Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 17

I’ve spent a lot of time on the floor since the season seven finale. I’m just working through some things.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:

“Fight Club”

  • Mulder knows what Scully will expect him to say, because they basically read each other’s minds at this point.
This is the face Scully makes when the answer is NOT psychokinesis. We've come so far.

This is the face Scully makes when the answer is NOT psychokinesis. We’ve come so far.

  • “The interesting thing about these agents is that they had worked together for seven years previously without any incident.”


  • “Playing Watson to your Sherlock.”
We solve crimes, I blog about it, and he forgets his pants.

From Sage: “Never forget that Mulder had sex on Arthur Conan Doyle’s grave. That’s canon.”

  • They love it.
xfiles fight club scully game

Scully’s just rattling off the most Muldery theories imaginable.

  • “Mulder, the slide please!”
"Mulder, the slide please!"


  • That’s a very familiar celebration there, Scully.

xfiles fight club scully yes

xfiles biogenesis mulder victory

  • “Don’t go thinking I’m going to start doing the autopsies.” Mulder is so flustered by the fact that Scully’s learned to think like him.
  • Sometimes she thinks like him even when he doesn’t. “Well, I guess that’s why they put the I in the FBI.”


  • “So I take it from your posture, Mulder, you’ve solved the case.”
Oh you mean THIS posture?

You mean THIS posture?

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

  • How to Enjoy a Romantic Getaway on an FBI Budget, by Fox Mulder: “Well, there’s lots to do here, and the barbecue’s second to none, right Mr. Saperstein? Plus Mr. Saperstein’s going to show me some in-your-face, smack-down moves so I can quit getting my ass kicked so often, right? Oh, and there’s an art exhibit that traces the influence of Soviet art on the American pop culture, right?”
No complaints here.

Five stars.

  • “The lady knows her stuff.”
  • “No sh(static)t, Sherlock.” Brilliant. Also, Mulder’s never seen Scully as his Watson.
  • “You’re the one who’s supposed to have all the answers.”
  • Fight scene eye sex.

xfiles fight club scully happy

xfiles fight club mulder sees scully

To quote another Watson, “I always hear ‘Punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking, but usually it’s subtext.”

“Je Souhaite”

  • They’re like a married couple with an unexpected house guest.
We're going to have to postpone our morning snog.

Morning make out sesh: postponed. Pointing at people: still on schedule.

  • Puppy has befriended a tiny little orphan mouse.

xfiles je souhaite scully mouth hands

  • “Mulder, that’s a little out of place, wouldn’t you say?”  Just how they like it.
At one point they blinked in perfect unison while I was taking this screen shot, so I think I'm ready to just end it all.

At one point they blinked in perfect unison while I was taking this screen shot, so I think if onscreen chemistry has never been listed as a cause of death before, the medical journals are about to learn something new.

  • Beautiful.

xfiles goldberg scully mulder corner

  • “You still have both your lips.” I’m sure she couldn’t tell that on her own.
  • “Oh, well you wanna hit some yard sales while you’re out here?” Either they’re getting a place together, or he’s helping her decorate hers.
  • Invisible evidence. Science meets X-file in perfect harmony, and Scully is a kid in a candy store.

xfiles je souhaite scully invisible body

  • “And he’s invisible!” “Yes he is.”

They’re making the exact same face. There’s no “I told you so” from Mulder and no scientific explanation from Scully. They’re just two people appreciating something unbelievable right in front of them.

  • “Schwing!”
  • “I think that I should stay here with the body.”
You do your thing, scientist.

You do your thing, scientist.

  • Scully looks like she just got everything on every Christmas list she ever wrote.

xfiles je souhaite scully happy science

xfiles je souhaite scully smile

  • When she’s happy, Mulder’s happy.

xfiles je souhaite mulder smile

  • Scully wears the green sweater of sex to meet the Harvard researchers, because it’s a sweater for winners.

xfiles je souhaite scully green sweater

  • “Yeah, it’s always, ‘Give me money. Give me big boobs. Give me a big hoo-hoo. Make me cool like the Fonz.'”
This is what they call a "knowing glance."

This is what they call a “knowing glance.”

  • Of course Mulder wishes for world peace. OF COURSE HE DOES.
  • The world is totally empty, but Scully’s still here, right?

xfiles je souhaite mulder looking for scully

  • Found her.

xfiles je souhaite mulder awe

  • “You don’t remember disappearing off the face of the earth for about an hour this morning?”
"Then I guess everything's okay."

“Then I guess everything’s okay.”

  • “Could you give us a minute please? Like, TODAY?”
  • Just when he thought she was really starting to believe, she’s back to skepticism. He loves it. Points for melodrama.


