Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week: Fight the Future Edition

Bees are the Umbridge of The X-Files.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in Fight the Future:

  • I honestly wouldn’t accept any first words for Scully other than “Mulder, it’s me.”
  • You know she secretly loves going rogue with him. She wouldn’t be in that building if she didn’t trust his hunch.
  • Serious FBI business, taken seriously.
yes hello you are happy to see me


  • “What are we doing up here, Scully?”
Gonna make you work for it.

Gonna make you work for it.

  • Scully decided about ten seconds after she got on that hot Texas roof that she was going to get Mulder back for this, and when Dana Scully makes a decision, she follows through.

x files ftf scully mulder door

x files ftf had you big time

Flirting, flirting, getting Mulder to open the door for her, flirting

  • Mulder makes fun of how unreadable his face is. Scully can read it anyway.
"That was the face!"

“That was the face!”

  • She wants Mulder to buy her “something sweet.”
  • There is no one higher on the FBI chain of command than Scully when her partner is in trouble.

x files ftf scully don't think

  • As soon as she’s in the room with Mulder, she gives him the once over just to be sure that he’s really okay.
  • Scully’s given up so much to stand by him, and he still doesn’t think he deserves it, so of course he volunteers to take the fall. I love it when he calls her Agent Scully. He has so much respect for her career, her ambitions, and her reputation.
It's not actually possible for anything


  • “They’re trying to divide us on this, and we can’t let them.”
  • Normal FBI life doesn’t hold Scully’s interest now that she’s worked with Mulder and fought aliens and worked with Mulder.
  • He’s upset that she wants to quit, but he isn’t mad. Scully tells Mulder to ask himself if his heart is still in it, because they both know what they aren’t saying: they’re really only in this when they’re in it together.

Gaze away, babies.

  • She hands him his jacket and wishes him good luck in his review. It’s a ‘partners looking out for each other’ moment. It’s a ‘married people getting dressed in the morning’ moment. It’s more than a little bittersweet.
  • Mulder shows up at Scully’s place in the middle of the night, and Scully wants to know exactly how drunk he was when he decided to pay her a visit. For research purposes.

I think you know.

  • She just goes with it when he talks his way past the soldier, because they’re partners in crime like that.
x files ftf mulder morgue

Morgue gazing

  • Scully flies to Texas for Mulder after all, and he continues to be in awe of her.

xfiles ftf mulder lab scully

  • “I’d like you to let this person take a look at them.”
This person here. My person.

This person here. My person.

  • I don’t know what this is, but it isn’t personal space.
They're unconsciously swaying with each other, send help

It might be a rumba.

  • “What he holds most valuable. That with which he can’t live without.” (That’s not even grammatically correct though. What kind of villain are we trusting to run this operation? The Well-Manicured Man would never.) CUT TO SCULLY and her perfectly tailored suit.

x files ftf scully texas

  • “Well, we’re FBI agents.”
This is so hot, I'd tell her anything

I’d tell Scully anything.

  • “We’ve got two choices. One of them’s wrong.”



  • Mulder wants to go left; Scully wants to go right.
Going rogue: the sequel

That’s the show.

  • “The virus may be extraterrestrial.”

x files ftf virus scully

Actually THAT's the show.

Actually, THAT’S the show. And Mulder just shrugs his “You must’ve seen this coming” shrug. Spooky Mulder, reporting for duty. Sorry to bring the aliens into this. You know you love it a little bit.

  • They’re staring into the unknown together, and they’ll face it together, like they always do. And it’s hot.

x files ftf scully mulder hill

  • “Give me your hand!”
Marry me, you gallant, self-sacrificing bastard.

Marry me, you gallant, self-sacrificing bastard.

  • Is this it? Have we reached peak SCULLAY?

Is this it? Have we reached peak SCULLAY?

  • They find each other and puppy dog bounces in her direction. Everything’s fine again.

xfiles ftf puppy mulder

  • Sorry, wild night with Mulder.
xfiles ftf scully mirror

There is zero difference between this face and a “Mulder and I were just doing it in the basement” face.

