Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 15

Sorry for the delay; I met Gillian Anderson this past weekend and retroactively blacked out last week.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:

“The Amazing Maleeni”

  • “Neat trick, huh?” “I can think of a neater one: how you convinced me to drop everything and get on the first plane to Los Angeles.” Was it a bedroom trick?
xfiles maleeni scully car door

Yeah probably.

  • It’s really cute how Scully continues to insist that there’s ANY place she’d rather be. Just to keep up appearances.
  • They’re showing off for each other so hard in this episode. “Observe.”
  • “Skeptic.”

xfiles maleeni scully morgue

I'm sorry, I have LITERALLY nothing to say about this picture.

I have literally nothing to say about this screenshot.

  • You know it’s a wild day when Fox Mulder laughs at how unbelievable a scenario is.
xfiles maleeni mulder smile

Scully, we might be looking for a guy who saws people’s heads off and then glues them back on really really quickly. Has our job always been this weird?

Having FUN!


No wait Mulder get serious this is CRIME.

Now get serious this is CRIME.

  • “And yet he performed yesterday. What a trooper.”
  • “Mr. and Mrs…” “AGENTS!” That could easily be the title of this show.
  • She won’t admit it, but she really wants Mulder to appreciate this top hat.
xfiles maleeni scully hat

Mulder check me ouuuuuttt.

  • They’re making fun of someone together, so I assume another angel has received its wings.

xfiles maleeni mulder wave

  • I love how obviously she’s enjoying Mulder’s magic show and how happy it makes him to entertain her.

xfiles maleeni scully not bad

  • He taught himself this trick so he would have an excuse to touch her face.

xfiles maleeni blow your nose

  • The way Scully says “AMAAAAzing!” is light and adorable and HAPPY and far and away my favorite moment of the whole episode.
Puppy's putting on a show.

Puppy’s first magic show.

  • You just know he’s been practicing in front of his mirror since he met her.
  • I hope all of my tax dollars help fund Mulder’s further adventures in magic.
  • Scully has tricks too.
xfiles maleeni mulder smiles at scully

She’s so cute.

  • I feel like Mulder learned all of that sleight of hand for Scully, but Scully did not learn how to do this for Mulder. She just knows things. She has secrets.

xfiles maleeni scully hand

xfiles maleeni mulder overwhelmed


“Signs and Wonders”

  • “Snakes.” “Lots and lots of snakes.” Is that anything like “lots and lots of files”?
Maybe "lots and lots" will be our "always."

Maybe “lots and lots” will be our “always.”

  • Scully asks Mulder if he’s going to put evil snakes on their travel request, and he just smiles and says “No.” He’s been laughing at his theories more lately; he’s not discounting them, but he’s considering them more objectively, and he’s more aware of how they might look from the outside. Scully’s always been aware of it, and she never lets it stop her, and he just thinks she’s amazing for that.

xfiles signs and wonders mulder travel request

  • Mulder dresses the part to go talk to the priest. This shirt is like apple pie at a barn raising. It’s like rolling up your sleeves to play baseball in the street as the sun sets on a summer night. It smells like pine and old books. I can FEEL this SHIRT.

xfiles signs and wonders mulder shirt

  • “Where’s the light switch?” “The nearest one? Probably ten miles from here.” Joke!Scully is one of the best things about season seven so far.

Can’t tell who’s prouder.

  • “Tennessee. Snakes. Thank you, Mulder. Thank you sooooo much.”
Texts from Scully: I miss the aliens.

You miss aliens, don’t you Scully?

  • Scully’s very into catching the next flight home with Mulder right now. I can’t imagine why.
  • They always know when to check on each other.
I love his little "You good?" nod.

His little “You okay?” nod is so cute. It’s not even really directed at Scully. He’s just reassuring himself.

  • “I’d say it’s good news for you that she’s not here right now.”
  • “You’re saying that you, Fox Mulder, would welcome someone telling you what to believe.” She knows him so well. He has to make up his own mind about things. But I love his very Conversation on the Rock-esque admission that he sees the appeal in being handed a set of answers, in not having to tear apart the world to find his own.
  • Touching, followed by unbuttoning his shirt, followed by more touching.

xfiles signs and wonders scully mulder touching

  • Scully thinks Mulder passed the test with flying colors, because he’s alive. Which is great, because she helped save him, so they passed the test together. She knew really early on that there was no cold dark place for him. Now she’s part of the reason why.

xfiles signs and wonders mulder alive smile

xfiles signs and wonders scully mulder alive smile

They love each other so much that a screenshot from an aggressively average episode is making me cry and it’s 12:21 am and this picture is ALL I KNOW. Please send help.

