It’s Tennant Week 2013 (And It’s Only Wednesday)

As with all well-adjusted humans, I feel whatever David Tennant’s hair tells me to feel.

Look at that joy

200% done with everyone


So much injustice


and finally





Text from a friend, re: this: “Did Bolingbroke overthrow Richard because he was embarrassing the sceptered isle with his mullet??” Probably, yes. I mean, David. David. What have you done. I know this is part of someone’s brilliant vision for Richard II. I know you’re committed to your craft and totally unapologetic and I like that. You do you. But I feel what your hair feels, and your hair is sad. I feel like I shouldn’t even be talking about this. Whatever I do say should be whispered quickly in a dark hallway, so none of the uninitiated can hear me, so nobody’s first look at David Tennant is this look on David Tennant. I love him. He remains numbers 1-5 on my list. But I’m hosting a Richard II wrap party.

So the hair made its debut on Sunday. I saw the words “David Tennant” and “ponytail” on Twitter and panic texted a bunch of people before going on an hour-long quest for information. I also watched this interview on repeat to comfort myself. His hair was normal last Tuesday, you guys. Maybe a little floppier than usual, but nothing crazy. So we can pinpoint hair extension day to sometime late last week. I wish I’d known. I would’ve worn all black.


And now! Today! More news! The American adaptation of Broadchurch has smartly concluded that nobody is a better David Tennant than the man himself, casting him to star as the US version of DI Alec Hardy. On this, I have so many feelings. David Tennant is coming to America. I’ve found my next road trip and my next dream job. David Tennant is coming to American television. We all get to share the incredible joy that is his face and talent and existence. David Tennant is using an American accent. This is unnecessary. Let the Scottish accent roam free.

In an ideal world, his character in the American version would still be Scottish, and his partner would still be played by Olivia Colman. Basically, in an ideal world, the American version of Broadchurch would be the UK version but everyone in my life would watch it. The UK Broadchurch was borderline flawless, and I don’t really want anyone to touch it, least of all a bunch of American TV execs. I can’t imagine any plot ever being as satisfying or as devastating. That being said, Chris Chibnall clearly has a better imagination than I do, and I trust him. I’m glad this new version is in his hands. And David Tennant is in! TENNANT!


But I still want him in season 2 of the original, ranting about Twitter and pouting about how blue the sky is.


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