Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 9

Welcome to season five! I’ve spent most of it on the floor hugging an ottoman.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:


  • Mulder can’t kill himself, because this tragedy is Scully’s now too. He’d never leave her to face it alone. Also, sharing tragedies is basically the tag line for this show.
  • “Did they give Agent Scully this disease? Did they do this to her because of me?”
He's just learned that everything he believes is a lie, but what he can't handle is the thought of bringing Scully down with him.

Everything he believes is a lie, but what Mulder really can’t handle is the thought that he’s made Scully suffer too.

  • “Keep going, FBI woman.”

x files redux keep going fbi woman

  • “Why are you sitting in my bedroom in the dark?” The usual reasons (conspiracies and very close talking).
  • I love that they’re working this out together late at night in her silent apartment. Scully and Mulder are pawns in no one’s game.

x files redux mulder scully

  • “In four years, I have shared my partner’s passionate search for the truth, and if my part has been a deception, I have never seen her integrity waver or her honor compromised.”
  • When Kritschgau says that Mulder might be able to find what he wants most desperately of all, he doesn’t hesitate. “The cure for Scully’s cancer?” She’s his only thought. Remember in the pilot when all he cared about was finding out what the government was hiding?

x files pilot nothing else matters

  • “Scully would’ve known.”
  • “Without his partner, we may have underestimated his fragility.”
  • A cure for Scully would prove that Mulder has been lied to, but he doesn’t for a second question his priorities.

x files mulder scully cure redux

  • Even when Scully is “debunking” Mulder’s life’s work, she can’t describe him with anything but sympathy. He’s the victim in all of this.
  • Now we know that Scully cries real tears at the THOUGHT of Mulder being dead.

“Redux II”

  • He sees her in that hospital bed and just folds. All of the air leaves him.

x files redux ii mulder hospital

  • Mulder smiles SO WIDELY when he sees Scully awake, and it’s more than a brave face. It’s that too, but it’s also genuine joy that he gets to talk to her.
He can barely even find his FEET he's so excited.

He can barely even find his FEET he’s so excited.

  • The tenderness with which he holds her hand and kisses her cheek, and the way she accepts it unquestioningly, is the reason I spent this episode on the floor and the next half hour listening to “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” on repeat.

x files redux ii mulder kiss scully

  • “Hey Scully, how about those Yankees, huh?” He doesn’t want her to worry about anyone but herself, but no one tells Scully not to worry about Mulder.
  • He brushes the hair from her forehead multiple times in this episode, and each time I inch closer to madness.
  • Scully wants to give her death meaning, and she wants to do it by saving Mulder. That’s the legacy she wants to leave.
No one has ever been this wonderful to him before.

No one has ever been this wonderful to him before. He look at her like she’s the SUN.

  • When Mrs. Scully comes in, Mulder doesn’t pull back or take his hand out of Scully’s. He just turns around and smiles and says, “Hi Mrs. Scully!” because it’s completely natural for them to be together like this. He’s in the family.

x files redux ii

  • More kisses. It’s like as long as he keeps holding her, she can’t go anywhere. He has to be AS CLOSE TO HER AS POSSIBLE AT ALL TIMES.

x files redux ii mulder scully hand kiss

  • “I think that everybody here has their heart in the right place, but I need it to be my decision.” Flawless queen.
  • “If it works, I don’t care what you think she thinks.” I love that he doesn’t say, “I don’t care what you think,” or “I don’t care what she thinks.” This is Scully’s decision, and hers is the only opinion on it that actually matters.
  • “Has it been worth it? To you, I mean. Have you found what you’ve been looking for?” “No.”

Scully’s life is so much more important than what he thought he was looking for all of those years. It’s the only important thing. If what he’s doing doesn’t benefit her, it isn’t worth it.

  • “You murdered my father, you killed Scully’s sister, and if Scully dies, I will kill you.” That list is in order of importance.

x files redux ii scully hair

x files mulder crying redux ii

  • He tells her the next morning that he was lost. Mulder was lost, so he went to Scully’s bedside to hold her hand and watch her sleep.
  • “Scully, I can’t let you take the blame, because of your brother, because of your mother, and because I couldn’t live with it.” The name she leaves behind matters. Mulder needs people to remember how good she is.
  • He went to her with his mind made up, knowing that she’d talk him out of it if he was making a mistake.

Scully loves what they are to each other. She doesn’t want to lose it. HELP.


x files scully mulder hand redux ii

  • “Four years ago, while working on an assignment outside the FBI mainstream, I was paired with Special Agent Dana Scully, who I believed was sent to spy on me—to debunk my investigations into the paranormal. That Agent Scully did not follow these orders is a testament to her integrity as an investigator, a scientist, and a human being.”
  • Mulder’s remission smile is years younger than any expression we’ve seen on his face in a long while.
"It's the best news I could have ever heard."

