Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 14

Move over, Backstreet Boys; I have a new favorite Millennium.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:


  • “We’ll have it our way.”


  • “What if this man’s brain was eaten?”

xfiles hungry brain eaten scully

  • Proboscis theory. She loves it.
xfiles hungry proboscis

Never ever stop suspecting people of having proboscises.

  • “I’m sorry, but this is like good cop insane cop.”


  • Let’s proceed like this episode didn’t break us all.
  • I’m actually pretty sure that things happened before the last two minutes.
  • I took notes and everything.
  • “Mulder, you been spreading rumors?” “Why, heard any good ones lately?”
Did you hear the one about how I'm gonna kiss you?

Did you hear the one about how I’m gonna kiss you?



Exciting, right?

Exciting, right?

  • She’s so pleasantly surprised when he wishes her a merry Christmas.
  • “Well go ahead Scully, naysay me.”
The way he says

He’s not just telling her that it’s all right; he’s asking her to challenge him. He loves it. It’s the next step in this little dance they do.

  • Mulder says “Yuletide night” so seductively.
  • Date night at the psych hospital.

xfiles millennium psych hallway

  • “Well if you’re gonna tell me that he stopped by the side of the road to raise the dead—which I hope you’re not—”
Actual married couple.

Actual married couple.

  • Puppy humor.

xfiles millennium mulder math geek

  • “So I’m going down to the county morgue.” “I absolutely think you should.” “And what are you gonna do?” Literally this entire conversation is the two of them trying to convince themselves not to shove each other into the nearest coat closet.

xfiles millennium i absolutely think you should

xfiles millennium what are you gonna do


It’s time. He looks almost amused by it. It’s actually time.

  • I love everything about Scully and Mulder’s first kiss—how it happens at the most ordinary time, but on the edge of an extraordinary beginning. They’re just standing there in an empty hallway, watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, listening to Dick Clark’s countdown. It’s all familiar, but the whole point of our New Year’s Eve routine is that we do the same thing every year to ring in the hope of doing something NEW next year. We’re waiting for change. That was never more true than in 2000, when for all we knew we were headed for a meltdown. Mulder looks at Scully and figures that there’s no better time to tell her that whether they’re headed for something great or about to crash, he wants to be with her. It’s just a confirmation, really; they both already know what they are to each other. He doesn’t have to say anything, and she isn’t surprised. She’s just pleased. Even with her eyes on the TV, she’s waiting for him; she can feel him thinking about it.
Does she turn her head exactly as he's going in for the kiss, or just before? Was he waiting for her to signal that she wanted it?

Does she turn her head exactly as he’s going in for the kiss, or just before? Is he waiting for her to signal that she’s ready?

I live for the way she closes her eyes and leans into it.

I live for the way she closes her eyes and leans into it.

This is a much more innocent kiss than

Mulder does the same.

He's adorable and happy and tentative all at once.

He’s adorable and happy and tentative all at once.

Yes. You did a good thing. Proud of you.

Scully’s proud of him, and proud of THEM, really. They got there.

  • Now Mulder can finally really celebrate it.

The WORLD didn't end, but neither did theirs.

  • The world didn’t end, and neither did theirs. No bees this time. It’s a much sweeter and more innocent kiss than the one they would have shared in Fight the Future, which was really about the two of them finding their way back together and proving how much they need each other. None of that is at play here: not the big conspiracy, and not their own fears that they’re holding each other back. This isn’t about their FBI partnership. It’s just about Mulder and Scully. My friend Sage put it like this: “With no eminent death or blood or anyone running from anything, he just has to confirm to her finally, If the world were really ending, the last thing I’d do is kiss you.” The lack of death and blood and running is KEY. They’re not coming from a place of desperation; they just genuinely want each other, in an every day for the rest of their lives kind of way. And that’s actually possible, since the world didn’t end.

xfiles millennium scully no it didn't

  • A friend told me that she read something hesitant in Scully there, like Mulder’s joke set off a little red flag that maybe he didn’t take this seriously or something. After almost breaking my remote in an attempt to work through my turmoil, I still don’t see it like that. I see Scully as content but thoughtful, exactly where she wants to be, just considering what it means and where they’re going.
"Happy new year, Scully." "Happy New Year, Mulder."

“Happy New Year, Scully.” “Happy New Year, Mulder.”

