Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 16


Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:

“First Person Shooter”

  • Scully’s wearing a black leather jacket and black mock turtleneck. That’s Mulder’s default stealth outfit.
xfiles fps scully jacket

Scully definitely woke up this morning and thought, What do people wear to mysterious tech fortresses? And then she thought, I only hang out with one person.

  • He’s a catch.
xfiles fps mulder daryl

Let it never be said that Mulder hides his interests from Scully. No matter how much she’ll judge him for it, if he’s into it, she knows.

  • I love the way he points at her when she asks if he wants her to autopsy the body, like, Yep, we got it, there’s that unspoken communication,  you and me.
xfiles fps mulder point

Tower of furniture.

  • Hope the unspoken communicator can translate Scully’s side eye.
That's cool, you just carry on with your games, I'll be over here solving crime like an adult.

I am the only adult in this room.

  • Sometimes when Scully is annoyed with Mulder, she takes it out on her autopsy notes. “No damn trace evidence whatsoever.”
  • They’re talking about electric currents that cause virtual death. Literally nothing about this conversation topic warrants how flirty they’re being with each other.

xfiles fps mulder smile

  • Mulder shows Scully everything about himself, regardless of what she thinks, but he WANTS her to appreciate what he’s into—or at the very least, think he’s cute.

xfiles fps mulder ya yas

  • “Well that’s rather sexist, isn’t it?”

Oh, you wanna go?

  • “Well that must be why men feel the great need to blast the crap out of stuff.” Scully is not having any of it today.
Nope, I'm here, you can appreciate me.

Nope, I’m here, you can appreciate me.

  • “I don’t know about you, Scully, but I am feeling the great need to blast the crap out of something.” Even Mulder’s innuendos are also confirmation that he’s always listening to her.
Maybe later.

This is the face of a woman who knows she’s Mulder’s number one person and isn’t afraid to wield that power.

  • ARMS.

xfiles fps mulder arms

  • “I SAW where he WENT. I wanna know where he IS.” Scully’s on a mission now.
  • Put profit above Mulder, and “you’re gonna be counting teeth.”
  • If Mulder would just take off those unfortunate sunglasses, I bet this whole game would implode.
  •  “You don’t know what it’s like. Day in and day out, choking in a haze of rampant testosterone.” “Well, I wouldn’t be so sure.”
I work with this guy.

I work with this guy.

  • Scully to the rescue.
He loves being rescued by Scully, and he loves that they always have each other's backs.

His FACE. He loves that she saves him.

  • Look at these two and their bedroom hair.
They got their ya-yas out.

They got their ya-yas out.

  • Finally the Mulder we deserve (free of sunglasses).

xfiles fps mulder sunglasses

  • I bet Mulder was so proud of his Sweet’N Low pun that he told it to Scully that night and she promptly took a vacation.


  • “Mulder, why are we here?”—Mulder
His impression of Scully is adorably disapproving.

His impression of Scully is adorably disapproving.

His impression of Scully is so low and SEDUCTIVE.

He’s so charmed by the way she challenges him.

That was a really good impression of me!

That was a really good impression!

  • “You see that, Scully, you always keep me guessing.”
He literally clicks his tongue, HAVE MERCY.

The tongue click. HAVE MERCY.

  • This amount of public bedroom whispering should be illegal.
I've rewound this more times than I can count and have yet to get through "There's ONE DETAIL THAT DOES" without deep breathing exercises.

Please get a room right now.

  • Scully buys into Mulder’s theory, no questions. “I’ll always keep you guessing.”
xfiles theef scully always keep you guessing

Even as Scully finally admits, to herself and to Mulder, that this job has changed her perspective, the REALLY important thing, to both of them, is that she still finds ways to surprise him. He loves that she’s so unknowable, and she’s grateful to him for being drawn to her complication. The thrill is most definitely not gone.

  • When Scully believes something, she owns it without apology, even when other doctors tell her that she should know better. This is one of the reasons she and Mulder work so well together; her skepticism has always been about her personal integrity as a scientist, not her standing within the scientific community. Everyone else can think what they want. She makes decisions for herself, and once she’s made up her mind, she doesn’t back down—because if Scully accepts it, then you know she’s done her research, and you should accept it too.

xfiles theef scully doctor

xfiles theef umbrellas

Scully’s umbrella is PLAID now, for fashion.