“Sein und Zeit”

  • Mulder’s super casual “Come on in” to Scully, like he’s not lying there thinking about his sister, and she didn’t just fly across the country to tell him that he’s in trouble, and this is just a motel bed that they’re already sharing, kills me.

xfiles sein und zeit mulder bed come on in

  • He does not want Scully to turn on that light.
  • I really appreciate the look that Scully gives Skinner as she sends Mulder through the door, like, Hello sir, I have retrieved him.
Also I am standing on my toes right now.

Also I am standing on my toes right now.

  • “Did I say anything about aliens, Scully?”
I don't want to be serious, so let me be charming.

I don’t want to be serious, so let me be charming.

  • Scully will not let Mulder charm his way out of this. He’s probably counting on that. She worries about him, and she pushes him not to put himself through this.
  • Even from the doorway of Skinner’s office, when Scully tells Mulder about his mom, it’s like there’s no one and no space between them. She’s not just dropping by to deliver the news; she’s in this with him.
xfiles sein und zeit mulder mom's dead

“Mulder, your mom is dead.”

  • “You’re my friend, and she’s your mother.” It’s so rare for them to label what they are to each other, but when they do, they always go with ‘friend.’ I love that. It’s their foundation. They were always friends, in every life. The rest is nice, but the friendship is essential.
  • Mulder comes to Scully for the science. He wants her to help him find the truth; it’s why he needs her. Scully tells him later that his mom was just trying to take away his pain, but if she was, she went about it all wrong. Mulder’s mom kept everything from him. Scully is his friend, and she tells him the truth, and no matter what it is, she doesn’t let him process it alone.
xfiles sein und zeit scully hands

I’m pretty sure the world never seems more unjust to Scully than it does when it hurts Mulder.

  • When Mulder starts to lose control, he pulls back. He doesn’t ask anything from Scully. He tells her that he’s glad she’s there, but he doesn’t lean on her until she’s reached out to him. He’s always been a little more closed off where his sister is concerned, because Samantha has always been HIS quest, and he’s upset about her as much as he’s upset about his mother. Mulder trusts Scully to give him the truth—that’s what they do—but he’s not going to make her carry the emotional weight he’s been dragging for almost three decades unless she wants to. Which of course she does. She reaches out and literally pulls him to her until he lets himself give in. I love the way she grabs his hand as she does it.

xfiles sein und zeit scully mulder comfort

xfiles sein und zeit mulder scully hug

  • Scully stays with Mulder all night and does not care that Skinner knows it, thank you very much. Look at that shirt. She’s so casual and unblushing and at home there, and she’s in full-on protective mode from the minute she opens the door. Scully is Mulder’s bouncer.
xfiles sein und zeit scully mulder door

“It’s been a hard night for him.”

  • “Well then you better book three.”
  • “She’s here to help.”
  • They never did those trust exercises, but she can still find Mulder’s shoulder without having to look for it.
Oh hey.

Hi there.


  • Scully knows that he was hoping to find his sister. It’s like she’s inside Mulder’s head, and she doesn’t trust anyone else in there. She pulls him away from Harold Piller because she knows that Mulder is vulnerable, and she won’t let anyone to take advantage of that.


  • “Mulder, you have been through so much in such a short time.”
  • Scully goes back to DC so they can do their cross country tag team thing.
  • She takes another look at his past, because “someone owes it to Mulder,” and who else is there? She won’t let anyone tell her to let it go, either. “This particular wound has never healed, and Mulder deserves closure just like anyone.”
  • When Mulder can’t find the energy to fight the Smoking Man, Scully stands up for him.
  • I like it when Scully and Mulder get domestic in homes that aren’t theirs.
Has anyone shown this to the people in charge of world peace?

Has anyone shown this to the people in charge of world peace?