  • Scully says that she considered not telling Mulder about her letter of resignation in person. She knows seeing him will make it too hard to leave. But she still goes to him, because he deserves that, and maybe because a part of her wants him to talk her out of it.
  • Mulder tells Scully that he needs her on this, and she says that he never has. And that just will not stand.
xfiles ftf mulder hallway

This is one of the hottest moments of the movie to me, and not just because his t-shirt is fine. Mulder’s not going to let Scully leave and then sit around feeling sorry for himself. Mulder’s going to do something about it. Mulder, the man the FBI put in the basement, goes after what he wants, because Scully taught him that he deserves it. Which is why he needs her. And if she could make him see his worth, then she has to know hers.

  • “But you saved me. As difficult and frustrating as it’s been sometimes, your goddamned strict rationalism and science have saved me a thousand times over. You kept me honest. You made me a whole person. I owe you everything, Scully, and you owe me nothing. I don’t know if I want to do this alone. I don’t even know if I can. And if I quit now, they win.”
I love how she just falls into him

This is exactly how they fall into each other after fighting monsters, the ones that draw them apart and try to pit them against each other. They’re back now.

Scully thought she wasn't making a difference at the FBI, but she was, and

Everything Mulder just put into words, Scully says with foreheads and lips.

  • Turning it over to director Rob Bowman’s audio commentary: “So in a scene filled with such virtue, people sharing their highest thoughts and feelings toward each other, you come to a sort of pinnacle, respect, and mutual admiration, that it leads into an intimate moment that neither one of them expect—or were sort of working towards. It just sort of happens. You know, you just keep going and going and arguing and arguing and all of a sudden it’s not an argument, it’s sort of, you know, ‘We’re for each other, we’re for each other,’ and we come to the opportunity of a kiss for the first time. But it’s not out of lust, it’s not out of any obvious reasons or typical reasons. It’s out of just absolute overwhelming respect for one another. Out of that respect comes an emotional response, where you transcend, sort of, logic and thinking, and it becomes more visceral and human. The only place for him to go, in my mind, to express the next thought is to kiss her.”

xfiles ftf mulder scully about to kiss




xfiles ftf scully mulder almost kiss

  • Mulder apologizes. He thinks he did something wrong, and it kills me, because he has nothing to be sorry for. Scully wanted to kiss him. The moment was there, but so was that bee. That damn bee. Nothing is safe. Did someone give you a present recently? It’s probably bees. If you just pulled your sheets out of the dryer and they’re clean and fresh and warm, watch out for the bees. That pint of ice cream in the freezer? It’s got bees where the cookie dough should be. Have you just been assigned a cute FBI partner with wire-rimmed glasses and great hair, and do you think you might want to share a kiss in five years, after you’ve made each other better people and saved each other’s lives more times than you can count? A bee has other plans. Mulder said on that roof that we live in a universe of infinite possibilities. I imagine all of those possibilities will eventually be ruined by bees.
xfiles ftf mulder sorry

He looks so ashamed of himself. No, puppy.

xfiles ftf mulder caress scully

He’s relieved that it wasn’t something he did, but you don’t get the sense that he’s going to try again, even before Scully realizes that something is wrong.



  • Flawless queen Dana Scully diagnoses herself as she’s falling to the floor.
  • Mulder’s voice is shaking when he calls 911. There are tears in his eyes. NO.
  • Skinner wants to find Scully while Mulder recovers from getting shot in the head, and now I need an alternate universe movie where Skinner goes to Antarctica and finds himself surrounded by people in pods growing aliens in their stomachs, and he gets that look on his face like he regrets even joining the Bureau and just wants to be at home, shirtless.
  • Everyone is sweaty for practically this entire movie, you guys.
  • Of course Mulder doesn’t let being shot in the head stop him.
  • HELLO, stubble.

xfiles ftf mulder antarctica

  • He makes sure to grab Scully’s cross necklace for her. I hope he’s got Superstars of the Super Bowls tucked away in that parka.
  • Has anyone ever passed out from the way he breathes “Scully?” after injecting her with the vaccine, or will I be the first?
  • Scully’s naked, and Mulder wraps her in his coat and gives her his snow pants and doesn’t think of anything but her warmth and safety.
  • When Scully says that she can’t keep moving, I love how confidently and casually Mulder insists, “Yeah you can.” They might as well be bickering over whether her little feet can reach the pedals.
  • Just stay on top of each other; it’s fine. There are aliens everywhere. Carry on.

x files ftf mulder scully antarctica

  • They’re freezing underground in Antarctica, everyone and everything is after them, and Scully pretends to be unconscious in order to get a kiss from Mulder.
Look at her seductive little smile! He is so delighted that she's okay/ a total flirt.

