An Important Collection of Every David Tennant Video I Can’t Stop Watching

Hi, I got you some David Tennant. 

The Inappropriate Shower Autograph Story

“I’m naked in a shower!”

“This has CHANGED my life.”

He’s so excited by his socks. No one has ever been so excited about socks.

Watching “The Christmas Invasion” with Family

The kid who dreamed of playing the Doctor just got his wish. Come for the up close and personal look at David’s freckles, stay for the complex analysis of his boggle eyes. And if your heart doesn’t break into a thousand shortbread cookies at the way he says “Merry Christmas,” you need to go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve become.

Ghost of Christmas PRESENT

This is maybe the best persona he’s ever adopted for anything ever. He’s completely changed the way I look at risotto.

BONUS: there’s a behind the scenes video wherein David and Catherine pun their way into your new favorite game.

Double Scottish

It’s a comedy sketch that’s 50% Doctor Who and 50% Shakespeare. Literally the most British thing ever. Now bask in the glory of his Scottish rage.

Getting Pensieve with Harry Potter

When he pops out of the crowd with his perfectly coiffed hair and That Collar, don’t tell me you don’t feel things.

Besties Do Radio

Petition to let David Tennant and Catherine Tate remake Tamagotchi Heaven.

(Parts two and three.)

I Hate Pears

Pears are the worst, and so is the editor who deleted that bit from the episode.

Shakespearean Game Show

He gets so excited that he actually stands up on the couch. ELIZABETHAN LITERATURE, YOU GUYS.

Rex is Not Stateside

American accent. He’s using an AMERICAN ACCENT. This terrifies me, but in a dangerous seductive way that I’m kind of attracted to.

And the accent gets so much better after he steps over the couch. David just likes stepping on furniture; stepping on furniture is his favorite.

I’m Gonna Be


“Oh baby, I’m beating out a samba!”


It’s Big in Here, Isn’t It?

Watch him bow to Julie Andrews and just be genuinely thrilled by his life.

Kissing for Charity

This is about to become your new daydream. He actually straddles her.

So there you have it! Now your focus, productivity, and sleep schedule can be ruined right along with mine. And if I’ve missed any of your favorites, share them below!


  1. I can’t believe you didn’t mention this one! If you love Tennant, ‘Blackpool’ is a must. Just for this.

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