“It’s the best news I could have ever heard.”

“Unusual Suspects”

  • Mulder’s old life was all paperwork and asking around for suspects and lying naked under a cardboard box yelling “They’re here!” He really needed Scully.
  • “I have these weird ideas in my head that I can’t seem to shake.” “What kind of ideas?” “…Weird ones.”


  • Back seat and loving life.
"Kill me now."

“Kill me now.”

  • Mulder bolts into the woods and Scully follows him like he’s a puppy on one of those extendable leashes. She knows he’s about to get into trouble, but he’s cute, and she likes their adventures.
  • “We have communication like that: unspoken.”
Like how when I put my hands on your arms and look into your eyes, you know I want to make out right now.

Like how when I put my hands on your arms and look into your eyes, we both know we want to make out right now.

The way she pops in the door all stiff and proper is adorable. It's like she's role playing being his butler. PLAY ALONG, MULDER.

The way Scully pops in the door all stiff and proper is adorable. It’s like she’s role playing being his butler. PLAY ALONG, MULDER.

  • Scully makes eyes at Mulder as she closes the door. She really wants him to take note of the fact that this reception is just for two.
Look at all of the privacy we have.

Look at all the privacy we have.

  • “Partaaayyy!”
  • Scully describes this as “consorting in the same hotel room.” Guys, this is a seduction. Scully is alive, and life is for living, and hotel beds are for finally doing it with Mulder.
  • He leaves because the woods are eating people. Scully is not pleased.


  • “I’ll be back soon and we can build a tower of furniture. ‘Kay?”


  • Scully always makes sure to color coordinate her outerwear with Mulder’s to avoid another “Darkness Falls” coat situation.

x files detour coats

  • Please never stop calling each other’s names in times of danger.


  • “I was told once that the best way to regenerate body heat is to crawl naked into a sleeping bag with somebody else who was already naked.” Is this Mulder’s bedroom voice? He sounds like he’s rubbing noses with a little baby bear. I’m not complaining.
  • “Maybe if it rains sleeping bags, you’ll get lucky.”
She still hasn't forgotten about the wine and cheese, but sleeping bags could work too.

This is the smile of a woman whose wine and cheese overtures are just now being picked up on.

  • Scully says, “When I was fighting my cancer,” and Mulder immediately gets serious.
  • “I was angry at the injustice of it and its meaninglessness. And then I realized that was the struggle—to give it meaning. To make sense of it.” You two do that every day.
  • “Go girl.”
  • “I identified with Betty’s bustline.” “Yesssss. I did too.”
  • They’re using a TV show to both deflect and bond. I’ve never felt closer to them.
  • “The kids were cute.” “But where are they today?”
  • More deflecting.

x files detour wrestle

You'll take the nurturing and you'll like it.

You’ll take the nurturing and you’ll love it.

  • He wants a lullaby.
Just the VOLUME at which she starts singing

The VOLUME at which she starts singing.

  • “Mulder, you never left my sight.”

x files detour scully woods

  • “Too bad we don’t have any office furniture.”

“The Post-Modern Prometheus”

  • Mulder’s reputation is so weird, and Scully is so into it.

x files scully pmp

  • Scully and Mulder have a long discussion in hushed tones about the psychology behind monsters. That’s a dream date for both of them.
  • Not gazing.

x files pmp gazing

  • Every time Mulder and Scully roll their eyes in unison, an angel gets its wings.
  • Professional sleuths, on the case.

x files pmp corner

  • #TheStruggle

x files pmp struggle

  • A modest proposal.
x files pmp dancing

It’s been nice knowing all of you.

  • Scully looks DELIGHTED that Mulder is asking her to dance. I love that he can’t look her in the eyes. He wants to be gallant, but five years later, he’s still so bashful and in awe of his partner.
  • They are both SO PLEASED that this is happening. It’s totally new but completely natural.
These are 30 perfect seconds of television.

This is the scene I would most like to show the aliens when they ask about our art.

“Christmas Carol”

  • Is Mulder wearing a stocking cap?
x files christmas carol stocking cap

God bless us, every one.