  • “It’s going to be a safer world, a happier world. There’s going to be food for everyone, freedom for everyone, the end of the tyranny, of the powerful over the weak.” “Maybe it’s the whole point of our lives here, Mulder: to achieve that.” I love this show’s belief in hard work. There are no easy answers. There’s just the fight and the people who fight alongside us.
  • They have movie night all the time now, and they never agree on the movie, because they’re such a couple.
  • “When you invite me over to your place, we can watch Steel Magnolias.” Scully is probably totally into Caddyshack and was just fishing for Mulder to agree to go to her place.

xfiles je souhaite scully mulder cheers

  • She’s “fairly happy,” and she gives Mulder the credit for it. She’s thanking him for what he’s brought to her life.
These two have life-and-death conversations all the time, but they have no idea what to say about happiness.

These two have life-and-death conversations all the time, but they have no idea what to say about happiness. It’s new for them.


  • “We could start sharing rooms.”
Which is to say that it's already happening.

Which is to say that that’s already happening.

  • “But at the end of the day, you’d say aliens are your real focus.” First of all, this is just a great line that I’d like to incorporate into my everyday life. But Mulder’s response (emphasizing that aliens are the reason he got started) also hints at how far he’s come. His focus has broadened.

xfiles requiem mulder reason got started

  • “We open doors with the X-files, which lead to other doors.” That kind of job description would have driven baby Scully crazy, but now she’s fine with it.
xfiles requiem scully open doors

I remember spending the first few episodes trying to get a handle on Mulder, because he’s probably the most chill passionate person I’ve ever encountered—like, “We’re going to do this thing at the expense of everything else, but we’re not going to raise our voices or drive above the speed limit.” Scully is SO CHILL HERE, even more than Mulder. This FBI budget guy doesn’t run her life.

  • “I’ve seen things that I cannot deny.”
xfiles requiem scully seen things

No shame.

  • “I’m not looking in outer space.” Sometimes foreshadowing is the worst.


  • Scully kind of likes the idea of Mulder hurting this guy who wants to take their job away, even if he’s only punning on the idea of reduced vision. I think.

xfiles requiem scully did you hurt him

  • “I don’t know how we could possibly justify the expense.” Now Scully’s the one leading Mulder into mischief.
"Let's go waste some money."

“Let’s go waste some money.”

  • They’re like proud parents.

xfiles requiem scully mulder billy

  • Remember how excited he was when he painted this?
xfiles requiem mulder x


His face kills me.

His face kills me. Mulder loves Scully so much. He wants this life with her, but mostly he wants this life FOR her, regardless of whether he’s involved, because she deserves it. Scully would be such a good mom. He’s just gutted that this possibility was taken from her, and he still carries the guilt of knowing that he dragged her into this life. She doesn’t want him to blame himself—she chose to join him—but he wouldn’t be Mulder if he didn’t worry about it. He never wanted his work to touch Scully like this.

  • There are no candles this time, and no robe, but in seven years, Scully’s first instinct hasn’t changed. She still goes to Mulder when she thinks something is wrong.

xfiles requiem scully door

  • Mulder very decisively pulls Scully into his room and listens to her with such concern and interest.
xfiles requiem mulder concerned


  • When Mulder pulls back the covers on his bed, Scully starts to crawl under, and then she pauses. Mulder takes off her shoes. She doesn’t have to ask. She just waits for him to do it, and he already is. I’m not crying.

xfiles requiem scully mulder shoes bed

  • There are no walls between these two whatsoever.
xfiles requiem mulder bed scully

You are sad spooning right now, and I want you to be happy spooning.

  • Her “Thank you” is so vulnerable.
  • “It’s not worth it, Scully.” She says that she’s going to be fine, but it’s not about that anymore. Short-term fine isn’t good enough.
  • “No, I’ve been thinking about it. Looking at you tonight, holding that baby, knowing everything that’s been taken away from you. A chance for motherhood and your health and that baby. I think that, I don’t know, maybe they’re right…The FBI. Maybe what they say is true, though for all the wrong reasons. It’s the personal costs that are too high. There so much more you need to do with your life.”

xfiles requiem mulder there's so much more than this

xfiles requiem mulder scully bed hair

  • “There has to be an end, Scully.”

xfiles requiem mulder scully bed kiss

  • The last time they sat in a motel room in this town, they were just getting to know each other. Scully curled up on top of the covers; Mulder leaned against the side of the bed. He told her that nothing mattered to him but finding the truth about his sister. Now they’re wrapped up in each other, completely comfortable with cheek kisses and forehead stroking, and Mulder knows life can be bigger than what he’s made it. He got into this because of his sister, but he lost track of the fact that if a relationship started this, then a relationship was worth pulling him out of it. Scully reminds him that he deserves more. He wants SO MUCH for her. And she’s so SAFE with him. They love each other more deeply than anything, and that’s the only thing I’ve been able to articulate with any clarity since watching these episodes.
  • They do look really good solving crime together, though.

xfiles requiem scully mulder woods

  • There he goes again just knowing that Scully is in trouble.

xfiles requiem mulder calls for scully

  • “Here, lie still.”
He's so tender with her. Even the way he says her name when he finds her is

He’s so tender with her. Even the way he says her name is so soft.

