Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 12

Season six, never leave me.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:

“The Rain King”

  • “Don’t look at me; this was your idea” is a thing married people say on vacation.
Look we're the same height now

Look, we’re the same height now.

  • “The missus.” Mulder cannot contain himself.

Just wait for

  • Everyone in this town mistakes Mulder and Scully for a couple, and I think the only thing Mulder likes more than the thought of being in a relationship with Scully someday is the thought of messing with Scully right now.

x files rain king looking in a mirror

  • You win this round, Mulder.
xfiles rain king

Grab your umbrella; we have a height difference to ignore.

  • The writers ship it so hard that they’ve resorted to farm animals.
x files rain king cow

Get a room or we’ll drop a cow on you.

  • “We moved your boyfriend’s things into your room.” “He’s my partner, and we prefer separate rooms.” Says the woman who brought a wine and cheese tray to Mulder’s door and called it consorting.
  • Effective head trauma exam.
x files rain king head trauma

Heeeere, puppy.

  • “I’m telling you, that cow had my name on it.”
  • Mulder asks Scully if she has any doubts as to Sheila’s innocence, and she just repeats “No” three times like she’s too busy plotting her revenge to think of any other words.
  • Domesticity.
Just lounging in

Honey can I borrow your kimono?

  • “Dating advice? From whom?” “Yours truly. [SILENCE]…Hello?”
Scully, he took you to a haunted house for Christmas. Try to keep up. You two are so exhausting.

Scully, he took you to a haunted house for Christmas. Try to keep up. You two are so exhausting.

  • Mulder wants Holman to share his feelings with the woman he loves. Mulder needs to take his own advice.

x files rain king blind leading blind

  • “You spend every day with Agent Scully, a beautiful, enchanting woman. You two never, uh—I confess I find that shocking. I’ve seen how you two gaze at one another.”

That's why I'm drawing out the word "gaaaaaze" so much.

  • So much not gazing.

x files rain king sophisticated complex sexy

  • Scully doesn’t gaze either.
x files rain king sophisticated complex sexy scully

“Sophisticated, complex, and, well, sexy.”

They want to SO badly.

They want to SO badly. We can either take this as confirmation that no aspect of “Post-Modern Prometheus” was real (yet), or we can take it as confirmation that their feelings are so much stronger now that they’d have to give in if they danced together. Guess which one I’m going with.

  • “You love him, don’t you?”
  • “Not even a kiss?” WAIT, what was said that we didn’t see? Sheila’s gone from crushing on Mulder to counseling Scully through her relationship problems. What did Scully say to her??
Do not EVEN get me started.

Do not EVEN get me started.

  • “Well, it seems to me that the best relationships—the ones that last—are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”
When did the switch flick for Scully? Is it happening NOW?

When did the switch flick for Scully? Is it happening NOW?

  • “I didn’t know reunions could be so—” “Wet?”
They both look pretty proud of her for that one.

Not sure who’s prouder of that one.

  • “You should try it sometime.”

“S.R. 819”

  • Mulder calls Scully in the dead of night to be Skinner’s doctor, because she’s everybody’s doctor.
  • Scully perches on the edge of the couch and makes a diagnosis while Mulder leans on the desk and shines a light in Skinner’s eyes. Then they interrogate him about every detail of his day. I like that when Mulder and Scully aren’t on the X-Files, they default to being 1940s detectives for hire.

xfiles sr819

  • Burgundy scrubs and very close talking.
We have to save him or no one at the FBI will ship us.

We have to save him or no one at the FBI will ship us.

  • “Your quest—it should have been mine.” Scully and Mulder have a quest, you guys. Skinner thinks that if he were to die now, he wouldn’t have anything to show for his life, but Mulder and Scully would. Their work is difficult because it matters. They’re in the basement because the Bureau is afraid of them.


  • “Are you ready to quit?” “No, that would make way too many people way too happy.” Mulder’s going to keep reminding Scully of that hallway conversation until they finish what they started.
It's their secret password now.

Also let’s actually kiss.

  • Scully and Mulder are both surprised that Kirsch only wants to see her. They’re a package deal.
  • Kirsch says that Mulder had a promising career ahead of him, and that Scully did too, “at one time.” Did no one tell him that a quest is so much better than a career?
  • “Agent Mulder and I will begin immediately.” Package. Deal.
  • Puppy dog Mulder gets sad at the thought of losing Scully at a partner, but she’s very insistent that she isn’t going anywhere.
  • “I thought we were looking for the truth.” There’s Scully and Mulder’s favorite word. Their search for the truth is why they’ve never been the opposites that everyone expected them to be. Mulder might be inclined to assume that it’s “out there,” while Scully trusts what she can see and prove, but they both believe that a messy, honest investigation is more important than a quick Case Closed and a gold star from the Bureau.
  • “Hi, my name is Fox Mulder. We used to sit next to each other at the FBI.”
Really good view.

Pretty great view.

  • Since he never got Scully her own desk, it’s more like they sat ON each other. Although actually that’s fine. I understand now. Carry on with your one desk.
  • Of course Mulder’s keeping tabs on Scully’s investigation. He needs her.
  • We all need her.

xfiles tithonus scully slap

  • Ritter loses the right to call Scully by her first name when he insults Mulder.
  • “How’s that X-File coming?”
  • Scully wants to know if love lasts forever. For science.
  • “You’re a lucky man.” Just the thought of Mulder avenging Scully’s death terrifies me.
  • I honestly don’t know how to survive all of this hospital bedside hand-holding.
xfiles tithonus mulder scully hospital

What is this secret handshake?

xfiles tithonus scully mulder hospital hands

They’re thumb wrestling. They can’t not touch each other.

“Two Fathers”

  • “Are you afraid of the truth?” Skinner’s in the club.
  • Scully comes to watch Mulder play basketball, but he’d rather watch Scully.
xfiles two fathers mulder basketball

How are you both puppy and MAN

  • Showing off.
"Oh Scully, I got game."

“Oh Scully, I got game.”

  • Between “Hey homegirl, word up” and “No background checking bag off shoeshine TIP,” it’s clear to me that Mulder has no idea how to ’90s. Except where cutoff t-shirts are concerned.
He's just throwing words out there and hoping some of them stick.

Scully’s not mad at it.

