YEAH IT’S GLITTER: Why You Should Be Watching Enlisted

1. Economy sized pack of toilet paper, no pants.

enlisted tp parker young shirtless

2. Have you seen Chris Lowell’s hair?

chris lowell enlisted

3. “Still fits.”

geoff stults shirtless being human

“It would fit a pregnant woman. It’s a half shirt.”

4. Pete and Jill are ready for your shipping.

why are you still single enlisted

5. Parker Young has somehow managed to sublimate his smolder into the most adorable joy. He makes comedy out of a complete lack of cynicism. His earnestness is intense. If Randy Hill were to grab me by the shoulders and look me in the eyes, I feel like tiny puppies would just emerge from the shadows.

parker young yeah it's glitter enlisted

6. I’m never entirely sure which brother I am.

disliked so quickly enlisted

enlisted tired of living a lie

Pixar emotions.

7. The bench is deep.

enlisted paper blog

8. I share a hometown and an alma mater with Enlisted‘s creator, Kevin Biegel. I went to college in Boston. I grew up in Florida. We’re standing at the center of a rare and important Venn Diagram and we need to honor it.

florida enlisted

9. Amy Pond makes a cameo appearance, still dressed for Florida 1969.

amy pond enlisted

10. The cast has live-tweeting parties and will probably favorite all of your tweets. You will be made to feel very clever for typing out that funny joke that someone else wrote.

11. “I was gonna take him to Disney World.” “Oh sweet! Is he gonna wear the ears? He has to wear the ears.”

12. “I saw the image you posted online.” “You could have liked it.”

13. What are you doing going out before 9:30 on a Friday?

14. What are you doing going out?

15. We can’t let Mixology win.

Just get in on this.

evil genie i'd watch that show enlisted



    1. It’s not actually her, but I like to think the red-haired girl in the red flannel shirt is a bit of an homage 🙂 Definitely worth a watch!

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