Spotlight on Bones: Stable Until You Detonate It

R.I.P. Mighty Hut.

I’m sadder about losing a fictional house than I probably should be. But remember how long it took Booth and Brennan to even get to the point where they needed a house? Remember when Booth found this place at a police auction and Brennan called it their mighty hut, because buying a criminal’s house would make them the conquering heroes, and it was symbolically and anthropologically perfect, and they kissed in Christine’s future bedroom? Booth was so excited to build a treehouse, you guys.

booth mighty hut treehouse

They made this house theirs. New memories, new life. Wendell helped them renovate, which was great not only because it gave him work but also because it made him a part of the family. Stephen Nathan says they’re calling a real estate agent, but I vote they call Wendell once he’s better. And now I need a minute to worry about Wendell.

The house was barely finished when Booth and Brennan walked in carrying their little girl, and everyone was waiting for them with a “Welcome, Stapes” sign. These people who never get to stop and celebrate with friends finally had one night to just be together. The hospital waiting room is like that night turned on its head. Brennan looks so hopeless. It’s like she said earlier this season: Booth is her home. She isn’t sure how to survive without him.

brennan angela hug

But what is a Bones finale if it doesn’t topple every sense of home we have, then build it up again around the people who aren’t going anywhere? Angela’s on her way with a long-overdue best friend hug, and the whole team is there to wait out the surgery with her. I love that Brennan’s not alone even in this. I love that she’s letting herself not be alone, more than she did when she thought Booth was dead and buried herself in work, and more than she did when she sat in his room alone after the brain tumor. She’s so much more open now, you guys.

Booth will be in jail at the start of next season, with Brennan and the team still fighting to clear his name, which makes this like the season seven finale—which I adored—minus the relationship fallout, which was only occasionally satisfying. We’re so far past that now, anyway. I said last year that I wanted problems for Booth and Brennan to face as a team. They might not be literally together in this, but we know they’re each fighting for the same thing now. The whole lab is. Booth loves that: having people who will go to war against the FBI for him.

"Anyone who wants to help Booth, raise their hands."

“Anyone who wants to help Booth, raise their hands.”

Booth has such a hard time believing that he’s worth it. Hasn’t he been through enough already? “We all die a little bit, Bones.” He’s died a little bit a LOT. Booth hates what he had to do as a sniper, but he lives with it because he trusts the government. He also trusts Brennan when she says that he’s a good man. So, yes, let’s corrupt the FBI and take Brennan away from Booth and make him stand trial for things he’s probably never come to terms with. WELCOME TO BONES, ENJOY YOUR PAIN.

But I love it. This episode was wall-to-wall intense, and it’s left us with a whole summer to wonder how we’re going to rebuild. Hodgins is going to be all up in his conspiracies, which is never anything less than wonderful. Angela’s going to put her computer system back together, because Pelant taught her how to deal with people who think they’re all powerful. We’re hopefully going to be reminded of Cam and Booth’s long friendship, and Sweets might even be able to take down Deputy Director Stark from the inside.

Brennan will just keep being my everything. I cheered when she came around the corner of the living room and shot that guy, then dragged Booth across the room, grabbed another gun, and whipped around to shoot someone else. A Delta Force agent came at her with a knife and she didn’t flinch. I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t love Temperance Brennan. This show doesn’t always let her be as hardcore as we know she is, but when it does, it’s beautiful.

booth brennan court

Brennan saves Booth as often as he saves her. It’s a crucial part of their relationship. Hart Hanson promised Emily Deschanel before she took the part that Booth wouldn’t have to save her very often, and that’s still the case. Brennan rushes into danger for the people she cares about. She speaks her mind. She doesn’t walk away, and she tells Booth that she hates him for wanting her to. Then she gets in his face and orders him not to die. Brennan respects Booth and defends him and will yell his sterling record at a crowd of reporters until her voice shakes, but she’s going to do what she has to do.

brennan fbi custody

Emily Deschanel’s work in this episode was amazing. The closing shot of her kicking and screaming in the agents’ arms, struggling to get back to Booth, was a wallop at the end of a draining night, and David Boreanaz’s directing was as sharp and thoughtful as we’ve come to expect. We’re going into season ten, and these people still love their show so much. It shows, right?

