A Bones Season Nine Wishlist

This time last week, I wasn’t ready for football. Last year’s replacement refs were a traumatizing experience, and I still have nightmares about Donald Driver’s sad sidelines face. But I woke up this weekend to the feel of almost-fall in the air, and just like that, it was time.

It’s been the same with Bones. I wasn’t thrilled by the season eight finale twist, and I was especially not thrilled by the fact that I wasn’t thrilled by it. This show has been heart-crushing before, but always in a way that makes sense for the characters, so to see something that felt so manufactured really upset me. I will defend this show to the death, you guys. I don’t want to give anyone ammunition against it, nor do I want to sound like one of those people who sit around yelling at the writers for doing their job. I want to be a TV writer. Probably best not to yell at them.

So it’s been a long summer. But fall is in the air, new promos are out, the Bones team is teasing us with spoilers, and I’m ready. I am so ready. I think a lot of that comes from the fact that everyone seems on board with season ten. I’ve been worried that nine might be the last, not because of the move to Friday but because these people have lives. Emily has a son. So to hear everyone talk about season ten like it’s something they’d love to do–that changes everything. I can take some early-season B&B angst if we’re not quite so close to the end.

They'll be solving crimes when they're ninety, and you know it.

They’ll be solving crime in the nursing home, and they like it.

So here’s my Bones season nine wishlist. (I don’t know how to talk about this without light spoilery business, so proceed with caution.)

I want the broken proposal to be taken seriously. This is a big deal for Booth and Brennan, and to treat it as anything less would be unfair. I know everyone on the Bones team understands that this is basically B&B’s worst nightmare, but I also know that they’re looking forward to a wedding sooner rather than later, so I’m interested to see where those two stories meet. This show can really rock weighty relationship drama when it gives itself room to do so (see last year’s “The Partners in the Divorce”). The question is how they’ll carry these very real consequences over multiple episodes. Bones always suggests that love is a risk worth taking, so let’s see the risks. Let’s be reminded of what love did to Booth and Brennan when they were kids. And then let’s see them take that leap anyway.

Let’s have a wedding full of surprises. We know it won’t be traditional (as if anything could, between these two), but I’m holding out for Booth and Brennan to surprise each other in ways only they could: little, quiet, I-hear-you-when-you-speak-and-I-got-you-a-toy-pig ways.

Sexytimes. The odds are in our favor, friends.

bones bedroom

Guy time. I love Booth and Hodgins together, because their entire relationship is pretty much summed up in watching Booth pout in a Mini Cooper while Hodgins scolds him for eating too much pudding. I’d like to see them hang out more as equals. They could both use the affirmation. I think these guys have more in common than they’ve ever let themselves figure out, and it’s high time they trade off those Best Man duties.

Hodgins time. Just in general, I will always advocate for more Jack Stanley Hodgins III.

Sully. Eddie McClintock is free. Tweets have been exchanged. Make it happen.

Zack?! I miss the little guy. It’s not like I’m spearheading a “Bring Back Zack” campaign; it’s just that I’d rather not go the rest of the series without addressing the fact that he’s still technically in a mental institution for a murder he didn’t commit, and only Sweets knows. That’s sort of important. Zack and Brennan love each other so much. He should be at her wedding. Plus, MORE TWEETS.

Badass Brennan moments. Anyone got a hypodermic needle?


Someone's gotta say it.

Someone’s gotta say it.

DINER. Always diner.

Now get excited, and share your wishlist in the comments!


  1. I want everything you want. (except Zack, I don’t really miss him) It’s like we’re soul mates. 🙂

    Also, I would like to see a nice scene between Hodgins and Caroline. No one makes me laugh like the two of them and together is destined to be epically hilarious.

    And if there is going to be a wedding (which I believe they are filming this week…eek!) there had better be family there. Russ, Jared, Pops…maybe even Cousin Margaret. I want it to be the big-ass celebration B&B deserve. That’s what would make me happiest…and you know how much Hart cares about what we fans want. 😉

    1. Haha I definitely think we’re past the point where Zack could ever return full time, but I do want to see him again. I think everyone needs closure. But yay, Bones soul mates! (Play-Doh?)

      I can’t believe I’ve never even considered how great Hodgins and Caroline would be together, just the two of them. Yes please! And I totally agree that I’m hoping for as much family as possible (although I’m ambivalent on Booth’s mom. She makes him happy, but she’s also kind of the worst). Cousin Margaret would be amazing. Max, get on this.

      Those two deserve a huge celebration, preferably with a lot of intimate one-on-one moments squeezed in (like the goodbyes at the airport, but HAPPY). I’m so excited to see how it all shakes out.

  2. I agree with all of it except Zack and Sully. I don’t see any purpose of bring them back. The rest is priority on my Bones wish list!

  3. I know Katheryn Winnick has been on Twitter too recently. I’d love to see a Hannah/Sully hook-up at the wedding! Then everyone gets a happily-ever-after! 🙂

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