  • Of COURSE she comes along to investigate the Air Force Base. She has to challenge him and wear the heck out of a leather jacket first, but then she’s all his. The way she sighs resignedly in the diner says it all. She can’t not back him up.

How do you get anything done when you look this good, though?

  • “Maybe afterwards we can play postman and spin the bottle.”
  • Scully gives Mulder the time he needs, but she doesn’t let him drown. “Let’s get out of here.”

xfiles closure hands

  • “You know, I never stop to think. The light is billions of years old by the time we see it—the beginning of time, right past us into the future. Nothing is ancient in the universe.” I feel like Mulder and Scully are billions of years old by the time we see them, too. They’re connected across history, and they go forward together, no matter what. That’s the promise.


  • He laughs like he forgot that sleep existed. He’d be so lost without her.


  • They’re working the same case in the same town, and this is still how Mulder looks when he opens the door.

Oh hey, SCULLY’s here!

  • Scully is so happy to have a lead on his sister’s case. She just wants to help him.

xfiles closure scully door

  • “Do you want me to go talk to her myself?” I love that Scully volunteers to take this huge step for Mulder, knowing that he’ll trust her, and he does.
  •  “I’m fine. I’m free.”
Let's get back to being star light.

Let’s get back to being billion-year-old stars in strong jackets now.


  • “Not who. What.” Mulder and Scully are just out there hunting a “what,” like they do every day. I find that reassuring.
  • The camera loves them, and they don’t know what to do about it.

xfiles x-cops not who what

xfiles x-cops scully hiding

  • “Agent Mulder?”
You talking about werewolves?

A word before you talk about werewolves in front of people?

  • So lost.
Oh, my sweet summer child.

Oh, my sweet summer child.

  • I like how often the cameras follow Mulder and Scully away from the group, trying to mark off a private space for themselves. Most of the time, it feels like Scully and Mulder are just doing their own isolated thing because that’s the fate life handed them: the basement office. But they’re actually really intentional about living in their own world, which, as far as Scully is concerned, is not for display.

xfiles x-cops scully arm

  • Actual puppy dog Fox Mulder would stick his nose to the lens if Scully weren’t there to pull him back.
  • “You want to talk about werewolves to me, you can knock yourself out. I may not agree with you, but at least I’m not gonna hold it against you.” That’s basically the exact compliment he’s been paying her from the start. Scully respects the process.
  • “I don’t want ME looking foolish, Mulder.” This comes two seconds after she tells him that he might be ruining his career, so it’s really cute how she tries to pass it off like she’s not every bit as concerned for his name as she is for hers. Anyway, whatever reputation one of them gets, the other gets too. I like how they each assume that the country thinks like them. Scully sees their audience as rational people who’d judge anyone for believing in werewolves, while Mulder sees them as people who want to believe. He wants to share their work with the world. (“Oh I’M clear on that SCULLY.”) Scully wants it to just be theirs.

xfiles x-cops scully give it a rest

  • “They turned out to be insect bites…Together they just looked like a larger pattern, especially when we want them to. Although it was an understandable conclusion that I’m sure anybody would have made.” Like that time I dropped my robe for you.


  • Shut it down.

xfiles x-cops scully go with someone else

  • “That’d be a good color for you, Scully.” Take how bad Mulder usually is at flirty jokes, then add a camera.
  • “And the nature of these crimes, they’re notoriously hard to quantify at any kind of rigorous scientific level, as Agent Scully will tell you.” “Ohhhh yeah.”
  • Mulder has no shame about his relationship with Scully or his crazy theories, but he still gets between the cameras and a young girl.
  • “Okay, well, for the sake of this argument” is Scully’s way of saying, “You’re making sense to me. Tell no one.”
  • The HORROR.
This is worse than the bees.

This is worse than the bees.

  • “How’s somebody supposed to live that down?” “I don’t know, um, I guess just do good work.” That is so you, that is SO MULDER.
  • Skinner just woke up in a cold sweat.

xfiles x-cops fbi has nothing to hide

  • “You weren’t afraid for your life.” Guys, Scully’s rationalism is literally keeping Mulder safe.

xfiles x-cops mulder scully not afraid for life

  • Never calling off this feud.

xfiles x-cops scully i hate you guys

  • On the next…Arrested Development
xfiles x-cops mulder door

Mulder fights a door for five hours.