  • Mulder hands Scully his umbrella, leans down to casually look inside a coffin, and then stands back so that he’s under her umbrella and she’s under his. That’s partnership. If it’s shelter for one of them, it’s shelter for both of them.
  • Mulder restored Scully’s SIGHT. Casual date night activities.
  • He always affirms her medical opinion, especially when she worries that she might have made the wrong call. “It seems pretty clear cut.”
  • Now she’s really surprising him.

xfiles theef scully mulder surprise

  • “You do keep me guessing.” This is so far from the way he gazed at her at the murder scene or flirted with her in the lab. This is just Mulder, totally in awe of his partner, realizing that she’s not deep so he can spend the rest of his life puzzling her out. She just is.

xfiles theef mulder guessing

“En Ami”

  • Mulder greets Scully with the happiest “Good morning!” and tells her that he has a story to warm the cockles of her heart.
xfiles en ami mulder good morning

Dear Diary, Today I think Scully and I will drive to the country to buy each other sweaters and argue about who gets the last bite of apple pie.

  • He isn’t even suspicious of the fact that someone wants them on this case; he’s just happy that someone wants them on the case TOGETHER.
xfiles en ami mulder light

An anonymous informant ships us.

  • “So you want to use me to clear the slate, to make you a respectable person. It won’t work.”
Everything CSM has taken from Scully and Mulder is in her face.

Scully will never forget what CSM has taken from her, and from Mulder.

  • Mulder doesn’t buy Scully’s excuse because he’s in on all of her family emergencies. Except maybe the ones involving Bill.
  • “I’ve always trusted Mulder.”
  • “There was a time when you feared for your future, for your career, when you were first partnered with this man.” And then she MET HIM. CSM saw the look on Scully’s face when she was first assigned to Mulder, and he based his entire opinion of their partnership on that look. For years, probably. It’s kind of cute how little they knew what they were doing when they put these two together.
  • “You’re drawn to powerful men but you fear their power. You keep your guard up, a wall around your heart. How else do you explain that fearless devotion to a man obsessed, and, yet, a life alone? You’d die for Mulder, but you won’t allow yourself to love him.”
xfiles en ami scully die for mulder

Okay fine, on the whole, that is accurate.

But this is also the face of a woman who's getting some.

But maybe we’re already sleeping together. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

  • Of course Mulder called Mrs. Scully. They probably have monthly life chats anyway.
  • “I know she can take care of herself. It’s just not like her to lie to me.” I love that it’s the lying that raises a red flag for Mulder, and not the sudden road trip. They’ve always trusted each other to work independently, and he doesn’t mind that she has secrets (she always keeps him guessing), but Scully doesn’t usually deceive him like this.
  • Can we talk about the look on puppy’s face when he thinks that he’s going to get to talk to her? Like his world is right again.


  • SKINNER: She said she’s fine. MULDER: She’s in trouble.
  • Scully’s going to so much effort to keep Mulder in the loop, even when she can’t do it directly. She calls Skinner like she KNOWS that Mulder is already there, calling in every resource at his disposal. And there’s something so desperate about the way she speaks directly into the mic as she gets ready to mail the tape. She NEEDS to be in communication with him.
  • “She knows that I’d find her no matter what.”
  • “How do you take your coffee?” “Unadulterated, thank you.” No, Scully, thank YOU. Thank you for taking down a patronizing, sexist creep with the single greatest comeback ever imagined.
  • Hold please.


  • Mulder is so upset with Scully. She lied to him for the sake of their worst enemy. While he worried about her, she was out there road tripping with Cancer Man, choosing of her own free will to follow a liar. But she was trying to use him. She just wanted to wring every last bit of information out of CSM; Scully’s not the type to let others suffer because of her personal feelings toward anyone. It was risky, but she’s never let that stop her when there are people who need help.
  • I keep coming back to the message that she tried to send Mulder. “Mulder, I’m trusting you’ll be able to make sense of what’s on this tape. I had no other way of contacting you. Please try to understand that I weighed the risks. I couldn’t divulge these plans without risking them, and I promise you that I weighed everything.” Scully knew that Mulder would question her, but she tried as hard as she could to reach out to him. If he’d received the tapes, would he feel differently? Even their fights are about how much they need each other.

xfiles en ami scully mulder mad

  • Scully takes Mulder with her the next time she goes to CSM’s office, because she’s learned her lesson on rogue investigations. The buddy system is key, and CSM doesn’t count as a buddy.