Look at her seductive little smile! He loves it.

  • He’s got a spaceship and Scully. What could be finer?

xfiles ftf mulder scully snow spaceship

  • Now it’s Scully’s turn to keep Mulder warm and safe.
Please sing "Joy to the World" again.

Joy to the world/ all the boys and girls

  • She’s just so glad to have him.

xfiles ftf scully mulder snow

  • Scully had the foresight to keep the bee intact precisely so she could rise before the panel, present it as evidence, and make an argument in favor of the X-files. (“I don’t believe the FBI currently has an investigative unit qualified to pursue the evidence in hand.”) She and Mulder can make a difference, and she won’t stop fighting for that.
  • “I’m not going to watch you die, Scully, because of some hollow personal cause of mine. Go be a doctor. Go be a doctor while you still can.” Oh, Mulder. Just the fact that you’re saying that means your cause isn’t hollow or personal anymore.
  • Scully’s work is here with him.
I think we all know that what she's really saying is, "I love you. I love that you never stop chasing the truth. I'm not going anywhere."

Let’s chase the truth together, ’til death do us part.

Please finish that kiss now.

Please finish that kiss now.

I’d like to thank everyone for being part of a world that made this movie happen. I’ve got the “deleted” kiss scene open in one tab and I’m listening to “Walking After You” on repeat until I recover, which will never happen. Not while there are still four more seasons and a whole other movie to be watched.


  1. This was so great! All of your posts have been amazing, coming from an X-phile that’s seen the show in it’s entirety like 6 times lol I see something new every time I watch again and the Mulder/Scully relationship means even more. Damn those bees!

    1. Oh thanks! I’m so glad that you find more to enjoy every time, because I’m definitely going to be rewatching this show a lot, so it’s good to know that I’ll never stop finding new things to love about Mulder and Scully 🙂 They’re so REAL. I love it.

  2. I have been faithfully reading your blog each week and I just have to say you’re awesome. As someone who has been watching the show for 20 (almost 21!) years, I love that you totally “get” it. You make me laugh and cry at the same time – IT’S ALL SO TRUE. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us, I cannot wait to read your future posts.

    PS – I have always thought that “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” is a perf song for these two crazy kittens, I am so glad that you agree 😉

    1. Thank you SO MUCH–that’s so nice. I’m laughing and crying AT Mulder and Scully, so I’m glad the madness is shared. And yes, that song fits them like a glove! It’ll definitely be going on my playlist.

      1. I happen to have a playlist of my own. Maybe we should compare notes. When you’re ready and all 😉

  3. movie yay!

    the rooftop “i had you bigtime” and subsequent “panic face” exchange is one of my favorite all-time moose & squirrel sequences. when the movie started that way, i knew we were in for a great ride.

    It’s a ‘married people getting dressed in the morning’ moment.

    That’s the show.
    ha! yes.

    Actually, THAT’S the show. And Mulder just shrugs his “You must’ve seen this coming” shrug. Spooky Mulder, reporting for duty.
    LOL. yes, again.

    They’re staring into the unknown together, and they’ll face it together, like they always do. And it’s hot.
    there’s no doubt why this became a major snippet in the trailers, etc. it’s downright iconic.

    There is zero difference between this face and a “Mulder and I were just doing it in the basement” face.
    literal LOL.

    This is one of the hottest moments of the movie to me, and not just because his t-shirt is fine.
    but, boy, is it ever. (the t-shirt, i mean. casual!mulder for the win.)

    i can recite the “but you saved me” speech by heart, and that’s not a thing i normally do. just an incredible moment, in both writing and acting.

    that &#$% bee. also &#$% chris carter. argh.

    mulder’s apology, though, when he thinks he pushed her too far, kills me, too.