Everyone! I missed you. I really am so sorry for missing last week’s post; in addition to New York Comic Con, real life intruded on the Friday before last, and I’m still dealing with it. But I’m okay, because this happened.

mulder it's me gillian anderson

This is my Thing I’d Save in a Fire now.

I brought this print for Gillian to sign at NYCC because it amused me. She said it was funny (or a synonym of funny; I wasn’t processing details at that point), and then looked at it for a minute, and then she went freestyle. It’s better than I could have imagined. The period after “Scully” is what makes it. Scully. So final. So declarative. So matter of fact. Scully. aka. Gillian Anderson.

See you all next week! (I PROMISE.)


    1. It is the ABSOLUTE best. She was so sweet and took her time with everyone, and she still made time to sass a guy in line while I was up there. (He knocked over a pole and she was like, “You drunk already?” Magical.)

  1. ISN’T SHE AMAZING?! She’s literally one of my favorite people in the world, I’ve been lucky enough to have several chances to talk with her and she continues to impress me with her awesomeness ❤

    And, your post, I love the puppy dog references. Every. Single. Time. It fits Mulder to a tee.

    1. Ha! Thanks. He’s been a puppy to me since the pilot, when he rolled over in his airplane seat and looked at Scully over his pillow. Actual puppy.
      And ahhhh, so cool that you’ve had multiple sessions with our queen.

  2. I have been lurking around your blog every day waiting for your next post. I’ve been having a marathon of x-files, never watched it before and i’m not quite sure what life was before now, and i’m completely obsessed. Your gifs and commentary are gold 🙂

    1. Oh, thanks so much! I really feel SO bad about missing last week–life just all happened at once. But YES, I KNOW, right? I don’t know what I even did before this show. I’m so glad I never have to go back to an X-Files-less existence.

  3. I’ve missed you! The only acceptable reason for not blogging regularly about season 7 is that you were busy chatting with Gillian Anderson. So yeah. You’re all good 🙂 I am insanely jealous all the way down here in Melbourne, Aust. but I just know my fandom was represented so well through you! So thanks.

    I so love that Scully has reached a point where she will protect Mulder’s reputation, or sanity or stand up for their friendship NO MATTER WHO IS WATCHING. Yep, camera crews, Skinner, aliens, ghosts of lost siblings, whatever. She doesn’t hide it anymore – and its adorable and wonderful and life affirming.

    And, what’s more -she’s so darned happy about it. Joking about people with one eye not seeing their way to doors, and light switches and snakes on travel requests. Its like she’s finally allowing herself to enjoy their work, and their time together, comfortable in her roll as mediator to Mulder’s mania.

    And, because he is so adorable, under the gaze of all the eye sex and Scully love Mulder returns to his natural state: puppy.

    Watching the two of them stand there as Mulder was able to let Samantha go felt like the end of a journey and the beginning of something new, don’t you think?

    1. Aw, thanks so much!

      YESSS I agree so much with ALL of that. She’s all for Mulder, all the time, and she doesn’t have the time to be self-conscious about it. And she really is so HAPPY right now; she’s settled in to all of the weirdness. And Mulder’s there, so how could she not enjoy herself?

      Puppy Mulder has made so many glorious reappearances lately.

      They really are in a new place after Closure, Mulder in particular. He’s lighter, and Scully can feel something different in him from the minute he walks up to her. They don’t have to be held back anymore. It’s nice!

  4. Well, if ever there was an excuse for leaving us adoring philes in waiting, meeting GA would be one. My friends and I met her at the premier of IWTB in LA, when they let our filthy selves sit, not just in the same theater as our tv heroes, but amongst them 🙂 She signed the shirt I made… using my hand as a table so it’s almost like she signed my hand. We said hey to Mrs. Pileggi, and she tugged his sleeve to pull him out of his conversation to talk to us, and we gave him disgusted appraisals that he dared visit the worst parts of Florida recently, and not the cool parts, where we lived – come on down to Florida, we got something for ya, sir 😀 And so many fans, my friend, soooo many fans! I get excited whenever anyone gets to meet them, because now I know what it’s like (magical! Even when you’re covered in a coating of filth from spending the waiting on Hollywood Blvd). So, congratulations! And yay for the update! I’ve told all my friends about you… These posts are adorable and fresh philes are delicious ❤

    1. Ahh you sat with them to watch the movie? GILLIAN USED YOUR HAND AS A TABLE? Skinner went to Florida?? Where? (I grew up in Florida.) What a magical night.