  • “Wanna go one on one?”
  • Their late night meeting with Skinner is very ‘welcome to our home.’

xfiles two fathers scully mulder apartment

  • Scully still hasn’t left Mulder’s apartment when Cassandra shows up. I hope they at least made some popcorn and sat under a blanket together.

“One Son”

  • Are we still going with “I don’t gaze”? Is that the story we’re sticking with?
xfiles one son scully mulder shower

They’re not even apologizing for it.

  • “There must be some kind of mistake. I signed up for the aromatherapy treatment.”
  • Scully makes no effort to hide her distaste for Diana, and I LOVE it. It’s not just the jealousy, although they both need the wake-up call, so that’s good too. It’s the fact that Diana never puts Mulder first. Scully has no patience for that.

xfiles one son scully what i think that woman is

  • “Because it is personal, Mulder. Because without the FBI, personal interest is all that I have, and if you take that away, then there is no reason for me to continue.” She’s in this for love of him, and she basically just admitted it.
  • Mulder really doesn’t want to believe Scully’s hunch, but he follows it anyway.
  • He leaves Diana to help Scully with the investigation, thank GOODNESS.
  • Mulder says that he’s had the answers for years, but no one ever listened. Scully listens. “Sir, I wouldn’t bet against him.”

“Agua Mala”

  • “She’s my partner.” “Uh-huh.” Grumpy old retirees know denial when they see it.
  • “We’re FBI.” “Don’t all the nuts roll downhill to Florida.”
Extreme weather conditions make Scully even more adorable.

Trust me sir, life with Mulder is nuts in every state.

  • Mulder loves telling stories to Scully. He gets all showy and dramatic. “If the sea is where life first began…”
  • They’re annoyed by Florida, and it’s making them married.
  • “Someday, we’re going to look back on this, and we’re going to laugh.” Like, with your grandchildren?
  • This should be everyone’s Halloween costume.

xfiles agua mala bandana

  • “That’s my partner out there!”
  • Now they’re bickering about whether she saved his life or not. Florida hasn’t just made them married—it’s made them old and married, already thinking about what stories they’ll tell and how they’ll tell them.
  • “If Agent Scully had not been there with you, I shudder to think what would have happened to you. I’d say you owe her your life. It takes a big man to admit this, but if I had had someone as savvy as her by my side all those years ago in the X-Files, I might not have retired.” Imagine if literally anyone else had been assigned to work the X-Files with Mulder. He would have been out of there. Grumpy old retirees know a  good thing when they see it.

xfiles agua mala mulder

  • Sometimes they share a brain.

xfiles agua mala water no


  • Scully doesn’t just put pressure on the wound—she lifts Mulder into her lap and strokes his face, because whatever happens, she needs him to feel loved. Help.

xfiles monday scully mulder shot faces

  • “My waterbed sprung a leak.”

xfiles monday waterbed 1

  • “When did you get a waterbed, Mulder?”
xfiles monday scully when did you get a waterbed

And why didn’t you show it to me after Skinner left the other night?

  • “Cover for me, will you?” “When do I not?” That is accurate.
  • I appreciate that neither one of them is willing to sit through this meeting without the other. They probably pass notes.
  • Why does the touching always happen for sad reasons?

xfiles monday scully rips mulder's shirt

xfiles monday scully mulder shot lap

  • “I have to get my partner out of here.”
  • Mulder’s big argument for free will is that Scully chose to leave medicine and join the FBI, and that’s what led them to meet. Their relationship is what he sees his life hinge on and what they’ve both been working toward. The idea that they were fated for each other is nice, but what Mulder really needs is to know that Scully chose to be with him.
  • “I mean I woke up, I opened my eyes, I was SOAKING wet.”

xfiles monday scully soaking wet

  • She’s still stuck on the waterbed.

xfiles monday waterbed 2

xfiles monday waterbed 3

xfiles monday waterbed 4


  • Shut it down, television hit its apex 15 years ago.


  • So much touching.

xfiles arcadia mulder scully touching

  • “You didn’t let me carry you over the threshold.” There is no world in which she would ever.
  • Going at it on the floor of a crime scene is much more their style.

xfiles arcadia get it on honey

  • So Skinner made Scully and Mulder get a room *for the case.*

xfiles arcadia honeymoon video

  • “Wow. Admit it, you just want to play house.” I am FASCINATED by the fact that Scully was the one who wanted to take this case. She thinks pretty much everything can eventually be explained, so all unexplained cases are equally deserving of their attention, but she went with this one in particular, because she likes going on adventures with Mulder (and maybe getting compromising photos of him in sweater vests). She wants to see how he behaves in a house with her. Call it an experiment.
  • The results are not surprising.

xfiles arcadia mulder sandwich

  • Of course Mulder’s living it up. He loves messing with Scully.

xfiles arcadia woman sandwich scully

  • “We just spooned up and fell asleep like little baby cats.”
xfiles arcadia honeybunch poopyhead

If Mulder can’t ’90s, Scully can’t Stepford.

  • This is about when my roommate came home and I started yelling “LOOK AT THEM ON THE COUCH” until she obliged. But really. Look at them on the couch.
xfiles arcadia mulder scully couch

She’s basically ON him.

  • Protect this scene at all costs.

xfiles arcadia scully mulder kiss

  • Mulder would take any excuse to cuddle, but Scully doesn’t play unless she knows it’s real. She only gets in bed with Mulder as Scully.
I respect her will power, because I would not share it.

I respect her will power, because I would not share it.

  • “The thrill is gone.”
  • “Do you care to hear what I think?” “Always!”
  • I’m still compromised by the way they say each other’s names when they’re in danger.


  • We’re all just animals! The episode.
  • “Dog gone. Dog gone. Doggone.” “Yeah, I got it.”
  • I like that when Scully repeats Mulder’s theories back to him, she always looks at him like he’s unbelievable in a good way.

xfiles alpha scully dog did this

  • “You get a biscuit, Scully.”
  • “Actually it’s more of a behavior problem.”


  • “She’s enamored of you, Mulder.” Well spotted, Scully. Maybe because you already know what that feels like.

xfiles alpha scully underestimate a woman

  • “I lack your feminine wiles.” Yep, Scully’s got those.
  • Scully says that Karen had Mulder all figured out, but she’s the one who knows to go to him because he’s going to need comfort. She knows that Mulder will feel like Karen’s death is his fault, and she doesn’t want him to blame himself.
  • Home again.

xfiles i want to believe


  • Mulder can make jokes all he wants, but no one will convince me that his heart didn’t actually leap.

xfiles dear diary spontaneous human combustion

  • “Mulder, shut up.”

