Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 13

The end of season six consists mostly of Scully and Mulder dreaming about their relationship and touching each other’s faces. Cheers.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:

“Three of a Kind”

  • Scully asks what time it is, and Mulder says “2:34 am” like “Why, is your clock broken? Why do you need to know the time? It’s perfectly normal for us to be talking at this hour.” I know his voice turns out to be a computer program, but it’s 1999, even hackers’ computers aren’t that good, and I’m choosing to believe that the Lone Gunmen swiped that audio from an actual conversation.
  • “Yeah I trust YOU Mulder.”
  • She’s been trying to reach him since she left DC, but as soon as the Gunmen tell her that Mulder’s just busy with the investigation, Scully stops worrying about him and jumps right on board. She knows they’re together whenever they’re working the same case, even if they aren’t literally with each other.
  • “My medical opinion?”
Mulder would know this isn't jet lag.

Mulder would know this isn’t jet lag.

"I just can't decide who lights my fire!" YES YOU CAN he's named after a small woodland creature.

“I just can’t decide who lights my fire!”

  • Could’ve been you, Mulder.

xfiles three of a kind scully tickle

  • Can we just pause for Gillian Anderson’s face?

xfiles three of a kind scully shrug

xfiles three of a kind scully frown

xfiles scully frown three of a kind

  • “I am gonna kick their asses.”

“Field Trip”

  • Writers’ room: “Hey so drugging Scully was really fun last week.” “Let’s drug Mulder this week.” “Yes but drugging Scully was REALLY fun.” “Fine we’ll drug Scully again too.”
  • Welcome back, Mulder’s projector.
  • “Sounds like crap when you say it.”
  • “Scully, in six years, how often have I been wrong? No, seriously. I mean, every time I bring you a case we go through this perfunctory dance. You tell me I’m not being scientifically rigorous and that I’m off my nut, and then in the end who turns out to be right like 98.9% of the time? I just think I’ve earned the benefit of the doubt here.”
Do you even watch this show Scully

Do you even watch this show Scully

  • She actually looks really stricken by the point Mulder is making, which is less about how often he’s right and more about how rarely he feels like she believes him.
  • I had in my notes that Mulder looks hurt, but my phone autocorrected it to “He actually looks hot.” Which, yes. But that’s never surprising.

xfiles field trip mulder benefit of doubt

  • Hi, please walk under my arm.
She doesn't even have to stoop.

She doesn’t even have to stoop.

  • He’s so cute and excited. This is the best day of Mulder’s life. He has his Scully and his alien.
I love the way he holds her like he's guiding her blindfolded into a surprise party.

I love the way he holds her like he’s guiding her blindfolded into a surprise party. A UFO party.

  • The fungus makes Mulder hallucinate a world he wouldn’t want to escape, so he imagines a scenario where he talks to aliens and Scully believes him. And then he rejects it because Scully would NEVER make it so easy. Mulder likes that Scully always makes him earn it. He wants to do the hard work of proving himself to her.
  • This fungus has to pay for making Scully cry.

xfiles field trip scully crying

  • Scully must really feel bad about never giving Mulder the benefit of the doubt, because her hallucination puts her in exactly that position. Everyone keeps repeating her theory back to her, and it sounds like crap when they say it. Her science robs his death of any mystery. In the same way Mulder is afraid that his cause will cost Scully’s life, Scully is afraid that her logical explanation will cost Mulder’s cause. She can’t handle the thought that Mulder could die without ever finding the truth, that he could die for anything other than what he believes. She wants him to be right, even if it takes his last breath to prove it.
  • “It’s what Agent Mulder would have thought.” “And you think he would have been right.”
  • She also hallucinates Mulder not being at all surprised that she’s in his apartment.
  • I love that Mulder’s palm is up when he reaches out to her in the ambulance, like he doesn’t just want to hold hands but to let her put her hand in his. It’s so gallant and Mulder-y to offer himself like that.

xfiles field trip mulder hand

  • Scully can barely even see him, but she know that his hand is there. When she can’t make it all the way, he grabs her fingers and they hold on to each other, because while he might want to be the one offering to take all of her problems, he needs her just as much. It’s not about one of them putting their entire hand in the other’s. It’s about the way their fingers interlock, each one of them equally reliant on their relationship.

xfiles field trip scully hand

  • They don’t know that anything else is real, but they know the hands they reach out for are—and maybe not even literally, but more broadly. This experience has reinforced how much Scully and Mulder need each other. Scully depends on the mystery that Mulder believes is out there. She needs to know that that ordinary lives can by sheer force of will have extraordinary purpose. Mulder needs Scully to give his work weight. She makes him believe that he’s deserving of respect, and he relies on her estimation of him. They’re holding on to that: the truth that they’re here for each other, and that the partnership they’ve formed is enough to get them through.