      Aww, thanks so much! I’m not sure what I’ll do when I’m done with this show! Beyond re-watch it immediately, obviously.

      1. Oh yes, all of that and more 🙂 It was crazy and awesome and whoa. Gillian was very pregnant at the time, and all glamorous and lovely, while we looked like dregs. People were amused at how excited I got over free popcorn and soda to go with the free movie in the historic theater, nevermind the celebrities (I so love free things!). Also hilarious, the only one that really had a moment with DD was the one guy not really all that concerned with meeting him, and it was so casual (a nod and a “hey” in passing lol). Mitch had gone to Jacksonville & Tallahassee (boooo). I’m from SoFlo and my friend that was with me at the time is from Cocoa Beach. He should really visit us instead of the capital & Jaguars… though I like the Jaguars, no matter how much they lose, and Tallahassee has the FMNH I’d love to work at. Where in Florida for you? I lay claim to Miami, Hialeah, Tequesta, Juno, Jupit…well, let’s just say Florida, all over. If you feel an emptiness after you’re done, you can always join me & my friends in our Facebook group (since our forum kinda… died lol). The only thing we have in common is love of show & dislike of meanness, and so we randomly come up with epiphanies, observations, and memories. Two people are keeping their own blogs, a rewatch and a first watch, though the first watch guy refuses to binge and has been going once a week, excluding summers, for 7 years now (you have no idea, yo… I just wanna shake him lol… I mean bravo, because being a bystander is frustrating enough). They already like your style. Anyway, we’re dorks. It’s lovely. You’re welcome. Now, I’m late for Bones! 🙂

      2. Hahaha it’s always the ones who don’t care about meeting actors who end up running into them. That sounds like such a great night though!
        I’m from Sarasota, home of (a) someone’s grandparents or (b) someone’s college spring break trip. Also great beaches. I’ll give it that.
        YES, bring on the fandom community (and thanks!). But HOW. HOW CAN HE WATCH THEIR FACES ONLY ONCE A WEEK. I need them in my life all the time.

      3. I like Sarasota 🙂 I’m more familiar with Fort Myers though…spent a lot more time there. But you’ve got Mote Lab there, which is a great research facility – I work in a sea turtle hospital east side, but we’ve cooperated with them before. As for Andy and his…persistence…I can’t fathom. When I finally watch a show I’ve been avoiding or else meaning to watch, and it’s good, my house turns to ruins and my animals ask if they’ll ever get to play/eat again 😉 He says he wanted to live through it like as if it were still on. He’s getting toward the end and feeling sad now, poor fella. I’ll send you an invite…if I can figure that out. I haven’t even looked to see how my name shows up here :/ I only signed up so I could comment on your stuff lol.

      4. Ahh Mote! Plenty of field trips there. And I hear that–I stop feeding myself normal meals when I’m in TV marathon mode. I’m going to a friend’s place to watch the season 7 finale tonight, and I’m already crushed.

    2. Oh yay! Another Phile that was at the IWTB premier with me! Hello!!! I swear, people don’t believe me when I tell them about the experience. I think it was one of the most surreal things ever, to be sitting in the stands on Hollywood Blvd. and have the crew guy sneak up behind us and tell us to meet him on the corner and to find out Chris Carter invited us into the Chinese Theater to actually watch the movie with all the cast and crew! I sat 5 rows in front of Gillian but I was too nervous to approach her or David. A reporter that was sitting next to me and my friend had never even seen the show and she had to keep asking me questions and then gave me her ticket as a souvenir. I met the Alien Bounty Hunter, Mitch, CC, Frank Spotniz, Mark Snow, Mat Beck, and Mark Griffiths, and was standing in line for the popcorn and free soda while watching GA and DD talking to each other in the hall. Loving this blog because it reminds me of all the good times with The X-Files over the years. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Hello friend!
    First of all I am still upset we were ships in the night (actually mid-day) (actual ships though) (passing out?) (from this bad pun) but also glad that you came back to earth and made us all this hilarious post.

