Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 8

I was ready to watch Gillian Anderson earn her Emmy, but I was not prepared to watch Gillian Anderson earn her Emmy.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:


  • He’s so cute when she’s not looking.

x files unruhe mulder smile

  • He’s so cute when she’s looking.
x files mulder nod unruhe

Scully is trying so hard to science her way into an answer, and he loves it.

  • These two are always excited to learn new things about each other. “You took German in high school, Scully?”
  • Scully’s knocked out in the back of a van, but that won’t stop Mulder from yelling her name as he runs with everything he has.

mulder scully run unruhe

  • He yells her name again when he realizes that she’s being held in the trailer, and she yells his back. I like the way they yell each other’s names like mission statements.

x files hands unruhe

“The Field Where I Died”

  • Questions are best asked while touching noses.

x files field close talking

  • Even with the theory that he and Melissa were lovers in another life, Mulder talks about souls coming back together only when he talks about Scully.
  • Friends with no concept of personal space.

x files field shoulder

  • Mulder is having a moment and Scully is like Yes but the BUNKER.
  • I like that this episode doesn’t attribute Mulder and Scully’s entire relationship to fate. They’re connected, but everything beyond that—all of this love between them—that’s all them. It’s their choice. Mulder needs to hear from Scully that their relationship can stand on its own. It’s all been worth it, and it all would have happened anyway. “I wouldn’t change a day.”
x files wouldn't change a day

“Would it have changed some of the ways we looked at one another?”


  • “Mulder, if you want to connect the dots here, you should look at the facts.” He’s literally connecting dots. That’s the best wordplay. Four for you, Scully.
  • He looks like a little kid pulling petals from a flower and trying to figure out if she likes him.

x files sanguinarium

  • Mulder spends the whole episode checking himself out in the mirror. Scully doesn’t need to worry. She knows she’s flawless.
  • They’re tired and sitting on a bed together. What an opportunity.
  • “Everyone wants to be beautiful.”

x files sanguinarium scully

x files sanguinarium mulder

“Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man”

  • We get to hear Scully knock on Mulder’s door for the first time all over again, ranked right up there with the important moments in history, as it should be.

x files pilot mulder scully meet


  • Should we talk about the fact that this automatic door won’t open for Scully, so she calls for Mulder? As soon as he joins her, the door opens. The door will only accept Mulder and Scully as a team. The door ships it.

x files tunguska scully door

  • “I think what Alex Krycek has given us is the pivotal piece to an even larger plot.” “What he’s given us, Mulder, is a rock.” That’s the show.
  • “What I’m worried about is you, Mulder. How far you’ll go. And how far I can follow you.”
x files tunguska scully worried

I mean don’t read into it or anything, but I like following you.

x files tunguska mulder worried

Worried, for puppy dog?


  • Scully would rather be held in contempt than put Mulder in danger.
  • She’s not inclined to follow her own judgment in this case, so she’s going to follow Mulder’s. Scully knows Mulder’s instinct well enough to adopt it as her own.
And look SO GOOD doing it.

And look SO GOOD doing it.

  • The world just slowed down.
x files terma mulder court

This is Scully’s reaction to Mulder when she doesn’t bother to collect herself. And he KNOWS.

  • Scully beelines for him the minute they go to recess.

x files scully mulder hug terma

  • “I get to put my arms around you. Both of them.” She doesn’t find that a weird thing for him to say. Doesn’t even question it.
He's so happy.

He’s so HAPPY.

  • Here we are again with the full-speed running and calling out to each other.

x files terma scully run

  • “Why is this so hard to believe?” Mulder has Scully’s back in that courtroom, just as she had his. He stands behind her like he would dare anyone to challenge them.