  • Scully shrugs at Mulder’s theories now, instead of debunking them.

xfiles chimera scully shrug

  • So how many nights have these two spent in this room, alone, sleep deprived, popping bubble gum, passing the time?
  • Mulder doesn’t even bother with an umbrella when Scully’s not around to share it.

xfiles chimera mulder newspaper

  • “And, uh, keep warm. Bye.”
  • Scully has every right to be annoyed by this situation, but she doesn’t take it out on Mulder, except jokingly.

xfiles chimera scully last thoughts of you

  • He loves it.
Look at his tongue.

Look at his tongue.

  • “Do you have a significant other?”

Look how he smiles when he thinks about what he DOES have.

Look how he smiles when he thinks about what he DOES have.

But our definition's pretty great too.

But our definition’s pretty great too.

  • Domestic Mulder is so awkward. He and Scully would never want a life like this.
  • Scully is punchy with exhaustion and all she wants to do is be cute for Mulder.
"I'm going to go home, take a shower for, I don't know eight or nine hours, burn the clothes that I'm wearing, and then sleep until late spring."

“I’m going to go home, take a shower for, I don’t know eight or nine hours, burn the clothes that I’m wearing, and then sleep until late spring.”

“all things”

  • I was told to prepare myself for the green sweater of sex, but I thought that was a figurative term. It wasn’t. It was real. We have our confirmation.
2000, year of the side zipper

2000, year of the side zipper



  • I love the way he raises his hand to her as he bops to the music, like, Join me in the club.

xfiles all things mulder dancing

  • “I heard you Scully!”
  • Puppy wants attention.
If you don't look at me, I can't call this a lunch date.

Scully, if you don’t look at me, I can’t call this a lunch date.

That'll do the trick.

That’ll do the trick.

  • “Mulder, look, we’re always running. We’re always chasing the next big thing. Why don’t you ever just stay still?” “I wouldn’t know what I’d be missing.” Scully’s going to slow down if she needs to, but it’s because she needs a break from the life that she and Mulder lead, not because she needs a break from Mulder himself. She’d be happy if he slowed down with her, and she thinks it might do him some good. But he can’t. There’s always more truth out there.
  • He’s watching a sad black and white movie while he packs and I’ve been laughing about it for ten minutes.


  • As much as Mulder is moping right now, he still checks to make sure that he hasn’t caught Scully at a bad time.
  • First clue that Daniel doesn’t really know Scully: he thinks the FBI isn’t really her passion. He doesn’t understand how she chooses to make a difference, and he tries to tell her what she wants. He thinks that he knows what she “secretly longs for.” Mulder just accepts that Scully is full of mysteries and loves her for it.
  • “You’ve come at such a strange time.” “I know, you have a life.” “I don’t know what I have.”

xfiles all things scully crying

  • Scully wants a LIFE. She might already have one—she’s not ruling it out—but she’d like to know that it’s a life she’s chosen. Mulder gives her the space to figure that out, and Daniel doesn’t. Daniel is one of those powerful men CSM talked about, and unlike Mulder, he wants to hold it over her. He thinks that he knows what’s best. For all of the influence Mulder has on Scully, and for as much as she’s let herself get drawn into his purpose, he respects her when she needs to pull back. From as early as their first case with Tooms, he’s always protected her independence. He needs to know that her career is her choice, because it’s the only way he can live with everything that this job has taken from her.
  • Scully’s vision is so full of Mulder. He’s right in there with all of the people she loves.
xfiles all things scully vision

In beautiful Y2K graphics.

  • Daniel is set apart, and when his eyes open, hers do. Daniel matters to Scully as a reflection of herself, of the person she was and how far she’s come.

xfiles all things scully eyes

  • “It’s time that you took responsibility for the hurt you caused in your family.” This is why we need Scully. She was young, and she slept with her married professor, and it was a mistake. She realized it was a mistake, so she got out. Now, a decade later, she finds out that their relationship broke up the family. She does everything she can to make amends with his daughter while Daniel does nothing. This is not all on her. Daniel should have known better. I love her for saying so, and I love her for the fact that it might have taken years to become the kind of person who could.
  • “I’m not the same person,  Daniel. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t seen you again.”


