It’s Raining Tens: A Weekend at Gallifrey One


Sunday was Christopher Eccleston’s 50th birthday! Happy birthday, Nine. It’s only fitting that a day like that would begin with Billie’s interview, which was just full of joyful little revelations. A rundown:

  • She calls Camille Coduri “mum.”
  • “Father’s Day” is her favorite episode.
  • She was going to leave when Chris left, because she wanted to be loyal to him, “like a good wife.”
  • “But then I met David Tennant.” (At this, the crowd sort of nodded at once. We’ve all been there.)
  • Bille called David gorgeous. She loved watching him work with “conviction” and “grace.” She loved that he was living out his childhood dream, and she described his brain as a Doctor Who archive. On working with Elisabeth Sladen, she said, “David was a wreck.”
  • She and John Hurt had a lovely time going to the bar during the filming of the 50th anniversary special.
  • And a fact we found on Twitter that you need to know: she and David apparently talked about the script for the 50th while David got a pedicure.
This is how Billie's face looks when she talks about David.

This is how Billie’s face looks when she talks about David.

Billie’s ribbon competitor was up next, sporting his daily cat t-shirt and punchy with convention exhaustion. A few gems from Arthur’s interview:

  • His grandmother was complaining that she didn’t see him enough, so his mother (who knows what’s up) got her a life-sized Rory cardboard cutout. Arthur’s gran proceeded to have the neighbors around for pictures, but not before asking him if those were his legs or Matt’s.
  • When Arthur was doing Once on Broadway, fans would sometimes give him baked goods. He considered that he probably shouldn’t eat them, “and then I’d think, ‘oh, it’s cake, it’s probably fine.’ Which is an open invitation to poison me.”
  • “Shipping is when you send things, but, like…internationally.”
  • “One of my biggest regrets is selling my Thundercats action figures. I KNOW. I’M AN IDIOT.”

arthur darvill gallifrey one

Post-interview, we posed for photos in the TARDIS, which was decidedly not bigger on the inside.

tardis group gallifrey one

Then I ran off to meet a friend from college for brunch—actually, the first friend I ever watched Doctor Who with, so she gets it. The french toast was insane, but nobody else in that fancy LA brunch place was talking about David Tennant, which made me realize just how much I wasn’t ready to leave. Although, if you must go, go out on Paul McGann and Colin Baker interviewing each other, talking seductively to tribbles and dropping puns like “Let Zygons be Zygons.”

The rest of Gally went too quickly: a year in review (2013 was huge for this show, in case you hadn’t caught on), a dinner meet-up with Twitter friends, and as much Doctor Who discussion as we could squeeze into one night. As if this weren’t hard enough already, a Rose and TenToo wandered the hotel lobby all night holding hands. Gallifrey One was an unapologetic love fest, full of people who caught our references to British sketch comedy and understood what it’s like to get emotional over chips. I want to live in this weekend always. But barring that, I’ll settle for living in this fandom always. Done. Mission accomplished.

 Also, did I mention that our waiter at breakfast was named Alonso? Allons-y, Gally 2015.

gallifrey one last day

Next, Sage from Head Over Feels ends this Gally One series the only way we know how: with lots of Paul McGann.


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