Live-Blogging the 2014 SAG Awards

Awards season continues tonight with the Screen Actors Guild Awards! I’m here with Kim of Head Over Feels to flail over Benedict Cumberbatch, say farewell to the cast of 30 Rock, and probably make a minimum of eighteen passive-agressive references to Amy Poehler’s egregious snub.

Kim’s dog is at my shoulder, the queso’s on the couch, and the limos are rolling up. Let’s get to it.

10:12 And that’s the evening. Thanks for joining! The real takeaway here is that Emma Thompson continues to be fab.

emma thompson clapping

10:11 Bradley Cooper’s just up there owning that stage.

happy endings  brad this is my resume

10:09 American Hustle over 12 Years A Slave? 

happy endings penny podium fall

9:50 Basically everyone in the Best Actor category was phenomenal and I don’t know how to react when only one person wins.

ben clapping

9:45 Kim and I are just over here floored by the fact that Breaking Bad hasn’t taken this before.


9:42 I just remembered how much I have to do this weekend.

happy endings rage get caught up on downton abbey

9:35 Bryan Cranston is everything, his speech was everything, Cranston out.

ben wyatt mic drop

9:33 Sasha Alexander looked like she wanted to let Clark Gregg read off the name, but Clark was too busy making eyes at the camera.

my fandom needs me

9:26 One hour and twenty-six minutes later, we see Benedict Cumberbatch.

benedict cumberbatc smile

9:23 Mindy and Marsden, taking down “I don’t own a TV” snobs.

reading's stupid tv rules happy endings

9:13 Let’s play the West Side Story soundtrack for the rest of the night instead of that terrible walk-on music.

jimmy fallon elmo dancing

9:02 “Is this music available on CD at all?” Oh Emma Thompson, my sassy queen.

emma thompson don't ask questions

8:43 Should’ve been Parks and Rec. Who in the Screen Actors Guild will answer for this crime?


8:33 “Number three: have no skill set other than being a needy extrovert.” Bring it over here, Ty Burrell. Bring it over here.

psych fist bump

8:28 A-Poehls could’ve done a great bit with JLD if the Screen Actors Guild had actually invited her.

leslie special treatment

8:26 Tina Fey’s daughter will no doubt have something hilarious to say about her loss.

bones psychic

8:25 So I didn’t just have a queso-induced nightmare about Kerry’s outfit, then?

jim halpert face


shut it down jenna 30 rock

8:16 Jennifer Garner looks gorgeous at the SAG Awards, so I’m feeling good about the world and my place in it.

ben wyatt wink

8:11 “Thank you for taking a flashlight and shining it under the floorboards of this nation and reminding us what we stand on.”

you are brilliant you are

8:08 Lupita!!!!!

high fiving a million angels 30 rock

8:04 So many “I am an actor” intros…

great story joey

7:54 Queen Emma Thompson is wearing flats and loving life.

bones david emily

7:38 Jennifer Lawrence has redeemed herself with this dress.

ahmahzing happy endings

7:35 “Oh sorry, you asked me and all I could talk about was my armpit vagina.” And we have our J-Law red carpet moment!

jennifer lawrence


happy endings max trash can

7:15 Cate Blanchett’s dress rules over all of the other dresses.



breaking bad clutch

7:05 Did any of us ever expect to live in a world where Jordan Catalano had ombré hair?

jared leto

6:55 I CANNOT HANDLE the fact that Anna Gunn will soon be in the presence of David Tennant.

david tennant glasses

6:40 You guys. Head Over Feels‘s other half Sage is in London right now. She sat across the aisle from Billie Piper and Tom Hiddleston smiled at her. I’m fine.

community so jealous i could murder you

6:35 Lady Mary! Part dress, part tux, all fabulous.

happy endings sunglasses brad jane

6:27 The natural nail is apparently a “trend” right now. You know, unlike at any other point in human existence. Thanks for the fashion tip, E!

psych dule hill gus pinchy face

6:16 Fun fact: the SAG Awards are my favorite Jennifer Garner fashion event. Her 2005 dress blew my 16-year-old mind.

Steve Granitz


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