  • Scully can’t talk to Mulder because she’s already thinking about adoption, and she knows what that might do to their partnership.
  • She doesn’t give up on this girl, and she doesn’t dismiss what’s happening just because it’s hard to believe. She really is thinking like Mulder. “Sounds like something that partner of yours would say.”
  • “To be honest, I’ve started to question my priorities since I was first diagnosed with cancer. I feel like I was given a second chance. Ever since I was a child, I’ve never allowed myself to get too close to people. I’ve avoided emotional attachments. Perhaps I’ve been so afraid of death and dying that any connection just seemed like a bad thing, something that wouldn’t last. But I don’t feel that anymore.” This is why Scully’s never let anything happen with Mulder before. This is also why the connection she already has with him is so rare, and it’s why she’s ready to consider what that means.

x files christmas carol scully

  • “You don’t know who you’re going to meet when you join the FBI. You don’t know how your life is going to change or how you’re going to change the life of others.” [i.e. MULDER]


  • Scully’s nightmare is to be alone, on a path that she doesn’t choose and that shows her nothing about herself. She didn’t choose this, but at least she doesn’t have to be alone.
x files emily mulder

He just stands there and watches her for a second. I’m fine.

  • This man is our country’s first line of defense.

x files emily potato head

  • Mulder is staring at a family that is and isn’t his. He didn’t picture it happening like this, but he’ll take it, if Scully will let him.

x files mulder emily

  • Mulder is Scully’s witness, which is accurate on so many levels.
  • “I never want to see you hurt or harmed in any way.”
  • He’s calling her Dana again. I’m never emotionally prepared for that.
  • “The fact that she can adopt this child, her own flesh and blood, is something I don’t feel I have the right to question and I don’t believe anyone has the right to stand in the way of.” Good boy, Mulder.
  • They’re so domestic right now.

x files mulder holds emily

  • “Are you two the parents?”



He looks broken that he’s not.

  • Mulder defends Emily like he’s the parent. “I want everything to help that little girl.”
  • “I’ll stay with you.”

x files stay with you emily

  • She still doesn’t have to be alone.


  • “You found her, and you had a chance to love her. Maybe she was meant for that too.”


  • It’s hot the way they lead the charge in the investigation.
  • Mulder nods at Scully before answering the phone, and when she tells him to hang up, he listens to her. He needs something to put his back up against.
Preferably literally.

Preferably literally.

  • It’s not his fault that he’s so popular in the serial killer community.


  • “Well, why wait when it’s true love? You never know how long you have.” “No, you don’t.” Oh they’re BOTH thinking about their priorities now.
  • He’s making the same face he made by Scully’s hospital bedside, and that’s not even a little bit okay.

x files kitsunegari mulder scully dead

  • “She knows you’ll never forgive yourself.” The way to get at Scully and Mulder is thorugh each other, and they both know it.
  • I love the way she says “Mulder?” like she’s calling him back to her.
x files scully kitsunegari

He should probably hug her, because she’s not dead, but he can’t. The thought of losing her shook him too much.

  • Mulder is the only reason they caught the killer, but he feels like he lost, because he aimed a gun at Scully. That’s never a good day.


  • Dead guy was buried alive in mud, but please, carry on with your eye sex.



  • “Some rain storm.” “They say it rained 400 inches a day.” WHY ARE YOU SO INTIMATE RIGHT NOW
  • He loves it when Scully tries to make science happen.

x files mulder schizogeny

  • So much gazing today.

x files scully gaze schizogeny

  • “Hey Scully, is this demonstration of boyish agility turning you on at all?”
  • Spot the butt grab.


Maybe eventually, Scully and Mulder will get a room. And not for stacking furniture this time.

Until next week!


  1. Dammit. I STILL don’t watch this show, but this is making me want to. I need more hours in the day. Someone get on that.

    1. Oh you so should! It’s the best kind of life ruining. But I hear you on not having enough hours in the day. I am making some definite compromises in my priorities for these people. Very serious problem.

  2. *siiiigh* what an amazing run of episodes. i’m glad you thought the Redux-es (Reduces?) lived up to my promise to you!

    Mulder’s old life was all paperwork and asking around for suspects and lying naked under a cardboard box yelling “They’re here!” He really needed Scully.
    hahahahaha! he certainly did.

    She knows he’s about to get into trouble, but he’s cute, and she likes their adventures.
    this reminded me of Watson and Sherlock. LOL.

    word. but Detour is still one the best shipper eps of the first half of the series.

    i can’t ever watch the dance scene at the end of PMP just once. i must rewind twenty times. i even bought cher’s rendition of “Walking in Memphis” on itunes. even chris carter always lists this as one of his favorite moments in the series. <3333

    they put scully through a ridiculous amount of trauma over the years, but giving her emily and then immediately taking her away again might be the cruelest thing. (well, other than the season 7 finale. but i'll wait till you get there.)