  • Scully’s treating this with care because she likes it and wants it to be real. I think if either one of them is hesitant, it’s Mulder, but only because he sees Scully processing and wants to give her that space. This kiss is so completely THEM because their feelings are understood without expression, but the expression of those feelings is taken so seriously. The world didn’t end on January 1, 2000, but it did still enter a new era. (Not quite millennium, but no one likes a math geek.) In the same way that every New Year’s Eve is an ordinary night that looks toward a change, this kiss is completely natural, but it also opens a new door. They both want to get it right, and they’re going to do it together.
But also no matter what Chris Carter says, after they took this little walk to their cars to confirm that they still had each other's backs, they totally had sex that night.

But after they took this little walk to their car to confirm that they still had each other’s backs, they definitely had sex.


  • This is a Hey, last night was great face. Get on board or get out of the way.
Not sure who Scott Cooper is but I'd like to congratulate him on having his name forever attached to this great confirmation that Mulder and Scully are totally doing it.

Not sure who Scott Cooper is but I’d like to congratulate him on having his name forever attached to this great confirmation that Scully and Mulder are totally doing it.

  • “I’d say that Tony eats his Wheaties.”
You missed the obvious Tony the tiger reference but it's so cute that you tried anyway.

Was that bad joke for me?

  • Puppy on a leash.

xfiles rush scully mulder arm

  • Mulder introduces Scully before he introduces himself, which is made that much better by the fact that they’re going into an interrogation. Look at my partner. It’s your lucky day because you get to meet my partner. She’s great. She will end you.
xfiles rush scully tie

Could you BE any more domestic right now?

  • Bedroom eyes and pouty lips will get you everywhere.

xfiles rush scully please just for me

  • “A Betty?” “Back in the day.”
  • “I’ll show you my theory if you show me yours.”
  • Another gruesome dead body pays silent witness to Scully and Mulder’s eye sex.
xfiles rush chair scully mulder eyes

Are they sleeping together? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. XOXO dead body

  • Gazing.

xfiles rush mulder xray gaze

  • Gazing.

xfiles rush scully xray gaze

  • Gazing and thinking about how excited they are to tear each other’s clothes off.

xfiles rush mulder gaze hospital

xfiles rush scully gaze hospital


  • “What if we’re too old?”
Hahaha NO

Mulder, we are just getting started.

“The Goldberg Variation”

  • “Ohhh, AROUND.”

xfiles goldberg hey nice outfit

  • Mulder is so entertained by Scully’s “What if he got really, really lucky?” theory. He loves how hard she clings to science.
Consummate professional.

Mood lighting.

  • He’s actually doing the foot pop.

xfiles goldberg mulder foot pop

  • Scully’s really working hard at this joke thing.
xfiles goldberg scully see door

He’s so PROUD.

  • Scully sees a future watching Mulder try to fix the plumbing, and she can’t hide how much she wants it.

xfiles goldberg scully mulder plumbing

  • She’s really enjoying Mulder’s mishaps today.
"Yeah it's all right, my ass broke the fall."

“Yeah it’s all right, my ass broke the fall.”

  • “So, here’s the plan as I see it: You change your clothes, we fly back to DC by sunset—”
This is like that thing where very rich fictional characters casually propose flying to Paris for a date.

She just wants to be on Mulder’s couch right now. Date night date night date night.

  • “So Bellini kicks down the door, waa ka!”
xfiles goldberg mulder kick

I’ve already rewound this more times than I can count.

  • Scully’s delighted by Mulder right now. Just everything about him.
Q.E.D. Thus we are sleeping together.

Q.E.D. Thus we are sleeping together.

Who wouldn't?

Who wouldn’t?

  • Daily reminder that Gillian Anderson could fit in David Duchovny’s pocket.
xfiles goldberg mulder scully arm

This is super casual, like he’s got his *get dressed next to Scully* routine down to a science.