  • Looking super comfortable in Skinner’s office (with themselves, with their life together, and with Mulder’s hair situation).


  • “The man he’d come to meet made a similar claim in a SCIENCE journal.”
Science, Scully. Look how I give you what you need.

Science, Scully. Look how I give you what you need.

  • Scully’s being downright flirty in that elevator, leaning into Mulder as she teases him about his interest in the case.


  • Other people join them in the elevator and they briefly consider trying to act normal but still end up nose to nose. Well done, you two. Good cover.


  • Scully wants Mulder to have a little victory. The Syndicate is destroyed, and he exposed them. He won. But when he says that he still has to find his sister, she can’t hide that she’s a little impressed by his persistence. The man in that hotel room who told her about his sister still hasn’t given up, and his work is just as personal to him as it was the day they met.


  • I’m so proud of Mulder for being open with Scully from the start. He doesn’t hide that something is wrong with him, and he doesn’t keep her out of his theory on what’s behind it, even though he knows she’ll find it weird.
  • “It was from outer space.”

xfiles biogenesis mulder victory

  • Scully dotes on Mulder, touches his arms when he’s in pain, and insists that she’s going to get help.
  • “Scully you packin’ any latex?”
  • Gazing and telling Mulder to go home is such a small step from gazing and going home together.


  • “He’s a danger to anyone.” “NOT TO ME.” Scully KNOWS that Mulder would never hurt her, even when he’s barely himself.
  • When Diana says that Mulder thought she was the only one who would believe him, Scully doesn’t doubt for a second that Diana is lying. Scully is his one in five billion.

“The Sixth Extinction”

  • “I came in search of something I did not believe existed. I’ve stayed on now, in spite of myself. In spite of everything I’ve ever held to be true.” She stayed for Mulder. She put Mulder ahead of her old ambitions, her old ideas, everything.
  • “I feel this was meant not for me to find, but for you to make sense of, make the connections which cannot be ignored.” How far have we come to get here, where Scully does the finding and needs Mulder to make sense of it? And she goes with it. She keeps digging, as he would, and she trusts that he was on to something.
  • “I’m here only to help my partner.” No really. She’s so far over everything else.

xfiles sixth extinction scully

  • As soon as Mulder has a voice, he asks for Scully.
  • “I’m only here to help my friend.” She’s making it abundantly clear that her agenda is entirely personal. Nothing else matters while Mulder is in danger.
  • “I have been on a plane for 22 hours. I HAVE to see him.” They need each other. They cross the earth for each other. She put continents between them because that’s what it took to save Mulder’s life, but she can’t be in D.C. and not be at his bedside.
  • “He’s not dying. He is more alive than he has ever been. He’s more alive than his body can withstand, and what’s causing it may be extraterrestrial in origin.”

Even with everything she’s still fighting, Scully is certain of the work she’s done, and of the work Mulder was doing long before she met him. She believes in him so completely here.

  • “They’re going to deny you access.” “Maybe as his partner, but not as his doctor.” YES. DOCTOR HIM.
  • Mulder hears Scully’s voice through the din and over everything.
  • “Mulder, it’s me. I know that you can hear me. If you can just give me some sign. I want you to know where I’ve been, what I found. I think that, if you know, that you could find a way to hold on. I need you to hold on. I found a key—the key, to every question that has ever been asked. It’s a puzzle, but the pieces are there for us to put together and I know that they can save you if you can just hold on. Mulder, please. Hold on.” I lost it at “Mulder, it’s me,” honestly.
She looks so young by his bed.

She looks so young by his bed.

She cries hardest at the thought of

Scully starts to crack when she talks about the puzzle that she wants to put together with him. They’ve got work to do. But she doesn’t really break until she begs him to hold on, because she needs Mulder for so much more than this job.

She's willing his hand to squeeze hers back.

