Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 5

Season two goes out in a literal blaze of glory. Season three comes to us in a dream with an unbuttoned shirt and starts quoting song lyrics. 

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:


  • Scully is worried about Mulder and doesn’t have time for these doors.

scully colony x files

  • “Whatever happened to ‘trust no one’?” “I changed it to ‘trust everyone.’ I didn’t tell you?”
  • Mulder thinks he finally has his sister back, and he still trades her life for Scully’s without a second thought.

mulder colony x files angst

“End Game”

  • Reminder that Scully has a key to Mulder’s place.
  • “Agent Mulder has SAVED my life.”
  • Scully tears off her coat and says, “Let’s get him out of that tub now.”
  • She’s so happy to see that shining face of his.

scully smile end game x files

  • It’s so like these two to share the same experience and take two completely separate reassurances out of it.

“Fearful Symmetry”

  • His words say “invisible elephant,” but his eyes/ lower lip/ that bounce in his step say “MAMMALS, AM I RIGHT? WE’RE MAMMALS, YOU AND ME. I’M EXCITED TO SOLVE THIS CASE WITH YOU.”

x files mulder fearful symmetry

  • Scully is a medical doctor.
x files fearful symmetry touching


“Død Kalm”

  • Mulder touches Scully’s upper arm seven times in under three minutes. I counted.

x files mulder scully touch dod kalm x files dod kalm x files mulder dod kalm shoulder

  • “You’re lucky you inherited your father’s legs.” “What?” “Sea legs.”

x files sea legs dod kalm

  • Scully isn’t interested in a survival plan that doesn’t include Mulder. No matter how much better her chances are, she’ll never prioritize her life over his.
  • “It’s not fair. It’s not our time. We still have work to do.” Yeah you do.


  • She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing to him.

x files humbug bug

  • “We’re exhuming…your potato.” Intimate.

x files potato humbug

  • “I’ve seen the future, and the future looks just like that.”
x files humbug mulder


“The Calusari”

  • Computer jokes: the low-hanging fruit of 90s humor. Da Vinci jokes: timeless. Both jokes: Mulder.

x files calusari “F. Emasculata”

  • “Where are you going?” “To see if I can get in the way.”
  • Mulder asks Scully if she’s okay in there with that deadly virus, and she says that she’s fine and that the only thing he needs to worry about is catching the fugitive. Then she tells him to take care of himself. Dana Scully is a selfless queen.

“Soft Light”

  • “Heard a lot about you!” “We’ll talk later.” NUDGE NUDGE.
This is the look of someone who has nothing but good things to say.

This is the look of someone who has nothing but good things to say.

  • The two of them exchange knowing glances about people squeezing through air ducts, because they’re thinking about iced tea and how she wouldn’t put herself on the line for anybody but him.
  • “Let’s just forget for the moment that there’s no scientific theory to support it–” “Okay!”
  • “Hey Scully, can you spare a prophylactic?” These posts write themselves.
  • For his birthday, she’s buying him a utility belt.
  • “The difference is you never put yourself ahead of the work.” I like that Mulder doesn’t even deliver his compliments like they’re compliments. They’re just facts. He doesn’t praise her so she’ll be grateful to him; he praises her because it’s true.
  • Oh hey.

x files soft light sunglasses “Our Town”

  • “I just came up with a sick theory, Mulder.”

x files our town sick theory

  • Watch as Scully gazes into the eyes of the man who saved her life and is now tenderly brushing the hair from her forehead.
x files our town

Deep breaths.


  • She puts her career on the line for him.
  • “I just need some kind of assurance that they’re not gonna let us hang ourselves with this–that I’m doing the right thing.” Scully is so GOOD. She cares with backbone. We don’t deserve her.
  • Mulder’s first thought when his dad is killed is to call Scully.
  • I love that as he’s falling on Scully, trusting her to take all of his weight, Mulder still has to go in for the hug.

x files anasazi mulder on scully

  • SOMEONE must have undressed him.
Do you hear the people sing?

Four stars and a fruit basket for the lighting department.

  • “I’m on your side. You know that.” Scully knows that Mulder isn’t himself right now, and she’s so far above wasting her time on petty arguments.
  • Actual puppy dog Fox Mulder, upon learning that his tap water was dosed with LSD:

mulder anasazi lsd pout

  • Scully shot Mulder, drugged him, and drove him across the country to save his life, and I think that’s beautiful.
  • “You’re lucky she’s a good shot.” “Or a bad one.”


  • “You’ve taken a big risk.”

x files certain killed you

  • “I want you to find out, Mulder. I need you to.” Scully has her own personal mission now, and even though it’s all hers, she trusts that Mulder will treat it like his own. It’s huge for her to admit that she hasn’t left her abduction behind. She’s letting Mulder into the most vulnerable part of her life right now, and she’s telling him that she needs him there.

x files anasazi mulder in what context

“The Blessing Way”

  • Don’t even try to tell Scully that losing Mulder was “difficult for everyone.”

x files scully blessing way

  • This is how Mulder comes to Scully in her dreams. THIS IS HOW HE IS WRITTEN IN THE STARS OF HER SUBCONSCIOUS.
x files mulder blessing way dream

Same, Scully.