  • “Maybe everything does happen for a reason, whether we see it or not.”


xfiles goldberg mulder everything happens for a reason



  • Mulder hasn’t forgotten the only killer to ever really rattle Scully. He hasn’t brought it up. It doesn’t make him think any less of her. He’s just remembered it: that there is a way to break her, and he doesn’t want to see her go through that again.
  • When she says that she doesn’t have a choice but to stay on the case—she can’t let anyone else suffer like she did—he looks like he wants to kiss her right there, she’s so soft and tough at the same time.

xfiles orison mulder don't have a choice

  • “I think if it was a make out song, I think it’d be ruined forever now, huh?” Someone knows Scully’s make out songs now.
I have a lot of questions about the fact that Mulder looks a lot like Jonathan Taylor Thomas here. His badge starts with JTT. #CONSPIRACY #TRUSTNO1

Mulder kind of looks like Jonathan Taylor Thomas here. His badge number starts with JTT. #CONSPIRACY #TRUSTNO1

  • He’s hard on Scully’s faith, but he respects her story, because he knows what it means to recognize real evil in the world.

xfiles orison mulder scully real evil

  • These two have a kind of sixth sense about when to check on each other. They’re almost always in danger, but they know when it’s urgent.
  • I’m entirely against the fact that they brought Donald Pfaster back but entirely in favor of how badass Scully is when she fights him. He makes her fight for her life, and she has a lot to live for.
  • “If you want to pack some things, we can get out of here.” There’s no question that Scully is going to stay with Mulder. They don’t even have to say it.
  • He doesn’t want Scully to judge herself, and he assures her that he doesn’t. “The way I see it, he didn’t give you a choice. And my report will reflect that, in case you’re worried. Donny Pfaster would surely have killed again if given the chance.”

xfiles orison scully

He's so good at anticipating her own doubts and countering them.

He’s so good at anticipating her own doubts and reminding her how he sees her.

  • Now go to Mulder’s place, you two.

Season of secret sex is super secretively sexy.



    Sorry for the caps.

    But I’ve been so excited for you to get to the squishy goodness that is season 7, especially post-Millenium season 7. God, the squeezing I did at the tie-twirling and flirting and goofy looks back in 2000 was unreal. Bless you, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, for running with it, Chris Carter and his chasteness be damned!

    Also, I totally agree with you re: Orison. Hate that they negated the “everydayness” of his evil, but I loved that Scully kicked his ass.

    Oh man, can’t wait to see the rest of the season through your eyes.

      1. Hahah I figured it was “squeeing,” because that’s where my brain goes first now. This season has been soooo flirty and adorable so far, yep. I love that David and Gillian just made up their mind about it and went there. (I know a lot of people have “All Things” as a headcanon start date for them sleeping together, and I’m not there yet so it’s entirely possible that I’ll agree with them when I see it. But the TIE STRAIGHTENING. It means everything.)
        Um, yes, “Orison” drove me crazy. “Irresistible” was amazing and tense and terrifying because it could HAPPEN. But ugh, Scully fighting for her life is a beautiful thing no matter what.
        Thanks so much!!

      2. For what it’s worth, as someone who was watching in real time back in the day, “All Things” just kind of confirmed what I’d already suspected. (Lord, talk about a divisive episode. Talk to 5 different fans and you’d get 5 different answers.) Frankly, I thought they started doing it sometime around the end of season 6 or beginning of 7 once they got all Flirty McFlirtesons, but then the Millennium kiss was so sweet and chaste I thought *that* was when they finally got together, but it was game on from that point on. I won’t say much about “All Things” since you haven’t gotten there yet, but I think you can take from that what you want.

  2. I just love the seventh season because you do know they are so doing it. They’re just so much more comfortable around each other and so much more open. It’s obvious that neither one is afraid of losing the other because of their feelings. LOVE IT!!!

  3. Yay! For the season of secret sex. Or, as I call it, the season of happy puppy Mulder, who kicks down doors (Wa Cha). The happy puppy level rises to such an extent that Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement makes a cameo appearance – thanks for pointing that out, YOU ARE RIGHT, as usual.

    It’s totally OK if Mulders ass broke the fall, Scully will doctor it better later, puppy.

    The Millennium kiss is so wonderful, because they both could have made the choice not to stand around staring at the TV waiting for midnight. Scully could have got back in the car, Mulder could have made one last check of something or other. But they both chose to be there, to share that moment, to face the possible wonderful complications that it will bring. They’ve made the leap of faith together, and are ready to see things through. Perfct Mulder and Scully. That, and Mulder is far to chivalrous to let Scully, HIS SCULLY ring in the new millennium without being kissed. It’s his duty, and he takes it VERY seriously, dammit!

    Orbison to me is an affirmation that Mulder and Scully being in a relationship has strengthened them, rather than weakened them. Scully talks about her fears, about her terror that Pfaster has brought out the worst in her. Mulder can reassure her, touch her, and get her the hell outa there and into his apartment. Take that, faceless aliens/monsters/mutants!