He’s like a puppy who thinks you can’t see the chocolate on his paws.

  • They do love kicking down doors together.
  • Great job not gazing.



  • She looks flawless and he’s got bed head, but they sit down on that couch in complete unison, which kind of sums them up.

xfiles milagro mulder scully sit

  • I appreciate this show for lovingly narrating Gillian Anderson’s beauty while she touches her face.

xfiles milagro scully face beautiful

  • “Yet the compensatory respect she commanded only deepened the yearnings of her heart: to let it open, to let someone in.”
  • Scully isn’t drawn to Padgett because he desires her, but because he knows that she wants to be desired. Mulder already desires her, and I think she knows that, but Mulder also takes her at face value. In a lot of ways, that’s a sign of respect on his part. When she told him that he could trust her, he believed her, and he stopped trying to analyze her motives. But Mulder is straightforward; what you see is what you get. Scully is more of a mystery, and while it’s great that Mulder never pushes her to open up any more than she wants to, it’s natural that she would be intrigued by someone who does. You can respect someone’s privacy while still making it clear that you’re interested in knowing more about them. Mulder’s still working on that second part.
  • Scully didn’t even knock on his door before she went to visit Padgett, but Mulder still knew that she should be there by now, probably because they talked right before she left for his apartment, and he went looking for her. Because that’s what they do for each other. That’s the kind of interest Mulder is already really good at showing.
  • He’s distracted trying to figure out whether Scully has slept with Padgett, and she’s embarrassed at the thought of it. In their own kind of intimate way, it would almost feel like an affair, even though it wouldn’t be. Scully insists that Mulder knows her better than that, because that’s what she wants to be true, even if he doesn’t totally get where she’s at right now.

xfiles milagro scully mulder know me better

  • All it takes is for Scully to touch Mulder’s arm, and Padgett knows.

xfiles milagro scully mulder's arm

  • “Agent Scully is already in love.”
The look on Mulder's face is like he doesn't even dare take that the way he wants to.

It’s like he doesn’t even dare take that the way he wants to.

  • The look on Mulder’s face when he thinks that he’s lost her will never fail to ruin me.

xfiles milagro mulder sees scully

  • Second only to his smile when he realizes that he hasn’t lost her after all.

xfiles milagro scully alive

  • Scully never lets herself break down like this. She’s just so relieved to have him here to take the right kind of interest in her.

xfiles milagro mulder scully hug

“The Unnatural”

  • “Mulder, it is such a gorgeous day outside. Have you ever entertained the idea of trying to find life on this planet?” Like on a date? With your partner?
  • I find it very rude and completely appropriate that Mulder achieves peak hotness with a giant book in his lap.
xfiles unnatural mulder book

The hair, though. The loose neckline.

  • “Did you bring enough ice cream to share with the class?” Class of two. Intimate class. Lots of one-on-one tutoring.
  • Literally everything Scully does with her nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle is specifically designed to tease Mulder.
  • “The air in my mouth tastes better than that.” Taste the inside of my mouth and compare, Scully.

xfiles unnatural sleeping dogs lie

  • “I won’t sit idly by as you hurl cliches at me.”


To quote my friend Sage, what she's really saying here is "ravish me on this desk, you MORON."

To quote my friend Sage, what Scully’s really saying here is “Ravish me on this desk, you MORON.”

  • “I scream, you scream, we all scream for nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicles.”
Not ravishing on the desk, exactly, but still strangely attractive in a take-charge kind of way.

Not ravishing on the desk, exactly, but still strangely attractive in a ‘rockstar grabs the mic and takes charge’ kind of way.

  • She loves it.

xfiles unnatural scully you rebel

  • “I guess women change men all the time.”
  • “So I get this message marked urgent on my answering service from one Fox Mantle, telling me to come down to the park for a very special, very early or very late birthday present. And Mulder, I don’t see any nicely wrapped presents lying around.” Oh Scully, this is your nicely wrapped present. Very nicely wrapped.
  • “Get over here, Scully.”


  • Mulder learned from the whole Padgett experience. He’s here to give Scully something more than their work. He’s here to show her who HE is outside of their work, and hopefully seduce her a little in the process. In any case, lots of touching. Definitely lots of touching.
xfiles unnatural baseball lesson

“Not a bad piece of ash, huh?”

  • “Hips before hands.”

xfiles unnatural hips before hands

  • “We’re not gonna think. We’re just gonna let it fly, Scully.” Are we still talking about baseball?
  • “All right, what you may find is as you concentrate on hitting that little ball, the rest of the world just fades away—all your everyday, nagging concerns: the ticking of your biological clock, how you probably couldn’t afford that nice new suede coat on a G-woman’s salary, how you threw away a promising career in medicine to hunt aliens with a crackpot, albeit brilliant partner.”

xfiles unnatural mulder scully crackpot brilliant partner

  • That’s actually what Scully did, though. She dropped everything to work with Mulder, support him, and stand up for him, and the Bureau tore her down because of it. She’s had her reputation tarnished, she’s been sick, she’s been abducted, and she’s in danger all the time, but right now that doesn’t even matter except to make the night a little quieter and the stars a little brighter. This baseball diamond date night is so much more romantic because they’ve been too busy hunting aliens to actually date, and they’re so much more intimate with each other because of what they’ve been through. Mulder’s nose is in her hair, Scully’s in the middle, and they wouldn’t change a day.

xfiles mulder scully baseball middle

  • “Shut up Mulder. I’m playing baseball.”

xfiles unnatural shut up mulder playing baseball

I need to go talk to some ice cream about this.



  1. Now I’m going to have to go back and watch every. single. one. Well played, Lady. Well played.

    Also, “We have to save him or no one at the FBI will ship us,” made me laugh and I only laughed more as it went on. ❤

  2. I always say that my favorite seasons are three and seven (and they are), but season six will always be my guilty pleasure. Indeed, it’s the one I find myself watching when I choose an episode randomnly.

    It has it all… XF, MSR and lots of tension (yeah I love tension and angst – but not s4 kind of angst-).

