Someone Help Booth and Brennan

I think it’s time to talk about that Bones finale.

doctor who head shakeI know.

booth brennan shoulder

None of us deserved the season eight finale. This is Brennan’s nightmare. She offered her whole future to the one man who promised never to betray her, and he changed his mind. And Booth, who’s been waiting to marry Brennan pretty much since he met her, has to choose between hurting the woman he loves and letting innocent people die. Who said it was ok to put my babies through this?

More to the point, doesn’t Pelant have better things to do? I like it when he runs his creepy serial killer hands all over everyone’s sanity, but he needs to be smart about it. That’s his thing: he uses technology to screw with people just to prove that he’s smart enough to use technology to screw with people. Breaking off Booth and Brennan’s engagement just isn’t computery enough for this guy.

I mean sure, it’s effective, turning Booth’s selflessness into a weapon. Booth never could stand the thought of collateral damage, and since Pelant’s probably got eyes everywhere (like in the alarm clock are we ever going to find out about the alarm clock?), telling Brennan would be a huge risk—unless he can find a technology-free forest in the middle of DC/ teach her to lie like she’s back in Vegas. So if the goal was to make Booth and Brennan miserable, mission accomplished. The fallout here will be devastating.

brennan secret in the siege

But why was that anyone’s goal? WHY WITH THE HEARTBREAK, WRITERS? We literally just did the whole “B&B rebuild trust after one of them has no choice but to break the other’s heart” thing. I wish we’d seen more of their reconciliation (Season 9 washing machine sex or BUST), but I don’t want another set of problems designed to divide. Booth and Brennan are partners. Give them something they can face together.

The proposal was so adorable, and now I’ll never be able to watch it without wanting to punch a hole in the wall. Is season nine really too soon for them to be happy? I want to see Booth and Brennan call each other husband and wife. Like, often. And for a while. What if this season is the last? I KNOW, I KNOW, I WENT THERE. But it could be the last one, and I actually wouldn’t have minded if the writers hadn’t thrown this at us. I don’t think it’s out of line to want one season of happy, fully committed B&B, facing down bad guys together, not being pregnant, making out all the time and saying “I love you” and knowing without a doubt that they’ll spend their lives together.

Is that too much to ask? I’m actually not sure anymore. Is Bones a happy show? It’s definitely optimistic–I’ve got no doubt it’ll end happily–but what about everything in between? It’s always seemed about as hopeful as a show about death can be. Bones is about two people whose lives are broken in totally symmetrical ways who fit together and make each other whole. It’s about how people make the world less terrible. Now, just right now, it feels more like one of those shows where the main characters can’t catch a break because their lives just won’t stop being terrible. I don’t like that shift.

community troy feel these things

Then again, maybe I’ve underestimated how steep the cost of joy will be. Brennan wrote it in the season four finale:

You love someone, you open yourself up to suffering. That’s the sad truth. Maybe they’ll break your heart. Maybe you’ll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself the same way again. Those are the risks.

Booth promised never to let Brennan fall. I love what he means to her: he’s solid ground. But the act of actually offering herself to him wouldn’t be impressive if the stakes weren’t real, if there were never a chance that he could cause her pain, and a part of me likes this show for going there. The act of love feels like a risk again.

I just want to see that risk pay off. I want TIME to see it pay off. Happiness is revolutionary too, and Booth and Brennan deserve it.

bones engaged kiss

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