It’s Bigger on the Inside, or How I Fit Fifty Years of Feelings into a Single Weekend

This weekend was like Doctor Who Christmas: the 50th anniversary. FIFTY YEARS, YOU GUYS. Ours is the little show that could, and now it has, and like its title character, it’s still making people better. I have a lot of feelings on “The Day of the Doctor”–mainly sweet, sweet relief that Rose and Tentoo are still out there defending the universe/ totally getting it on in their personal TARDIS.

tentoo doctor who

But we can talk about the episode itself later this week. For now, let’s just talk about how great it is to love this show. I was really insistent that I HAD to leave work right at 6:00 on Friday. I hope my coworkers appreciated my urgency later, when Facebook photos made it abundantly clear that I’d been in such a rush because I had to meet friends for Doctor Who trivia. #sorrynotsorry. They had a TARDIS photo booth. And K-9!

tardis photo booth


I love New York for making things like this possible. I heard about the event from blog friends/ life friends Kim and Sage of Head Over Feels (be on the lookout for their post about the evening!) and managed to talk my friend Caitlin into signing up, not that she needed much convincing. Who doesn’t love cupcakes and nerdery on a Friday night, surrounded by people in Tom Baker scarves and dogs in little fezzes? This is a fandom that spans generations and personalities, but when we’re in each other’s company, we know we’re with friends.

Caitlin and I joined forces with Kim and Sage to form team “Quite Right Too” (Kim: “IS OUR TEAM NAME SOUL-CRUSHING ENOUGH FOR YOU?”), and I have to tell you, we were fantastic. Bloggers get stuff done, because bloggers are the kind of people who remember that Jack Harkness’s first line is “Excellent bottom.” While I might never forgive myself for forgetting that Nine took Rose to the year 5.5/apple/26, I am still incredibly proud of us. Against some serious Doctor trivia buffs, we pulled out a miraculous fourth-place finish. We missed the prizes by one spot. This is still not as soul-crushing as our team name.

Huge thanks to Trivia AD for putting together such a big event, because I can’t think of a better way to spend Doctor Who Christmas Eve than to pal around with a Dalek. From the free books to the TARDIS sound effects, the whole night felt like a celebration, and it’s possible we had something to celebrate.

tardis time lord yeah doctorDavid Tennant, you guys. DAVID TENNANT, MY DOCTOR, BACK AGAIN. I spent Saturday morning lost in a haze of DT YouTube videos, primarily this one because, I mean, look at them. They hold hands. They sit so close to each other. They’re like brothers. Matt and David’s friendship is my favorite.

David’s mustard pants are a close second. Rounding out my top five favorite things: Matt Smith’s hair, David’s adorable defense of his own hair (“I didn’t choose to do this for my private life!”), and Emma Thompson offering the Doctors a banana. I knew I loved her.

As great as this video is, I had to stop clicking replay eventually. I had a party to get to. It’s only fitting that I watched the 50th anniversary special–my first live Doctor Who episode!–with Sage and Kim, since their Head Over Feels love for Rose and the Doctor led me directly into this life. Joined by their friends Michelle and Jaime, we counted down to the big event with authentic Jammie Dodgers and rampant speculation. Just the thought of maybe seeing Christopher Eccleston’s face sent everyone to their knees. At some points during the episode, all I could hear was the five of us screaming simultaneously. And if you’re wondering if it’s possible for five people to hold hands around a table without looking away from the television, we cleared that up for you. It is.

These ladies cope with feelings exactly how I do: hit up YouTube. After the last of the credits had rolled, we watched fan videos and interviews and of course the classic Tennant/ Tate Comic Relief sketch, which the entire room recited in unison because the world is good.

After a bit of Donna Noble, I was off for ice cream and the rebroadcast with Caitlin, followed, naturally, by the full Graham Norton episode, because mustard pants. I’m also seeing “The Day of the Doctor” in theaters tonight. No regrets. There’s nothing I love more than getting really excited about something with someone who shares that excitement, and I got that this whole weekend. I just like liking things, and I find that people who like unashamedly liking things are the best ones to be around. I’ve gone all in for this show, and it is oh so good. Barrowman, your thoughts?

“Never apologize for being nerdy, because unnerdy people never apologize for being assholes.”

barrowman spin

Captain Jack Harkness has spoken.


  1. I’m trapped at work for another two hours so I can’t make this comment nearly as long or as eeeeeee !!! filled as I would like, but for now, I just have to say: Best. Post Title. EVER. Like, in the history of post titles. I heart you and your top five list that includes Matt Smith’s hair 🙂

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! um yes, the hair is going through a very nice phase right now, which just makes David’s hair extra tragic. Those extensions are not allowed to come to America with him.

      1. Um, yes, it really is. *swoon*. Speaking of which, here is a phone conversation between my mom and I yesterday, which I feel you will appreciate:

        Mom: How was your special Doctor Who tv show?
        Me: So wonderful. David Tennant and Matt Smith were both in it!
        Mom: David Tennant is the one who came before your doctor?
        Me: He sure was!
        Mom: His name sounds familiar …
        Me: He was the inspector in Broadchurch
        Mom: Oh, yes. I can see him being an excellent doctor. I never really took to yours, I’m sorry to say, but I think I would really like this inspector for a doctor a lot.

      2. DI ALEC HARDY! I just want to hug him. And Ten. Basically all Tennant characters, forever. Your mom has excellent taste. (Matt’s great too though! He had some really funny bits in the 50th.)

      3. Right?! Too funny.

        Lol! That’s how I felt about David in the 50th – see, you and I work out perfectly, because we each appreciate the wonderfulness of Ten and Eleven, but we don’t have intense relationships with the same versions. 😉

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