    *sighs* gonna watch any S6 ep… again :p

    Keep posting… I’m already sad you’re reaching the end 😦

  3. I love your posts and have been reading them every week!

    “The Unnatural” is one of my favorite episodes of the series. I think David did a brilliant job writing and directing. Not only is the main story beautiful but OMG THE MSR STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Somehow you’ve managed to make me rewind back to 1999, and I regret nothing. You’ve perfectly captured why I loved season 6! Especially after all the gloom of season 4 (and 5 to a lesser extent), it’s so much fun to see them so goofy, so often.

    “Arcadia” made me scream like a little girl. Mostly because I was basically a little girl.

    Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane every week!

    1. Season six is soooo necessary! I love the angst, but Mulder and Scully need to be able to bond over everyday things like baseball, too. They’d never function otherwise.

      Ahaaha I made a lot of noise during “Arcadia,” so no shame there.

      Thank YOU!

  5. Season six, never leave me.

    The writers ship it so hard that they’ve resorted to farm animals.
    Hahahahaha! I’ve been known to show “Rain King” to skeptical potential XF viewers as a gateway drug. It’s funny and very accessible to newbies.

    “Tithonus” ruined me. RUINED.

    The audio clip of “Hey homegirl, word up” used to be the sound my PC played when I booted up. Hee. I’m also a big basketball fan, so this scene is very close to my heart.

    Scully makes no effort to hide her distaste for Diana, and I LOVE it.
    Fowley is up there with my least favorite TV characters of all time. The only one that I can think of off the top of my head who gives her competition is Ellis from Smash.

    They’re annoyed by Florida, and it’s making them married.
    LOL. This episode… is ridiculous. And I felt bad for them having to be drenched for practically the entire thing. Ugh.

    Shut it down, television hit its apex 15 years ago.
    *high-fives you* This episode was so much fun that a) I wanted it to go on forever and got annoyed when the stupid ~plot~ interfered with the interludes of “married” life, and b) when I lived in SoCal, I would cheer every time I drove past a highway sign for Arcadia. 🙂

    Aaaand the audio clip of “Woman! Get back in here and make me a sammich!” used to play on my PC when I shut it down. I really miss that. LOL. It never failed to make me smile.

    I can’t even with “Alphas”. It’s like an escapee from Season Two.

    “Milagro” = ruination, part deux. Dear god.

    I appreciate this show for lovingly narrating Gillian Anderson’s beauty while she touches her face.
    Yes! This! My heart rate went up just looking at that GIF and thinking about the voiceover.

    I may have rewatched the ending eleventeen times. Maybe.

    And THEN “The Unnatural” happened. I swear they were trying to kill us with Season Six. I find it amusing that GA & DD always said (at the time) that they were indifferent to whether Moose & Squirrel hooked up, yet the two of them wrote the shippiest episodes imaginable. LOL. Also they basically chemistry-ed the ship into existence, but I digress.

    To quote my friend Sage, what Scully’s really saying here is “Ravish me on this desk, you MORON.”
    Literally burst out laughing. 😀

    “Hips before hands.”

    On the way out of Streetcar last night, I was saying to my friend that it was wild to watch GA as Blanche after just having seen The Fall and try to reconcile that as the same person in both roles. Looking at these GIFs today had the same effect. She just disappears so completely into Blanche, right before our eyes. It’s astonishing to me.

    1. “Rain King” would be such a good gateway episode!! Also, I’m not even done yet, and I’ve already got a mental list of personalized gateway episodes for everyone in my life.

      Your PC sounds like a work of art. That would be the happiest way to start and end every day.


      I grew up in Florida, so I laughed for a solid five minutes at “Don’t all the nuts roll downhill to Florida.” Accurate. Very accurate.

      I honestly don’t think I stopped smiling for the entirety of “Arcadia.” It’s a gem.

      Probably half the reason this post is so late is because I couldn’t stop thinking about Milagro.

      “The Unnatural”= DD ships it so hard and he can’t even try to deny it

      GILLIAN’S BLANCHE IS STUNNING. I don’t know how she does that every night. I’ll never recover just from watching it, so I can’t even imagine performing. She just becomes her. It’s spellbinding.

      1. I don’t know how she does it every night, either. And sometimes twice a day!!! I hope she wins all the awards. Including a Tony, when they (*crosses everything*) bring it to NYC.

        P.S. You may not be done with the series yet, but I think you’ve probably seen all the potential gateway episodes, except for maybe “Je Souhaite” or “The Amazing Maleeni.” The last three seasons aren’t as accessible to newbies, imo.

  6. The weekend ‘Arcadia’ aired my Dad flew me out to Vegas to spend some time with him at the end of a business trip. I am pretty sure I spent all weekend of what was supposed to be a fun vacation talking about how excited for the weekend to be over so I could go home and watch the ‘episode were Mulder and Scully pretend to be married’. It was my everything. What an awful teenage daughter I was. Or maybe every Dad’s dream daughter seeing as all I cared about was watching TV alone far away from boys and drugs and alcohol?

    I love ‘The Unnatural’. I just randomly watched it a couple weeks ago and it made me all warm and fuzzy. And “hips before hands” is something I say all the time even though I am definitely the only one getting the joke.

    1. I was the same way! If my parents really wanted to get to me in high school, they took away my Alias viewing privileges. TV was the only thing I focused on. (So I guess nothing has changed.) Also, “Arcadia” is totally worth that level of anticipation.

      I will now be adding “hips before hands” to my daily lexicon. Even if I’m the only one in on it, I’ll at least keep myself entertained.

  7. I love the batting scene. In some of the shots it looks like he’s basically picking her up as he swings. I read someplace that this scene was one of GA’s favorites.

    1. They are SO adorable together in that one–and you’re right, her size makes it even cuter, because she’s basically swinging along at the end of the bat. Agh. Never let me go, baseball scene.

  8. Ohhhh, season 6…. ❤
    I started watching X-Files midst Season 4, way too many years ago. I'm old. The love was immediate; and I was lucky enough to have free time (I was a pre-teen; loooot of time in my hands, back then) when Fox did a weekend marathon of the first 3 seasons only a few days later. I gotta say, I shipped these 2 dorks from the first time I saw them, and it was TORTURE to wait waaaaay too long for this blessed, wonderful, perfect season 6! It was exciting to wait for every teaser, and it was awesome/frustrating to get those little moments between the two of them, like in Arcadia.
    So, anyway, now I'm an "adult" (with the quoting marks, because it's HARD feeling like a grownup while I'm fangrily like my 14-year-old self) I can see that, plot-wise, the episodes important for the series' mythology are the most awesome ones. And that the ones focused on Scully (specially her cancer) are the ones that humiliate the others in acting. BUT I cannot help saying that Season 6 has a VERY special place in my heart! Because, c'mon! How can you see Triangle, Arcadia, The Unnatural and others and not to spend a while with a permanent grin?!?!!?
    God, it's perfect. This series is perfect! I'm fangirling; ignore me!

