Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 10

I’m at the point where I need to put together a Mulder/Scully playlist, but I can’t, because if I start thinking about which songs fit their relationship, I won’t be able to resist the fan videos. If you give a mouse a cookie, she’s going to end up YouTubing spoilers until 4 am.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:


  • Mulder would much rather fight monsters with Scully than take a vacation without her.
  • “Are you aware of the statistics of decapitation?”
  • So much pent-up energy.
Also, no pants.

Also, no pants.

  • SCULLY: (magic magic magic magic magic)

x files chinga scully marry me

  • I feel this.

x files scully bath chinga

  • “I thought you weren’t answering your cell phone.” “Then why’d you call?” Because we’re all just ships in the night searching for some hint of a connection with the ones we love, Scully.
  • “It’s amazing what I can accomplish without incessant meddling or questioning into everything I do.”

Without his partner, we may have underestimated his fragility.

x files chinga scully pencils

Never taking a vacation without Mulder again.

  • Mulder researches old diseases and Scully looks into supernatural literature. Scully figures the doll can control people and Mulder just figures it has a string in its back. They complete each other so much that when they’re apart, they become each other rather than lose that part of themselves.
  • She can’t even tell him that she played his role in this investigation, because that would mean admitting how much he’s changed her.

x files chinga on vacation

“Kill Switch”

  • Just two professionals sitting in this car alone at night listening to romantic music.

x files kill switch music

  • Drop everything and move to the country and stand there in the early morning sunlight looking FINE.

x files kill switch mulder scully

  • “Are you gonna take off these cuffs, or do I have to do this with my tongue?” “You don’t want to take a vote.”


  • Mulder calls Scully his doctor. YEAH she is.
  • He only realizes that something is off when she tries to force information out of him. She can kick as many people as she wants. That’s normal.

x files scully hair kill switch

  • Scully is so tender with Mulder when she finds him, and she looks so genuinely upset to see him like this. He’s been closer to death before, but the thought of him becoming part of a computer, when everything he does is so human, is especially hard for her.

x files kill switch mulder can you hear me

  • She channels that care into lots of touching.

Scully attempting to support Mulder's weight, and Mulder trusting her to, will never get old for me.

Against all laws of science, Scully always tries to carry Mulder, and he always trusts her to.

“Bad Blood”

  • “Oh, sh—”
x files bad blood scully oh sh

Not going down for this.

  • “I didn’t do the—with the thing.”
  • Does Mulder always sound like an auctioneer in Scully’s head? Because it’s great.
  • “Come on Scully. Get those little legs moving.”
  • These are not theory fingers.
x files theory bad blood

THESE are theory fingers.

  • “Go ahead. DANA.”
  • “What am I even looking for?”

x files bad bloo i don't know

  • Never leave that bed, Scully.
x files bad blood bed

Magic fingers indeed.

  • Seduction via Shaft theme.

x files bad blood shaft

x files bad blood mulder i did not

  • Mulder in Scully’s head is exasperating, but still adorable.

x files bad blood classic vampirism

  • Scully in her own head is 200% done with everything.

x files scully phone hello bad blood

  • Mulder in his own head is generous and patient, and still adorable.

x files bad blood mulder eager

  • Scully in Mulder’s head is also 200% done with everything; she’s just a little worse at coping with it. I love that while they should be getting to the bottom of whether or not the kid was actually a vampire, they spend most of their time debating how well they each handled the situation. Because they’re a bickering married couple.

x files scully bad blood sigh

  • Mulder’s not jealous at all.

x files bad blood mulder jealous

x files bad blood scully flirt

  • “I do it all for you, Mulder!”

x files bad blood cream cheese

  • “Don’t you touch that bed.”

x files bad blood scully fixing tie

x files bad blood keep reminding drugged

  • Of course he takes her advice.

x files bad blood i was drugged

  • “He was dead.” “I noticed that.” “With a stake through his heart.” “I noticed that too.”
  • “Don’t say I never did nothing for ye.”
Look at what a good and selfless wingman I am, Scully.

He’s wingmanning her, you guys.

  • Mulder doesn’t have to say anything; Scully knows that he needs to be sure that she’s okay, and she just lets him do his thing (plus, neck touching).

x files scully neck bad blood

  • “That is essentially exactly the way it happened.”

“Patient X”

  • Mulder’s faith was so shaken by Scully’s cancer.
Scully does not go anywhere because that's never why she was here in the first place, and Mulder just slides her the newspaper because he knows it.

She doesn’t budge because that’s never why she was here in the first place, and he just slides her the newspaper because he knows it.