It’s like Scully is willing Mulder’s hand to squeeze hers back.

“The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati”

  • “Sir, this isn’t just a case. This is Agent Mulder we’re speaking about.”
  • Even in a dream, Mulder has to tell Scully where he is. He keeps going back to his commitment to Scully.
  • I’m dying at the way she storms into Kristschgau’s apartment. Scully is a woman on a mission.
  • “Really? I could swear I smell cigarette smoke on you.”

This is the most beautiful Scullyface I’ve ever seen.

  • “I just want you to think. Think of Mulder when you met him. Think of the promise and the life in front of him. Think of him now. And then try and stand there in front of me, look me in the eye, and tell me Mulder wouldn’t bust his ass trying to save you.” Scully believes in Mulder’s goodness. She knows that he would do everything to save Diana, and she admires that about him. She’s not threatened by Diana anymore, because the connection she and Mulder share is stronger. It’s based on MUTUAL goodness. Diana can’t say the same.
  • CSM gives Diana the exact opposite instructions. He tells her not to think of the man, but only of the mission. I like to think that the contrast between the two was what made Diana realize that she had to help Scully save Mulder’s life. Mulder has never taken people out of the equation. For all of his single-mindedness, Mulder’s passion was personal from the start, and it made Scully’s personal too.

xfiles scully sixth extinction

  • Mulder dreams up a scenario right out of CSM’s playbook: one where he accepts that he’s just a puppet, settles down in the same neighborhood as his enemies, and raises a family with a woman who wants to keep him in line. CSM says that Mulder is dreaming “the dreams all men who are owned by the world have: a simpler life, full of small pleasures. Extraordinary men are always most tempted by the most ordinary things. Dreams are all he has now.” But even in Mulder’s dream, nothing is simple. He could have dreamed up a life where Samantha was never abducted. He could have dreamed up a life with Scully. He could have been actually happy. Instead, he sewed doubt into the lining of his dream, because he didn’t want to buy into it. He didn’t want the lie of a simple life. He wanted to fight the hard fight with Scully, so he dreamed up a world that didn’t include her in order to force his subconscious to resist it.


  • Even then, Scully was his conscience. “You must get up, Mulder. You must get up and fight. Especially you. This isn’t your place.”

xfiles sixth extinction scully get up mulder

  • Never forget Scully’s business walk.

xfiles scully business walk sixth extinction

  • She lights up when Mulder shows the first sign of life.


  • “No one can do it but you, Mulder. Mulder, help me.” I love that she puts the agency on him, but that everything Mulder does for himself is also for her.
  • Mulder is revived by Scully’s tears so if you need me I’ll just be over here clinging to life.

xfiles sixth extinction scully please mulder

  • He just woke up, but everything’s fine because Scully’s here. “You help me.” It’s a request and a fact.


  • They cling to each other.
  • “I was just getting dressed to come see you, but I couldn’t find a tie to go with my victory cap.”
It looks like a brand new cap and I honestly can't decide which idea I like better: Scully buying it for Mulder, or Mulder buying it to tease Scully.

It looks like a brand new cap and I honestly can’t decide which idea I like better: Scully buying it for Mulder, or Mulder buying it to mess with Scully.

  • Puppy dog is happy to be alive.
This should be illegal.

This should be illegal.

  • “Oh, hey. Tie goes to the runner.” Let’s go back to the baseball diamond, Scully. Hips before hands.
  • Scully is ready to comfort Mulder over Diana’s death, because Diana was his friend. Scully is better than all of us.
  • “The end of my world was unrecognizable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same. You were my friend, and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart, you were my constant, my touchstone.”

The present tense is doing everything for me right now. Scully got Mulder through it, and she needs him to know that he does the same for her, every day.

  • The present tense is doing everything for me right now. Scully got Mulder through this by telling him what he needed to hear, and now she needs him to know that he does the same for her, every day. He gives her a purpose that she no longer feels otherwise, not because she’s hardened, but because she’s learned not to trust the most obvious answers. Mulder makes that okay. She doesn’t know anymore who or what is real, but it’s clearer than ever that she’s in this for him. Whatever the truth is, they’ll make sense of it together.
wow you two are so platonic

wow you two are so platonic

xfiles scully constant touchstone

  • This is a much more lingering forehead kiss than any they’ve shared before. Getting there, getting there…

xfiles amor fati forehead kiss

Bring on the season of secret sex.


