Parks and Recreation Recap: “Filibuster”–What Is This, An Early Nineties Party?

So Ben likes a woman in roller skates. Everyone has a thing, right? For Ben Wyatt, it’s roller skates, political activism, and the music of the early nineties. If he’s not on your laminated list of fictional men, I’m judging you. Ben’s a nerd in the same way real people are nerds: he gets passionately obsessed about things. Leslie gets passionately obsessed about people, which is why they fit together so well. She pays attention to everything Ben loves and gives it back to him in the form of a theme party. He returns the favor by missing that entire party to watch Leslie stage a filibuster for the town she represents.

ben leslie synchronized skate

The Pawnee-Eagleton merger saved a lot of Eagletonians’ jobs, meaning they owe Leslie Knope a debt of gratitude. Join the club, horse dancers. Jamm figures that they’ll support Leslie in the recall, and since a thwarted Leslie is probably one of his horcruxes or something, he schemes to deny Eagletonians their right to vote. Leslie can’t let that stand, even for birthday cake. Let the impromptu roller skate filibuster begin.

ben crazy sex fantasy for me

Word spreads of Leslie’s noble gesture for this great cause (#TeamAniston), and the people of Eagleton show up to cheer her on. But when Chris hugs it out with one of Leslie’s supporters, he realizes that they’re not planning on using their votes to keep Leslie in office. They’d rather vote in someone from their own town. Eagleton really is the worst sometimes. I mean, not as bad as Jamm, but right below.

Ben folds this new development into a paper airplane (because soulmates) and sends it to his wife. She’s tempted to take his hand and skate away right then and there, but that’s not how Leslie Knope works.

“The right to vote is fundamental in any democracy and this is bigger than me or anyone. I don’t care if I lose. No one prevents people in my town from voting. Not on my watch.”

So Leslie filibusters. For people who don’t even have her back, she braves loud gongs, broken air conditioners, and the temptation of an ice-cold marg, and she succeeds. The world needs Leslie Knope. Even Councilwoman Kristen Bell Veronica Mars Ingrid de Forest can see it, because this is a show about ladies supporting ladies and not even a City Council rivalry is more important than that. I hope Leslie takes her up on that plate of celebratory “I think you call them hwaffles.”

ben wyatt oh yeah skates

ben parks and rec skates

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  1. You know about my laminated list of fictional men?!?! I thought I was the only one. I heart you. And this recap. And the new look, too! Fabulous!!

    1. Thank you!! I’m still on the fence because I’m worried about whether the font reads easily. But I do like having a proper page header, sooo….torn.

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