    Ohhh, ps! Here in Brazil, back in the late 90's there was a website that, translating, was entitled "Diana's Folley Hate Temple" – it was FULL of bad 90's collages and gifs. I'm talking devil's horns drawn in Folley's head and blackened teeth (made in Paint, not photoshop!!!). I looked for it, because it was so, SO bad that earned some laughs back then; but it's just another 90's gemstone that got lost… =(((

    1. Hahaha I’m over here blogging about how Mulder and Scully should make out every week, so no need to apologize for fangirling to me! And I agree; this season is like a necessary bit of lightness after the past few (also very great) years. It’s PERFECT.

      That website sounds like a TREASURE. Ohhh ’90s.

  9. Even Season 6 shipped it! So much delightful ooey, gooey shippiness! Every time I do a re-watch of Season 6, I find myself playing some of the scenes over and over and over (all of the cute scenes in Arcadia, the “Agent Scully is already in love” and last scene of Milagro, Scully’s speech in The Rain King, the hospital bed scene in Tithonus, the basketball scene in Two Fathers — I just melt at the way Mulder looks at Scully when she walks onto the basketball court, the shower scene in One Son, and holy crap — the baseball scene in The Unnatural!!). I laugh, I smile, I giggle, I cry. Oh, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, you have ruined me for life.

  10. ““We have to save him or no one at the FBI will ship us.”

    “Trust me sir, life with Mulder is nuts in every state.”

    “Class of two. Intimate class. Lots of one-on-one tutoring.”

    “I find it very rude and completely appropriate that Mulder achieves peak hotness with a giant book in his lap.”

    Legit LOLing over here, and IT’S ALL SO TRUE! Season 6 is just so much goodness, you almost want to set up camp here and stay forever. Thanks again for sharing it with us 🙂

  11. Yay! I’ve been waiting for you to get to this part of season six for so many shippy reasons, but mostly because I was rewatching “Arcadia” a couple weeks ago for the 75th time, and noticed something I’d never caught before. When Mulder and Scully are snuggled up on Gogolak’s couch (all general adorableness aside) Gillian. Is. Incredible. Mulder is unashamedly touchy, but if you watch closely, when Mulder turns to Scully while she’s already looking at him in false sympathy, she breaks eye contact. Or, while Mulder is talking up Gogolak, Scully has a moment where she realizes she’s touching him too much and pulls her hand away, embarrassment in her eyes. In those brief moments, she reveals everything and it kills me.

    Also, “The Unnatural” is in my top five episodes for all the reasons: baseball, non-fat tofutti rice dreamsicles, hips before hands, and “Come and Go With Me to that Land.”

    Love reading!

    1. Gillian is soooo incredible (at life). I was in such a happy daze through the whole episode that I know I’ll catch more details on rewatch, but I loved (in a devastating kind of way) those moments when she started to get really intimate and comfortable and then remembered what she was supposed to be doing. Aghhh.

      “The Unnatural” is amazing. It just gets to me.

      Thank you!!!

  12. Season 6 is so gorgeous for all the reasons already stated, of course. But most of all for the assertation “I do not GAZE at Scully” which is, I think, the biggest lie of all. Good job not gazing, you two prefct creatures.

    DD and GA are all about the ship. Come. On. David wrote The Unnatural, and then, as if as a sequel Gillian comes up with All Things. ( season 7, which is, by some miracle even better than season 6) Oh, sure, you guys don’t care if M & S hook up or not. Riiiiiiiigggghhhht.

    As I re watch these episodes along with you – it’s as if it’s compulsory – I realise how much love there is. They just have to work out how to communicate it somehow. Which they do in their own perfct way (and we get to witness it). In my head, they are already doing it by the time season 7 starts…there’s just way too much innuendo to think otherwise. Were the writers meaning to imply that after their baseball date they calmly got in their separate cars and drove to their separate apartments and went to sleep in their separate beds? Oh, sure, and CSM is actually an undercover against working for ToysRus.

    1. Aw, yay for rewatching along with me! I love having company.

      A fun fact: “I do not GAZE at Scully” is the first gif of The X-Files I ever googled, because I did a post on extreme weather episodes and my friend Sage (whose blog Head Over Feels has some great X-Files material) submitted “Rain King.” I needed a gif to go with her description, and that’s the one I went with. It made me realize I needed to watch this show. For the gazing.

      I wouldn’t be the LEAST bit surprised if they hooked up after “The Unnatural.” So much love between them there! And always.

  13. I am so happy to have discovered this blog through Head over Feels! I am amazed at how many people still discover The X Files everyday and feel an irrational pride when they join the fandom so smoothly. Thank you very much for feeding my obsession! I long for the next installment and fear already the moment when you would have finished the series and both movies…what will become of us???
    You get it, girl, you really get the essence of their relationship, I need you to continue thinking about our ship and really hope you will revisit your phile-passion with some occasional posts even when you are finished because your comments on this subject are hilarious and profound at the same time and I will dearly miss the genuine feels we get to share with you this way. Pleeeease, pretty please?

    It is also really nice to see how quickly you move on from the painful, constantly aching (in a good way) physical chemistry, which is quite obvious, to concentrate on the deep sources of this love: respect, trust, mutual understanding, unspoken desires etc. It’s what makes their love story so special and so realistic. Indeed, if there really were two people faced with similar obstacles in this world (a global conspiracy, aliens, family betrayal and scary entities), two people as brilliant, guilt-ridden and emotionally repressed as our favourite heroes, I really think this is how a relationship between them would really play out! lol But I’m only a Safety Manager, so what do I know, right? lol

    1. Hi! Oh, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re already clued in to how great Head Over Feels is 🙂 They were huge in getting me into this show! I don’t know how I made it so long without the ultimate OTP in my life, but I love Mulder and Scully SO much and will most definitely continue writing about them after this series is done. (Which will make me so very sad.)
      And I agree–they really do feel real, even given how crazy their situation is. I BELIEVE them as people and as a partnership. It’s magical.