  • He looks at her like she’s his constant.


  • Scully takes this all so personally, because what is Mulder without his belief that the truth is out there, and how could he expand her worldview only to shrink his? They have to live in the same size world and make a home there.

“The Red and the Black”

  • Mulder’s so single minded looking for Scully that things literally move in slow motion.
  • This will be my cause of death one day.

x files red and the black scully hair

  • Before she realizes that she’s in the hospital, Scully feels Mulder standing over her and brushing the hair out of her face, and the only thing she questions is what time it is. SO THAT HAPPENS WEEKLY PROBABLY.
  • “I’m just very happy to be standing here talking to you.”


  • He’s still furious that this happened to Scully, and he always will be.
  • “The truth I’ve been searching for?”
Noooo double meaning whatsoever.

Noooo double meaning whatsoever.

  • “I didn’t believe you, but I followed you, on nothing more than your faith that the truth was out there.”
  • She doesn’t even know where she is, but she reaches out for him.
She doesn't even know where she is, but she instinctively reaches out for him.

Mulder will later describe this as rapture.

  • This is such a vulnerable moment for Scully, and I’m really into how still Mulder is through it all. He respects what Scully is going through. He gives her what she needs, and then he holds steady.

x files red and black mulder couch

  • That close encounter sounds like something that the two of them will role play someday.
Oh you saw my couch orgasm?

Yes and I’ll have what you’re having.

  • “Mulder, what are you doing sitting here in the dark?” Scully, I want you to think long and hard about whether you’ve ever seen him do anything else.
  • “Destiny, fate, how to throw a curveball. The inextricable relationships in our lives that are neither accidental nor somehow in our control either.” Scully and Mulder, forever destined to ask these questions together, but always sure that they would choose to ask them together anyway.
  • Case in point: The last time she grabbed his hand, she barely even knew what she was doing. This time, it’s entirely deliberate. You could sum up their entire relationship by looking at all of the different ways they hold hands. Tell me someone has written a thesis on this.

x files red and black mulder hands


  • Think how much fun Scully would have running her hands through Mulder’s flashback hair.


“Mind’s Eye”

  • “I think she just wants us to know she’s strong and independent. It’s important to her.” Sounds like someone Mulder already knows and admires.

x files scully minds eye

  • “Well how else did she see? Bat vision?”
  • Scully threw a doll in a microwave a few weeks ago, so it’s about time for Mulder to get called skeptical.

“All Souls”

  • She’s not even working an FBI case, but Scully still likes conferring with Mulder. She says that he tempers her feelings and keeps them from clouding her judgment. He’s her skeptic on this. She knows how important that is, because she knows that he needs her for the same reason.
  • “Scully, aren’t you the secret squirrel?”
  • All she has to do is mention Emily, and he drops the snark and the tough love and is right there with her. He questions the facts of the case, but never her feelings on it.

x files scully mulder all souls

  • Pause to throw awards at Gillian Anderson.

x files scully all souls

“The Pine Bluff Variant”

  • Mulder’s in trouble, gotta go.

x files pine bluff scully van

I have to do everything myself.

Fine I’ll just do everything myself.

  • This cover story is in no way influenced by Scully’s fantasies.

x files pine bluff scully wife

  • She pursues her suspicions on her own, but she won’t voice them to anyone who could actually get Mulder in trouble. Not until she’s sure.
  • “You’ve put Agent Mulder’s life in danger by not telling me.” Don’t you know we tell each other everything??
  • Scully is not happy that Mulder is being put at risk.
  • “This has to be set. You’re in pain.” “Well, if you keep pulling it around like that.” They can’t even stop needling each other for two seconds.
  • Scully recognized Mulder FROM HIS FINGER, which means that her persistent care for him saved countless lives, as it does every day, because she’s Dana Scully.
Glad you're back; can I kiss you?

Glad you’re back; can I kiss you?

“Folie a Deux”

  • “You’re saying I a lot. I heard we.”
  • Is this Scully’s first “I told you so”?
  • Maybe holding Mulder’s hand can bring him back from this delusion. Maybe it can’t. Either way, she’s holding his hand. Don’t even look at me.
x files folie a deux hands

“Five years together, Scully. You must have seen this coming.”

  • Everyone is discrediting him, and he’s still cracking jokes at his own expense, because it’s been like this for his entire life.
  • “Scully, you have to believe me. Nobody else on this whole damn planet does or ever will.”
Really, he has NO ONE ELSE. This is romantic, but it's also sad.

Really, he has NO ONE ELSE. This is gorgeous for the two of them and crushing for Mulder.