  • Please don’t leave me.
Glad that's settled.

Glad that’s settled.

  • “You could bring home a flying saucer and have an alien shake hands with the President. What it comes down to, Agent Mulder, is they don’t like you.” At least Scully likes him. And so does Skinner. He’s got two FBI agents in his corner, and that’s two more than he had seven years ago.
  • Scully’s corner isn’t much bigger, because following Mulder had its consequences, but he follows her right back, and he’s always watching out for her.

xfiles requiem scully mulder hallway door

  • “You’re not going back out there. I’m not going to let you go back out there.”

He was every bit as sure of himself the last time they had a hallway heart-to-heart. That time, he called her back to him by talking her into staying. Now, they already have each other, and the best way he can keep her safe is to

  • He’s as sure of himself now as he was the last time they had a hallway heart-to-heart, when he called Scully back to him by talking her into staying on the job. They’re so much stronger now; they don’t need work as an excuse to be with each other, and the best thing she can do for herself is walk away from this case.
  • “Scully, you have to understand that they’re taking abductees. You’re an abductee.”


  • Why are these two so good at hallways?
This is the exact same way she stepped toward him after he told her that she made him a whole person. He makes her a whole person, too, by not letting her get too caught up in the job. Who ever thought Mulder would be playing that part?

This is the exact same way she stepped toward him after he told her that she made him a whole person. Now it’s his turn to do that for her. He gives her perspective. Who ever thought Mulder would play that part?

  • Even when Scully accepts that the safest thing she can do is stay behind, she won’t let Mulder face danger alone. He was alone for way too long. She’s his backup, and it’s going to stay that way, even if she has to send Skinner in her place.
Except he WILL have to

They’re CLINGING to each other. IS THIS THEIR LAST HUG FOR A VERY LONG TIME? Don’t look at me.

  • It’s so fitting, in a devastating kind of way, that Mulder would overlook his own safety to ensure Scully’s, that it wouldn’t even occur to him that he could be the one at risk, that protecting her might be what kills him.
  • Scully’s the one who realizes, from across the country, that Mulder is in danger. Skinner doesn’t have that unspoken communication thing. He’s doing everything he can, putting himself on the line, but he doesn’t notice that Mulder is gone until it’s too late.
Just for a second, Mulder has the encounter he wanted. He has his proof.

He has his proof.

  • I was not prepared for Skinner’s tears.
"I'll be asked what I saw. And what I saw I can't deny. I won't."

“I’ll be asked what I saw. And what I saw I can’t deny. I won’t.”

  • The last thing Scully wanted was for Mulder to have to face something painful on his own.
The last thing

“I have to.” She’s never giving up. She’s so certain that they’ll fight their way back to each other, because they just HAVE to.

  • “Sir, um, there’s something else I need to tell you. Something that I need for you to keep to yourself.” Thank goodness she has Skinner in this, to be her confidante like Mulder would be.
  • “I’m having a hard time explaining it. Or believing it.”
"But, um..."

She can’t not smile.

The way she can't NOT smile through her tears. The way she chokes out the word. Gillian Anderson is exquisite.

She can barely get the word out.

xfiles requiem scully pregnant smile


  • HOW. How on every level. How is Gillian Anderson so exquisite? How is Scully pregnant? (I know there are extensive, often medical theories online; thank you fandom.) How could they do this to us now? How could they do this to Scully? Her emotions are all crashing together at once: she’s so happy, but so hesitant to even believe it, and behind all of those smiles, you can still see how much it breaks her that Mulder isn’t here for this. She’s going to carry this reminder of him with her every day, proof of their connection, but she won’t have him. I wasn’t exactly sure when the pregnancy was coming, but here it is. It hurts.


  • When she dreams about Mulder, she imagines him going through the same thing she did, but since she still doesn’t really remember the abduction, she defaults to the bee. It always comes back to the bee, and to things being planted inside her stomach, and to not being able to kiss Mulder.
  • All she has is her own reflection. I’m fine.
She can't even move. She doesn't know how to start the day without him. And then we stay with her until she DOES move, because she has no choice. She has to find that strength and make hersel

She can’t even move. She doesn’t know how to start the day without him. And then we stay with her until she DOES move, because she has no choice. She has to find the strength to keep going.