    1. I was just watching Alpha the other day, and I noticed that scene, and thought that was quite a lot of casual touching, even for Mulder, who is the prince of the hand in the small of the back, face stroking, hand holding, shoulder brushing, hair straightening casual touching. Scully’s/Gillian’s face is priceless. Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice this!

  14. Hilarious! You kill me. You got me cracking up here. lolololololol

    You were much kinder to Mulder in your “Two Fathers/One Son” commentary than I would’ve been. I have vivid memories of throwing couch pillows at the TV and cursing his name.

    “Milagro.” Milagro, Milagro, Milagro. SLAYED ME. Out of all nine seasons, and two movies, it is this episode that stayed with me the longest after first watching it. I was mesmerized, heartbroken, and just… I don’t know. It made me feel way too many emotions at once to process. It’s still the one episode that gets to me. Probably because I’ve never loved a character the way I love Scully. When Scully cries, I cry. If Scully’s hurt, I hurt. When Mulder is being a dick to her, I want to cut his freaking head off. I also think that the actor playing Padgett, John Hawkes, is absolutely brilliant.

    “The Unnatural.” The episode that made me finally forgive Mulder for “One Son.” Yes, I think Padgett’s book made him finally start to realize that Scully needs attention from him that doesn’t involve the X-Files. Too bad he doesn’t truly wake up to this realization fully, and the realization that Diana had played him for a fool just like Scully had told him, until the Season 7’s “Amor Fati.” Oh well. The hallway scene in “Amor Fati” is totally worth it.

    1. MILAGRO. Haunting. Oh my gosh. John Hawkes kills it, and Gillian kills it, and I love the episodes that hint at Scully’s depths. I’ve never loved a character like I love her, either.
      The hallway scene in “Amor Fati” is everythingggg.

  15. “This is about when my roommate came home and I started yelling “LOOK AT THEM ON THE COUCH” until she obliged. But really. Look at them on the couch.”

    I LOVE THAT COUCH WITH ALL OF MY HEART. Because think about it. They are so comfortable with each other that they have absolutely no trouble SNUGGLING UP ON A COUCH TOGETHER. Just look at them! His arms are wrapped around her and she’s practically on his lap! AND THEY’RE BOTH FINE WITH THIS. This isn’t friends pretending to be married, this is two people that have been married for years, they just haven’t figured it out yet.

    God I love Arcadia so much.

  16. Ok so after my own rewatch of these episodes, I have some things to say:

    “Effective head trauma exam.”

    That was not a head trauma exam, that was an excuse to play with Mulder’s hair (like she needs an excuse).


    I screamed something similar when I watched this. xD

    “Their late night meeting with Skinner is very ‘welcome to our home.’”

    Have you noticed how much more comfortable Scully is in Mulder’s apartment than she is in her own? It’s something that I’ve only recently noticed. Almost every time she’s in Mulder’s apartment, even if the situation is dire, she seems at ease, but almost every time we see her in her own apartment, she seems on edge. I mean, I’m sure she IS comfortable in her own home. She’d just rather be with Mulder.

    “They’re annoyed by Florida, and it’s making them married.”

    As a Floridian, I can sympathize.

    ““Agent Scully is already in love.””

    Ok so you and I started a conversation like a week ago about when they each realized their love and for Scully you said Rain King and I said Milagro. Having paid hard attention to these episodes (and the ones in between) I have concluded that we’re both 50% correct.

    When Scully says what she says about the switch being flicked, I think it flicked for her, but not all the way. I think she began to realize that, yeah she was attracted to him, but love? I think she denied it. I think she sat there in her head like “No no no I do not love him. He’s attractive is all. he’s cute. I’ve always thought he was cute.” So her switch is kinda at that midpoint where you can hear the fizzing in the socket but the light isn’t yet on.

    I think Padgett forcefully flipped that switch on for her. Because remember, she kinda believed him. She didn’t think he was the killer, she thought he had a gift for reading people. She heard him tell her life story to her and it creeped her out because of how accurate it was. So when he says she’s already in love, look at her face. The switch flicked, but not the way she would have wanted it to be. To me, her face says “Yeah… you’re right. I’ve been in love for a long time.”

    That’s what I see, anyway. That’s what I think. Regardless of whether or not I’m right, I think we can both agree that playing baseball with Mulder was totally their first date, yeah? XD

    And as a side not on The Unnatural (I love this episode and could talk about it forever)… I love that David wrote this. I love that he and Gillian ship Mulder and Scully just as hard as the rest of us. :3

    1. I would take any excuse to touch Mulder’s hair. Or dance with him. (They want to dance together so badly, it’s almost sad.)

      YES! He never comes to hang out at her place, and you KNOW she’d make him if she wanted. She’s not really comfortable there. Too many people have died there, I think. It goes hand in hand with the way she’s let herself get pulled into his life’s work. It’s HIS name on the door, HIS desk–she’s there for him. And she LIKES IT. It’s her choice to step into his life. That’s so important.

      I grew up in Florida! Have we talked about this? “Don’t all the nuts roll down to Florida.” (This show gets it.)

      I love and totally agree with that timeline–she started considering it in Rain King, but Milagro flipped the switch and made it official. And The Unnatural (aghh, one of my favorites) is definitely their first date. David and Gillian ship it so hard. I don’t think Chris Carter ever would have given in if they hadn’t shipped it, so thank goodness for them.

      1. Oh god, me too. David Duchovny is one of three famous people whose hair I just so badly want to play with/ruffle/touch (the others being David Tennant and Alex Kingston). I bet that wasn’t even scripted. I bet Gillian just decided to touch his hair.

        I think you’re right. So many bad things have happened to her in her apartment, and when she’s there she’s there alone with those memories and her thoughts. At least when she’s in Mulder’s apartment, even though bad things have happened to her there, she has Mulder’s presence to draw some strength on (even when he’s not there). She can put her back up against him even when he’s not there and god they’re just so freaking adorable I can’t even stand it!

        And no, I didn’t know you grew up in Florida. My condolences! I hope it was a nicer area than where I live. I’m a stone’s throw away from the Tropicana factory. So many oranges.

