Spotlight on Arrow: Thoughts on Olicity

Posted by Sarah

Hello Arrow fans!
Quick note: This post will discuss items from Arrow’s season three premiere. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to be spoiled, stop now (but come back after you watch it)!

I want to talk a little about Olicity, and I’m grateful to Kelly for letting me do that here at The TVMouse! This isn’t an episode recap or review; I just have some thoughts that won’t go away, and for me, that means I need to write about it.

I’m an Olicity-shipper; I was never really into the Oliver/Laurel storyline, and I have enjoyed how the character of Felicity has been developed over the past year or so. However, I do think the writers have a challenge on their hands in that they have made Felicity so likable that she’s almost too good for Oliver. Remember last season when Felicity was disappointed that Oliver slept with Isabel? He essentially told her it was just sex, and he couldn’t ‘really’ be with someone he truly cares about (I think Sara is another example of this) . Felicity responded by telling him he was worth more than that.

In that moment, the writers established that:
1. Oliver wouldn’t/couldn’t have ‘just sex’ with Felicity
2. Felicity isn’t the type to have ‘just sex’

Whether the second item is true or not, they gave the impression of it by indicating that she values more relational sex than recreational.  Fastforward to the premiere.

Honestly, at the beginning of the episode, when they were flirting and talking about houseplants and Felicity was touching his face, I thought they were already sleeping together! It’s clear Diggle has had enough jibbajabba as well, and he calls Oliver on it, leading Oliver to take a chance and ask Felicity out to dinner.  While on their dinner/date, Oliver reminds Felicity of that moment, asking her if she remembers when he told her that he couldn’t really be with someone he truly cared about. She says yes (and let’s face it, if she recalls chewing on a pen when they met, and all of his many, many, many shirtless moments, she probably does remember him saying that), and Oliver tells her that he’s been re-thinking that. We can see that Felicity knows he’s talking about her, and she’s pleased by that.

Fastforward again toward the end of the episode, and Oliver tells Felicity that he’s so sorry, they can’t be together because he can’t risk being distracted from The Arrow’s mission by focusing on Oliver Queen at the moment—and maybe never. Felicity tells him to “stop dangling maybes”, a great line, and (in my opinion), seems to just be done with it, telling him to just once and for all tell her that he doesn’t love her. Oliver kisses her and begs her not to make him say he doesn’t love her. Felicity is somewhat shaken, and she tells him it is over and walks away.

I feel like at this point, even though Oliver has made the distinction between one-night-stands and relationships, he can’t go back to having random hookups. It’s possible the show will focus less on Oliver’s personal life and more on The Arrow, and we won’t see him with anyone else at all—but it would be interesting to see him turn down some romantic or sexual offers from others. What do you think?

I liked the chemistry between Felicity and Ray (more than the Barry/Felicity chemistry), and I can see that developing into something. Ultimately, I still think Oliver and Felicity will end up together (if Oliver ends up with anyone), but this current storyline gives them more time to keep the slowburn going.

Thoughts from you?

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