  1. I think the scene between Mulder and Scully in Amor Fati is perhaps my favorite in all of X-Filedom. When I saw it the first time in 99 I thought I was going to just die right then and there. My theory has always been they got together after The Unnatural–Milagro cemented that for me. Then of course that delightful scene just really confirmed it for me.

  2. “with Mulder’s hair situation…”

    Amen. Mulder in season six yells “f*ck me now”. Yeah, you’re right when you say it’s the season of secret sex.

    Amor fati… oh amor fati. Oh CC, I hate you then I love you. How can a pair be so perfect?

    I don’t even know what I’m saying… Vodka then Amor Fati is not good for me.


    I’m actually very grateful that Diana exists. Without her we don’t get to see pull the ultimate smug face. I think she also make’s Scully realise that there is perhaps more to their relationship than best friends. The only show where forehead sex became a real thing that was more intimate than them jumping into bed with each other.

    Loving the posts! One of the highlights of my week.

  4. Wooooooowwwwww!!!!! I love so much there are people who still loveThe X Files and they enjoy it so much time since it finished. Just like me!!!!
    We all need it back. We need a 3rd (and good) movie!!!!!

  5. Can we just pause for Gillian Anderson’s face?
    this woman neeeeeds to do more comedy.

    “I am gonna kick their asses.”
    i say this sometimes, and in my head it’s in her voice, but no one ever gets it. LOL.

    Do you even watch this show Scully
    LOL. it’s possible she was truly caught off-guard, because Mulder’s whole little speech sounds like something David improvised. LOL.

    man, you made me like “Field Trip” way more than i ever have before. great analysis.

    Scully’s trip to Africa was incredibly frustrating when you had to watch it as it was doled out piece by piece, because it didn’t make any sense until the end. But holy hell, did Gillian look hot in her tent-wear.

    I lost it at “Mulder, it’s me,” honestly.
    mm hmm.

    Never forget Scully’s business walk.

    Mulder is revived by Scully’s tears so if you need me I’ll just be over here clinging to life.
    *wibbles alongside you* this scene was life-ruining.

    “Even when the world was falling apart, you were my constant, my touchstone.”
    this is such an iconic line in the shipperverse… that’s why i got so excited when you inadvertently foreshadowed it. LOL. what. a. moment.

    Bring on the season of secret sex.
    hahahahaha. seriously.

    1. I’ve been REALLY sleep deprived and have tried to respond to this twice but apparently haven’t hit send either time? But YES I’d watch a Gillian Anderson comedy in a heartbeat.

      Thanks! I liked all of “Field Trip,” but it was definitely the hand-holding that pushed it over the edge for me.

      AFRICA SCULLY! With her tank tops and her button downs and her glasses and ponytails and machete and linen dresses. The finest in tent wear.

      SOOOOO LIFE-RUINING. In every way.

      I am READY for it 🙂

  6. At the time, didn’t the Yankees win the World Series or something? I remember the fandom attributed his victory cap to that, because Mulder was a known Yankees fan. Anyway, it was awesome as it aired the first time around, and it still gives me all kinds of feelings when I watch it now. What a fantastic television show to grow up with.

    1. Hahahah thanks! I wish I could send myself back to 1999 and watch the show then. (I would also settle for sending myself back to my couch right now. I have so much more to experience with these two!)

      1. I don’t know, man. Things started to get preeeetty crazy. Binge watching might be the best for your mental health, haha. Then again, I envy you seeing all this for the first time! Oh man, Season 7 was where I gained my love for and proficiency at detecting secret sex clues and I basically haven’t stopped looking for them in shows since.

  7. This should be called The Post of Feels. Look at you being all philosophical, it’s perfect ok? All of the above is the reason why XF still stays with me to this day, you get the laughter and the puppy and the science and the aliens, but then you get THE FEELS.

    Also, I can’t ever pick one favorite moment from all of XF, but I do have an Amor Fati tattoo that I am immensely proud of. Because of reasons.

    Thanks again, you hit the nail on the head, as always 🙂

    1. Aw thanks! This show is seriously so many things at once, and I love that there’s so much depth to Mulder and Scully’s relationship–and to the series as a whole. So much to think about! And I’m sure I’ll find more in it every time I watch.

