New Girl- Scene Study: Cooler

Hello, TV Mouse Readers!

I’m so thrilled to be posting here, and I’m especially happy to be doing a little breakdown of one of (IMO) the biggest surprises of TV: Class of 2012-2013. The scene is courtesy of New Girl, specifically the episode Cooler, in which Nick Miller gets a kiss even better than this one.


If we haven’t already met (and by met, I mean somehow connected online and gushed about something or another), I’m Sarah, and –though it’s slowed way down over the past couple of seasons– I have a blog about Bones called Bones Theory. Every once in a while, I would break down a certain scene in what I would call a Scene Study–and after this episode of New Girl, I knew I wanted to do a scene study of the Nick & Jess kiss. And Kelly was gracious enough to allow me to post here!

Of course, the ep DID air almost 3/4 of a year ago, and I’m just getting around to doing this post, but hey…better late than never, right? And so without further ado, let’s discuss this scene, and the moments that led up to it!

Let’s do this thing.

The episode begins with Nick showing off his new trench to Jess and Winston. Jess quickly points out that it’s a woman’s coat, and Winston is quick to follow that it’s not Nick’s coat at all–it was delivered to the wrong address. Nick hems and haws his agreement, but can’t get over how it fits “like a damn glove”, and as viewers, we do see a new confidence in him.


Meanwhile, Schmidt declares he’s tired of having sex with himself, and he’s going to go out that night to get some. Nick and Winston decide to join him, and they make plans in the locker room bathroom.

And Jess is happy to reveal that her boyfriend Sam is busy that evening, and thus she is free to hang out as “World’s Best Wingwoman, reporting for duty!”



The guys are like, “Um, no.”  And Nick tells her she can’t come because he’s actually really going to try to pick up women…and she’s his cooler (aka–someone who cools a potentially hot situation), because of the things that she says, and the look on her face, and basically…just Jess being Jess.  Jess is hurt, but plays it off, stating she has other things to do, like clean out her closet and try a new ice cream maker.

Nick agrees with her, but we also see that he doesn’t like seeing her hurt.

ng3 ng4



He quickly gets over it, and the guys go out. They end up at the bar. Schmidt says it’s because Nick got them kicked out of the discotheque; Winston adds that it was probably because he wouldn’t take off the trench, and Nick figures that it was probably because they WEREN’T wearing coats—but we all know it was because the show didn’t feel like building another set. Makes sense.

Meanwhile, back at the loft, Jess is entertaining herself (including making a fake Nick out of a melon, magic marker, hooded sweatshirt and beer can, and running a fake marathon) when she hears a strange scratching at the door.



She calls Sam and also Cece, hoping one of them will pick up and save her from whatever is scratching at the door.

Meanwhile, Nick is trying to hit it up with a woman named Holly they all met at the bar. Turns out it turns her on when guys are pathetic and sad. Schmidt can’t deal with it, but it’s working out pretty well for Nick.

ng8 ng9

Jess then calls Nick, and Schmidt makes him take the call, thereby allowing himself to swoop in on Holly.

ng10 ng11 ng12

Nick is annoyed by the call, especially when Jess tells him that she’s pretty sure the noises in the hallway are gang-related because of her blue curtains. He tells her that he’s done, and then she says, “Nick…I need you.”

Cut to……


Nick coming home. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss once again.

ng14 ng15 ng16

Though, trust Jess for making it crazy, haha.  Sidenote: Nick is the cutest when he says “What are you doin, pal?” right before she hugs him/them. 🙂

Nick explains once again that their apartment building is old, and sometimes the pipes make noise, as he has explained several times apparently during ‘pipe talk’…and he complains that she never listens during pipe talk. Jess rebuts that pipe talk is boring.

ng17 ng18

Nick is slightly annoyed that she has drawn his face on a melon, and he goes on to explain that for some reason, Holly is attracted to sad men. Does she know what position that puts him in?
“It puts you in a really good position,” Jess says.

“It really does,” Nick agrees.

Jess admits that in that instance, it is possible that she could have maybe cooled off the situation a bit. But she promises to make things right and says “Son, I’m gonna get you laid!”, and Nick is like “That’s not how it is, and don’t ever call me son, and don’t talk like that.” Hahaha.

Jess proposes a game of True American, this time with Clinton rules, which is basically like Strip True American, apparently.

There is a lot of episode greatness that occurs, but if we’re ever going to get to the KISS, we must move faster. As the game continues, they all lose pieces of clothing, and Winston eventually bows out to try to hook up with Daisy.

ng19 ng20

They are down to the final four, and in the square off, something goes amiss, leaving Jess and Nick to be the ones who have to go behind the door and kiss. They are horrified. Meanwhile, we are all…

ng21 ng22

“I can see how in this second instance, I might be considered a cooler…if you want to label it” Jess says. Haha.