        I think Chris tried for the longest time NOT to ship it. But then again, he said they were in love the minute Scully walked through his door. And I mean, who couldn’t fall in love with Scully? Mulder didn’t have a chance. lol Neither did Scully though. Just look at that manpuppy. Nobody could resist that.

      2. Wait wait wait, we have so much to talk about.

        First of all, my most cherished career goal is to be David Tennant’s official hair ruffler. And Alex Kingston is absolutely my hair idol, which I told her at NYCC (she nodded appreciatively at my curls, and Facebook wanted to tag her as me, and I’ll never be over it). The hair on that show is amazing.

        More importantly, I’m from Manatee County! I went to school in Bradenton and drove past the Tropicana factory every day. On the mornings when they burned the orange peels, we could smell it from the playground. I was just home in October, and we took a shortcut right past the factory. I’d never seen the “Orange you glad you worked safely today?” sign before, so it’s good to know there are still new things to be discovered at the Tropicana factory.


        Yep, I’m so far gone for Queen Dana Scully and Actual Puppy Fox Mulder. Of course they’re even more far gone for each other. They’re irresistible. And I’m dying at, “She can put her back up against him even when he’s not there,” because that’s absolutely what it is. She’s reassured even by the thought of him. Oops, now I’m getting feelings for when she slept in his bed in “Within.” Noooope.

      3. Alex Kingston’s hair is like a literal gift from heaven. It should probably be worshiped as a deity. And a career as David Tennant’s official hair ruffler would be the best job in all of space and time. Oh, that man…

        But seriously, OH MY GOD! I’ve lived in Bradenton for 20 years now! That’s insane! It’s almost an X-Files [insert spooky noises]. Or rather, it would be if we had mutual acquaintances. Man, this world IS small! That’s awesome, though. So you know what it’s like to direct the snow birds to the Red Barn. XD

        Oh man Within kills me. The way she cuddles up with his shirt on his bed breaks my heart! It’s like she’s in a trance. She almost doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she knows that this is Mulder’s place, and if she’s here, maybe he’ll come busting through his door. Maybe if she wishes hard enough it will happen. That shirt she’s snuggling is a lifeline. It’s a tiny piece of him for her to hang on to and keep herself sane with. Sculllllayyyyyy </3

      4. Hahahaha ohhhh, the Red Barn. So you were around for the Red Barn fire of ’96? That was kind of a big deal!

        “Within” is heartbreaking. You’re so right. The shirt is a lifeline. She’s put her back up against him again. SCULLAYYY.

      5. I was only 7 when that happened, but I do remember it. My mom used to have a booth there and made me “work’ there during summer break. Destroyed the whole barn, if I remember it right? Even if it didn’t, it destroyed mom’s booth. Mom sold jewelry, and brought most of it home with her at the end of the day, but she still lost a couple thousand dollars. But if you go to it now, make sure to go to Nostalgia Candy. The lady there is AWESOME. And there’s this guy that takes up like 12 booths and it’s just BOOKS EVERYWHERE. I used to hate the Red Barn, but now I love it. xD Haha

        So hey I have a four year old son and he’s watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates and I’m not paying attention until they start singing “happy birthday” to SCULLY. THE PARROT’S NAME IS SCULLY. THERE’S X-FILES IN MY SON’S TV SHOWS YEEEEEEEEEEEEES.

      6. I was ALSO 7 when it happened. X-FILES THEME INTENSIFIES. But oh my gosh, I’m so sorry it destroyed your mom’s booth! That’s so sad. I remember when it felt like that place would never be rebuilt. I will definitely have to check out the candy and books sometime.

        PARROT SCULLAYYYYY. I hope it’s a medical doctor. Did someone get the parrot an Apollo 11 medallion?
        I really want pets just to name them after X-Files characters, but I don’t think I could name them Mulder or Scully. I WANT to, but I talk/ think/ dream about Mulder and Scully too much to pull that off. It would just get confusing. I could go for naming an animal after Skinner, though.

      7. I remember not wanting it to be rebuilt. xD I hated that place so much.

        It’s not! 😦 The name is the only reference. But that’s ok. It’s a stepping stone to get my son into X-Files. > u> You like that Scully? Well you’re gonna love THIS Scully!

        I had an orange tabby I tried calling Mulder, but he just wasn’t a Mulder. Named him Marvin instead for the android in Hitchhiker’s Guide. But now that I have a husband, and he’s not big on sci-fi (thus he doesn’t care for Doctor Who or X-Files) I can’t name our animals after things he doesn’t like, so instead of Krycek, we have Ganondorf. I’m severely tempted to name the other cat Diana Fowley, though. She’s becoming quite a…. well, a Diana.

        If you get a bald pet and name it Skinner, I’m going to laugh so hard. Also applaud you, but also laugh.

      8. Agh Doctor Who is full of good pet names. Get on board, husband! It’s funny, but before I started Doctor Who, I wasn’t really into sci-fi. Now The X-Files and Doctor Who are my two favorite shows, so clearly I was missing my calling.

        Hahaahaha Diana is like a human cat, so I can see that fitting perfectly.

        I feel like Skinner would be a good name for a Basset Hound/ any dog that looks perpetually grumpy. I could call him Walter (or Skinman). Maybe he would like bubble baths.

      9. Wait wait wait, so this is like your beginning voyage into the wonderful world of science fiction? Can I suggest some things for you to watch? I’ve been swimming the sci-fi waters since I was 6. I can direct you to all the wonderfully emotionally destructive shows that will ruin your life forever.

        Walter is the perfect name for a basset hound. It’s a grumpy old man name that’ll go with those droopy jowls and big ol eyes, but you can still call him Skinman. ❤

      10. Oh yes, please do! I have so much to learn. I’ve already been informed by my friends at Head Over Feels that we will be doing a LOTR marathon and a Star Wars marathon (I have, for the record, seen the three original Star Wars movies, but only once. I was 12. I was going to my friend’s cabin in North Carolina, and we watched it on the drive. I paid very little attention.) But yep, I’m down for anything character-based.

      11. LOTR is great, but it’s more fantasy than sci-fi. Not that I disapprove, it’s actually tied for first as my favorite book series. The other firsts being A Song of Ice and Fire, and Harry Potter. I’m just saying there’s a difference. But Star Wars… eh. You’d think as much of a sci-fi lover that I am I’d be more into it, but honestly I just think it’s alright. I think it’s a bit over-hyped. But it’s one of those things that if you’re going to call yourself a sci-fi nerd, you should watch it. Even if it’s only for the sake of knowing wtf people are talking about. lol

        OH GOODY LET ME RECOMMEND YOU SOME THINGS: And maybe prepare you a little bit for them.