    If Gillian Anderson could have gotten away with having Scully hold Mulders hand and skip happily along the sidewalk somewhere she would have. But she made do with Scully playing with Mulder’s tie while tilting her head at an adorable 45 degree angle and making bedroom eyes. I love her. That is all.

    The Amazing Maleeni is coming! Also, keep your ears out for a beautiful Mulder line to Scully this season “you do keep me guessing”. Breaks me every. Single. Time.

    Happy watching 🙂

      1. YES YES YES on the Millennium kiss. They chose to stand there in that hallway alone and watch the ball drop, and since they are human beings in the world, they know how people generally ring in the new year. They knew exactly what door they could decide to open if they let themselves get drawn in, and they went for it.

        Yes on Orison too 🙂 The fact that they’re in a strong place right now makes it that much easier for him to comfort her and know that she’ll accept it.

        We all owe Gillian Anderson everything at all times.

        Ahh a friend was just telling me about that line yesterday. Two recommendations now! So excited.


  4. I received a text out of the blue from my friend who is also just watching TXF for the first time in which she said TVMOUSE IS REALLY KILLING IT TODAY and I was like OMG what! what did I miss?! and then i read this entry and laughed out loud (very loudly) precisely three times.
    One million shout outs for the Gossip Girl ref.

    Also, never noticed it before but that Scott Cooper thing is the funniest thing of life. Kudos.

    Really relieved that the 90s republican housewife nightmare that was the end of Scully Season 6’s haircut has almost grown out, although I really miss Season 3 Mulder Disney Prince hair.

    1. Ahhh yayyyyy!! Thank you!

      Hahaah I love how Mulder and Scully save it all for the dead bodies, which conveniently can’t tell on them for flirting.

      Scott Cooper has a legacy now.

      YESSSS Scully’s end of season 6 haircut has given way to something so much more wonderful and flippy and a bit more like season 5. She’s stepping it up.

      Mulder’s Disney prince hair has my heart forever. It was doing something spiky in “Goldberg” that I wasn’t feeling. But he’s Mulder, so it’s okay. The year 2000 did things to everyone.

      1. i just remembered reading somewhere that her hair in goldberg is a wig?? because they filmed it out of sequence??
        I HATE that spiky hair thing, it makes me sad inside because it’s the opposite of this.


        It’s the end of innocence.

        Can’t wait to hear your theories about the insane fever dream that is Gillian Anderson’s first foray into directing. Get ready. Please make sure you talk about Moby, that’s all I ask of you.

      2. THAT PHOTOSET. I’m dying. Combine disturbingly sexy hair with lizard babies, and you get The X-Files.

        No but really, his hair.

        I read that Scully’s “Goldberg” hair is a wig only in the car scene, which is why it looks so different (/huge) there. They had to film that one after the fact. The rest of the episode is her hair, I think. This is all according to some Tumblr post, but just looking at her hair, it SEEMS right 🙂

        I am SO curious what I’ll think of “All Things.” And prepared to talk about Moby.

  5. but to address your point about the year 2000, it’s true. No one looked good, until maybe 2003 or so. God knows I didn’t. I think i was wearing 4 inch baby blue platforms and dancing on stages at rave parties. Hey wait — this begins to explain why I missed four seasons of the x-files the first time round.

  6. Like everyone else, I’m so excited for you to get to All Things. It is a divisive episode, and every time I watch it, I have a slightly different theory–the one I’m currently entertaining is most interesting. It’s the best of the “Scully behaving badly” episodes, and it’s so interesting to me that Mulder always seems to know it has something to do with him but is too humble or bashful to hope for the best.

    My friend Andrea, who introduced me to the wonder that is Gillian, refers to her season 5 and beyond as “Scoop-neck Scully,” because her neckline lowers in proportion to her growing restlessness and desire for Mulder.

    Your bit about the Millennium kiss is so, so right–it’s the anti-FTF kiss: the culmination of all they’d been through together instead of the culmination of that one hallway argument.

    I think Orison leaves some long-term ramifications, but I’ll wait until your next post to discuss… These posts are the best.

    1. Oh thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoy!
      YES, I feel like everything’s riding on my “All Things” opinion, in the best possible way. Soooo ready for it. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s theories.
      Ahahaha “scoop-neck Scully” is wonderful. She wants him. Maybe enough to show her shoulders even.
      Oohhh, interested in potential “Orison” fallout! Can’t wait!