  • She panics when she finds agents combing through the office. It’s such a violation.
  • “They’re not going to find Mulder this way. You know that and I know that.” There is no time and no room in Scully’s life for skepticism now. She’s becoming Mulder FOR him—not only to get him back, but to honor his life’s work. She still calls it “Mulder’s office.”
  • Skinner is so protective of Scully’s pregnancy.
  • Kersch implies that Skinner and Scully are “cooperating” in the investigation. Nice try.
xfiles within scully cooperation

Excuse you, we will be running this whether you like it or not.

  • “They can hang me with a lie, too. I’m not going to sell Mulder out.” Look how much Mulder has changed the people around him. He made Scully believe. He made Skinner unafraid to speak the truth to the people who could ruin his career.
  • “I’d say they have all the character profile they need on him.”
She's his human credential. She doesn't ever doubt that, and it's silly to try to make her.

She’s his human credential. She doesn’t ever doubt that. It’s pointless to try. The FBI partnered her with Mulder hoping that she’d debunk his work; seven years later, and they still don’t understand people.

  • This is a great introduction to Doggett, because we aren’t asked to like him right away. We’re allowed to resent him. We need that.
All hail the queen.

All hail the queen.

  • “But I really need to see you and talk to you. There’s a lot of stuff that’s going on with me right now and, um, and I just really need to talk.” I think we ALL could really use a chat with Margaret Scully right about now.

xfiles within scully phone

  • She lights up at even the possibility that Mulder might be back.

xfiles within scully mulder

  • Since he’s not at her place, she goes to his. She just needs to be close to him.

Nope. Can’t handle this. It’s like when Mulder wore Scully’s cross necklace. They need to touch each other. He should have his arm around her in this bed like he did in Oregon.

  •  HELP.

I’m so sorry, puppy.

  • She stayed there all night.

xfiles within scully mulder's bed

  • With Doggett as spectator, Scully and Mulder’s relationship seems all the more intimate and that much harder to explain—but at the same time, it’s impossible to hide that they’re close.
I'm pretty sure the best thing about Mulder's fish is that they give Scully a flimsy excuse to always be at his apartment.

I never had sex with anyone anywhere. It’s none of your…You have the nerve, the audacity…Mulder is my partner, technically, and he is terrible, face-wise, and how…how do I know, frankly, that you are not sleeping with him. Maybe you are, maybe you are trying to throw me off. Hmm? Check and mate. This is an outrage! Who do I call?

  • “You’re talking to a fellow FBI agent now, and I’d appreciate some respect.” Get it, Scully.
  • “I will go on record to say this: that I have seen things that I cannot explain. I have observed phenomena that I cannot deny. And that as a scientist and a serious person, it is a badge of honor not to dismiss these things because someone thinks they’re B.S.” And that’s how our little fresh-faced, skeptical baby Scully became the agent chasing UFOs. Science is the reason BEHIND Scully’s open mind. She won’t believe without proof, but if she has experienced something, as a scientist, it’s her duty to incorporate that tangible experience into her understanding of the universe as best she can.
  • UM.

xfiles within mulder tombstone

  • Did Mulder do this? Was he dying? Was he creating a diversion? Is someone setting him up? I have to assume that he would have told Scully if he were dying, but that’s about all I know. That, and Scully’s face.
This is the most real it's been for her.

This is the most real it’s been for her. She isn’t ready.

  • “Because, maybe, if there are aliens, they’re simply going around and they’re removing all of the evidence before it becomes proof. This isn’t Mulder who’s going around and collecting this stuff. It’s them.” This is probably the most she’s ever sounded like Mulder, because there’s no science here whatsoever; this is all instinct. I wrote a while back that Scully and Mulder complete each other so much that when they’re apart, they become each other rather than lose that part of themselves. That’s never been more true, and it might just save his life.

xfiles within scully aliens

  • Is her dream about Mulder actually what’s happening to him? Are they that connected? The first dream was off, with the bee, but the second one seemes pretty dead on, except possibly for the fact that they’re cutting into his chest. Please tell me they’re not cutting into his chest.
  • I would not object to a season of The X-Files that’s just everyone road tripping for happy reasons.

xfiles within scully skinner road trip

xfiles within scully road trip



  • Mulder looks terrible, which is how we know it’s not actually him.

xfiles without mulder gibson

  • “It’s too hot for this B.S.” is the exact moment at which I decided I like Doggett.
Can we just not do the

Can we not do the Les Miserables thing right now? It’s like a hundred degrees outside.