  • She listens to him. She takes being his only hope seriously, and she follows his hunch.
  • “A madness shared by two.” That sums it up.

“The End”

  • I like to think that one day after Mulder proposed an especially out there theory, Scully grabbed a pen and scribbled something on a Post-It note. Mulder leaned over her shoulder and badgered her to tell him what she was doing, but she just walked over to his poster and slapped “YOU ARE HERE” on the UFO and left without a word.
x files the end you are here ufo


  • The X-files are his long-term plan. Mulder isn’t in this because he wants to go places at the Bureau. He just wants to find the truth and help people.
  • After being told that he has a dirty mind, Mulder looks to Scully, who doesn’t seem bothered.

x files the end scully dirty mind

  • “One of them’s thinking about you.”
  • Scully steps toward Mulder a lot in this episode, like she needs to know that his personal space is still hers.
  • “She’s a scientist. She just makes me work for everything.” And it has to be that way. Diana just clarifies what we already knew: Mulder doesn’t need another Mulder. Someone who already believes his theories would be of absolutely no use to him. In the “Inside The X-Files” special, David Duchovny says that Scully is Mulder’s human credential. She sets his feet on the ground, and her respect for him makes others believe that he’s worthy of that respect. Nothing he does would matter without her integrity as an investigator, a scientist, and a human being. Mulder needs Scully, and no one else.
  • He knows it, too. When Diana says that he would have benefited from a like-minded partner, he hesitates.
  • Scully’s concerned about Mulder’s relationship with Diana. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, but she cares what Diana thinks, because she needs to know where she stands.
x files scully car the end

Things are getting real.

  • She doesn’t want to interrupt Mulder in the middle of a conversation with Diana. She wants to pull him away from that conversation and back to their office—their space. Get it, Scully.
  • Scully’s just hanging at Mulder’s apartment while he sleeps.
Making bedroom eyes.

Making bedroom eyes.


  • I had my hands on my mouth as their office burned. Mulder’s life work and his long-term plan are gone, and with them, the space where he and Scully took their stand.

x files mulder the end office

  • He can’t even think. Scully has to make the first move again. She needs the hug, and he needs it too. Also I think I need a hug?

x files scully mulder hug the end

And so season five ends as it began: determined to destroy me. The movie deserves its own post, so that’s coming on Wednesday. Until then!


  1. Just wait until the end for fanvids. I’ll make an essential guide to XF videos if necessary.

    And be strong… after the movie you will die a thousand times. But I’m happy as a ghost 😀

  2. i swore to myself i wouldn’t write an epic comment this week. but.. i have too many things to say. 😛

    first and foremost, season five/movie one is my absolute favorite scully!hair era. perpetually gorgeous.

    good call on resisting the fan videos for now. they are legion. (also, remind me to share one called “tourniquet” with you when you get to that point. one of the best i ever saw, but i don’t think it’s on youtube.)

    “Are you gonna take off these cuffs, or do I have to do this with my tongue?”
    heh. it’s so funny when i watch these not-herself!scully scenes now and i see gillian’s real self peek through. one of the most amazing things to me about her fantabulous portrayal of scully is how different gillian is from the character.

    yep, pretty much. there’s a reason this one is legendary, including being the only one gillian seems to remember much of. LOL.

    “I. Don’t. Know.” never, ever fails to crack me up, even in gif form.

    it’s a complete mystery to me why gillian hasn’t done more comedy. she’s funny as hell. (at some point here, i may comment on something that’s not about her.)

    He looks at her like she’s his constant.
    hoo boy. you have no idea (i’m assuming you don’t, at least) of what you just foreshadowed.

    You could sum up their entire relationship by looking at all of the different ways they hold hands.
    man, so much truth. i don’t know about the thesis, but you are so right.

    “You’re my one in five billion.” basically ends me every time i hear it. Am considering a tattoo.

    10 years later, i still hate diana fowley with the heat of a thousand fiery suns. what an abhorrent character.

    And so season five ends as it began: determined to destroy me.
    that’s S5 in a nutshell, and yet, there was somehow a ton of hilarity in the middle. best show ever.

    The movie deserves its own post
    did you already watch it, though? because it rules.

    1. Oh no, I’ve foreshadowed something? I’m sure it will make me cry, whatever it is.

      “You’re my one in five billion” would be a great tattoo line.


      And yes, I watched the movie yesterday! SO GOOD. Still recovering.

    2. Ok so…. At the end of every weeks post… I habitually scroll to the bottom and read everybody’s comments. Obviously. Because we all have the same brain and are clearly all from the same unique and fabulous planet. But I never respond because I fear being redundant. But efffff it! I want to be apart of this fandom so I shall.

