New Girl- Scene Study: Cooler

But later that night, Jess hears the scratching at the door again, and so she comes out to investigate it. Now, does she wake up her boyfriend, the guy who is IN her bed, to come help her?

No, no she does not. Instead, she whisper-calls out for Nick, who does come out to help her.

ng74 ng75 ng76 ng77

He goes to the door to investigate and is jumped on by a dog.

The dog’s owner is horrified at first, but then realizes Nick is wearing her coat.

ng78 ng79 ng80 ng81

“It’s a fantastic coat and it gives me confidence” Nick declares. But the true coat-owner is not amused. She complains that there is so much weird stuff that happens in apartment 4D.

ng82 ng83 ng84 ng85

“Well, I guess the old Nick is back, hmmm?” Jess says.

“I’m gonna miss Trenchcoat Nick,” Nick laughs. “He was pretty great.”

“I might miss him,” Jess agrees, and they smile.

“I liked him,” Nick admits. “He had guts.”

Which is hilarious, because Trenchcoat!Nick basically went out on a ledge, but hey, whatever Nick Miller!

ng86 ng87 ng88

“It’s a woman’s coat,” Jess reminds him, and they both laugh again.

ng89 ng90 ng91

“Goodnight, Nick,” she says, with a soft, friendly touch to his arm.

“Goodnight,” he replied, his voice already filled with longing for the next time he would see her again.

Haha, but you know that’s how it would read in a novel. You KNOW IT! Especially, because of what happens next.

ng92 ng93 ng94 ng95 ng96 ng97 ng98

I love how he pulls her right to him and just goes for it, but I REALLY love how she just also dives right in. Her arms are completely tight around his neck, and she wants to be as close as possible to him as well.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

ng99 ng100 ng101 ng102 ng103 ng104 ng105 ng106 ng107 ng108 ng109 ng110 ng111 ng112 ng113 ng114

Unnnnnfffffff, the first kiss was bold and hot and made me cheer for Nick big time. But those two tiny, follow up kisses? Those were the ones that made me gasp out loud and hit the rewind button about 1435 times. The first kiss was something to prove, you know? Something about being brave and not relying on the trenchcoat, about not being an idiot and passing up opportunities to take what he wants. But the other two small, soft kisses…those were about want, about affection and friendship and interest and about doing a first kiss the right way.

Nick did to the flustery blustery thing in the bedroom when he was trying to convey why he didn’t want to first kiss her as part of the game. He wanted it to be something special. And those two little pecks were just that.

“I meant something like that,” is all he says, before he leaves her standing there, stunned.

ng115 ng116 ng117 ng118 ng119 ng120 ng121 ng122 ng123 ng124 ng125 ng126 ng127 ng128 ng129

I love that we hear the sound of Nick’s bedroom door slamming, and we can all just imagine him sitting on his bed, maybe having a tiny freakout moment. Or maybe not. Maybe in that moment, he was cool and confident, because he’d wanted something and gone for it. But I love that we don’t see it. I just love, love, love it all.

ng130 ng131 ng132 ng133 ng134 ng135

Jess is shocked, which is excellent. The writers have done an awesome job of keeping both Nick and Jess in character over the years, while maintaining the balance of ‘care’ between them. If Nick is freaking out, Jess is the one who often helps him rationalize it. And if Jess is having a bad time (Pilot, for example, see also : Menzies), Nick is there for her. They had danced around their friendship ( plus ) for awhile without verbalizing it. Nick realizes in the bedroom that when he (inadvertently and nonverbally) confesses that his idea of their first kiss should be special, he’s given her some power in their dynamic. We see it in her surprised face as well.

Now, here ,at the end of the episode, he’s taken a little bit of that power back, leaving Jess speechless… but again, I think we can agree that Nick probably isn’t feeling 100% confident.

Okay…well, what do you think? Were you shocked by the kiss? What were some other favorite parts of this episode? The comments are open, so discuss!


  1. Whoop! A Sarah New Girl scene study….love it!

    I adores this entire episode, but the scenes leading up to the kiss…epic.

    I think with most ‘will they/won’t they’ shows you can kind of predict when the kiss will come in an episode. There’s not a whole lot of surprise there but with this…I did a double take. Triple take even! Because after Nick chooses the ledge you kind of assume that they’ve missed their moment, for this episode anyhow, and then BAM….he grabs her and it is ON. And the look on her face after is just priceless.

    Such a wonderfully surprising moment. Loved. It.

  2. “his voice already filled with longing for the next time he would see her again”

    Oh great…now I have to watch it all over again.

    Thank god for netflix.

    This relationship trumps ‘Sam and Diane’.

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