They decide to state they have kissed and then send proof over the phone.

ng24 ng25

The team doesn’t accept that entry into the kiss log, and Schmidt takes the opportunity to tell Holly just how sad HE is… “Her name was Cecelia,” he says, and Nick knows he’s doomed, and he resorts to trying to open the door with a crowbar.

ng26 ng27

Jess is like “Ugh, what’s the big deal? Let’s just suck it up and French a little.”

Nick agrees, as long as she never says that again.

ng28 ng29 ng30

A bit of comedy of errors ensues, and they both get annoyed with one another. They finally agree that it’s not a big deal, and they just need to do it and get it over with.

ng31 ng32

They hem and haw about it, including things like lip moisture levels and whether or not they are ‘tonguers’, until finally Jess commands him to just kiss her.

ng33 ng34

Nick tries to move in, but Jess can’t take it and tells him he can’t do that thing with his face. He has no idea what that means, because like he’s said before, he really only has the one face.

But he tries again, and basically, all the LOLZ.


Meanwhile, in the loft, Schmidt is working it with Holly and Cece and Shivrang arrive to answer Jess’s texts and Winston is still talking with Daisy.

Okay, back to the bedroom.

Jess admits that she might be Nick’s cooler, although she chalks it up to bad timing.

She adds that to be fair, he is his OWN cooler 70% of the time.

ng36 ng37 ng38

She tells him that with some basic grooming, he would be smoking hot. He is shocked, and says that she really DOES want to kiss him then. She laughs and says that all bets are off if he took a shower.

They laugh, and then he pats her on the knee and tells her that is nice of her.


ng40 ng41 ng42

It is about to be on like Donkey Kong, but then Sam shows up, also responding to Jess’s texts and voicemails.

Nick and Jess are a bit shocked.

ng43 ng44

But of course Sam just joins in on the Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! chants… leaving Nick and Jess no choice but to just go for it…

ng45 ng46 ng47

“Just kiss me already,” she says.

“No, I’m not going to kiss you,” Nick replies, and after a few more requests from her to just do it, he finally says “No, not like this.”

“What?” she asks. “What does that mean?” and her voice has softened.

“No, I didn’t mean… Nothing, I just…I didn’t mean it…we just… we can’t like that, because… that’s not…you know, like…it’s very like… you don’t… that’s not what it… ” he stammers.

ng48 ng49 ng50 ng51 ng52 ng53

…and then sort of trounces away in twitchy self-loathing, LOL.

Jess is shocked, but he insists he’s fine…as he climbs out onto a ledge. NBD.

ng54 ng55 ng56 ng57

He just needs some air is all, he tells her. And then he realizes immediately that it was a mistake. He slips over to the other window and tries to get them to open it for him. They all sort of think he’s going to jump, and of course Schmidt faints.

ng58 ng59 ng60 ng61

Schmidt and Winston hold a mini-intervention for him, and he insists he’s fine. Which is good because Winston and Schmidt leave him behind to be with Daisy and Holly, respectively.

ng62 ng63 ng64 ng65 ng66 ng67 ng68

Nick is then joined by Jess and Sam, who tells him “That was freaking hilarious! I mean, Jess, he jumped out on a ledge instead of kissing you. Can you believe that?”


“I’m an idiot,” Nick says, in a true moment of self- reflection.

What I love about that little moment is the mirroring from earlier in the episode when Holly was trying to get him to admit that he hated his own guts. Yeah, Nick definitely has an over-abundance of self-loathing a lot of the time, but with Holly, it was conveniently so, i.e., she wanted someone who was sad, and that worked out for him. Here, with Jess, he realizes that he blew it, and I don’t know…but it just feels a little more genuine to me. What do you think?

ng70 ng71 ng72

“Well,” Sam tells Jess. “He’s missing out.”

She smiles, and Nick looks like he wants to puke or punch a melon version of himself or something, and then Sam asks if Jess wants to go to bed.

She says yes.


And poor Nick.

NEXT PAGE: God bless that dog.


  1. Whoop! A Sarah New Girl scene study….love it!

    I adores this entire episode, but the scenes leading up to the kiss…epic.

    I think with most ‘will they/won’t they’ shows you can kind of predict when the kiss will come in an episode. There’s not a whole lot of surprise there but with this…I did a double take. Triple take even! Because after Nick chooses the ledge you kind of assume that they’ve missed their moment, for this episode anyhow, and then BAM….he grabs her and it is ON. And the look on her face after is just priceless.

    Such a wonderfully surprising moment. Loved. It.

  2. “his voice already filled with longing for the next time he would see her again”

    Oh great…now I have to watch it all over again.

    Thank god for netflix.

    This relationship trumps ‘Sam and Diane’.

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