  • “Maybe sometimes nothing happens for a reason, Mulder.” “And what is that supposed to mean?” It MEANS she’s glad you’re back, because now you can sleep together.
  • So domestic.

xfiles all things mulder scully feet

  • “I go away for two days and your whole life changes.” “I didn’t say my whole life changed.” If Scully’s life is as it was, but her perspective on her life is new, then is her life new with it? Is this the first time they have sex? I like that it works either way. They’ve had an easy, flirty vibe with each other ever since that kiss, and they could easily have been sleeping together. This could be just another night, made important by the fact that Scully stopped to take stock of her life and realized that she liked it. But it could also be the first night, BECAUSE of that realization. And anyway, they’ve had an easy, flirty, how-are-you-not-sleeping-together vibe SINCE THEY MET. But the tie straightening scene still screams sex. Choose your own adventure, basically.
  • “What I would have missed.” She’s sure now that her life with Mulder is the one she wouldn’t want to miss out on.
  • “What if there was only one choice and all the other ones were wrong?”

xfiles all things signs along the way

  • “Mmm. And all the choices would then lead to this very moment.”
xfiles all things one wrong turn

“Now that says a lot.”

  • They’re both so aware of everything that had to happen to bring them here. The fact that they’re with each other is like a miracle to them—but a human miracle, the kind that they made possible.
  • Now go sleep together.

xfiles all things mulder scully hair sleep

“Brand X”

  • I’m pretty sure Scully just SENSES that Mulder is near, because she looks to the door way before you can hear his footsteps coming.

xfiles brand x scully door

xfiles brand x mulder door

Honey, I’m home.

  • I love it when she doctors him.

xfiles brand x scully mulder bedside

  • No matter how bad it is, they’re always happy to be able to talk to each other.

xfiles brand x scully smile

  • Scully: saving Mulder from addiction since 1993, just by saying his name.

xfiles brand x scully

“Hollywood AD”

  • “I love you Scully, no ifs, ands, or—” “Bee!”
Our boss is watching this.

Our boss is watching this.



  • “He’s like a Jehovah’s Witness meets Harrison Ford’s Witness.”
  • “Sir, have I pissed you off in a way that’s more than normal?”
  • “Micah Hoffman, Willie Mays, and Frank Serpico. That’s my Holy Trinity, Scully.” He just wants her to know everything about him.

xfiles hollywood ad mulder holy trinity

  • “Of course I’m too young to remember.” Scully with the age jab.
  • You can see the EXACT moment at which Federman becomes a Scully-Skinner shipper.
xfiles hollywood ad paperwork

Paperwork, eh?

  • “I like the way you guys work—no warrants, no permission, no research. You’re like studio executives with guns.” Sometimes they do enough research to put together a nice slide show.
  • Mulder cannot understand how Federman could walk away before the case is solved. Doesn’t he care? That’s what sets Mulder and Scully apart from Hollywood: they won’t stop until they know the truth.
  • “Well, you’re crazy for believing what you believe, and you’re crazy for not believing what he believes.” David Duchovny gets it.
"I miss him already."

“I miss him already.”

  • “That is a VERY COOL STORY coming from you, Scully.”
xfiles hollywood ad scully bowl

So much flirting.

  • “Agent Scully, if I’m carrying Marilyn Monroe’s purse, do you assume I slept with JFK?”
Mulder would have so much to say to that if they weren't in trouble right now. He's just watching all of his jokes sink to the floor.

Mulder would have so much to say to that if they weren’t in trouble right now. He’s just watching all of his jokes sink to the floor.

  • “I think this whole Richard Gere thing is going to Skinner’s head.”
  • “I am become skeptical.” Now Mulder knows how Scully feels all the time.
  • You’d think that he might stop reciting every line of Plan 9 from Outer Space when Scully walks in (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. BECAUSE SHE CAN’T SLEEP) but he just keeps right on going. He doesn’t care how much dirt Scully has on him.
  • “How about Hoffman’s Roadrunner to O’Fallon’s Wile E. Coyote?”
Joke!Scully is at it again.

Joke!Scully is at it again.

  • “Crazy people can be very persuasive.”

xfiles hollywood ad crazy people persuasive

xfiles hollywood ad crazy mulder

  • He keeps thinking that she’s making fun of him, and she keeps insisting, totally seriously (and a little wounded that he would even think so) that she’s not. She’s directing it at herself. Their fears and insecurities just happen to line up.
  • She gets exactly one word out, and he knows exactly what she’s going to ask. “How—” “42.”
xfiles hollywood ad movie

“You’ve seen this movie 42 times?”

  • “Doesn’t that make you SAD? It makes ME sad.”
Genuine concern.

That is genuine concern on her face.