I recapped the finale for the EW Community, so check it out for a play-by-play account of my trauma. Be sure to stop by the rest of my Bones recaps as well. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on this season ender! Enjoy the hiatus, Bones fans.


  1. Thoughtful post. 🙂

    Although I think just some renovation will bring the Mighty Hut back, it wasn’t even close to destroyed. Have faith and patience! 🙂

  2. David’s acting in this ep was just as good as Emily’s, if not better and yet you feel the need to only point out hers. Enough of the biased crap. I know you are ED/Brennan fangirl but at least try to be fair….also you didnt mention that Booth with his last breath, saved Brennans life by snapping that guys neck. Its all about Brennan for you. How sad. There are TWO leads on Bones not ome.

    1. David’s acting was phenomenal in this episode, as it always is. He’s one of only two actors whose face can make me actually put my hand to my heart before I even realize that I’m doing it. His photo has been my computer background in the past, because it makes me happy. I fell for his character long before I fell for Brennan, because I came to this show in season five, which was a particularly strong showing for both David as an actor and Booth as a character. I love him and would fight for him. I was unaware that I had to point this out in everything I write. I was also unaware that this was a competition. I can only be a fan of one of them? I thought David and Emily were friends, and I thought their characters loved each other. In this specific instance, for this episode, Brennan’s characterization stood out to me because it struck the perfect balance between consistency and growth, and it was what I felt most compelled to write about at the time. But thank you for pointing out that any display of affection toward one of these leads is an act of aggression against the other. Thank you. I had no idea.

      Also, I mentioned that Booth snapped the guy’s neck in my EW recap.

  3. I think the destruction to the mighty hut was symbolic that “Home” is in their hearts not in a physical home, where ever B&B are there will be home. The acting from DB&ED was breathtaking I believed Brennan’s pain, in the waiting room. It has been a while since I have seen David in such a physical episode he is so believable also. While I am totally #adedicatedfan of David Boreanaz, the whole cast did amazing work this episode and the entire season. I loved that with all the spoilers out there I was still taken aback by the ending, I didn’t see that coming. Which is what I like.

    1. He was so physical in this episode, especially in the shootout. It was glorious. And I completely agree–as much as I’m sad to see the house go, that hospital waiting room scene made it clear that the people are the only home that really matters here.

  4. Excellent as always! I love everything you captured about how the physical home was incredibly significant for both of them–because of their childhood experiences, etc. One of my (only?) favorite moments of season seven was the end scene of the ep where they found the house and they both just look so gorgeous. and happy, and at peace.

    The challenge for me at least is to allow them to move on from milestones if they want to—i.e., there are so many B&B moments from the past that I (and maybe others) can memorialize …to the point where they become monuments and sticking points that hinder the characters’ growth. There are moments/things that are more meaningful to me than they are to the show, which is how it should be. But it’s hard when they sort of get tossed aside. I’m not explaining it perfectly, except to say that I was also sad to see the house get blown up in spots, lol, but I’ll try not to hold it against the show if they get a new house! 🙂

    Like you said, it’s amazing to see the B&B against the world vibe. I much prefer this type of intrigue-based hiatus over the emotional B&B relationship angst of S5, 7 & 8. And i’m really curious to see how the next season will play out.

    And you are SOOOOO right about Booth and his self-esteem. He’s a loner for sure, and I loved the gif you posted from (i think?) Judas on a Pole. I can’t wait to see what happens with his character next season. Also hoping for more fierce Brennan, and like you said, it is beautiful when it happens.