    “if i quit now, they win.”

    this movie surpassed my lofty hopes for it. it is all that and a bag o’chips.

    1. YES, the rooftop scene is such a great way to set the tone for them. And I died at his panic face. I read that David improvised it, I think, which makes it even better.

      UGH THE “BUT YOU SAVED ME” SPEECH IS SO GORGEOUS AND PERFECT. And her FACE. I love that this is how they express how much they love each other.

      She says “If I quit now, they win” like she’s asking him out on a date (for the rest of their lives). Mmm.

      Seriously. I expected the movie to be great, and it was even better.

  4. RIGHT ON POINT as usual. I don’t know why, but our dynamic duo have the ability to make me laugh and cry simultaneously. It’s a special skill of theirs, I think. The hallway speech basically says, you are my one in 5 billion’ all over again, but MORE and BETTER, as you s eloquently pointed out.

    The ability to be throwing innuendo curve balls at each other in a most adorable way whe rescuing/ being rescued from Antarctica, surrounded by aliens, while shit is collapsing: THATS the show.

    Thank you for highlighting the emotion, the love, the gazing and the basement sex hair. I simply light up when I see these posts.

    1. That hallway scene is so perfectly THEM and so well written and well acted and I’ll never be over it.

      Hahahahah YES, THAT’S THE SHOW. The two of them escaping aliens while innuendo-ing, and everything’s going down, but they’re okay just being with each other. YEP.

      And thanks!!! I’m glad.

  5. I love your GIFs. I love this blog. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. SO MUCH I CAN’T STAND IT. I was 16 when FTF came out in theaters and it was the most ever anticipated event of my life up until that point lol. I laughed. I cried. I was terrified. OBSESSED. I haven’t seen it in so long and I’ve been dying to watch it lately. But I’m very OCD about watching things in order and I’m still in the middle of Season 4. So I’ll have to wait a bit longer.

    Your commentary is so spot on. One thing I love about Mulder and Scully’s relationship is that they don’t ever have to say the words “I love you” outright. This is one aspect that makes them completely different from any other coupling in movies/TV. They say and do other things that *mean* “I love you.” A look, a touch of the hand, kneeling side by side digging up the grave of a murdered little girl, one shooting the other in the shoulder, and saying things like “trust,” “truth,” THIS ENTIRE HALLWAY SPEECH BY MULDER, PLUS THAT OTHER HALLWAY SPEECH BY MULDER IN SEASON 7. Nearly every interaction between them is saying “I love you” in different ways. I don’t think Mulder & Scully ever say those words (despite a lot of MSR fanfiction) because they don’t have to. They just know.

    1. I will now forever regret that I missed out on the joy of seeing this in theaters and the sweet anticipation of WAITING TO SEE IT IN THEATERS. Aghhh, I’m a little jealous. (A lot.)

      Thank you so much! I totally agree–they just KNOW what they are to each other, and it’s beyond words. It’s shooting your partner, drugging him, and driving him across the country to save his life, and it’s breaking out of the hospital to return the favor in Antarctica. And it’s HALLWAYS. They had each other big time.

  6. Bees. Bees. DAMN BEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome job. Can’t wait for the next one you do. I love these soooo much. Thank you!!!

  7. Ohhh, god, thank you, tumblr, for somehow leading me to this site! =DDDDD
    I basically spent the past couple of hours reading all the X-Files reviews and it has led me to grab my old DVDs (LIIIIIIIIES – I’m going to Netflix and then grab the DVDs only for the extra content) and start to rewatch everything from season 1. It’s always amazing to be reminded that this series is one of the best ones ever made.

    As for the movie edition – my hate for bees was completely renewed.
    This was perfect, really. And I can’t wait for season 6 edition! =D

    1. It’s one of the BEST–no idea how it took me so long to find this show. And woooo, DVD commentaries!! The best. I’ll have to track them down somehow.

      BEES, UGH. I have a fear of them I never had before. Thanks, movie (I love it).

      And thank you!!!