  • When Mulder flirts with Téa Leoni (I see what you did there, David), Scully’s not even jealous so much as VERY excited to see how this plays out.
Someone's got a laminated list.

Someone’s got a laminated list.

  • And then Scully runs around in the background for the rest of the scene.

xfiles hollywood ad scully mulder bath

  • “Repressed cannibalistic and sexual fears and desires.”
  • Mulder thinks that human nature, at every stage, tends toward dancing and making love.
  • A GIFT.

xfiles hollywood ad scully mulder skinner

  • Boop.

xfiles hollywood ad scully nose

  • Of course Skinner is the only one who’s honest about what he’s doing.

xfiles hollywood ad skinner bath

  • Can’t handle this fictional make out scene.
They're onto us.

They’re onto us.

  • The last straw for Mulder is that movie Scully doesn’t even love him back. “They got it so wrong, Scully.” Oh puppy.
  • Mulder is worried about the oversimplification of “complicated, flawed, beautiful people” into one-note characters. He’s worried about the dead people who can’t tell their own stories. He wants people to be able to define for themselves how they’re remembered. I really love him.
  • “I think the dead are beyond caring what people think about them. Hopefully we can adopt the same attitude.” Why does this actually inspire me?
  • Scully hasn’t been able to stop smiling this whole case—and this case has been going on for a long time. She’s so happy and relaxed by the end. Things are obviously going great between them.
Especially now.

She’s getting some.

  • “Well, we’re alive, and we’re relatively young.”
  • Date night on the Bureau’s dime.

xfiles hollywood ad scully giggle

  • Joking about it already. And also holding hands.
"I'm in love with Associate Producer Walter Skinner."

“I’m in love with Associate Producer Walter Skinner.”

This week’s batch was TOO PACKED WITH EMOTIONS to fit in one post, so I’ll be back with the end of season seven/ beginning of season eight as soon as I can! Probably at some weird hour tonight. Which is the time I usually reserve for lying awake and thinking about Mulder and Scully anyway.


  1. Great entry! Hollywood AD is just so funny. And all things let me know GA’s book would be great. I’m really going to miss you doing these when you finish.

  2. Geez… I don’t want you to finish season seven. No matter what people say, it’s my 2nd favorite (after season 3).

    I could say so many things about it… Theef being the essence of flirtation. The way Mulder looks at her at the end of “En Ami” yells angry sex… etc., etc…

    You will have to dedicate a whole post to “Requiem” LOL!

  3. So loving revising S7 with you. Up there as one of my favorite seasons. And concur – Requiem will need it’s own post. Requiem. Sweet fancy moses, Requiem.

  4. Oh my goodness, I’ve been waiting for you to get to these episodes ever since you started these posts.

    That’s what I appreciate about “all things” too — that everyone can make of it what they will. I saw it as a confirmation that Scully was on the path she wanted/needed to be on, but it doesn’t negate that I was convinced they started sleeping together shortly after the kiss, too. But those who didn’t feel that way could buy this was the first time, too. Hell, the stubborn “noromos” could (and did) insist nothing happened here, either, because we didn’t see it. (Poor children.) I remember it getting panned quite a bit back in the day for being more about Gillian Anderson and her new agey sensibilities than Scully, but I never really felt that way — I bought Scully’s journey in the episode, and I loved the introspection in it.

    Then “Hollywood AD” — SO MUCH FUN. That one always put a smile on my face. I loved everyone in that episode, especially Skinner. Bless David Duchovny for giving Mitch Pileggi some of the spotlight and making him so much fun, in all his stern glory. And, lordy, the fantasies the bureau credit card must have spawned…

    I so can’t wait for Part 2!

    1. I buy Scully’s “all things” journey too–I think she hesitates just enough, but we’ve seen (as recently as “Theef”) that when the chips are down, she’ll try anything, especially after everything she’s experienced working with Mulder.
      “Hollywood AD” is a delight. And it’s such a fun episode for Skinner, yes! I’ve been laughing at his movie theater smile all afternoon.

  5. Also, while Scully’s running in the background, you can see David’s old dog, Blue 🙂 I love Hollywood AD. I love your little insights on watching! All those potential times they were so totally doing it, or about to do it, or had just done…it’s like I was never really watching at all! lol.

    1. AW, BLUE! Now I’m thinking about that photoshoot of them in bed with Blue. Mm.
      Hahaha thanks! I think just the process of writing them has made me notice a lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise.