“Paper Hearts”

  • “You said it yourself once. You said that a dream is an answer to a question we haven’t learned how to ask.” And Scully remembered, word for word.
  • Well, this is hot.

x files paper hearts basketball

  • Scully thinks that Mulder made a bad call but still defends his theory, as well as his right to finish the case.
  • She doesn’t want him to unearth the body himself, but as soon as he asks for her help, Scully digs in right beside him. What we’re seeing here is a pattern in which Scully doesn’t want Mulder to do the thing, but if he’s going to do the thing, she might as well lend him a hand. That’s a partnership.

x files paper hearts mulder scully

  • Do not mess with Mulder on Scully’s watch.
"You're gonna see the inside of your cell instead."

“You’re gonna see the inside of your cell instead.”

  • “I would hope that you’d appreciate the uniqueness of this situation and its effect on Agent Mulder.”
  • “We’ll find her.” “How?” “I don’t know. But I do know you.” She loves his work ethic, you guys.
  • The fact that Mulder is always sleep deprived makes so much sense to me.

x files paper hearts mulder smile

x files paper hearts mulder hug

It doesn’t need saying, but SHE’S PETTING HIM. And his hand placement is really pushing the definition of lower back.

“El Mundo Gira”

  • Chupacabra sass face.

x files scully chupacabra

  • Scully, dejected, sings West Side Story lyrics under her breath.
  • She’s really questioning her life in this episode.

x files mulder maria

  • “Scully, I’ve been thinking. I know that’s dangerous, but bear with me.”

“Leonard Betts”

  • What can he say, he is but a puppy.

x files leonard betts mulder shrug

  • Mulder is so proud of that paperweight joke.
Don't mind the disembodied head, just carry on with your eye sex.

Don’t mind the disembodied head, just carry on with your eye sex.

  • “Are we happy with the results?” We. Like they’re a married couple.
  • I knew that the cancer arc was on its way, but I thought this episode existed to gently introduce cancer to the conversation, not stab us through the heart out of nowhere. “I’M SORRY, BUT YOU’VE GOT SOMETHING I NEED.”


  • “You did a good job, Scully.”

I love that even his nod is tense--he can tell that she's on edge and doesn't want to make anything bigger than absolutely necessary.

I love that even his nod is tense—he can tell that she’s on edge, so he keeps himself contained. He’s good at respecting her silence.

“Never Again”

  • It’s like Scully’s looking at Mulder’s office for the first time.

x files never again scully office

  • “Okay, so we’ll have them send down another desk, and there won’t be any room to move around here, but we can put them really close together face to face. Maybe we can play some Battleship.” Mulder’s thought about it. Mulder’s probably written fanfiction about it.
  • “This work is my life.” “And it’s become mine.”
  • He looks gutted when she questions whether she wants to do this job.

x files mulder never again

  • “I checked where we always stay in Philadelphia. I knew you wouldn’t abandon me.” There’s lots of faith between these two.
  • I can’t get over his precious face and terrible floppy hair as he runs for that phone.

x files mulder phone never again

  • “Not everything is about you, Mulder. This is my life.” OWN IT, SCULLY. And while you’re at it, you get that desk.
x files mulder scully never again


“Memento Mori”

  •  “That you should know my heart, look into it, finding there the memory and experience that belong to you, that are you, is a comfort to me now as I feel the tethers loose and the prospects darken for the continuance of a journey that began not so long ago, and which began again with a faith shaken and strengthened by your convictions, if not for which I might never have been so strong now as I cross to face you and look at you incomplete, hoping that you will forgive me for not making the rest of the journey with you.”
  • Scully’s journal entries to Mulder are gorgeous, and I could unpack them forever. She’s never been this vulnerable before, but she trusts—at least before she hesitates to show him—that the foundation of it all is so obvious that she doesn’t even need to say it. She doesn’t need to tell him how much he means to her, because he knows her heart. He’s shared her most important experiences, even though they haven’t known each other that long. That’s what she regrets the most: not having more time with him. It’s just unquestioned that if she could have that time, she’d spend it with Mulder.


  • Mulder can believe anything, except the fact that Scully has cancer. He can’t consider the possibility of life without her.
"I don't accept that."