  • Scully knows it wasn’t Mulder even without seeing him, just based on his actions. Now she’s the one who gets to tell people about alien bounty hunters and part-alien kids. It’s tough work being Mulder, but she’s not ashamed to do it.
xfiles without scully not mulder

“You know Agent Scully, you’re starting to remind me a lot of Agent Mulder yourself.”

  • “Wherever Mulder is right now, he better damn well be smiling.”
  • Look at these two and their friendship. Look at Scully’s perfectly windblown hair.

xfiles without scully skinner

  • I guess I’ll just have to turn this blog into a salute to Scully’s beauty.


  • What a shame.
Desert Rose Scully (copyright the friends who  patted my head throughout this episode and then took pictures of me curled up on the floor)

Desert Rose Scully (copyright the friends who patted my head throughout this episode and then took pictures of me curled up on the floor)

  • “All right, you’ve painted me the picture, now put it in a frame.” Doggett refuses to be manipulated, and he like metaphors. I think this is going to work out.
  • Desert Rose Scully doesn’t waste any time trying to prove that she’s the real Scully, which is basically proof in and of itself. She knows who she is.
xfiles without scully double

“From who? From ME?” But I’m out here! Let’s go get her.

  • “I don’t like pointing guns at pregnant women any more than I like them pointing guns at me.” Imagine a world without Skinner’s perpetual crush on Scully. I don’t want to.

xfiles without skinner more at stake

She's still putting everything on the line for Mulder.

She puts everything on the line for Mulder. She has to find him.

  • They still call out their names in times of danger, even when they’re nowhere near each other. Even from the spaceship, he’s calling Scully’s name. They’re pulled to each other, and just the act of reaching out makes them feel like they’re heading in the right direction.

xfiles without scully calls mulder

xfiles without scully helicopter


I miss it.

I miss it.

  • “Hey, you’re where the action is.” “Yeah, what does that tell ya? That I’m crazy, or that I’m right?”
Mulder inspires her.

Mulder inspires her. She wouldn’t even know how to conduct this search if it weren’t for him. By working with her, he saved himself.

  • I can’t talk about how close she came to finding him. Forever holding a grudge against invisible force fields.
  • How does anyone survive what Scully is being asked to survive right now?

xfiles without scully drops gun

She hasn't broken down like this since the first time she met Donny Pfaster

  • Scully NEVER breaks like this, because she always has her relationship with Mulder to hold her together. She’s finally letting herself mourn him and mourn the fact that, if only for now, they don’t have each other. She’s never going to stop searching for Mulder, but for all of her insistence that she’ll find him, she’s terrified that she never will. I like that Doggett holds her and lets her cry and looks appropriately concerned, but it’s also fitting that Scully stays in her own world.
  • Thanks Doggett.
xfiles without scully card

Here, have this card, which I have opened and put directly into your hand.

  • It’s no Superstars of the Super Bowls. We’re at a totally different place now than we were when Scully was abducted and she actually had to think about what she was living for. Now, there’s no doubt. They love each other, in every sense, and they know each other as well as anyone else ever has. Grief sex with a stranger has been replaced by a pregnancy and a firm emotional commitment. But in a lot of ways, her abduction is how they became what they are now. It’s how they realized how much they needed each other, and, without realizing it, set the stage then for the relationship they would have moving forward.
  • In each case, they’ve tried to find each other by becoming each other. It’s much more intense and complete now (like their relationship), but to a certain extent, Mulder had to ground himself to find her, just as she’s had to open up in search of him. Mulder’s best hope for finding Scully was to believe that she was taken by men alone, and not the aliens that Duane Barry claimed were coming. He investigated on the ground, and he only saved her when he went against his instincts, abandoned his quest, and stayed by her side. I don’t know what decision Scully’s going to have to make for Mulder. I’m sure it will destroy me.

They just love each other. That’s what I keep coming back to.  Scully and Mulder love each other, and they have to go on alone for much longer than I know how to take. I’ll just be over here on the floor for a while longer.

At least pregnant Scully is going to be adorable.