    1. Ahhh now I have Sherlock feelings TOO. I feel like Skinner is definitely Lestrade. (He’s a man and good at it.)

      “Detour” is already one of my new favorites. I loved it.

      I YouTubed the end of PMP twice today at work, shhh. I’ll definitely add that version of “Walking in Memphis” to my Scully/ Mulder playlist when I make one.


      1. I feel like Skinner is definitely Lestrade.
        HA! he SO is. funny, i’m listening to Kumail Nanjiani’s X-Files Files podcast right now and they’re talking about what a badass Skinner is – and they’re only talking about his very first appearance on the show. love me some Skinner.

      2. I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but PMP (or the dance for that matter) never really happened in Mulder and Scully’s life. It was all just CC’s attempt at a comic book story, a dark fairytale and the ending was just wishful thinking. I mean, think about it: an X-file that ends happily? An X-File with concrete evidence, where the motw is celebrated on national TV?

        See? Endings like that are fundamentally against the whole concept of the show, thus proving PMP never happened.

        I’m completely loving everything you’ve written so far. You’re the reason I get very little done these days.

      3. Hi! Oh that’s okay, I’d already read that the episode is, at the very least, canonically questionable. I’ve just decided to take that to mean that I get to choose what happened and what didn’t. I’m rejecting the whole rapey thing, but I’m keeping the dance scene, even if it didn’t happen just like that or happen just then. They had to dance SOMETIME, right? 🙂

        And thanks so much! These characters are the reason I get very little done these days. Lack of productivity all around. (Worth it.)

  3. Is it too soon to say I love you??? Fell off my bed with these two:

    —> “Why are you sitting in my bedroom in the dark?” The usual reasons (conspiracies and very close talking).

    —> Every time Mulder and Scully roll their eyes in unison, an angel gets its wings.

    You rock!

  4. I’ve been basically waiting for you to get to this point in the series since you started this blog.

    The thing about PMP tho, is maybe it didn’t really happen? Which would probably be ok with me in a way because this episode is kiiiiiind of located second star to the right and straight on till the fantastical rapey cloud nebula. But, CHER, and the flawlessness of the scully hair part and mulder bang flip…It’s a draw. Also apparently this is the Duchov’s fave episode.

    “Scully always makes sure to color coordinate her outerwear with Mulder’s to avoid another “Darkness Falls” coat situation.”

    DYING. have you seen this?

    1. I have seen it! What a truly beautiful work of art.

      AND YES. THANK YOU. I AGREE SO MUCH. I met up with friends the day after watching it, and I was like, “So much of this episode was a delight, and the last thirty seconds were thirty perfect seconds of television, but just so we’re clear, did they just let him off with a high five?” My headcanon only has room for the dancing. Nothing else actually happened, but the dancing totally did.

      1. The only other thing that happens is when they pass out from the fumes and then they wake up in J Peterman’s house and Mulder can’t figure out how to make a sentence so he waves that empty container of peanut butter around. I’m 99% sure that Chris Pratt based his entire Burt Macklen, FBI character off that one scene. But yeah, I could watch the last four minutes forever.

        Man, I’m glad you agree, I had so many feelings about this one. There are more issues and storylines like this to come…I get the vibe that CC has weird issues with women/fertility but I mean, so do I, so who’s gonna be the real judge? (Answer: millions of x-files fans forever, because the internet and Netflix, but I digress).

        keep up the good work. I wonder if anyone wore any lace/mesh dresses to the Emmys tonight?

      2. ahahahaha YES, that was such a Burt Macklin moment.
        Now I need a Burt Macklin/ X-Files crossover, and I need it badly.

        I saw ZERO lace dresses (although Claire Danes had some cutouts around her waist that were maybe lace?). I didn’t notice any mesh, either. Such a wasted opportunity.

  5. Dead guy in mud…but continue with your eye sex = GOLD!!!!! Forehead sex comes later.

    I love how unbreakable Scully is, and how she gradually lets herself draw more and more strength from Mulder. It juxtaposes nicely with Mulder knowing that he needs her all the time, and being so cute and shy and bashful about it.

    That PMP dance scene plays on continuous loop in my happy place.

    And, yes, when Mulder runs into the forest it IS like a dog on an extendable leash!

    Thanks for writing, we await the next installment!

    1. “I love how unbreakable Scully is, and how she gradually lets herself draw more and more strength from Mulder. It juxtaposes nicely with Mulder knowing that he needs her all the time, and being so cute and shy and bashful about it.” YES. That’s so well put. I love it.

      Thank YOU!