“I don’t accept that.”

  • “You’re the only one I’ve called.”
  • Mulder lets her compartmentalize a little. When she doesn’t know how to meet with Penny as a fellow cancer patient, he suggests that she meet with her as an investigator. He even calls her Agent Scully.
  • He’s so good at being calm and sweet on the phone with her, but the minute he hangs up and he slams that file cabinet, we see how out of control Mulder feels.
  • “And if the darkness should have swallowed me as you read this, you must never think there was the possibility of some secret intervention—something you might have done. And though we have traveled far together, this last distance must necessarily be traveled alone.” Scully is dying, and her thought is of what it will do to Mulder.
  • “Mulder, I feel you close though I know you are now pursuing your own path. For that I am grateful—more than I could ever express. I need to know you are out there if I am ever to see through this.”
  • He’s scared when he can’t find her. That’s how he puts it. “I got scared that something had happened.” Like he’s a kid.

x files mulder journal

  • “Come on back.”

x files mulder come on back memento

  • The smiles are because they get to keep working together. They both want to hold on to this one steady thing in their lives for as long as possible. But the eyes they’re making say that they’re just grateful to have each other, at work or not.
x files memento scully mulder hug

This is the story of how I died.

  • I know David and Gillian improvised a kiss here, and I love them for it. But this forehead kiss is so tender on its own that I wouldn’t want it to get overshadowed. It’s so protective. He’s watching over her, and for once in her life, Scully’s going to need that.
x files memento mulder scully forehead kiss

I love the ease of their intimacy here, especially the way he rubs her hair in his thumbs.


  • You sniffing Scully’s hair there, Mulder?

x files mulder kaddish


  • He’s touching the small of her back again.
I live for this.

I live for this.

  • “Or, it’s just a clever story being proffered as a cover up for what is actually an elaborately orchestrated conspiracy.” “There is that possibility too.”

x files unrequited conspiracy mulder


“Tempus Fugit”

  • She’s so uncomfortable with all of this birthday attention, but then she looks at him and kind of loves it.

x files scully birthday

  • “Special Agent Dana Katherine Scullyyyyyyyy.” He has to sing her full name, partially to mess with her, but also to remind her that he knows her better than everyone else in this bar.
But also because he likes messing with her.

But also because he likes messing with her.

  • Mulder thinks he can keep this casual as long as he sticks to giving gifts like an Apollo 11 keychain or Superstars of the Superbowls.
Mulder likes to give obscure, ordinary things as gifts because he thinks it makes his feelings less obvious.

“I’m touched.”

  • “Do you remember the last time you were missing nine minutes?”

x files pilot scully


  • Mulder strips in front of Scully like it’s nothing.
  • “I think that you appreciate that there are extraordinary men and women and extraordinary moments when history leaps forward on the backs of these individuals. That what can be imagined can be achieved. That you must dare to dream, but that there’s no substitute for perseverance and hard work. And teamwork, because no one gets there alone. And while we commemorate the greatness of these events and the individuals who achieved them, we cannot forget the sacrifice of those who make these achievements and leaps possible.”
She wouldn't let him give a meaningless gift. She made it mean something, made it say something great about Mulder as a person. He's so far gone for her.

She took that gift and made it say something great about Mulder as a person. He’s so far gone for her.

  • “I just thought it was a pretty cool keychain.”


  • Desk gazing.

x files synchrony

  • Exactly how much of Scully’s graduate thesis does Mulder have memorized?

“Small Potatoes”

  • “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated MDs do it.” Scully’s a medical doctor.
  • They’re mistaken for a couple, naturally.
  • Scully has a Mulder theory!
x files mulder china patterns

To quote my friend Sage, literally the whole series is Mulder being like, “Love me! I’m ADORABLE.”