  1. Some preliminary thoughts on these episodes (before I get to review them, which will probably take years, so remember you saw it here first lol)

    -“Requiem” makes me want to die. The end.
    -Gillian Anderson’s “I’m pregnant” declaration is one of the best few seconds of acting I think I’ve ever seen. The way she is able to convey a strange mixture of elation at finally having a child but devastation at losing Mulder isn’t easy to pull off, and she did it flawlessly.
    -I think the writers had the right idea for Scully’s character in “Within/Without” and Season 8 in general. She’s very different now that she’s lost Mulder. She is desperate to find him because she’s lost a part of herself too. Without Mulder, Scully goes a bit insane.
    -One of the best things about Season 8 is how present Mulder is in his absence. Even without Mulder there, they still manage to keep the focus of the show on Mulder and Scully.
    -Doggett is cool, and if you don’t think so, wait until “Per Manum.”
    -The scene where Scully sees the light in the sky in “Without” takes my breath away every time.
    -I think Season 8 is better than a lot of people think it is. The standalones aren’t too memorable (well, apart from “Roadrunners”) but the mythology episodes are quite good and there’s some good material there. Now, Season 9…

    1. Oooh, very curious to see Scully’s gentle bend toward insanity. I can feel her desperation already. And I’m excited for season eight!
      YES. Mulder is still in the fabric of the show. He’s still a huge part of what it’s ABOUT, even if he’s not there.
      I’m definitely warming to Doggett. I think he’ll be cool, and he’s a very different character than Mulder, which is also good.

      1. They introduce another character eventually and I won’t spoil it for you, but I like this character too. Chris Carter and co. were always very good at creating characters.

    2. season 8 gets a bad rap but its worth watching especially if you are a Gillian Anderson fan. there some good ones. that episode on that boston subway love how Scully looses her cool in that one. all in all not a bad season.

  2. Gillian Anderson is amazing. She plays such a diversity of characters, and each portrayal is absolute in its depth and sincerity, so much so that she’s almost unrecognizable from one role to the next. Her actual face and the way she uses her features is markedly different in each role. I do wish she were offered more comedic roles, because she’s hilarious. But when she has these dramatic moments, she literally (literally) makes me breathless. She gets it so, so right.

    Doggett. I love him. LOVE him. Put Doggett and Mulder side by side, outside the realm of the show, and there’s no doubt I’d take Doggett every. single. time. But since they do only exist within the show, Doggett is only flawed (and profoundly so) because he isn’t Mulder. Mulder is Scully’s absolute finito, so we’ll never forgive Doggett for not being Mulder. He doesn’t belong on this quest, but he’s there, and that says a lot about everyone involved.

    1. She is SO good and SO versatile and honestly one of the best actresses out there. And I want to lead the charge for the GA in Ghostbusters campaign 🙂 She wants it, and we NEED it.

      Oooh, high praise for Doggett! I’m really excited to see more of him. But yes, Mulder and Scully just fit so perfectly.

  3. No matter what they tell you, Mulder had no brain disease in season 7. David was playing a healthy man = Mulder was a healthy man. Regarding Gillian’s brilliance at the end of Requiem, her performance said all that needed to be said. That also could not be undone. You are lucky that you can watch these last two seasons quickly rather than going though it week after week over two years.

      1. I wasn’t intending to spoil anything but referring to what you already saw in Within. I’m just saying, you don’t necessarily have to accept every single thing the writers tell you if it’s just not right. If they tell you Doggett is a codfish you can say no he’s not, he’s a dude. And if they say Mulder knew himself to be suffering from a terminal illness all last season you can say no to that too, because DD was not playing that. If they tell you a bullet in the back of the neck is the way to kill aliens you can say “but, but.. wasn’t it supposed to be an icepick?” About Doggett… he’s getting a lot of love here but is it okay to add a nay vote? I’ve liked Robert Patrick in other roles but remain underwhelmed by the manly man. He was pretty good and potentially interesting in those first two episodes though. It you’re interested in knowing what Doggett thought or felt, read interviews about those seasons given by the writers, and Robert Patrick. That’s where the info is, or was to be found. I’m surprised about comments that Mulder was present in his absence. There sure were a lot of complaints to the contrary as we waited week after endless week back then. Spoiling again. Sorry.

    1. lol…I think she’s been doing a fine job of thinking as she likes to think so far, so let’s not worry. And there are STILL some who would complain about the lack of Mulder, that’s not negated. It just seems that the people attracted to her blog don’t think so as much. If I had internet access back in ’99-’00, maybe I could’ve been vocal about my praise, but it wouldn’t have mattered. The people that were getting angry were pretty loud about it. They were STILL pretty loud about it over on IMDB back in 2005, so who knows, maybe they’ll never get over it…Really though, it’s a lot more fun to focus on the positive and just enjoy what you can get out of it 🙂 I think that’s why I love her blog (and the new vieweriness of it all).