  8. I’ve been a fan from day one and keep coming back to these two, they just have magical chemistry. These posts are brilliant! I have just caught up on your posts and realised there was a strange synchronicity going on. I started making an vid choosing ‘moments when they were together’ starting from season one onwards and 80% of these appear. I would live to do a vid for each of your blogs compiling all these moment, with your permission x x Great work 🙂 can’t wait for the next one.

      1. Oh yes, and fanfiction!. There are some fantastic authors out there, when you are ready I have recommendations 🙂

        For now may I suggest some additions to your fanmix?

        Lauren Aquilina’s Fools.
        Bruce Springsteen’s Streets Of Philadelphia
        Tegan and Sara’s Walking with a Ghost
        Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work

        “Back in the day” (Future quote alert)

        The harshest punishment my parents could bestow was not allowing me to see the show. In the first/second year high school science teacher about base pairs much to his surprise.
        I used to sit with a VHS on pause and copy out monologues from the show. I also have a huge scrap book of cuttings from magazines I purchased just because they had a tiny picture of M&S in them. I must get round to scanning it as 16 years later I still have them. This show has been a part of me for over half my live.

        Thanks for making me remember how great those days were 🙂

  9. This is, hands down, the best thing on the internet.
    I love reading week after week. I was 15 when FTF came out,
    and it.
    …as was the soundtrack (‘More Than This,’ ‘Hunter,’ & ‘Deuce’ are still among my favorite songs). To this day I can still recite most of the movie because it’s seriously a part of my soul. Happy to know others feel all the feelings too.

    1. Wow, thank you! Ahh, this movie is still everything. It’s so cool to me that it even got made in the first place, and the fact that it’s so GOOD is just icing on the cake. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack a lot for the past week, especially when I need to speed-walk somewhere and like to imagine that I’m Scully on a mission.
      Thanks so much for reading! So glad you enjoy.

  10. This blog is seriously the most perfect thing on the internet. You have no idea how happy it makes me to read it. I’m one of those fans who’s been obsessing over these two for over 20 (!!!) years now, and it never gets old. I’ve been back in fandom overdrive since the Season 10 comic series started last year and there’s some new (canon-ish) content to look forward to, but nothing will ever beat rewatching the show/movies. It’s so much fun to see it experienced through fresh eyes and remember feeling that exact same way back when I was a teenager. You just *get* them so well, and it’s amazing and hilarious watching you express that through words and animated GIFs in a way that we never could have back when the show originally aired (because it was the mid-90s, and just one of these animated GIFs would have totally crashed Netscape after taking an hour to load, haha). Ahh, I just love it. 🙂

    1. Ahh, thanks so much! I’m having so much fun with it. And I can’t even IMAGINE how much this fandom would have accomplished if gifs and such had been available then. That would be amazing. I wish I’d had the last 20 years with these two, too!
      Thanks again!!

  11. I cannot believe I’ve missed this post, my life has been kinda crazy these days. OMG!! Best review ever!!!

    I wanted to put here my fave quotes, but I’d copy the whole post! Now I wanna watch the movie again (I stopped counting)…

  12. I will always love this movie. It was the perfect segway into the awesome 6th season. Beeeees! I am pretty sure they used that damn exact bee to mutate into a tracker jacker in the future.

    Life motto: trust no one that did not like this movie.

  13. Old timey fan here reading your blog via a link from the X-files Files podcast subreddit. Love your commentary, love your analysis. I was such a huge shipper back in the day that it’s nice to see a first-timer catch the same beats as I did when I was watching it in high school. One thing I wanted to mention. There are actually two separate deleted kiss scenes. One that was on the FTF blooper reel and one that was on the Bluray. In the interests of science, I recommend you see both of them. Can’t wait to keep reading!

      1. Thank you so much! Fortunately I’d already watched both of them (for science), but now I will rewatch them, because a hypothesis has to stand up to repeat testing 🙂
        And thanks for reading–I’m so glad you enjoy! I wish I’d had this show in high school, but it’s basically turned me into a teenager now, so it all worked out.

  14. So, wait, is this your first time watching the show? I think I missed that part…That’s awesome if it is. I’ve been sharing these bits with my fellow veteran Philes 🙂 Your perspective has been hilarious.

