Audience Participation: What are your favorite “before they were famous” roles?

Hey, remember when Jason Segel was on Alias?

jason segel aliasIt happened.

I’m compiling a list of my favorite “I had no idea who you were the first time I saw this, but now I know and love you and look at you you’re such a baby!” moments. And I’m taking suggestions.

Maybe one of your favorite TV actors had a bit part in an old movie. Maybe a movie star had a bit part in your favorite old show. Maybe someone went from a little part in one show to a big part in another. Either way, it happens, it’s Hollywood, and sometimes, it’s a lot of fun. So come at me with your favorites. I’ll include them in the final list!

Now hit the comments, go to the TVmouse Facebook page, or track us down on Twitter. AMAZE ME. If I don’t come away from this project in complete shock, you’re not doing it right.

UPDATE: The results are in!


  1. Wow, I absolutely remember that episode of “Alias”, but I had no idea who Jason Segel is or that he ever became famous after that.

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