      1. It is a joy to experience the show through the eyes of an enthusiastic new fan. I’m just saying, loving it doesn’t mean one necessarily has to love everything. The anger that some may never get over is way more complex than just lack of Mulder. Some who ended up angry were among the most enthusiastic going in knowing full well that there would be a new guy and limited Mulder. My anger over season 8 stems from the same causes that led us to a Season 9 with no expectation of Mulder at all. This is minor compared with my anger over Season 9 which is something else again. This isn’t to say that there is no good to find in either season. In fact there’s a lot, esp in season 8.

  4. I have to say, the well-placed Parks and Rec reference on your Within recap caused the perfect laughter-through-tears situation for me. Thanks for that. Season 8 kicks my ass (in a good way, which is to say a curled in a ball on the floor sobbing kind of way).

    1. Hahaha thanks! It was all I could think of with Scully’s fish-feeding excuse. Parks and Rec is ALWAYS relevant. But yes, I am definitely a wreck from this season already! Agh, show.

  5. This post has killed me. The final three episodes of series 7 and the first two of series 8 are some of my favourites (apart from the actual story in Fight Club, which is lame. But the MSR is amazing). And seeing all these images and gifs in the one post has broken my poor, little XF-abused heart. Has there ever been a greater climax/tragedy in a TV show?!

    I always feel a little uneasy watching Within and Without, because Scully and Skinner are *so* like Mulder in their approach to the hunt for Mulder. Which I know is the while point, but the Mulder/Scully balance worked so well because she grounded him. Now that she has to become him – out of grief, shock and in order to find him – there’s no one to do the same for her. That makes her super vulnerable I think, and could also mean she misses things because she’s so emotionally invested in it. It’s like when you were in high school at a party, and the one straight-laced person who usually kept an eye on things gets wasted, so suddenly all the rules are out the window (side note – how good would it be to see Scully at a party, just letting loose and having a good time?)

    Doggett is a really good addition – I LOVE his character. I wish they had been able to do more with him. I like how he’s basically just a cop trying to do his job, and walks around looking bewildered once he’s entered the world of TXF.

    I love your green sweater of sex. Maybe it’s the only item she keeps at his, so you know where she’s slept when she wears it….!

    1. This is definitely one of the most tragic things I’ve seen on a TV show. Scully’s life in GENERAL is so sad!! I just want to hug her.

      YES, I was thinking about that too–Scully and Mulder have known for years, but especially since the FTF hallway conversation, that he needs her to ground him scientifically. It’s really interesting watching her dive into Mulder’s territory, but she needs someone to ground her just the same. She’s too vulnerable otherwise. (And I would love to see Scully have a good time when she’s not doing it just to rebel. Happy Scully. What a thought!)

      Haha Doggett’s bewildered face is going to be great.

      I like this Green Sweater of Sex theory!

    2. The climax to Breaking Bad was pretty epic, but you can also thank Vince Gilligan for that as well, so we’ll call it a draw.

      1. Vince Gilligan’s brilliance was what made me really excited when they first previewed Breaking Bad. He was my favorite writer, with Spotnitz (Detour!!) right behind him, and John Shiban – when you combine their forces, you get magical things like Dreamland ❤ …and soul crushing disturbances like certain things in season 9 😥 Of course, then there's that guy Chris Carter…he's pretty good sometimes too.

    3. I just had to comment on this because its been, what, 12 years since this show ended and a lot of my fandom memories are rusty, but seeing someone use that MSR acronym just brought back a flood of memories. Forget lame cutesy ship names, we had a legit acroynm instead. I love it.

  6. So, so brutal. By the end of Season 7 these two finally have it all figured out. They are happy … blissfully happy exampled by the constant smiles on both of their faces. And then, BAM. In an instant it’s all gone. Heartbreaking … even after all these years.

  7. OMG, just imagine having seen that season finale and having to wait ALL SUMMER LONG to get to Within/Without. I about died. I was still talking about it at graduation and my friends just wished I’d shut up, because none of them watched the show, except for one girl who was a total noromo – she wanted none of it, this baby nonsense (I didn’t want babies either, but…eh…it’s there, enjoy). We knew Doggett was coming, and I was excited because – liquid Terminator!!! Then we meet him, and he’s a dick in his first scene…but then you warm up to him, because he’s so…honourable, and adorable in his flappy-eared way. I love Doggett. And it’s not really a spoiler to say Doggett hearts Scully too…because, who doesn’t? From the moment she splashed his face, man, he was just another puppy for her. And Knife Ink is right about season 8 keeping Mulder very “there” even in his absence. I disagree about the MOTW episodes though, because they were creepy-awesome. You have 3 great ones coming up right away! Roadrunners is classic, and after you see it I can share the more humour on it. Patience is also really good, and Redrum too…though I consider you’ll be seeing them in order of increasing greatness. Badlaa is bound to make you squirm, I mean…how can you not squirm? So gruesome, but fantastic. Emepocles is…interesting…a bit sad, but mostly different. You have to not mind things being different than they were. When you think about it, they’ve always been different, season to season, this just has…a more noticeable difference. The way Scully gets portrayed is contested though – some people get downright angry about it. I can see their frustration, but I also understand why it’s done, I get it. So…I can’t wait to see how you react to things 🙂 Season 8 is definitely a great season, but yeah, a lot of people lump it in with season 9 in their dislike, which…well, I also like season 9, though it takes another totally different bend. Perhaps I’m just an apologist, I don’t know…there are just very few episodes I outright don’t like – Space and 3…that’s it, really, one for boring me and the other because, well…you summed it up yourself lol). SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!