      1. Thanks. Its just a by product of me spending a large proportion of the last 15 years with these two 🙂

  6. I am SO ENJOYING these…I have loved The X-Files since I was 15, so about half my life, and I love, love, love reading the things you write here—the serious, the hilarious, the heartbreaking, the joyous—you take it all into consideration, and all of it makes me feel like I get to witness Mulder and Scully again with fresh eyes. It reminds me why I fell (so hard!) in love with these characters all those years ago. Thank you, seriously, for taking the time to put all this together. It is the highlight of my week, and I always eagerly await the next installment.

    1. Ahhhh, the lost Post-Modern kiss. I’d read a little about it, but I hadn’t seen this quote!! I love that David and Gillian ship it as much as anyone. It’s so natural for them.

      And THANK YOU! That’s so nice. I’m so glad–and I wish I watched the show when it first came out. I missed out on so much for so long. Being here now is good, though 🙂

  7. Eye sex is the most accurate description for the looks they give each other ever.
    Also I’m gonna read the entirety of your blog in 24 hours like the sci-fi addict that I am.
    Just thought you should know.

  8. Loving your posts as always!! But I cannot believe there is not more gushing over the scene in Redux II where he falls to his knees and screams in silent agony and despair while she sleeps. This scene kills me every time — it’s probably my fave scene of the entire series and so powerful! It that isn’t love, I cannot imagine what is! Rewinding again…..

    1. Hahaha I was probably not prepared to PROCESS that moment when I wrote this. I’m still not sure I can! But yes, that moment is so raw. Mulder is alone with his worst fears. No deflection, no quest, just a man who needs her with everything he is. Agh.

  9. So doing my entire series re-watch, where I am forcefully limiting myself to one or two episodes a night (because I apparently LIKE torturing myself), I re-watched Detour and PMP today and I love the ending of PMP. It’s just the most beautiful thing. The looks Mulder and Scully give each other when they’re dancing is the happiest thing ever. ❤ They look like neither of them want it to end.

  10. Argh, those two are killing me!!

    I’m re-watching the series, and as always, I come here after watching a few episodes. After finishing Detour and PMP I felt like I needed frikkin’ therapy, and your site helps!

    1. Oh thanks so much! I’m always down for some Mulder/ Scully therapy. (We could all use it.) Detour is one of my absolute favorites, and the end of PMP still makes me fluttery just thinking about it. THEIR FACES. Agh.

  11. Oh Detour, with your towers of furniture and deep woods cuddling, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.There are so many wonderful little moments.

    PMP was such a different take on an X-File, framing it as a story book, a fantasy if you will, much like some of Mulder’s views on his cases. One of my favorite scenes from the entire series was Mulder offering his hand to Scully at the end and her accepting his invitation to dance. And the way he whirls her into his arms – be still my heart.

    Christmas Carol/Emily, oh my heart hurts.

    1. Detour is honestly one of my favorites. I think it would make a great introductory episode to the show if not for the cancer convo (which is great and very necessary and I’m glad it happens; I just wouldn’t want to spoil that plot point). It really encompasses so much of what the show can be—alternately funny, thoughtful, and suspenseful—and Mulder and Scully are so adorable in it.

      The end of PMP! I honestly feel like I’m at the top of a swingset and gravity has lost its hold on me every time I even think about that scene. I’ve youtubed it more times than I can count.

      And thennnnnn everything Scully wants and loves is taken from her.

  12. Note about Detour: a beautiful woman (Queen Dana Scully,of all people) comes to his room with wine and cheese. She talks about consorting. And there’s furniture. And Mulder leaves to go chasing monsters. Seriously Mulder!!!

  13. I saw them with everybody a thousand years ago. Revisited them now after 14 years and realized…it is essentially a love story. And it is a serious problem getting into the depth of every frickin nuance…….again and again…. but Dr.Connolly PHD Filliology…to the rescue. My deepest gratitude.

  14. Haha I loved detour too and yes to the darkness falls coat situation comment… Speaking of which I’ve already started searching for that coat so I can be darkness falls Scully for Halloween. So excited.

      1. Oh that’s a good one too! One of my favorite episodes! Personally I’m convinced that they made out behind that closed door after that amazing neck massaging scene.
        I’ve already got the bangs and I can’t wait to dye my hair red again

  15. Mulder looks at a family that is and isn’t his… Seriously. Broken. I love he way he hold and fights for her and for Scully. Season 5 is killing me. Is it this much emotional trauma the whole time?! Not sure if I can take it. But seriously I love these episodes where Mulder and Scully basically take turns fighting for each other so hard. The love is real!

  16. Also totally not complaining about that stocking cap but… Any theories as to the occasion? He came home wearing it if I remember.. Maybe he and the lone gunmen were doing a Christmas carol reenactment?

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