      I too have been a fan since I was like 13/14 or so… Aka when season 3 was airing… Aaaand I have probably watched 37281982 fan videos on YouTube.. But I’m always looking for the bestest ones. So, Lara! Whatcha got?? Fill me in! And I havent read fan fiction in yeeeeears… If anybody has some good recommendations.

      Also… After Kelly is all caught up.. I feel like we should all band together and campaign for XF3. Juuust sayin.

      1. I will join this campaign GLADLY.
        And I can’t wait to watch all of the fan vids. They’ll be the one upside about finishing the show. (I’ve been saving them to ease the pain!)

  3. I’m so glad you got to this point. Bad Blood forever. Also, Season 5 Scully is the best hair colour and hair style that has ever existed. My friend named his Instagram account after it, so that’s a thing.

    You could probably also write a thesis about all the hair caressing that goes on. If hair caresses : makeouts are as dog years : human years, then our special agents have been making tender hair-induced love for the lifespans of about 500 golden retrievers and 96 Great Danes.

    I love that you threw in the gif of Ben’s claymation dude. I just watched that episode for the first time and thought, “am I Ben? Is my 90s Gillian Anderson fashion blog the same as Ben’s claymation dude? Am I depressed?” And then my friend sent me this gif of a pizza on top of mulders head and I got distracted. http://jurassicskatepark.tumblr.com/post/95091260714/thexfiles

    Keep up the good work. Bees!

    1. I’m dying. “Our special agents have been making tender hair-induced love for the lifespans of about 500 golden retrievers and 96 Great Danes.” YES.

      Ahhh that’s such a great Ben Wyatt moment. I am definitely Ben. My claymaysh is this blog. My Leslie is Gillian Anderson. My Cones of Dunshire are those pizza pyramids. (So anyway, you’re not alone.)


  4. I’d gotten behind and just finished reading volume 9 and 10. I’m enjoying this so much. It’s a lovely trip down memory lane–I was frequently thinking some of the same things. 🙂

  5. Hi there! Just found your blog. I am a long-time fan of the X-Files – watched it from the beginning, hopped online after each episode (in 1997!!!), did the conventions, etc., etc., etc. It’s been so much fun revisiting the series/watching the Mulder/Scully relationship evolution through your eyes. You have inspired me to watch the series from the beginning all over again. 🙂

    1. Hi! Oh, thanks so much! I wish I’d been in on this from the beginning, but I’m having so much fun with it now. And I’ll be severely tempted to start a rewatch as soon as I’m done, so I support that mission 🙂

  6. Thank you again! You have indeed foreshadowed something that is truly beautiful with the use of the word “touchstone.” You’ll know it when you see it. That particular piece is my no 1 most favourire M & S scene – so I cant wait for you to see it. But all in good time. Dont get any X Files related tatoos until you have seen it tho!

  7. Season 5 was my favorite. The others were good, but season 5 stands out. I think it was the best hair season for both Mulder and Scully. And then there is Redux, Detour (left me in a squeeing puddle), Post-modern Prometheus, Bad Blood, Kill Switch, need I go on? Then I saw the movie opening day with the hard core fans. Oh for the simple days of the 90’s.

    1. Season five is SO good. There are so many great stand-alone episodes (“Detour” is delightful and obviously “Bad Blood” is hilarious), the mythology is really moving along, and “Redux II” broke me. And then the movie! So jealous that you saw it opening day! There’s nothing like the experience of being surrounded by other people who love what you love.

      Hahaha Scully’s hair is in PEAK form in season five. I’m not sure yet if I can choose between Mulder’s fluffy season one hair, which is my weakness, and his season five hair, which is also on point. But in terms of Scully’s hair, season five is THE season. Iconic.

  8. “I like to think that one day after Mulder proposed an especially out there theory, Scully grabbed a pen and scribbled something on a Post-It note. Mulder leaned over her shoulder and badgered her to tell him what she was doing, but she just walked over to his poster and slapped “YOU ARE HERE” on the UFO and left without a word.”

    That’s how I always pictured it, too. lol She finally got tired of saying “Mulder, you’re nuts.” and instead was just like “You know what, Mulder?” *scribble scribble, slaps on poster* “You are here.”

  9. Tonight’s episode was Folie a Deux.
    “You’re my one in five billion.”
    No that’s fine, I just die every time I hear that. UGH Mulder you’re so adorable and sad.