  7. I think you need to rename this installment “Times Mulder and Scully should have made out this week (and the one time they did).” Although it was more of a chaste kiss than a make out, but still a defining moment 🙂

    “Are they sleeping together? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. XOXO dead body”. Hilarious.

    You know, when I watched this the first time around I was 15, and I had never even kissed a boy yet let alone been able to recognize subtle “we are totally banging in secret cues”, but looking at these post-Millennium gifs now, there is no question in my mind they were totally doing it. All the flirting and the smiling. Yep, it was happening.

    The “I like baseball too” line makes me giggle like a school girl every time. Hips before hands…there has to be a fanfic out there that uses that in a dirty way. Actually, I am surprised I haven’t read it.

    I am with the rest of the group, cant wait for you to get to ‘All Things’!

    1. SUCH a defining moment! Hahaha this installment definitely could have been renamed, but I figure sometimes people do what they should 🙂

      YEP they’re doing it. I will be open to other headcanons once I’m done with this season, but it’s going to take some serious convincing to make me believe that the tie straightening could mean anything else. They’re SO flirty and happy.

      YAY “All Things” anticipation!

  8. OK. So I am so excited to get your take on All Things.

    But. FIGHT CLUB. I adore this episode – if I had to pick a favourite Mulder & Scully flirty episode this would be it…and I don’t generally pick favourite episodes.

    I cant wait for you to see it….season 7 in all its glory! Mwah!


  9. On the subject of the Millenium kiss: I’m going to quote the author of Musings of An X-Phile because (1) she’s amazing and (2) I’m trying to be fairly reserved about my opinions aspects of the show I haven’t reviewed yet, even though I’m really bad at that.

    AARGH I was only going to post a snippet of it but oh it’s just so good – give it a read

    Musings of An X-Phile Millenium Review (part of it):

    Alright. Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s move on to what we’re all really here for, shall we? After seven long, very long, years of unresolved frustration… more so on the part of fans than Mulder and Scully themselves… The Kiss.

    Oh, how do I even start? It was chaste but not dead, sweet but not sugary, self-conscious but still self-deprecating, too friendly to be lustful but too lingering to be friendly, open without spilling secrets, meaningful without digging too deep, loaded yet casual, joyful yet not manic. In short, it was so much all that it needed to be that Chris Carter is lucky I didn’t hunt down his place of residence and kiss him myself.

    I won’t confess how many times I’ve watched this scene and out myself as a closet sentimentalist. Suffice it to say that Mulder and Scully bring out the inner girl buried somewhere underneath layers of Teenage Ninja Turtles and Mortal Kombat, and this is coming from the child who never cried at Bambi.

    I just can’t with these two. The flailing. The flailing!

    I said in the review for “The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati” (7×4) that Mulder and Scully essentially said their vows at the end of the episode, that the only formal barrier left between them was the physical one and it was only a matter of time before that one dropped as well. If you weren’t sure then that they had an “understanding,” please pay close attention to the way this kiss goes down.

    Mulder doesn’t look at Scully as if he’s just realizing how he feels about her, nor does he kiss her as if he’s declaring his feelings. I love (love) the way he looks at her and mischievously contemplates the kiss as if to say, “Why not?” Why not indeed, Mulder? Now is as good a time as any. What’s holding you back any longer? The conspiracy is dead. Diana is dead. Y2K never lived. Go on and kiss the girl.

    And please notice that on Scully’s part, after Mulder kisses her, her face doesn’t say, “Mulder! Does this mean you have feelings for me? I never knew!” No, no, no, no, no. Her face says, “That was nice. What brought that on?” There’s only mild surprise at Mulder’s spontaneity. There’s no shock, no emotional breakthrough. They already know.

    What I love about the fact that it’s taken so long for Mulder and Scully to get their romantic act together is that there’s almost no conscious choice involved. By the time it happens, it has already happened. It passed the point of possibility and crossed the Rubicon into inevitability some time ago while neither of them was paying attention. They don’t need a declaration, or fanfare, or even a hallway the walls of which must be painted with some sort of aphrodisiac it causes so much romantic yearning. At this point, they just are, and I can’t express in words how much I love that. You’d just have to count the flails.

  10. Hahaha I’m definitely open to amending my headcanon, but SOMEONE is going to have to explain the tie straightening to me. In any case, they’re in a GREAT place right now, and I’m into it.