  • If Scully could be someone else for a day, she’d hopefully be herself. We don’t deserve her.
  • “Can’t be a dead person.” “Why the hell not?”
Because dead people aren't as pretty as you.

Because dead people aren’t as pretty as you.

  • Scully likes that Mulder brought her wine and asked about her life.

x files small potatoes scully i like it

  • She’s not pushing him away when he goes in for a kiss, either.
  • Gillian’s Emmy lives in that second pull back.

x files small potatoes kiss

  • “I don’t imagine you need to be told this, Mulder, but you’re not a loser.”
  • “Yeah, but I’m no Eddie Van Blundht either, am I?” He wants to be that bold.

“Zero Sum”

  • When Mulder says that Scully is in the hospital, there’s this cavern of fear in his eyes. He looks completely alone, staring at this everyday reality that he’s not ready for.

x files zero sum mulder


  • Mulder is a show off, and that is all right.

x files bowling elegy scully

  • It’s been important to Scully that she keep working, and the first reason she can think to give is Mulder. He’s been supportive. She doesn’t feel that she owes him; she just genuinely wants to work with him.
  • “I guess I never realized how much I rely on him before this. His passion. He’s been a great source of strength that I’ve drawn on.”
  • She’s afraid of failing Mulder in her cancer battle. Her concern is for him before it’s for herself.

x files elegy scully

  • “You can believe what you want to believe, Scully. But you can’t hide the truth from me, because if you do, then you’re working against me. And yourself. I know what  you’re afraid of. I’m afraid of the same thing.”


  • Mulder calls Scully as soon as he realizes that something is wrong. Good boy, Mulder.
  • Scully’s like one of those women in Renaissance paintings who stare directly at angels.

x files demons scully shower

  • I can’t tell you how much I love that she can pull Mulder out of the shower and wrap him in a towel and blanket without making a big deal out of anything other than his health.

x files scully blanket mulder demons

  • Guiding his face toward hers.

x files scully mulder chin demons

  • White t-shirt, I’ve missed you.

x files mulder white t shirt demons

  • “Mulder, I refuse to believe that you had any part in this.”
  • Mulder studies Scully’s face as she insists that she’ll fight for his innocence, like he’s wondering who this little hurricane is and what he did to deserve her.

x files mulder jail demons

  • The doctor won’t talk, so Scully makes him talk. Don’t mess with Scully when she’s up against people who risk Mulder’s life.
  • “Is that how much this means to you?”
  • Mulder breaks down, and Scully lets him know that she still trusts him enough to lean on him.

x files demons hug


  • All of my notes for this episode are followed by a minimum of nine question marks.
  • What kind of con are they playing? Scully has to be in on it; she wouldn’t really debunk Mulder’s life work, no matter how annoying he’s being. (Also she wouldn’t debunk him after he’s dead. She has to know that he’s not dead. But that would make Scully a really good actress. Unless she’s upset about something ELSE?) And she wouldn’t keep her cancer prognosis to herself. RIGHT?? (Don’t answer any of this. Just know that if I had any sick days to spare, I’d be using one today.)
  • Scully leaves her family dinner for Mulder.
  • North Face modeling contract is back.

x files mulder gethsemane canada

  • She’s still “responsible to what’s important” to her. That would be Mulder.
  • If someone’s using Scully’s life to manipulate Mulder and drive a wedge between him and Scully, I hope they realize how well that’s gone in the past.
  • Tears all around.

x files gethsemane crying

I can’t stand leaving them like this. I can’t stand leaving them EVER. Should I maybe get some sleep? No.


  1. oh man. so many feels and so much to comment on. Season 4 is my favorite.

    “I think what Alex Krycek has given us is the pivotal piece to an even larger plot.” “What he’s given us, Mulder, is a rock.” That’s the show.
    hahahahahaha. it so is.

    Well, this is hot.
    yes. yes, it is. athletic!mulder is always a winner.

    one of my all-time favorite screen shots of scully. (apart from the one at the top of your post, OBVSLY.)