  6. Your synopsis of ‘all things’ made me tear up a little, but ‘Hollywood AD’ made me laugh again so it all evened out. S7 is right up there in my book, but be warned that rough times are coming! *sad face*

    Also, I have an ‘En Ami’ kink. My theory is that they finally did it after that episode. That look on Mulder’s face at the end of the episode just lends itself to all types of angry sex. My theory is that Scully’s little road trip was the catalyst that finally made Mulder make his move 🙂

  7. You have no idea how much I wish I was not at work and at home instead, in bed, watching Hollywood AD again. Instead I am thinking of what greasy food I will eat, and keeping this gif open in my browser for science.

  8. I love this blog soo much! I remember myself watching the series when it aired and going through the same intense roller coaster of emotions :)))) Considering that I was 14 at the time of season 6 you can imagine the amount of squealing every Sunday. That season was such a joy! Glorious! Just plain genius! They were so playful that year :)) toying with each other and their audience so effortlessly I died at the end of each episode. Thank you so much, your blog is so amusing!! And your pure joy from discovering this show is just so refreshing. I love your analysis.

  9. I have a lot of words. (And by the way, I’m the @BeccaTingey who follows you on twitter. I’m not crazy. I just think you’re great.)

    So, these season 6 & 7 episodes really are a gift. We see them circling closer and closer to each other. And at least at some point in 7, it’s obvious that there is more going on between them than they are showing us (which is brilliant; what you said about them using the descriptor of “friend” is something I had been thinking about a lot when I first watched, esp. after Mulder remembers his past lives with that other chick–most of the time we think of friendship as something that enriches love; but here, it’s the other way around. Their partnership/comrades-in-arms dynamic is eternal and essential–“friend” is the closest term to be able to compress all that that implies.). But they don’t show us more, because as critical as their dynamic is to the show, it’s just good writing to keep it understated.

    The thing that is interesting about the “Scully behaving badly” episodes is that these are the episodes whose action and meaning hinges on what is going on between them on a romantic level. The noromos ought to take that into account. If there’s nothing going on between them, then how does one account for the tension in eps like “All Things” and “Milagro” and especially “En Ami?”

    Now for my theory for “All Things.” I think one would have to assume that they were sleeping together before “All Things.” It isn’t like Mulder to get petty over Scully’s lack of enthusiasm–it’s out of character for him to respond to her the way he does unless there is something else going on, like the somewhat recent introduction of sex into their relationship. They finally cross that line, and then you get the progression of Scully’s perceived betrayal in En Ami, followed by Mulder’s punishing her with the stakeout in Chimera, followed by her declaration of dissatisfaction in All Things. Things are tenuous between them, and I think he interpreted her dissatisfaction in an overly personal way. Personally, I think it started at the end of Orison. If not then, then definitely after Mulder’s mom dies. In any case, I think a sexual relationship is the only way to explain how the events of All Things happened to begin with. I love hearing people try to explain theories where they still don’t think they slept together even in All Things. How they explain her getting dressed in his bathroom, with the door open while he sleeps naked in a bed that certainly looks like it was “slept” in by two people. In any case, I’m glad he realized he was being a punk, and the way he greeted her when he got back from England seems to say that he’s back to being the dude Scully needs him to be, which is, as you say, someone who can accept the fact that Scully is not an open book and likes her the better for it.

    These posts are such a bright spot in my life since I found them. So fun to be able to obsess with other people. Sorry I wrote you a novel. It’s just that I need to talk about these things! There are not enough people in my life who are obsessed with Scully as I am. I feel like the girl on Mean Girls (“I just have a lot of feelings…” “She doesn’t even go here!”). Anyway. Thanks for these. It’s fun and it means something.

    1. Hi!!

      First of all, never apologize for writing a novel on these two; I do it once a week. And sometimes twice. I just have a lot of feelings, and I love talking about them.

      YES, I completely agree that their friendship is the basis for everything else between them. They’d crumble without it, not only as a couple, but as individuals.

      Also, great point about the Scully behaving badly series; what is there for her to behave badly about if not for the fact that she’s questioning their relationship and where it’s going?

      I LOVE THIS “ALL THINGS” THEORY. OKAY YES. I really felt like they were sleeping together much earlier than this–they had that vibe–and that’s the best way to explain the “all things” tension. She’s pulled back a few times before, but it’s weird and significant now because they’re at a new point in their relationship, and it makes them both uncertain. YES.

      Oooh, thanks so much!! Writing them has been a bright spot for me. “It’s fun and it means something” is about the best compliment I could get. Thank you.