    Ahhhh the “Millennium” kiss buildup is so perfect. You can feel it coming. They both can.

  11. I think the general understanding is that NO ONE knows properly when they started sleeping together, including the creators or the actors. Didn’t the actors say something like “Yeah, well, we played most of the seventh season as if the characters were involved”, and that’s good enough for me.

    Personally, I like that it feels as if you were observing a couple of your close friends who spend a lot of time together and obviously like each other romantically – you will not come over to them and ask “hey, are you doing it already?” You just kinda stop being surprised at some point that they stay in each other’s apartments overnight (well, in this case mostly Mulder’s apartment). Good for them.

    The creators pointed out that we even see several times that Scully stays at Mulder’s place overnight in this season. Where do you think she slept? On the couch? Even if they didn’t start having sex right away, the last wall fell down after “you are my constant” scene and that’s the important part.

    1. I completely agree, and I love it. It’s so natural between them now, and whatever they’re doing, what matters is that they’re totally committed and happy to be around each other. It’s great.

    2. Yes, I remember DD saying that after “Amor Fati” he and GA just started portraying Mulder and Scully like their relationship had finally evolved. They made that choice. I think it also helped that CC told GA they were planning on hinting at a pregnancy for Scully at the end of the season, so when she writes her episode he told her that she should insert a scene that hinted that Mulder and Scully’s relationship had become more than just platonic. This kind of stuff no doubt seeped into the actors’ consciousness as they played the characters.

  12. I watched seasons 8 & 9 although admittedly not since around the time they first aired. I don’t recall anything that negated apres Millennium as the beginning of an intimate relationship. Even if it did I don’t think anything from those last two seasons should be allowed to mess up any of the good things that preceded them. 8 & 9 arguably ought to be disregarded altogether as some troubled AU. I’m sorry in advance that you have to get to those seasons although I’m sure you will find the positives. My take on the relationship going sexual has always been that Scully drove poor injured Mulder to her place for some TLC following their New Year’s kiss. She offered him the bed and he told her he’d take her invitation if she took all of him. And there’s a reference to season 9 for you, as well as to the one song not explicitly inspired by or associated with the show that I would put on my X Files play list. & thanks for the memories. I’ve loved reading all this.

    1. I’m sure seasons 8 and 9 will be an adjustment, but I’m definitely going to go into them with an open mind (a friend recently compared it to “having a stepfather you actually like,” which made sense to me) and, yes, find all the positives I can. I like your Millennium headcanon! They’re so flirty after that episode that it would be ridiculous if they weren’t sleeping together, although that’s been true for YEARS, really 🙂 Thank you!

    2. Dude, give it a rest! Personally, I agree with the facts you stated. But it is pretty shitty that you posted spoilers in the first place… HUGE spoilers, when you know she is watching for the first time. But then you go and try to insist that people read what you wrote, including spoilers? Maybe you should focus less on trying to show off and prove your opinions right and more on enjoying the experience of the greatest show ever. Try to enhance new fans’ enjoyment of the show, not ruin it by giving two seasons’ worth of spoilers. How do you live with yourself?


    Okay, in all honesty when I first watched “Hungry” when it initially aired, I was like… “whaaat is going on here?”

    I think it was Scully’s proboscis face. This was not Season 6 Scully. Season 6 Scully would’ve given Mulder a hard stare and a severe eyeroll at the idea of a monster with a proboscis. It was like the sexual tension and frustration was suddenly gone. Suddenly they were smiling and making jokes. I remember being like, “they are SO doing it!”

    Then I saw “Millennium” and then Scully PLAYING WITH MULDER’S TIE in “Rush” and then every single thing they do and say to each other in “The Goldberg Variation” and I was convinced without a doubt that there was sex going on. My friend thought I was crazy, but when “all things” aired I basically said “Told you so!” and she had to eat her words lol. Then she was like, “well then that was their first time together.” And I said, “no way, because the way Scully casually gets dressed in the bathroom and leaves the bedroom is just WAY TOO FAMILIAR.” Like, Dana Scully has been in this scenario before. Many times lol.

    1. I am so glad I’m not the only one who detected an OBVIOUS shift between Mulder and Scully in season 7. Its like they dont have to prove themselves to each other so much anymore. It is ON peope!