    My friend Loren and I have been campaigning to get DD into the UN to promote world peace, since everyone else seems to be making Blake Lively’s unborn artisanal child a priority. Definitely we should have some sort of motif involving that photo. Perhaps on a coffee mug? At David Duchoffee™? Where all the hot drink profits go to charity? Just a thought.

    “How do you get anything done when you look this good, though?” had better be on the Anderson family crest. Which reminds me…

    Sometimes I think I’ve reached Peak Gillian Anderson, and then last week happened. Those buzzfeed gifs are going to be my go-to when it’s minus a thousand degrees outside and I’ve run out of 90s GA fashion pictures to post or when we are all about to go 28 Days Later on eachother from ebola, or whichever comes first.

    Yours in emotional (and tequila-induced) exhaustion,


    1. I hope you realize that I laugh out loud multiple times at everything you write. “Blake Lively’s unborn artisanal child.” YES. I want in on David Duchoffee™. I would THROW MONEY at David Duchoffee™. Hot drinks only.
      Last week was a GIFT, starting with the buzzfeed photo she posted with cardboard Ryan Gosling, stopping never. The quiz where she got Mulder? The pictionary? The NYCC photo diary? Please send help. Also I believe that she could singlehandedly cure us all of ebola with a single word. I’m not sure what it is yet, but she’ll figure it out.

  6. Congrats on meeting her! Last week a great friend in England went to a Vision of Fire signing and got a UK version of her book signed to me, but I still hope to meet her someday. I will say that I still have five essays to grade and need to get to bed, but when I saw you had a new entry up, I just had to read it, and I wasn’t disappointed. I really do love how playful they are with each other this season.

  7. Thank you for making me laugh 🙂 I always look forward to the next volume and I just love Mulder and Scully even more and more each time, it’s so weird 🙂

  8. You met Gillian Anderson?! I would DIE.

    Okay, so where was I? lol Oh yeah! So in “The Amazing Maleeni” I thought the first scene where they are at the bank and Pinchbeck says “Mr. and Mrs” and Mulder practically freaks out before resolutely stating “AGENTS” was very, very telling.

    Because in “Rain King,” Mulder was very amused at being mistaken as husband and wife and never bothered correcting people. It was Scully who was forced to speak up constantly. And then in “Arcadia” Mulder is having a blast pretending to be married to Scully.

    But here, their relationship has changed significantly since then, and it’s like Mulder is in a serious hurry to refute any marriage ideas thrown their way. Or something lol. Seriously. His eyes like, BULGE, and he can’t wait to correct Pinchbeck.

    “Signs and Wonders.” Scully is totally City Mouse and Mulder is Country Mouse. All day long.

    Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more amazing, you make an “Arrested Development” reference. I heart you.

    1. Aahahah I like your “AGENTS” theory. I totally agree. I’ve always felt that Scully doesn’t want to play at these things because she takes them seriously, and it’s like Mulder takes them seriously now too.
      I also considered making a “not tricks…ILLUSIONS” reference, but I couldn’t fit it in 🙂

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaand here we go

    “She won’t admit it, but she really wants Mulder to appreciate this top hat.”

    I appreciated the top hat. Scully should wear top hats more often. Also she should do magic and Mulder could be her lovely assistant. I also appreciate that this case wasn’t even an X-File, it was just a really REALLY good con and they solved it. Go them. A nice little break after Orison.

    ““I’d say it’s good news for you that she’s not here right now.””

    I love Mulder in this scene. he is SO ANGRY. He’s fidgety, his arms are crossed, his voice is unnervingly mild. He did the voice thing with Duane Barry, too. It’s almost creepy because he’s talking like he’s having a pleasant conversation, but inside his head you know he’s just murdered this person a million times for hurting Scully. NOBODY hurts his Scully and gets away with it.

    ““You’re my friend, and she’s your mother.” It’s so rare for them to label what they are to each other, but when they do, they always go with ‘friend.’ I love that. It’s their foundation. They were always friends, in every life. The rest is nice, but the friendship is essential.”

    Because they are friends first and foremost. In the beginning they started out as partners but that didn’t last long, they became friends so quickly and they’ll always be friends no matter what happens and no matter what they evolve into. They were friends, first and always.