  • “You were here today looking for the truth that was taken from you, a truth that was never to be spoken, but which now binds us together in dangerous purpose.” He didn’t let himself die because he wanted to continue with her! Also, the bit about being bound in dangerous purpose is basically a wedding vow.

“Paper Clip”

  • Short version? Not dead.

x files paper clip not deadx files paper clip scully

  • Skinner’s first thought is that they’ve been messing with him.
  • Scully has EVERYTHING to say right now.

x files paper clip scully mulder

  • Mulder has to cut her off, because I think he knows that whatever is on her mind, there’s no turning back from it.
  • He looks touched and a little bit delighted that Scully believed he’d be okay.

x files paper clip how did you know

x files paper clip scully just knew

You looked too hot to be dead, Mulder.

  • It’s sweet that Mulder calls Albert to help Scully’s sister.
  • Scully wants to shield Mulder from anything that could change his opinion of his father. She worries about how their investigation might affect him, and he’s so touched that all he can do is salute her with a little nod.
  • “What do you possibly hope to find, Agent Mulder?” “Why they killed my father, and what happened to my sister, and what they did to Agent Scully.” Scully is IN MULDER’S MISSION STATEMENT NOW.
  • She’s in this for herself now, too. She needs answers.
x files paper clip back up against

“I need something to put my back up against.”


  • “Can you make me a little cherub that squirts water?” Stop being so precious.

x files dpo shoe

“Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”

  • It’s a rare and beautiful day when these two can roll their eyes at the same thing.

x files clyde bruckman eye roll

  • “I can’t take you anywhere.” Fine. Don’t. Stay home together.
  • “Pinch me.”

x files clyde pinch me

  • Puppy dog goes for a car ride.

x files clyde bruckman car

  • “It’s lace.” “Chantilly lace?” “You know what I like!”

x files chantilly lace

x files clyde chantilly lace

  • “Just more insight into his character, which I know you hate.”
  • Fox Mulder dies of autoerotic asphyxiation, and that’s canon.

x files scully clyde

  • “So how do I die?” “You don’t.”

Something only lives as long as the last person who remembers it, and I will never stop shouting Scully’s name from the rooftops, so that sounds about right.


  1. The only couple I know where shooting at each other is like foreplay. I’ll be re watching all these episodes at my earliest convenience (as if I needed an excuse). FIVE starts and a box of wine to the lighting department I say!

  2. Great posts! I just watched Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paper Clip and DPO last night. Chiller is into the third season now. I think Mulder and Scully have perhaps the best onscreen chemistry that I’ve ever seen. And of course DD and GA seem to have a pretty good chemistry going even still.

  3. Hahahahaha omg I LOVE these posts. And season 3 is my favorite one, so I’m enjoying this as if I were watching the episodes myself 😀

  4. Holy crap! I’ve just found your posts and I am so excited!! I was a hard-core shipper back in the original days of X-Files, and have just recently begun re-watching them (I’m just starting Season 3, which is why I’m leaving the comment on this post instead of your more recent posts). And, boy, it’s like no time has passed at all- in fact, I think the sexual tension has actually grown in the past 20 years! I’m so glad that people are still into this today- Mulder and Scully are simply the most perfect TV relationship in the history of TV relationships!! I have to ask if you’ve discovered the world of MSR fanfic yet? If not, you’ve got to check it out (and take a few months off work while you’re at it, because it will suck you in big-time!). I’m so looking forward to reading more of your posts- they’re fantastic!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much!! Ahh this show is always worth a re-watch; I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of that! They really are my new favorite fictional relationship. And fortunately, I’ve got friends in the know who’ve been feeding me some good fic, which is already destroying me emotionally.
      Thanks again!!!

      1. I first discovered fanfic with this show. I had to slog through a ton of absolute dren to find some good stories, but frankly, some of the stories out there are better than a number of the episodes. There were some fabulous writers.

      2. I’ve never been a fanfic person before TXF, but this show has converted me. There’s so much left to the imagination, and some people are very good at filling it in 🙂

  5. OMG You caught the absolute best image of Scully in Paper Clip! I can’t even! I just can’t! I’m crying with laughter from that still OMG help me.

  6. Hello, this is Miri. I’ve been commenting on your previous videos. I have an account now, because of these posts.
    Also, thanks for pointing out the ridiculousness of the times they chose to flirt. My favorite comment in this post is probably “I can’t take you anywhere.” Fine. Don’t. Stay home together.”
    Comments like that give me life.

    1. Hi! Hahahah right? They can’t wait for normal, everyday moments to flirt, because their everyday life is full of weird cases and dead bodies. So they just flirt right over the dead bodies and carry on as usual.

