Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 3

A summary of the end of season one: trust, dim lights, very close talking, 90s fashion, CAR SCENE, my emotional downfall.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:


  • Mulder says “Downright spooooky.”
  • Mulder sasses the Lone Gunmen; Scully is into it.
  • Mulder is someone.

xfiles remotely plausible hot

xfiles scully remotely plausible hot

  • “Mulder, YOU’RE the only one I trust.”
  • This is how everyone tells everyone that they’ll see them in an hour.

xfiles shoulder ebe

  • “We’re alone on this. There’s no one we can trust.” I’m picking up on a theme.
I want to be clear that I did not in any way survive this moment.


“Miracle Man”

  • “No wait wait, this is the part where they bring in Elvis.”
  • Superior timing on those dramatic looks.

mulder scully miracle man door

  • They’ve got that WHOLE hospital hallway, and they stand two inches from each other and whisper about their favorite movies.


  • “Well, they told me that even though my deodorant’s made for a woman, it’s strong enough for a man.”

joke monty python gif

  • Danger is closing in, but please take a minute to hold each other in a dark cabin in the middle of the woods.

x files shapes cabin it's me

“Darkness Falls”

  • “Rugged, manly men, in the full bloom of their manhood.”

david tennant glasses

  • “Come on, Scully; it’ll be a nice trip to the forest.”
x files darkness falls nice trip to the forest

It’s this show’s version of “What could possibly go wrong?”

  • Scully suggests that they’ve walked into a war that’s already started, and Mulder looks at Scully like he’ll walk into any war with her, and it doesn’t matter who started it because they’ll finish it, TOGETHER.

x files war that's already started darkness falls

  • I think I remember this Lands’ End catalog.

x files darkness falls lands end


x files darkness falls turtleneck

x files darkness falls fashion

Touch that oversize denim sleeve.

  • Scully panics about the bugs and Mulder grabs her hands and calms her down, and then they sit on that bed like their survival depends on how close her chin is to his shoulder.

x files darkness falls bed


  • “Now I really don’t care about MY record, but you’d be in trouble just sitting in this car.” Mulder is so protective of Scully’s right to decide how people see her. He gave up on being respected by the Bureau a long time ago, but Scully respects him, and in doing so, she’s risked her reputation with the FBI. He’s constantly aware of what she’s giving up to support him, and he would never take advantage of that.
  • She calls him Fox!
Are you even real?

Aw, he’s so embarrassed by his name. That says so much about him, that he’s always felt he had something to apologize for.

  • “Mulder, I wouldn’t put myself on the line for anybody but you.”

SUCH an important confession of what Mulder means to Scully and how far she’ll go to support him.

  • “If there’s an iced tea in that bag, it could be love.” Oh LET’S JUST FOLLOW UP THAT INTENSE MOMENT OF INTIMACY BY ADDING LOVE TO THE CONVERSATION.
  • “Must be fate, Mulder–“

david tennant desk speechless

  • “Root beer.”
Mulder is all of us.

She’s such a tease.

  • “You can get the next mutant.”  Mulder removes his jacket and tie, takes my heart, and runs away with it.

“Born Again”

  • Notice how much denial they’re in.

mulder shh x files born again

  • Was origami really that obscure in 1994?


  • “Did you catch the bouquet?” “MayyyyyBE!”
  • He’s putting his hand on the small of her back again.
  • Mulder pointing at math is really doing it for me.

mulder math roland x files

  • Password whisperer.
Scully is INTO IT.

Scully is INTO IT.

“The Erlenmeyer Flask”

  • Gazing.

x files erlenmeyer mulder scully

  •  “You wanna find out for me?” He asks her to run a lab test like he’s asking her to come over to his place late at night.

x files purity control

  • “I should know by now to trust your instincts.” “Why? Nobody else does.” I love the way he puts her at ease here. Scully knows that Mulder is used to being laughed out of every room, and she doesn’t want to be a part of that. You can see in her little smile how much she regrets contributing to it, and how grateful she is that he’s forgiven her so easily. I think it genuinely IS easy for Mulder, because he knows how much she cares. He doesn’t look upset with Scully so much as in awe of her, of the fact that he’s found someone who respects him and wants his respect in return.

x files trust your instincts erlenmeyer scullyx files trust your instincts erlenmeyer mulder

  • Scully risks EVERYTHING to rescue him, and even when Deep Throat has been shot, she runs to Mulder first, to be sure that he’s okay.
  • Mulder calls Scully to tell her that they’re shutting down the X files, and she’s all about lodging a complaint, because she wants to keep working with him.

x files protest erlenmeyer

  • On the bright side, if they don’t work together anymore, they don’t have to deal with the FBI’s pesky fraternization rules.