    When do you think Mulder and Scully realized they were in love? Because I’m pretty sure Mulder knew at this point that he loved Scully, but he didn’t think she cared that way for him, so he’s… being Mulder. But he says little things throughout season five that hint at some really deep feelings for her and I think it’s because he realized when she was dying of cancer that he might not survive, emotionally, if he lost her.

    I mean, when she was abducted by Duane Barry, his reaction when she was brought back and in the hospital was extreme, but I don’t think he loved her just yet.

    And Scully… I think she starts to question what her feelings are for Mulder in season five, but I don’t think she’s realized it just yet.

    Anyway, I watch The End and FTF tomorrow. Slow re-watch is slow.
    I’ll need a pillow to punch when THAT DAMN BEE happens.

    1. Ohhhhh gosh, Folie a Deux. It sums them up completely. A madness shared by two.

      I’ve been thinking a lot about when they realized they were in love. I think there are stages, obviously—like, they knew they loved each other before they knew they were IN love. I kind of feel like Mulder figured out that he was in love in the midst of her cancer, and Scully started to realize it in “The Rain King” when she talked about how “the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.” But that’s a very tentative opinion, since I’m sure I’ll have a clearer perspective when I re-watch!

      AHHH THE BEE. My condolences.

      1. They definitely loved each other long before they were in love. I’d say they probably loved each other as early as season two, but that might just be my wishful thinking. lol

        I actually got to ask this at an X-Files panel. Chris Carter said it was from the moment Scully walked into Mulder’s office that they were in love, which is adorable to think about, but he was joking. xD

        But yeah, Mulder definitely realized it sometime during Scully’s cancer. I watch Rain King on Thursday, so I’ll have to look harder at that moment, because I’ve always thought she realized it during Milagro. The way she just CLINGS to Mulder at the end…

      2. OOOOHH Milagro! YES! There’s a definite case to be made for Milagro. “Agent Scully is already in love.” Yep. I’ll buy that.

        And yeah, in terms of loving each other, I think they definitely loved each other in season two. Her abduction has always felt like a turning point for me. Especially for Mulder.

  10. Season 5 – love, love, love. So many great eps and magical moments. All the hand holding, the touching, the sweeping aside of hair. Bad Blood is a favorite, so damn funny. I adore the scene where Scully tries to adjust Mulder’s tie and he bats her hands away. Because they are an old married couple. And Scully’s hair is just excellent. I almost swoon over S5 Scully hair.

    The pencils in the ceiling shot is funny and rather hilariously revisited later on in the series. I love continuity. A small example is Mulders’ broken finger from PBV is still bandaged in the next episode.

    “You’re my one in five billion.” This just hurts. Mulder was so vulnerable to her, plainly stating no one else believed in him, but as long as she did, nothing else mattered.

    I never liked Diana. Just saying. It was shocking when they burned the X-Files in The End. That was actually the last episode filmed in Vancouver. Starting with S6, they moved filming to Los Angeles, largely to keep DD happy. There is a distinct change in the feel of the show. In fact the opening shot of The Beginning was of the sun, quite different from the cloudy gloominess of Vancouver.

    Oh, and the whole wedding ring thing, that caused quite a stir when the show aired. DD had just recently gotten married himself, and there was speculation he just forgot to take it off, but the scene is quite blatant. They WANTED us to see that ring. And I don’t think it was ever really alluded to or stated that he had been married in the past.

    I have got to start watching the series again, because I have so many feels and this is reminding me how great the show was. I DON’T HAVE TIME! Must quit my job and become housebound so I can watch X-Files all day.

    1. Ahhh season five is just one great MSR moment after another. And I so agree; as long as Scully believes Mulder, nothing else matters to him. It’s tragic and beautiful all at once.

      I never liked Diana either, but I wish they’d written her as a more fully formed character. She just felt like a plot device, which is especially annoying given that the writers are so capable of writing complicated, real women (SCULLY).

      I miss the Vancouver atmosphere, too! Season six is one of my favorites, and I think they’d all earned a lighter tone for a couple of years, but Vancouver is just so classically X-Files.

      Ohhh wedding ring. David trolled us all.

      “Must quit my job and become housebound so I can watch X-Files all day” is basically the story of my life.

  11. Watching Bad Blood again – just because it’s awesome – and I’m loving how Mulder and Scully view themselves and each other! Whose perspective do you think is closer to reality?

      1. I agree! Scully’s view makes more sense. Her view of Mulder’s exuberance is exaggerated, but Mulder’s view of himself as being calm, patient, long suffering, borderline docile is way off! And hysterically funny! And the teeth. You gotta love the teeth! One of the show’s best comedy episodes.

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