    She’s really questioning her life in this episode.
    ha. i think the real question is how the hell this episode got into this awesome season. it’s like an escapee from season 1.

    just a note, in case you haven’t heard – Never Again was supposed to air before Leonard Betts, but Fox reversed them. (i think maybe LB aired after a Super Bowl, or something?) gillian has said several times that she was upset about that, because she would have played scully’s little journey to philly differently if scully had already guessed she had cancer.

    I know David and Gillian improvised a kiss here, and I love them for it. But this forehead kiss is so tender on its own that I wouldn’t want it to get overshadowed.
    i totally agree with this. i’ve seen the kiss scene, too, and i like it better this way.

    that GRIN of mulder’s when she reads the keychain. have mercy.

    Gethsemane rules. but Redux and Redux II will not disappoint. they’re among my favorite episodes of the whole show. i look forward to your reactions!

    alrighty. good to know i can still leave long, rambly comments about a show that ended 12 years ago!

    1. I did read that about Never Again! I can see how she would have wanted to play it a little differently knowing about the cancer, but I think the undercurrent of it still totally works. Oh Gillian. So good that her acting touches on things she doesn’t even know yet.

      “Have mercy” is the absolute correct response to his birthday smile.


      Thanks for sharing the madness!

  2. “The door ships it.” I died.

    Gethsemane is the first episode I ever saw (X-Files was on opposite Lois and Clark for awhile) and as soon as it was over I turned to my brother and yelled, “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS SHOW OH MY GOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED OH MY GOD.”

  3. I love this season so much. Two people, who are so independent, learning the hard way that they simply can’t BE without the other. Oh, and Scully pretending that she’s not impressed by athletic Mulder, when she SO IS.

    Mulder realising that he is doing a shitty job of hiding his affection for Scully, and being able to do nothing about that. And the care and the hugging and the blanket wrapping and the temple stroking and the hair kissing and I’m just going to go away now and die happy.

    Thank you.

  4. There are two things I would like to see before I die: one is a supercut of Fox Mulder Running, and the other is an adequate use of the domain gillianandersonseyebrow.tumblr.com

    Meanwhile, I can’t revisit any of the episodes where Scully is in the hospital or when she’s mad at Mulder. Thanks to this entry now I don’t have to, which means I can go back to watching Hannibal through the spaces in my hands and screaming.

    1. I am dying at this comment.
      Um yes, can you take over ownership of that tumblr? It deserves to thrive.
      I feel like there are two kinds of Fox Mulder run, both delightful. There’s the ‘Scully’s in trouble’ run, and then there’s the stealth run. The stealth run is very bouncy and generally not stealth like. I would like a supercut of all of them, set to the finest music in all the land.
      Yay for avoiding the emotional turmoil! I AM VERY AWARE OF MY OWN MORTALITY RIGHT NOW.
      Hannibal was already high on my list, but Gillian is bumping it up a few spots. I need her in my life always.

      1. The Duchov’s “Scully in trouble” run is remarkably similar to the “Karen!!!!! come back!!!!” run from Californication. Just saying.

        Hannibal is exquisite, but have you seen The Fall? It’s what threw me into the vortex that is GA Appreciation. I’d actually totally forgot about her (and DD) until February of this year. Thank god for being snowed in for six months with Netflix.

        Everything in the world right now is terrible except for this blog, so I thank you.

  5. Love this. As for the last one…When this show first aired, I was one of those poor souls with parents that couldn’t afford interwebs, so any internet chatter was out of my range. As far as I knew, they really were killing off Mulder because, maybe, DD was dropping out. “But that would kill the show,” people would say (only not people, because I only had one friend that watched the show and she didn’t have internet access either). YOU NEVER KNOW! Scully is the best actress in the world, yo. I’d say she’s better than that chick Gillian Anderson. She lies too well…no wonder she tends not to (it’s a dangerous superpower). Also, this season was when my inability to keep from giggling at Snoballs in the store started…and so it stands.