    2. Hahahah the proboscis face and the tie are such giveaways. Their dynamic is GREAT. And I’m with you, it’s too familiar and casual in “all things.” Definitely not their first. Plus, what would they be tense about otherwise?

  14. I just got done rewatching these episodes, too. 🙂

    “I’m actually pretty sure that things happened before the last two minutes. I took notes and everything.”

    If there wasn’t a kiss at the end, I feel like Millennium would still be a pretty memorable episode. I mean, it has ZOMBIES in it! But because they kiss, I don’t really care much what happens for most of the episode. xD

    “Date night at the psych hospital.”

    Where else would these to go on a date? Of course it’s at a psych ward. lol

    “A friend told me that she read something hesitant in Scully there, like Mulder’s joke set off a little red flag that maybe he didn’t take this seriously or something. After almost breaking my remote in an attempt to work through my turmoil, I still don’t see it like that. I see Scully as content but thoughtful, exactly where she wants to be, just considering what it means and where they’re going.”

    And I see it as a bit of a combination of both. Not hesitant per se, but… I don’t know. I literally just got done watching Orison, so I’m a little off with the whole knowing word things. xD But here’s how I see it:

    We are only seeing the end of the conversation. I think between the end of Milagro and the beginning of Millennium, they finally admitted their feelings to each other. I think Mulder then tried to convince Scully that they should be together, but Scully hesitated and listed the probable multitude of reasons why they should never be together (I always imagine her main reason being “Mulder, if anyone found out, they’d just use it against us”). I think Mulder then said something like “The world won’t end because we get together.” I think that’s why Scully wasn’t around for Christmas. I think she took some time away with her family to think. And then that kiss, I think she was hoping he would. She looks so dreamy watching the tv. I think she’s thinking about it and hoping he will, and you’re right, she feels him thinking about it, so turns and smooch.

    And then that look afterward, It’s not really hesitating, I think it’s almost like resignation, but not the bad kind of resignation. More like the “You’re right, Mulder.” kind of resignation. Acceptance. That’s the word I’ve been looking for. That’s what I think it is.

    “I think if either one of them is hesitant, it’s Mulder, but only because he sees Scully processing and wants to give her that space.”

    And then that’s exactly why I think they’re not tearing each other’s clothes off until All Things. I think he knows that she’s not 100%$ okay with it just yet, but that she will be once she’s done thinking about it. He can wait, because he’s Mulder and he’ll always do what’s best for Scully. Such a gentleman puppy.

    “Scully sees a future watching Mulder try to fix the plumbing, and she can’t hide how much she wants it.”

    She wants to facepalm so bad but doesn’t want to offend Mulder so she just covers her mouth so he doesn’t see her trying not to laugh. XD

    “Daily reminder that Gillian Anderson could fit in David Duchovny’s pocket.”

    To use your word, she’s precious. xD

    “I’m entirely against the fact that they brought Donald Pfaster back but entirely in favor of how badass Scully is when she fights him. He makes her fight for her life, and she has a lot to live for.”

    Yeah I wasn’t big on Pfaster either. But dang, that fight scene. She gets the crap beaten out of her by him but she’s still fighting back tooth and claw! YOU GO GIRL!!

    ““If you want to pack some things, we can get out of here.” There’s no question that Scully is going to stay with Mulder. They don’t even have to say it.”

    We just talked about this, too. You know they probably cuddled up on his couch to watch old movies. Scully probably had a blanket wrapped around her and Mulder had his arm around her and she fell asleep on him while watching some ridiculous black and white movie. And then Mulder totally didn’t gaze at her for a while.

    The end of Orison is really sweet. Scully needs reassurance that her killing Pfaster in cold blood was a good thing, and Mulder totally delivers. She’s so broken up by the fact that she killed him and Mulder’s the only one that can comfort her. ❤

    I wrote you a novel. I'm sorry! lol

    1. Don’t apologize!! Haahaha I love it. And I think “acceptance” is a really good word for it. It’s like she’d probably built up all of these reasons why not and now she’s realizing that they were all just stalling tactics and this was always going to happen, and she’d better get ready for it.

      The end of Orison is SO important. She’s really shaken, and Mulder says and does all of the right things here. Good puppy.

    2. i always saw the two of them as admitting to themselves that they we in love with each other but genuinely not thinking the other thought the same so when i see Mulders expression right before the kiss i think he just gets out of his head for a minute and just goes for it, Scully in response of the kiss is just realizing that he loves her more than a friend. and of course they went home together and proceeded to show each other how much they loved each other in the form of naked aerobics.