  15. So I just discovered this blog the other day, and am spending large chunks of time reading it backwards (because, hello, Season 7!) and reading the movie synopsis just now has totally reaffirmed why FtF always – always – gets listed in my Top 10 Movies Of All Time. Every single Mulder/Scully moment was perfection. Every single one. Even that f#@&ing bee popping up, because THAT IS THEIR LIFE. (Tracker Jacker predecessor…..ha!)

    So, just wanted to let you know I am enjoying this blog immensely. I’ve been hooked on M/S since my very first episode back in the day. It was The Host, and I was recording it for my husband (who worked second shift and got off at midnight) and I left the TV on while it was recording, and I was baking cookies or something and I totally burned them because I couldn’t tear myself away from the TV long enough to go to the kitchen. Hee! Good times.

    1. Ohhh, thanks so much!!! Agh, this movie is the absolute best, even with the bee. That is SO their life.
      Hahahahaha I love that story. Burnt cookies are a small price to pay for a lifetime of loving/ being emotionally ruined by Mulder and Scully.

  16. “Skinner wants to find Scully while Mulder recovers from getting shot in the head, and now I need an alternate universe movie where Skinner goes to Antarctica and finds himself surrounded by people in pods growing aliens in their stomachs, and he gets that look on his face like he regrets even joining the Bureau and just wants to be at home, shirtless.”


  17. Damn bee. *&#% DAMN BEE. That sums up the movie. And Scully’s perfect hair. This was so much fun to watch in the movie theater. I was living in Dallas when it came out, and sitting in the jam packed theater as that first snow covered landscape came up (in the heat of a Texas summer) and the caption said Dallas, the whole theater erupted in laughter. Almost missed the 10,000 years ago (or something like that) caption that came next. And we also wondered when in the hell Dallas developed mountains. They were actually going to come to Dallas to film some exteriors, but that year there were terrible forest fires in Mexico and the smoke drifted up and was so bad it was difficult to breathe, even without lung issues. The sky looked like it was always cloudy when it was just smoky. So they just filmed everything in LA.

    This movie was just so THEM. How comfortable they are with each other, how important each is to the other, how much each is willing to sacrifice. The humor, the heart, utter devotion. And the flirting! Was the #1 movie the weekend it came out, as it should be.

  18. OMG, I just died laughing! You are perfect, Kelly! I have to say I’ve been a fan of the X-files for 19 years and I completely agree with all your impressions of Fight the Future.
    I have a question to you since you saw the movie a lot of times, something that always got my attention is that when Mulder is looking to the spaceship and Scully is beside him, I noticed that she is saying something, but I never understand what. Do you have an idea or have you noticed that too?

  19. I found your blog today (HOW DID I NOT FIND THIS BEFORE?!), and have pretty much spent the past hour reading through the first set. I also re-watched this movie last night, with the commentary on (I had to re-buy it through iTunes because my original movie is in VHS format and I don’t know where it went and god help me if anyone I know even owns a VHS anymore), and CC was discussing the hallway and during the premier they were driving to all the theatres to gauge reaction, and he was in a theatre with 1000 people for the hallway scene and he sounded FAR TOO HAPPY THAT PEOPLE WERE SCREAMING. Oh CC, how you torture us. But all the recent interviews I’ve seen with him have made me fully appreciate this delicate balance he’s played with them (and GA and DD of course, since they seem to just run with the moment most of the time while filming). I did not appreciate it when I was 13, but I much more appreciate it now that I’m 31. 😉

  20. I came across your posts about TXF few days ago and, I just LOVED them. I loved your thoughts and responses towards the show, towards M&S’s attitudes and actions. You catched the details and the sub-texts so well OMG I CAN’T EVEN!!! And you blended these points with your witty, funny and a bit kinky humour, GOD HELP ME… They’re just so damn fun to read. Thank you so much for these beauties, they really make my day each and every time 🙂

  21. I gotta say, this is a great list.

    I don’t think Scully was faking being unconscious though, she actually wasn’t breathing and then gasps in air as Mulder revives her. I think she just made a joke afterwards is all.

    Anyway, great list, thanks for posting!

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