    1. Thanks Sarah! That scene at the end of Crack in the Code is probably my favorite from season seven. They’re so HAPPY. I think Bones is best at the kind of happiness that feels hard earned, and this home definitely does, given, like you said, their history up to that point. It’s going to be a little more bittersweet on rewatch now. I know what you mean–it’s hard to let go! But I’m going to try.
      It’s from Judas on a Pole, yes! I wanted that gif so badly that I taught myself how to make one. I MADE A SHODDY GIF FOR THIS SHOW. That’s love. I love that scene and the look on Booth’s face, like he can’t believe people would do this for him. I hope we get some of that next season.

  5. Finally have time to actually comment, and have to say that while I’ve been pretty blase about the loss/possible loss of the house, you’ve made me feel some sadness over it. Well done. LOL.

    It’s not that I didn’t care about it, or hurt for them, but the Mighty Hut has just never been my focus, somehow. But you’re right – memories are a part of who we are, and there are a lot of wonderful ones there.

    My interpretation of what SN said was same as yours, that they wouldn’t want to be back there. But Jen pointed out that SN says if it were him, *he* wouldn’t want to go back, which may not be the same thing as speaking for the characters. Or may just be a clever way of leading us away from how they’ll go.

    I think the story will be interesting, either way, whether it’s grappling with rebuilding a place wrecked by violence, or by finding something new.

  6. I think both Emily and David did a phenominal job, acting their parts in this episode !! Emotions were high especially at the end!! It is time to give these two actors awards ,Emmy’s and every other possible shout out there is out there!!!!

  7. I love fierce Brennan. I cheered when Brennan shot the first Delta force guy. I think Emily did an amazing job at all the emotions. The scene where she was sitting in the hospital alone with all the emotions running across her face was heart wrenching. Especially with the music. The scene with Angela took me back to Critic in the Cabernet. David is always an amazing director. I kind of wish he directed all the episodes because he always puts the relationship in the forefront which, for me, is the heart of the show. The heart and brain balance. Yin to each other’s yang. Neither would’ve had a happy life without each other. They have only ever opened themselves up to each other. They save each other physically and emotionally.

    I thought the show was heading for a bit of a lull in the last few episodes but this has really invigorated it. I can’t wait for the season opener.

    1. There were definite Critic in the Cabernet vibes to that hug, and I love that the show was so deliberate about its callbacks in this episode without ever making them seem imposed from the outside. They were all character based and organic to the story.
      I completely agree with you on David’s directing—he always brings it back to the relationships! I’m so excited for the possibilities next season.

  8. Have to say, imo, it was David Boreanaz who stold the show, not only a superb directing job, keeping the pace in high tension the whole ep, but also a darn fine acting job. His face when his wife told him she hated him when she knew armed Delta force agents were coming to kill him was fantastic. He always knows what she needs to hear and reassures her and his face while waiting for the assassins, he knew he wasnt going to make it. Just devastating to watch.

    1. He did a GREAT job. The episodes David directs are always full of the best character moments, and he knocked the acting out of the park. I agree, that scene was fantastic. I loved the way he said “I love you”–it was so desperate and sad.

  9. I loved the episode. The scene of Booth setting the house up himself, knowing the destruction it would endure was heartbreaking for me. He loved that house…. but his home is in Brennan. where she is, that’s his home. And I think the same goes for her. I don’t doubt that over the months they are apart, Brennan would have had their mighty hut renovated and put back together. It wasn’t destroyed, it was damaged.

    David’s directing always brings a look and feel to Bones episodes that nobody else ever seems to achieve. He has an eye for angles and lighting. He brings out great performances from everyone. He has a ready made career waiting for him in years to come. For me, this is possibly the best episode of the series. Roll on Season 10 I say!

    1. It was so heartbreaking to see him ready the house for destruction like that. I have no idea if they’ll keep it (not because it can’t be repaired, but just because they might not want to stay), but either way, it was sad to see that happen to our Mighty Hut. David nailed the whole sequence, though (and the episode as a whole!).

    2. I agree with everything you said!!! I’m finding it difficult not having Bones to watch ! What happened to FOX giving them a day for reruns ,like every other year!!! I’m disappointed!!!!!

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