How to Celebrate the Reveal of the 12th Doctor

In just about an hour, the BBC will reveal the face of Doctor Who’s 12th Doctor, meaning it’s still not too late to plan something awesome, especially if you have a time machine. Just don’t go back on your own personal timeline. Apparently.

In any case, here are some ways to honor this day like the grand fixed point in time we all know it should be:

  • Dress for the occasion


  • Get lots of tea. That’s all you need. Just a good cup of tea.
  • If you’re feeling unstable, say  “allons-y” a lot. It’s a phrase of great power and wisdom and consolation to the soul in times of need (sorry, I rewatched “The End of Time” yesterday BECAUSE I HATE MYSELF and now I want you to share my pain)
  • But seriously, “allons-y” to all of your best friends who have good taste in television. You should not be alone for this. You should never be alone. YOU NEED A HAND TO HOLD.


  • Theme your drinks
    • Sonic Screwdriver
    • Ninth Doctor (make it sassy)
    • Tenth Doctor (make it swoony)
    • Eleventh Doctor (make it look like a giraffe)
  • Theme your food
    • “Lots of Planets Have a Southwest” Nachos
    • “Oh Baby I’m Beating Out a” Salsa
    • “Nobody Here But Us Chickens Well This Chicken” Wings
    • “I Love Nibbles” Nibbles (open to interpretation but not negotiable)
    • Ponds in a Blanket
    • And for dessert, Rude and Not Ginger Snaps
  • Remind yourself that everything has its time and everything ends. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness and love. Doctor Who is about always looking forward.
  • Also remind yourself that in 900 years of space and time, the Doctor has never met anyone unimportant, so presumably this person playing the Doctor is important too, and you should like them.
  • Watch this.

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