do is for her now, too. She should know that what I do is important.” booth brennan family

125. “Prove it. Be a cop.” bones be a cop

126. “These bones you bring me. I give them a face. I say their names out loud. I return them to their loved ones, and you arrest the bad guy. I like that.”

127. We did it.

bones signs in the silence

128.”It was all of us. Every single one. You take one of us away and you and Hodgins are in that hole forever. And I’m thankful for that.”

bones it's been a privileage

booth running aliens

bones aliens spaceship

128. “You won’t fail in front of her.”

bones dwarf thumbs up

129. Booth doesn’t owe you any favors.

booth no i don't

130. Oh snap, Arastoo.

The Crusades, the Inquisition—are these events guided by a religion of peace? No, they were guided by self-important men who think they know more than the God they claim to worship. This was not the work of religion. It was arrogance. It was hypocrisy. It was hate. Those horrible men who hijacked those planes hijacked my religion that day, too. They insulted my God. So no, this isn’t too difficult. It’s a privilege to be able to serve this victim, to show him the care and love that was so absent that day.

131. “I’ve noticed that very few people are scary once they’ve been poked in the eye.” poked in the eye bones

132.”I think it’s pretty clear what I’ve done.”

oh look at all the pity she has for him

133.”This land belongs to Seeley Booth.”

bones this land belongs to seeley booth

134. “Perhaps you’re the murderer.”

perhaps youre the murderer

What NOW, Wendell?

135. YES.



136. I’ll just leave this here. bones boy in the shroud rose

137. “Science should look in all directions.”

bones up and forward

138. “You just basically said that aliens are nice anthropologists.”

bones nice anthropologists

139. “Ok.” dani went that way

140. “I’m taking the first.”

bones taking the first

141. “Well, then I have no choice but to take up the piano.”

142. “You’re not a bad anything.”

143. “It’s a guy hug.”

bones guy hug

144. “I’ve stood over death with her, faced down death with her.”

145. “I don’t want you to kill people for me. Just buy me a sweater like a normal dad.”

146. “I find it interesting that I’m only afraid of snakes when Booth is around to be jumped upon.”

147. “You do know the difference between strength and imperviousness, right?”

148.  Brennan: Send backup. I’m going in.

Angela: You just lied your ass off to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Hodgins: That is so hot.

149. “I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.”

i'm with bones cam

150. “Because. They think they get away with it. They burn their victim. They blow him up. They toss him in the ocean. They bury him in the desert. They throw ’em to wood chippers. Sometimes, you know, years go by. They relax. Then they start living their lives like they didn’t do anything wrong. Like they didn’t spend somebody else’s life in order to get what they got. They think they’re safe from retribution. You make those bastards unsafe. That’s why I’m nice to you.”

booth be a little nicer to me

And with that, I’m off to track down a glass of cold water and maybe a fan.


  1. TVmouse… you’re the best! Thanks again and again and again…
    (“I don’t care. I love you” maybe in the next part?)

    1. Thanks again and again and again for reading! And yes, good call on “I don’t care.” Great scene! It’ll go on the list for sure.

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