  7. Hi there,

    I’ve been killing time while waiting for your new post and found myself here. So when looking through the “Our town” write-up and that magnificent gif, I had two associations:
    1.) How amazingly hot does she look in that post-danger/post-coitus moment where he frees her from her gag! See also the comments on this article: http://www.autostraddle.com/5-x-files-episodes-that-made-me-gay-42687/ I am not alone with this opinion!
    2.) My boyfriend and I are re-watching right now and he’s never seen the show and he really loves it. He doesn’t comment on the shippiness, mostly, the aliens strike his fancy but he would do it very rarely in some indirect ways, which make me giggle. He was extremely worried about me after we watched the Scully abduction arc. He started to call me two or three times a day for the rest of the week, which is not normal for him, at all. I was getting slightly freaked out because of that new control thing and then on the weekend he finally admitted that we need to continue watching because he just can’t handle the suspense, even though he knows she will probably resurface soon. Then it all made sense and his comment was that the way parents can’t watch films where kids are in danger, he finds it very difficult to bear the suspense of a significant other disappearing since we got together – which, is very sweet but ALSO!, he basically admitted there are romantically linked and it’s still only the beginning of the second season. I am sometimes afraid of imagining things à la classic shipper and this was very reassuring. Anyway, the only other time he commented on the Mulder-Scully romantic dynamic was in that same moment of “Our Town” when he is brushing away the hair off her face: “Wow, these people are messed up and it’s quite frustrating, really. They can only show tenderness in moments of danger, what’s up with that?” Coming from my boyfriend this is some real “NOW KISS”-level of freaking out right there and a momentous moment for me. 😀

    Just wanted to share, carry on and merry Christmas!

    1. HI! So sorry for the delay!
      YES, she looks SO in love with him at the end of “Our Town.” Super hot and so overwhelmed by him. Ahahah your boyfriend is catching on! That’s like the best Christmas present ever, turning someone into a shipper. And they really are better at tenderness when they’re in danger.

  8. X-Files goes funny…Humbug and Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose are awesome. While there had always been funny lines, these two humor based episodes created quite a stir when first broadcast. The sideshow freaks in Humbug were part of an actual sideshow. I’ve since seen the one guy on a show about people that tattoo and modify the crap out of their bodies,

    Scully is just glowing in these episodes. She’s so pretty, and she believes in Mulder. How could he not love her? And nothing says love like shooting your partner through the shoulder in order to save him.

    1. I love Darin Morgan’s episodes. There’s that great DD quote about how his favorite thing about Darin was that he always felt like he was trying to destroy the show. And YESSS, never over the fact that Scully showed her love by shooting Mulder, drugging him, and driving him across the country. Flawless queen.

  9. Just watching the show for the first time as well! Just started season three and so happy to see these posts. I love that this show continues to thrive. I just wish I had more time to watch it…at this rate I’ll probably finish the show in May, maybe June! But I love it. Mulder and Scully are amazing characters and of course I adore their build up. But seriously, both of them are so great.

    1. YAY SO EXCITED! Watching for the first time has been amazing. Mulder and Scully are just the best characters, both on their own and together. I can’t wait to hear how the experience goes for you!

  10. “Watch as Scully gazes into the eyes of the man who saved her life and is now tenderly brushing the hair from her forehead.”

    I must have stared at that gif for about five minutes and it made me want to cry because it was so beautiful. Thank you for noticing these things Kelly! Emotionally ruined I tell you.

    I was reading your comments about the Anasazi/ Blessing Way/ Paper Clip trilogy (some of my favourite episodes) and was struck by this part: “He looks touched and a little bit delighted that Scully believed he’d be okay.”
    Mulder: How did you know?
    Scully: I just knew. (I’m running out of tissues here)

    During my midnight Youtubing, I came across a deleted scene from Anasazi that I had never seen before, between Scully, Margeret Scully and Melissa, which takes place after Scully goes to her mother’s house in tears. The scene has her far more upset at having displeased her superiors than by the fact that Mulder might be dead. It goes on with an argument between Scully and Melissa over whether Mulder is dead or not. Melissa insists Mulder is alive because she “feels” it and Scully says that she is certain that Mulder is dead! It made me want to yell at the screen:”who are you and what have you done to our queen??” So glad they deleted that scene!

    1. Oooh, yeah, I’m glad that didn’t make the cut. I like the balance the episode ends up striking: She feels alone and is questioning how she ended up in this position, but it’s not a reflection on her relationship with Mulder. It feels like a crossroads for her.

  11. K, maybe I’ve gone crazy, and I’m totally misremembering this episode, and I should just shut up and carry on, but…In Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose, he isn’t telling Mulder how he dies. He’s describing how he, himself, is going to die…? Like…am I losing my mind? Probably.

    Because he spends the whole episode fucking with them, but ultimately, it’s him who ends up lying in bed, with the plastic bag over his head. Maybe I just always assumed he was saying it to screw with Mulder, but watching it again, the dialogue is a bit more ambiguous than I recalled. Anyway.

    Scully is immortal.

    And so is this series of blog posts.

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