206 Happy Bones Things: Part 6

Life update: I listened to my Bones playlist yesterday on the way to work and wasn’t tempted to throw my iPod onto the subway tracks. This little project is working! 

151. That Guys and Dolls Jr. shirt bones guys and dolls shirt

152. “He tries to kiss me every day.” bones blooper kiss

153. “I don’t care. I love you.” *bones i don't care i love you

154. parts in the sum of the whole kiss

155. tumblr_mjr6ekNLyO1r1qfqqo3_r2_250

156. bones floor makeout


partners in the divorce kiss

158. ZACK PHOTOBOMB zack video

159. bones hodgins clapping

160. That look David and Emily give each other in promos and photoshoots (which WE FINALLY GET TO ENJOY THIS YEAR!)*

161. It’s Boothy. bones cocky bones socks booth

162. “We’re in a bar. It’s a look.” bones in a bar

163. Hot Blooded bones hot blooded

164. Thai food  tumblr_lq8s46GkRO1qcp3h0

165. Brainy smurf bones booth brainy smurf

166. Tony and Roxie bones engaged to be engaged

167. booth smile

168. “I’m the luckiest man in the world.”bones tackle hug

169. Brennan is  pretty lucky too.tumblr_maizw6BWN31rn61amo6_r1_1280

170. Student, teacher, student, teacher tumblr_lvjzm2hKrb1qkkzxvo3_250

171. IT HAPPENED taking his arm

172. IT REALLY HAPPENED brennan sexytimes face

173. IT REALLY REALLY HAPPENED bones-surprise

174. booth karaoke

175. NEWhug

176. 0000

177. “I love you like a sister.” tumblr_mbg3umK9bB1qbw35d

178. If you should slip…truth in the lye bones

179. Wonder Woman and Clark Kent after a really, really bad date tumblr_ltxe6hodKx1qatlmno1_500

180. “We were feeling each other up.”

Stay tuned tomorrow for the final installment of this list! But let’s be real–there are so many more than 206 reasons to love Bones. So, so many more.

*Thanks for the suggestions, BeaBB and @some1tookmename!

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