  6. I really like that you understand how protective Scully is of Mulder. Everyone always talks about Mulder’s protectiveness, but you catch Scully’s, too, and it’s amazing that you notice, because now I’m not the only one who notices her “I will destroy you” face when people mess with Mulder. Like in Grotesque and Leonard Betts. You can tell she’s just like “Mess with Mulder again and you will be found dead and nobody will be able to know who did it because I AM SCULLY AND I AM THAT GOOD AT WHAT I DO.”

    1. YES, Scully to the rescue, always. I love how she snaps into business mode when he’s threatened in any way, and I love that look on his face in “Demons,” like he can’t believe how much she fights for him and doesn’t know what he did to deserve her. Aghhh.

      1. God why are they so freaking perfect!? HOW are they so freaking perfect!?

        Also, totally off topic, but have you seen the blooper of David playing basketball with the guys (Not the Paper Hearts time, the other time, I forget the episode) but he misses, so he just turns to the camera and screams “I SUCK!”

        I don’t know why, but it cracks me up every time. xD

  7. I’ve been a Phile since 17 years ago. And I’ve always been amazed that after so many years this show keeps producing those feelings, the same that this girl share only to herself so many years ago… I love you girl, I love my fantom so very much.

    X Files is magic, Mulder and Scully are such a perfect… Everything.

    I remember when we used to fight over and over again on the newsgroups about those things you’re writing about, they do no have romantic feelings for each other! Of course they do! They love each other like brother and sister! Shut up! This follow by hundreds of messages, theories, dissertations about that. Back then we were clueless, we have no idea were their relationship was going, so Noromos or Shippers could be so right or so wrong! (good thing we Shippers won)

    Boy, you would’ve been famous in those newsgroups!

    Thank you so much for making me feel again my beloved X Files!

    I’m reading your entries backwards, good thing I know this show by heart.

    Awesome job!!!!!!

    1. Oh wow, thank you so so much!!
      Hahaha I’m so glad the shippers won, too. It would have been ridiculous after a certain point if they’d never gotten together. I wish I’d been in the fandom then, but I’m glad to be here now! And to have known going in that they’d eventually make it work, in their own way 🙂

  8. Ugh, so many feels! I don’t even know where to start. Season 4 was an emotional roller coaster. In LB, when he says to Scully, “You have something I need”, I gasped and about collapsed on the floor. Nooooooooo, not Scully! You have to remember, this was in the days before spoilers were everywhere and came as a total surprise.

    Then when Never Again was shown, it really bothered me. Because I thought she was behaving the way she did because of the cancer diagnosis. Rebelling. Betraying Mulder emotionally by hooking up with a total stranger. I didn’t know until later that it wasn’t meant to be shown in between LB and MM. I kind of liked her tattoo though and thought she should have kept it. The final scene was heartbreaking though. The distance between the two of them and Mulder feeling so lost and bewildered by what Scully did. Not understanding why she was feeling the way she was. I always thought he was going to say, “Yes, but it’s my life too.” Because the two of them were so entwined that anything one did impacted the other.

    GA totally deserved her Emmy for the MM episode alone. I was in tears throughout the ep. The pain, the fear, the despair that each of them felt was palpable. Mulder would have done ANYTHING to save Scully. And he felt so helpless. The voiceovers through the episode were beautiful. And that hug at the end was beautiful. You could feel the love between them leaping off the screen.

    Small Potatoes is another favorite. Humorous, but with enough little jabs to point out the insecurities. “Yeah, but I’m no Eddie Van Blundt either, am I?” This line just hurt. Mulder could see that Scully might be open to something more in their relationship, but is unwilling or unable to take that step. Scully was embarrassed about what almost happened and was employing full backpedal mode. And the actress that voiced Babe (the pig) was in that episode. She just died recently.

    “The door will only accept Mulder and Scully as a team. The door ships it.” Favorite line in this post.