      That would be such a great tattoo! I’d love being reminded of that scene every day 🙂 Ahhh face touching and confessions of devotion.

      1. Forehead sex. Best. Ever.

        The tattoo is the culmination of all of my XF devotion… I pondered it forever because I wanted something that represented all that XF is. I got it last year at NYCC, the day before I got my pic taken with DD&GA 🙂

  8. Thank you again for being everything that we crazy shippers need, in one convenient post. You’re better than sliced bread. You might have to change the title to “times Mulder and Scully should have tried to hide the fact that they are bonking” just for season 7. But I digress.

    Mulder is revived by Scully’s tears. Gillian Anderson is my queen. Honestly, she can play drugged and robbed of all inhibitions one week, and emotionally saving the love of her life the next, without missing a beat. Get up and fight Mulder, indeed.

    Mulder’s hair situation to me screams ‘ releasing 6 years of sexual tension…’ But perhaps that’s just me.

    I can’t wait to watch Hollywood AD with you 🙂

    1. Ohhhh, you flatter me. But thanks 🙂
      Hahahha I like the title change. I’m so excited to watch them try unsuccessfully to hide that they’re sleeping together.


      As is that hair. I’m with you on that hair. Six years of sexual tension being released in sheer hair volume.

      I am soooo excited for Hollywood AD!!

    1. Yes we are! That’s because it’s a GREAT theme.
      Hahaha I was introduced to this show by a friend who said, “I’ve never yelled ‘MAKE OUT’ more at my TV screen,” so that’s the lens through which I’ve viewed it from the start. And I have enjoyed every minute 🙂

      1. Yeah, sometimes I yelled that too, but at the same time their relationship is holy and special and untouchable and goes deeper than the physical. That’s why the show is so amazing 🙂

        Get ready for Season 8.

      2. Right?? I mean, I know the entire idea behind this blog series is about how often they should be making out (and I am very much enjoying this new season 7 dynamic, whatever its cause), but I actually LOVE the purity of it all. It’s so much more exciting to watch, and not in a silly “moonlighting curse” sort of sense, where it’s *fun to watch them dance around a relationship* and it would *ruin* the show if they ever got together. I love it because they just ARE together, in their own way, and they know it. What they are to each other is, like you said, deeper and more untouchable. They’re connected at the absolute core, and they get to that point so quickly, and it sees them through all of their differences. That’s what makes it fun to watch.

  9. All of your posts make me SO happy and keep me constantly laughing. I am so amazed that there is someone out there with my same obsession with Mulder and Scully!! I got obsessed last February because of netflix. This show is inspirational and also perfect for hardcore shippers. They are the ultimate OTP ❤ Keep up the awesome posts!! I'll be checking back often 🙂

      1. SERIOUSLY! Best fandom ever, especially with our beloved Scully ❤ When life gets tough, just sing the song.. "wake up in the morning feelin' like Dana Scully." WORK IT.

  10. “Amor Fati,” how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I LOVE Gillian Anderson in this episode. She’s so gorgeous, like she is in every episode, but her hair is so bouncy and fab. I seriously rewind scenes just to stare at her lol.

    Yep! Season 7 is the Season of Secret Sex. I think “Amor Fati” is what pushed these two over the edge of platonic love and into physical love. Diana is dead and gone. This hallway scene is pretty much a vow, or a confirmation. And Scully brushed her thumbs over Mulder’s lips. There will be sex! And a lot of it! Just off screen! And I also pretty much had my suspicions about these two early on in the season, way before “all things.” But I’ll comment on those in your other posts. : )

  11. Just got done rewatching this bunch.

    “Writers’ room: “Hey so drugging Scully was really fun last week.” “Let’s drug Mulder this week.” “Yes but drugging Scully was REALLY fun.” “Fine we’ll drug Scully again too.””

    Yeah but to be fair, drugged Scully was ridiculously fun to watch. XD

    I like that you bring up the hand holding in Field Trip, because it seems to be the shipper moment that we forget the most, but it’s a really important one! Because you’re right, “They don’t know that anything else is real, but they know the hands they reach out for are.” There will never be a time when one reaches out for the other and is denied. Not when it truly matters.