        1. Firefly. Joss Whedon made space cowboys and it’s brilliant. Some people don’t get hardcore into it until the middle of the series (my dad was pretty meh about it until the episode Ariel, and then he was a total fanboy), so if you find yourself meh-ing about it, just keep going. You’ll appreciate the first few episodes on your re-watch if you don’t appreciate them the first time. It’s not emotionally destructive until you get to the movie. And then you die, and you die HARD.

        2. Star Trek: Voyager. Now, people will tell you that you should watch the original series, or The Next Generation. And they’re right, you should. Eventually. But you, personally, should watch Voyager first. First of all, it’s not as campy as TOS and TNG, so it’s easier to watch. But more importantly, Captain Janeway is basically Scully in Space. She’s BRILLIANT.

        3. Lexx. This is for when you’re comfortable enough in sci-fi waters to love the cheese. I don’t even know how to describe this show. It’s Pure. Canadian. Cheese. It’s weird, it’s disturbing, and I don’t think it ever took itself seriously. It’s what inspired Farscape (by the way you should watch Farscape). It’s one of those shows that nobody ever knows about. It’s completely ridiculous. Watch it for the awkward lols.

        4. Stargate SG-1. This was my end of X-Files recovery show. You’ll like Sam, and the interactions between Jack and Teal’c. You don’t NEED to watch the movie first, because they explain it in the first episode, but it’s a pretty good movie if you do end up watching it.

        1 and 4 are the emotionally destructive ones, but all of them are character-driven.

        BASSET HOUND LOVE!!! ❤ They're so doofy. I love them to pieces.

      12. Oooooh Firefly’s been on my list for a while (I like a lot of Joss Whedon’s writing). Must watch. Must watch ALL of this, really. Also, hahaha, I think there are some episodes of Doctor Who that have already primed me to appreciate sci-fi cheese. I’m in. THANKS!

  17. Agh – TOO MANY FEELS! Where to start? The Rain King, I think my favorite part was the two of them swaying together at the end. And the conversation about the dating advice. Spot on perfect – “Mulder, when was the last time you went on a date?” I love that Scully is that on top of his social schedule to know he doesn’t date. And every conversation each had with the two other lovestruck characters could apply to themselves so well.

    One Son – shower scene. Both of their eyes flick downward. They look. OF COURSE THEY LOOK! And Diana brings Scully some shapeless rag in gray to wear. Gray is the new black my A**. No wonder Scully hates her.

    The waterbed discussion in Monday. There was a lot of talk about the fact that Mulder didn’t appear to have a bedroom, much less a bed in the early seasons of the show.

    Arcadia was just one big squee. From Mulder’s comment to Scully about just wanting to play house, to Scully’s bedtime appearance in a face mask (have to keep him at bay somehow), it was a Valentine to the shipper fandom. And all the touching and flirting and teasing *sigh*

    Milagro. “Agent Scully is already in love.” Yes, yes she is. And she has known it for some time. The end of this ep had me on the floor right along with Scully. Her sobs were gut wrenching and it was like she couldn’t pull herself close enough to Mulder. I read a great fanfiction story way back in the day about the emotional fall out from this episode. Not that I can remember the name of it now, but there was some great writing done (in amongst all the drivel)

    The Unnatural was I think, the single best flirtatious episode ever. “Shut up Mulder, I’m playing baseball.” Yes you are, playing baseball wrapped in Mulders arms. Perfect.

    1. The end of “The Unnatural” is one of those scenes that make me fluttery EVERY TIME (the others being the end of PMP and the scene in the cemetery in the rain in the pilot).
      They’re sooooo flirty here. I love season 6. And I bet Milagro led to some great fic! I kind of feel like that’s the episode where she realizes the extent of her love for Mulder.

  18. ‘Mulder you cheat!’ – Scully, The unnatural

    Why would Mulder cheat on his own assignment? Unless the whole thing had been a ruse to lure Scully into spending the weekend with him ;).

  19. THIS.

    “Mulder learned from the whole Padgett experience. He’s here to give Scully something more than their work. He’s here to show her who HE is outside of their work, and hopefully seduce her a little in the process.” Yas! I have always said I think that Milagro was a sort of catalyst for the final shift of their relationship! Le sigh.

    I only just heard of you with the recent shares on Facebook on the My Struggle ep. Loved that and just HAD to read your take on my favorite ep, Milagro. THANK YOU!

  20. Hi! Late to the party
    Season 6 Rocks!
    I wanted to mention that in The Unnatural Mulder made a very strange comment about Scully’s biological clock ticking being a problem she needed to forget about. I find it weird because that sounds incredible rude even by Mulder’s absentmindedness standards…Unless he knows something about that particular issue bothering Scully as much as that suede coat she couldn’t afford. My theory is that Milagro’s creepy stalker/near death experience made Scully refocus on motherhood and Per Manum flashback is between this and The Unnatural. Hence he trying to cheer her up.
    Of course in this show all our theories are valid since CC is incapable of give us straight answers.
    Very funny blog!

    1. I think David probably had forgotten about that when he wrote the script, but I also think it’s possible that the Per Manum flashback started around that time (and stretched to early season 7), so I agree that it works in that context!

      1. Yeah I think the flashbacks are supposed to be spread during weeks or months since IVF treatments take time between donation, fecundation, implantation and testing for pregnancy so it could had been starting between Milagro and the Unnatural and the one where it didn’t take should had been before Millenium which I think is the official first kiss and after that door was open I don’t see why they wouldn’t go all the way their only obstacle was themselves. But again until CC writes a tell all book all we can do is guess.

  21. I have to say…after the depressing/wrong/episode-I-will-ignore aka season 11 (series) finale, reading your blog again has brought me so much joy! I love how no matter how much time has passed, I can always re-watch this show and be pulled in all over again from the MSR 🙂 This website is GOLD! Thank you!

    1. Totally agree with you about the revival! I have been doing a rewatch of the original run to remind myself why this show was so great and to rinse out the bad taste that the revival gave me. This blog really IS gold!! It takes me back to college when I watched the original broadcast and analyzed every gaze and touch.

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