    Gethseme. Full fetal position. That it all.

    1. Ahhhh the end of “Leonard Betts” just takes the wind out of you. I knew Scully’s cancer arc was coming, but (and this seems so ridiculous in hindsight) I didn’t expect the revelation to happen in this episode. When it did, I think I just punched my couch repeatedly. I’m so glad I got to experience just a little bit of the shock that everyone felt watching live.

      I really love “Never Again”–it threw me off at first, because she’s acting so much more rashly than usual, but that’s also why I’ve come to love it. She’s bolder and yet more vulnerable at the same time. I’d read that about the episode order, and I think it’s really interesting to think about Scully’s actions outside the context of her cancer. I’m not opposed to it at all–Scully SHOULD stop and take stock of her life and make sure that it’s the life she wants–but for me, I like that the cancer is the catalyst. I think it makes her motivation even more personal.

      Without the cancer, I think there’s the potential that Scully’s actions in “Never Again” would be framed in the context of “acting out” against Mulder, like she’s pulling away FROM him and rebelling AGAINST their life together. With the cancer, it’s more like she’s looking inward and considering what she wants her life to be. Her mortality, not Mulder, becomes the thing she’s really running from and rebelling against.

      The tattoo is the one thing that took me the longest to justify, because I always kind of felt like no matter what, Scully would get a tattoo that really meant something to her. But now I think maybe she already knew what the ourorboros meant, and the idea of a cyclical life really spoke to her. So yes. I like the tattoo.

      “Because the two of them were so entwined that anything one did impacted the other.” That’s gorgeous. I totally agree.

      Ahhhh “Memento Mori” is so beautiful. The faces they make at each other in that first hospital scene. The faces they make in the hallway when they hug (and he kisses her forehead!). Faces all over the place, basically. And tears. And gorgeous voiceovers that speak to their bond. I love it.

      Awwww Mulder at the end of “Small Potatoes” is so defeated. Scully needs him to know that he’s not a loser, but he feels like he can’t take that leap with her, and it makes him question himself. Puppy.

      GETHSEMANE. I stayed up until almost 5 am to watch that one, and then I realized I had to write this post. I didn’t sleep that night. After work I took a brief nap and then clutched various pieces of furniture throughout Redux I & II. It was an emotional week.

  9. Let me echo everyone and say that I am SO glad I found this site!!! I need to leave comments on some of your other entries, so if you’re still receiving comment alerts, apologies for them being out of order. My parents let me watch the first 3 seasons of X-Files before deciding it was too scary (I was a full-fledged teen by this point and still question the logic behind this decision), so I was cut off until Redux, at which point I was like, “WTF?” while swooning at the shippiness that had developed over the season and cancerarc. A lot of my very favorite episodes are season 4 episodes, and it was excruciating waiting for them to cycle around in reruns and throughout season 5. Demons just about killed me though. And not just because of Mulder’s white shirt.

  10. Hey, don’t know if this page is active anymore, but I have a question: how many times did Mulder yell out “Scullaaay!” and what eps? I’m doing a fundraiser with NF in February and this is vital info…maybe you can help? Proper credit will be given if/when I put together a video. #ScullyCoffee4NF

      1. I know FTF corn field, but that’s the only one I can pin point. If anyone is doing a rewatch, let me know the name of the ep. Thanks!

  11. This is ruining me right now. That forehead kiss is the story of how I died also. Thank you for helping me cope via your amazing site! Just started season 5. So many emotions, so many mulder tears. Ready to be on the ground for a while

  12. Scully’s journal entries are the most beautiful love letters I have ever heard. Dear god. I like to think GA wrote those but I don’t know.
    Also Paper Hearts and Deamons… Scully is the best. Her tenderness toward mulder is just overwealming

  13. This site is my new fave thing. But what will I do after I run out of your stuff to read. Hmm. *stares at my cat to see if she has any answers. Noope.*

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