    About the Sixth Extinction… can we just admit to ourselves that Scully-with-a-machete is really hot? Like there needs to be a Resident Evil/X-Files crossover where Alice and Scully fight side by side and Scully kills zombies with a machete. Mulder and Scully would make the best zombie hunters, now that I think of it.

    “Never forget Scully’s business walk.”

    I’ve adopted this walk. And when I feel myself start to forget it, I watch more X-Files and adopt it all over again (or I just watch more X-Files… because X-Files). It’s the best. Nobody messes with someone who walks like that. that is a walk with a PURPOSE.

    Mulder’s Touchstone speech kills me every time.

    1. Oh I LOVE drugged Scully. Gillian nails it.

      Right?? I tend not to think of “Field Trip” when I’m thinking of shippiest moments, but it really is ALL about them. I mean, so is everything. But it’s a great one. “There will never be a time when one reaches out for the other and is denied. Not when it truly matters.” YES. They respond to each other instinctively, and even when they’re apart, they can sense when they need to go to each other.

      Africa!Scully is a dream I never want to wake up from. She’s so hardcore. I wish Mulder could see her, just so we could see Mulder seeing her. Think of his lovestruck puppy face.

      I channel Scully WHENEVER I need to walk with purpose, and it never fails me. Morning commutes are a little more bearable now.

      Aghhhh “you were my friend, and you told me the truth.” It’s such a vow from Mulder to Scully, and she echoes it back. They need each other so badly! And they love it. They choose to keep needing each other.

      1. Chris Carter: I need you to act high.
        Gillian: How high?
        CC: Like you’re 18 and you just got a hold of the REALLY good stuff.
        Gillian: Done.
        That’s exactly how I choose to believe that went down. xD

        Africa!Scully is the best. Her hair’s in a sloppy tieback, in that white tank. Mulder could see her solving puzzles by lantern light and defending him with a machete during the day… he’d be looking at her like she’s a goddess. Goddess Dana Scully!

        Augh just everything about that speech! How soft his voice is, how he’s holding her face. She came to comfort him about Diana, but look at him comforting her, telling her it will all be alright, because he’s there, and he’ll never lie to her. He’ll never hurt her. He’s telling her with his eyes that he loves her, and with his words that she’s the most important person to him — his touchstone. “And you are mine.” /dead. Just dead.

      2. Hahaha Gillian’s FACE when she goes in for the tickle. And her little pout? Beautiful. But not as beautiful as Africa!Scully, who is a radiant queen in a white tank top.

        ANNNND NOW I’M GONE, LOST TO MY “TOUCHSTONE” FEELINGS. They’re always comforting each other and making promises to be with each other. I love it.

      3. LOL I like that she gets progressively more stoned as the episode goes on. Like when she first got injected she was a little off balance and flirty with Langley and can’t figure out how to move that table (I laugh so hard every time I see this scene), but then she’s trying to tickle and pout and god she’s just SO CUTE!

  12. “You were my constant, my touchstone.” The show in a nutshell. All the face touching! Just kiss already! You know you want to.

    I’d actually forgotten about drugged/stoned Scully. The little tickling scene was hilarious.

    The scene at the end of Field Trip when they reach out for each other’s hand – nothing says love like blindly flailing for your partner’s hand after almost dying. Hand holding on this show is so intimate, speaks volumes without words.

  13. “Three of a Kind” — I forgot that Gillian played a drugged Scully on this episode. I thought the gifs were from bloopers or behind the scene. I’m so glad it wasn’t. I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling on those scenes. Gillian Anderson REALLY needs to do more comedy or romantic comedy movies (or show). She is hilarious.

    1. Yes, thank you! I have been saying this for decades. (And the Knicks, too). The only way it makes sense to me is that his mother moved to Greenwich after the divorce, and Mulder decided to adopt the New York teams. Because otherwise, it makes no sense whatsoever. (So says this Red Sox fan).

  14. Just watched Amor Fati for the first time since it aired, and even though the old age makeup sucked, Mulder’s reaction to hearing that Scully was dead in the dream just broke. my. heart. No wonder he is all smiles at the end.

  15. “Can we just pause for Gillian Anderson’s face?”
    – That’s all I’m doing while watching the X files. All. the. time.

    I might be going through all of your x files posts. And I’m having so much fun 🙂 It brings back all those memories from when I was watching it for the first time and I might have cried a few times. I really like this blog of yours

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