And there’s season one! Thanks for joining. May there be countless hospital bedsides and 90s windbreakers in our future.


  1. The one thing I could never figure out in these early episodes is, what the hell is going on with Scully’s hair?! It flips three different ways at the same time and WHAT ARE THOSE BABY BANGS.

    Mulder, on the other hand: this is what all Disney prince hair renderings should be based on, from now lasting until forever.

      1. Tween me spent most of the mid-late 90s attempting unsuccessfully to recreate those hair styles. There’s also a photo of me aged about 11 wearing a coat I bought purely because it sort of resembled that majestic technicolour monstrosity she’s wearing in Darkness Falls. There are probably good reasons I wasn’t popular at school.

    1. My son and I are watching the whole series and are now on season 6. Her hair is finally starting to look remotely normal. 🙂 It is the one thing I always want to change. I’d really like to know who her hair stylist was and what they were thinking during seasons 1-3.

  2. I promise you there are many, many hospital bedsides and 90’s windbreakers in your future. 🙂 I love these write-ups… I hope you’ll keep doing them!

  3. I can’t believe I somehow missed that #3 was up! Fine work. I know watching and cataloging all of this most be absolute torture for you. 😉 Know that I am enjoying your efforts tremendously!

  4. Fire. ..mulder is in a tux, and scully somehow resists falling into bed with him. Biggest x file yet. I cannot understand. At all.

    Please keep posting!

  5. This show is never short of hospital bedside scenes. The best are yet to come! I can only say prepare yourself for the emotional hospital scenes in your future. I love these blog posts! Between these recaps and Kumail Nanjiani starting up @TheXFilesFiles podcast recently, I’m loving getting back into my favorite show after not having watched it for years. Thanks!

  6. “trust” is totally like love for them. I always laugh at the clothes of the early seasons, it makes me happy. Our generation’s children will totally be making fun of the 2020’s.

    1. Isn’t it?? It’s such a vow. And YES, the clothes are so charmingly, perfectly frumpy. I can’t imagine this show existing in another era, because no other decade could adequately dress baby Scully.

  7. JUST finished season 1 and god, can I relate to this! Especially the times when Scully does something to admit her feelings, can Mulder actually be that ignorant to not realize? The best and worst part is that romance is a side thing so it’s not overexaggerated but enough to make you want to rip your hair

    1. Hahaha Mulder’s just over there like “ALIENS, SCULLY” all the time. He’s so clueless. I mean, obviously he loves her, but he just expresses it so differently. And RIGHT? It’s exasperating, even though it’s not the main focus.

  8. “I think it’s remotely possible that someone might think you’re hot.” One of my favorite X-Files quotes. And all the touching! I used to read the ratings in the paper each week. Dallas Morning New would print the ENTIRE list of shows. I remember checking each week and being quite worried when the final numbers were posted for the season and the X-Files came in at I believe #112. I was already in an “I will not live if they don’t renew this show” mode. Thank goodness it was on Fox, they were still a relatively new network and willing to give the show a chance.

    1. I love that line. He’s trying so hard to keep it casual, but he MEANS IT, and Scully knows exactly what’s going unsaid, because she’s not saying it either. Precious, emotionally repressed children.
      Ahhh wow, I didn’t know it was so low in the rankings at first! Thankfully people figured it out.

  9. And I forgot to add nothing says love like offering to go down in the creepy dark hole where the mutant lives so your partner doesn’t have to.

  10. Its funny, I found your blog when I decided to rewatch TXF in October, 2015 while waiting for season 10. I hadn’t watched TXF all the way through since I was a kid and watched it weekly when it aired with my big sister. Fast forward 29 days (yes, I rewatched all 202 episodes and both movies in 29 days….don’t judge) and I was OBSESSED. I found your blog shortly after when I started Googling to see if I was the only insane person who had waited so long after streaming became a thing to enjoy this show in its entirety all at once. NOW, every time I rewatch the series (about twice a year since that first fateful time), I also follow your blog along with each episode. I can’t do one without the other LOL. So thank you, for that. 5 years later and its still touching people’s TXF-obsessed little hearts.

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