  10. “Oh, you wanna go?” They did already, and the results are glorious.

    There’s nothing Mulder likes more than a puzzle, and Scully is that for him. Just when he thinks he’s nutted her out, there is more to unwrap. Which is kind of interesting, because Mulder is the opposite of that for Scully. He lays all his quirks out bare, and then she has to work them out. Like she has to figure out WHY Mulder is, not WHO he is.

    He might be still working her out (and very much loving her for it) but he’s not an idiot. When Scully refuses to talk to him over the phone and claims to be FINE, shit is going down. Telecommunication company executives start sweating when these two stop using cell phones for longer than an hour.

    I used to think that their relationship had developed before All Things, but then I think I just accepted that this was their ‘first time’ because I got tired of debating it with people. But, thanks to you and these posts, I’m back to thinking that season 7 was well and truly ON in much more than a professional sense. As you say, someone is going to have to explain the tie straightening…

    Hollywood AD and Skinners cuteness at the premiere when he turns to M &S with a look that says ‘you can stop pretending now, not only do I KNOW you are sleeping together, I had someone make a movie about it. With a slight joke about myself in there to divert attention”.

    Now, two posts in two days…I gotta get reading. THANK YOU for loving M &S as much as we in the long term wing of the lovely shipper institution do.


    1. “Which is kind of interesting, because Mulder is the opposite of that for Scully. He lays all his quirks out bare, and then she has to work them out. Like she has to figure out WHY Mulder is, not WHO he is.” AHHH YES. That’s gorgeous. I should just throw in the towel now, because you’ve summed it up. That’s seriously beautiful and so, so true. I love them both for it. They surprise each other in different but complementary ways.

      Hahahah I kind of feel like Mulder and Scully single-handedly willed cell phones into widespread usage. They lived on them way before most of us did. And I love that Scully’s evasiveness is what clues Mulder in; if she were really fine, she’d talk to him, even just to tell him to back off. Even in “all things,” she tells him to his face that she wants to bow out of this one.

      Oh yeah, “all things” momentarily had me thinking that maybe it was their first time, and I have no problem with that headcanon, but I’m going to stick with my first instinct here, which is that they’ve totally been sleeping together for a while by that point–not long enough that they’re 100% sure where they’re headed, but a while.

      I still can’t look at Skinner’s premiere face without laughing. Still.

      And no, thank YOU! I couldn’t help but love M&S. They’re the ultimate.

      1. RE: cell phones, I read an article back when the show was on that said we wouldn’t have the X-Files without cell phones. Without being able to stay constantly in touch the show wouldn’t work.

      2. So true! The show really came about at the right time–before the internet would have made a lot of their investigations invalid, but after cell phones made it possible for them to be in contact.

  11. “Sometimes when Scully is annoyed with Mulder, she takes it out on her autopsy notes.”

    NOW I WANT TO READ ALL OF HER AUTOPSY NOTES! Especially the ones from “Bad Blood” lol.

    I think a lot of people were in the “all things” was Mulder and Scully’s first night together camp, until a Season 9 episode completely debunked that theory. I won’t spoil it for you, though. : )

    I LOVE “Hollywood A.D.” I love to imagine Mulder and Scully out in L.A. for the premiere, finally free to just be happy and in love, and enjoying a night out on the town holding hands and using an FBI credit card. I also like to imagine that they can finally share the same hotel room and be in the same bubble bath TOGETHER, something that wouldn’t have been on their agenda 18 months earlier when they were first out there. ; )

    1. Nice shared bubble-bath imagery there. I’m in the “first time happened sometime after Millennium but before Rush” camp. I don’t think anything from season 9 debunked any particular occasion as their first time though, unless it was something from Release or Sunshine Days. Those two episodes I have never watched.

  12. “I am the only adult in this room.”

    I feel like Scully thinks this during 90% of her professional life. Or just whenever she’s in a room with Mulder. xD

  13. Mulder’s silent treatment of Scully’s ditch in “En Ami” (he’s angry not because she tried to work a case alone but because she could have hurt herself and he was not there to help her out), as portrayed in the gif you provided, is, to me, one of the *sexiest* and most romantic moments of the show. Love is not manifested only through looks and touches and hugs and kisses, but also through this visceral concern about the other person’s safety.

    Also, Mulder looks SO HOT in this one, I feel weak at the knees.