    “She has to challenge him and wear the heck out of a leather jacket first, but then she’s all his.”

    Honestly I’m just glad you mentioned the leather jacket, because I love that jacket. I can’t even tell you why I love it so much. I’m just so glad it’s on Scully and in my life.

    ““Do you want me to go talk to her myself?” I love that Scully volunteers to take this huge step for Mulder, knowing that he’ll trust her, and he does.”

    I always thought this was so sweet. She sees how scared Mulder is to finally face the truth, so she does it for him. She doesn’t say “Come on, Mulder” and she doesn’t even try to get him to come with her so that he can hear what the nurse had to say. She does it herself, because Mulder’s weak right now and she can be strong enough for both of them.

    “Oh, my sweet summer child.”

    I swear to god if this is a reference to ASOIAF/Game of Thrones I’m going to nerdy scream at you.
    Also I loved that line. XD Oh Mulder.

    X-COPS was a fantastic episode, and I’m really glad they aired it after the emotionally draining Closure. I bawled like a baby after watching it, then laughed my ass of at X-COPS. I love how Scully is 3000% done with the camera crew. Just, so done.

    1. Hiiiii I just realized that I missed this somehow!

      Season 7 has a couple of “is this really an X-file” cases, and I like it! Sometimes they get to solve slightly offbeat cases and actually explain them. They deserve that.

      YES! He’s SO angry and on edge. He’ll go to bat for her any day, not because he doesn’t believe she can stand up for herself, but because he hurts for her. Agh.


      It’s so sweet that his quest is so completely hers that he feels it’s been concluded as long as ONE OF THEM talks to this woman. They’re so wrapped up in each other that when one of them steps over the finish line, they both do, even when it’s a deeply personal line to cross.

      Yep, it was a GOT reference! Kind of. I don’t actually watch GOT yet, but I know the line 🙂

      X-COPS is the besssst. Scully and the camera crew never get old.

  10. I love this post just for looking at Scully’s perfect hair.

    The losses keep racking up. Losing his mother without resolving things between them and without getting all the answers he needs. Poor puppy.

    X-Cops : “The FBI has nothing to hide.” Oh, Scully you try so hard to bravely forge on through the most excruciating predicaments. Like trying to avoid becoming a laughingstock on national TV.

    I adore any shot that shows Scully covering Mulder’s hand with hers.

  11. The Amazing Maleeni- I enjoyed this episode so much especially the scenes when Scully and Mulder show off their magic tricks. “Amaazing!”

    Signs and Wonder – Gillian slips in her British accent for a few seconds in this episode. “But uhh..” “So you think that uh…” (beginning of the episode when Mulder and Scully talks about the case for the first time).

    X-cops – at first I thought the episode was cheesy, but as I watch it, can’t help but laugh and ended up liking it.

    Mulder and Scully touching, gazing, and hugging increases. Feels increases.

    So cool that you met and got an autograph from Gillian. I envy you for that. What event/meet up did you go see GA?

  12. I love how when she freaks out and needs him she grabs and claws at him like she’s not so much hugging him as trying to climb *inside* him. And I love how when he collapses under the weight of whatever (like when his mom dies) he falls onto her little bitty frame and grabs her like a drowning man who can no longer keep his face above the water with his own strength.

    Both those things happen multiple times in the course of the show and DD and GA somehow not only came up with those specific actions for the two characters in extremes but also kept them *consistent* over many years. One of the many, many reasons Scully and Mulder are so *real*.

  13. Hi there! I just found your blog recently, after the revival ended and once again X-Files had left me with a hole in my heart. Reading your posts is like medicine. Thank you so much.

    Just had to say that your line, “It’s really cute how Scully continues to insist that there’s ANY place she’d rather be. Just to keep up appearances.” caused the song “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit to get stuck in my head, and THEN I realized that it’s a perfect Mulder & Scully song. Now I’m putting together my own Mulder & Scully playlist.

    Also, WHY can’t I find a fanvid of these two set to that song?! I can’t be the first person who has thought of it.

  14. Hi! Late to the party
    You missed the “Catholic girls experts at serpent handling” The jokes become 100% dirtier this season too. Totally doing it!

    Love this blog!

      1. LOL! Yeah it was a hard line to walk indeed. I barely could believe he went there when I saw it the first time.

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