  15. Lost it at “that’s one secret I’ll never tell. XOXO dead body”
    Your posts are fantastic and are kind of making my watching the series even better because it’s like, hey, I’m not insane (or not alone in it) because other people are also noticing and fixating on the minutiae of the lives of fictional characters. .

  16. “I’m actually pretty sure that things happened before the last two minutes.” Spot on! Millennium was written to give a bit of a finale to the show Millennium, which was rather abruptly cancelled. (Not a bad show to check out, btw. A little darker than X-Files, but spooky and creepy.) But all I can remember about the ep was the kiss. There was actually quite a bit of discussion at the time, because many people thought that Scully’s reaction was subdued. I thought it myself at the time. Her response to Mulder’s “The world didn’t end”, and her “No, no it didn’t”, seemed a little sad somehow.

    Orison. What I remember most is the tighty-whiteys. *Ack!*

    Rush – tie playing (I feel little tingles watching this) and acknowledgments by obnoxious teens that Scully is hot – or at least probably was ‘back in the day’. You have no idea boys.

    1. I agree that she does seem pretty subdued, but I think she’s just processing what this means for them. She’s proud of him though! I keep coming back to the way she smiles at him right after. So sweet and affirming.

  17. Millenium – I like to think that New Year/Millenium meant new relationship between Mulder and Scully. I totally agree that they did it that night (plus all the secret sex after this episode). Whether Mulder’s arm being injured or not, they definitely did it.

    I replayed Mulder’s “waa cha” scene thousands, if not billions, of times too.

    I’ve watched the series twice now, some episodes i’ve watched more than twice, and everytime they kiss, hug, touch, or forehead sex, it always gives me the feels as if I’ve seen it the first time. Honestly, these two could be the cause of my death especially when X-files had been revived. Oh man I can’t wait for X-files revive.

      1. Yes, someone should Vine it. Same here. super exceited about it. I was so happy when they announced that Fox, the channel not Mulder though it’s ironic that X-files was airing on Fox channel considering it’s Mulder’s first name, is doing X-Files revival. Even if it’s only 6 episodes. Those 6 episodes will definitely give us all the feels we can get.

  18. ok so I’m TOTALLY on board with your theory of when they started sleeping together. I think it happen in millennium. few things that make that canon for me. 1. they way he smiles so big when she shows up. I certainly don’t do that to my co-workers. haha. 2. when she plays w his tie and that tells me that’s not the 1st time she fixed that tie besides bad blood (wink) 3. When she pinches him for the turn around look. and in Goldberg Variation he says “nice outfit” hmm…could that be the outfit for the 1st time they did it, so he knows that outfit??? he has a photographic memory right?? also this whole episode just screams flirtation and sex. haha. In Orison he says pack your bag and will get out of here like “yea you ain’t goin anywhere but my place and next to me”. Scully doesn’t even put up a fight she knows where she’ll be sleeping. but yes I’m with you on your theory.

    oh by the way did I tell you that I loooove your posts?? I started watching this show in June and it’s completely ruined me. MS shipper for sure. but I love your posts. your awesome at seeing the details. new season!! I can’t wait, but I’m not sure what I’m more excited for??? the show or your posts???

  19. I just want to say, here on a two-year-old post, from the bottom of my heart, that if little baby Shia LaBeouf stopped liking basketball because the Bulls because “suck now,” he would not–I repeat WOULD NOT– move on to liking baseball in 2000. He has Cubs stuff in his room. The Cubs finished dead last in the National League in the 1999 season. Just saying.

  20. I’m really missing the show, so I figured your blog would cheer me up! It did! I was reading about Mulder and Scully’s first kiss in Millennium and reliving the first time I saw that episode. I was a teenager and nearly fell off my seat in excitement and joy! Years later, it still makes me smile. Such a sweet, innocent, adorable moment! I love everything about that scene! Looking forward to your post on Founder’s Mutation!

  21. The “Puppy on a leash” scene is the one that really confirms to me that Mulder and Scully are sleeping together. Before, I don’t think Scully would have let herself react to a high school girl giving Mulder the eye, and I don’t think Mulder would have felt the need to defend himself. But here he wants to. He’s enjoying this. He’s a little bit flattered, and a little bit embarrassed, and a little bit defensive, but mostly he can’t hide how happy he is that Scully cares what he does.

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