    1. SO HOT. I’m with you. He’s so angry that she chose to put herself in danger without him, and it’s really attractive, in a “they totally had sex after this because of all the tension” kind of way. They definitely show love through concern, and he’s making no effort to hide the strength of his.

  14. Lots going on in this batch. First Person Shooter, yes Scully was the only adult there. Mulder looked HAWT though in his game playing get up.

    Chimera – I have always remembered Mulder’s conversation where he is asked if he has a significant other. “Not in the widely understood definition of that term.” But in HIS definition he definitely does.

    All Things was pretty controversial when it came out. I think it was mentioned elsewhere in the comments that some felt it was more of GA personality coming through than scully’s. I would tend to agree, but I think it is pretty clear that they did sleep together in that episode. I love the ending scene sitting together on the couch, and Mulder pushes her hair out her face. It is SO intimate.

    Hollywood A.D. Yes, this episode was a gift. The tri-split screen with them all taking bubble baths was priceless. And the dancing skeletons.

    1. Mulder’s tiny sunglasses were the one problem I had with FPS outfit. Everything else was perfect. SO CLOSE.
      Hahaha YES, Mulder’s definition is the one that matters here.
      I liked all things; it was an adjustment, but by the end, I really appreciated what it was saying about Scully and the choices she’s made to get to this point. And the couch scene is obviously so gorgeous.

  15. That whole scene in Mulder’s apartment in “En Ami” was excruciating to watch. Mulder could not even LOOK at her. He literally had to hold on to the door frame to keep that up. He was likely trying to keep him self from going over to Scully and hugging her, face touching, then shaking her for going off with CSM, and then repeating the whole thing again for I don’t know eight or nine hours. And she’s just sitting there on the couch biting and licking her lips because she knows he’s upset and she knows she caused him pain even if she did weigh the situation. I am sure she has doubts that it was all for nothing too. She’s way to logical to really believe that CSM hadn’t tricked her in some way. Ugh that scene. So. hard. to. watch.

  16. Oh gosh, also in “all things” on the couch at the end of the episode, Mulder goes “a lot a lot a lot.” I think you’re right, maybe variations of “lots and lots” will be their “always.” ❤

  17. I love this season! And thanks for your blog. It has become a sort of guide that accompanies me as I watch each episode! I have to say after watching All Things again that it is a pretty awesome episode. I’m really impressed with Gillian Anderson’s take on the episode (as if I wasn’t already in complete awe of her, with her awesome acting). I love the way Scully’s character has evolved over time and the way she turns to an alternative approach shows how much influence Mulder has had on her. Even when he is not around, she still keeps an open mind about things and is far more willing to accept that there are things she cannot explain through science. I loved that scene where Scully reaches for the blonde woman’s shoulder and pulls her around only to discover it is Mulder. In this episode the blonde woman seems to be guiding her – first preventing Scully’s near accident, leading her to the Buddhist temple and finally leading her to Mulder. All things happen for a reason and it looks like that reason was for Scully to see that her place was next to Mulder. I am confused about the beginning and ending scenes though. If they did sleep together, why does Scully leave while Mulder is asleep? And at the end she falls asleep on the sofa and he gets up and I assume leaves to go to bed. So how did they get from that moment to the sleeping together part? Sometimes I do wish the show gave us more answers but at the same time I do like that it is open to interpretation. I feel that All Things was very possibly the first time.. but that tie straightening scene! I totally agree – it screams sex! By the way, I am currently reading GA’s book A Vision of Fire!

    1. Hi!!! I’m so sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to you, but thank you!!! I agree–I want more but also like that so much is left open to our interpretation. I think Scully woke up soon after Mulder went to bed and joined him in there, then left early to get ready for work, because she hadn’t planned on spending the night and didn’t have clothes there. Hope you enjoyed Gillian’s book!

  18. Just loving these recaps as I rewatch the series, especially while currently enjoying new episodes of season 11.
    I remember CRYING at the end of Milagro and All Things. Milagro was a pivotal episode for me, and I’d like to think for them too.
    Hoping I get to read your insights of this latest and truly (maybe) last season.

    (Off topic, but I’m currently on the third book of Gillian’s series and have been listening to them. Its so great to hear her read them. <3)

  19. Thank you for this blog. It’s like you’re my spirit animal or something. I’ve watched and re watched TXF since the original broadcast. This blog takes me back to those original broadcast days when I had girlfriends to squeal and jump around the living room with over every glance and touch between Scully and Mulder. Thank you!

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