    1. I honestly CANNOT imagine waiting all summer with that cliffhanger. I wouldn’t have been functional.
      YES, everyone’s in love with Scully. How could they not be? I’m excited to see how she responds to all of this (I’m about to start Roadrunners).
      Aahahah Space and 3…they happened.

      1. Season 8 truly is Scully’s season, right down to Mark Snow’s fantasmic “Scully’s Theme” to be heard any time she’s contemplating (which happens a lot!). You would’ve already have a pretty dose with her opening scenes in Within. She has sooo many emotions to go through!! Tough Scully + Broken Scully + Scared Scully + Pregnant Scully + “Mulder” Scully +…I don’t know, name it, she’s there.

      2. I loved 3! It’s actually an interesting comparative to Season 8 in terms of how “missing partner” is done.

  8. I actually contemplated whether or not I would watch season 8, because I was 16 when I saw season 7, and I COULD NOT handle the loss of Mulder. But, of course, I did watch, and I think I was so ANGRY at the universe for taking Mulder from Scully when they had been so happy together. I was so teenage emotional I couldn’t concentrate on the episodes without Mulder properly. So I was pleasantly surprised when I grew up, got over myself and watched them again. Because, by and large they are really good, solid, entertaining TV.

    I think Doggett was a good character in that he always respected Scully, and he had SUCH a LOT to learn about the world Mulder and Scully live in. He actually did pretty well. But I couldn’t say I really warmed to him.

    I look at your screencap of fake Mulder with Gibson, and I can list at least 5 reasons why it cant be the real Mulder:

    1. HAIR. Mulder takes better care of his hair than that, even in arid landscapes.
    2. SQUINTING. Mulder never squints, he wears shades.
    3 T SHIRT Mulder wears more fitted grey T shirts than that – this isn’t season 1.
    4. No casual innuendo for Scully. Tense situation/reunion with Scully after being missing/near death experience = Mulder with a funny line. None was forthcoming
    5. Mulder wouldn’t grab Gibson by the wrist like that. Our Fox is a tender soul, and Gibson is precious to him. He’d have his arm around his shoulders.

    Feel free to turn this blog into a salute to Scully’s beauty. I’m all for it.


    1. In almost all ways, I’m bummed to have missed out on the experience of watching this show live (what was I DOING with my life?). I’m SO curious what I would have thought/ how I would have felt, not only watching it at that age, but watching it in that context, when nobody had any idea what was going to happen. I’m sure it’s been a lot easier on me because I knew that Doggett was coming. Even though there’s no way to really prepare for how SAD it is, I at least KNEW. And I knew that I could grow to like him in his non-Muldery way. That’s been helpful. But yes. Puppy. I miss him.

      Hahahah even in its floppiest days, Mulder’s hair never did what it’s doing there. And that SHIRT. It’s a mess. Mulder’s would be tight and clean. And he’d totally be making jokes/ guiding Gibson by the shoulder, definitely. I love that we know him so well at this point that we can pinpoint all of these things before the show spells them out for us.

      1. The other aspect of the experience was the spoilers. They were available for some key scenes weeks or months in advance resulting in massive debate and anxiety. Sometimes things even got changed in response to fan reaction to spoilers. Not always though. And then there were the interviews with writers and actors. Things said by CC in advance of season 8 for example VS what actually happened in season 8.

    2. Reason #6. An oddly puffy face. Presumably a residual effect from David having his cheeks fish hooked and stretched for the torture scene. That or maybe he’d just had some major dental surgery?

  9. Here comes the season of denial. I’m a classic fan that stops in Requiem, but your posts are so good that I will continue reading. Now, after all these years, I appreciate these episodes just for GA brilliant performance.

    1. I am (was?) a denialist myself. But in the last two days, a switch has been flicked in my brain and I’m currently re-watching all the mytharc episodes form S8, getting my heart broken at the end of every single one of them.

  10. Great entry. Before I get to the angst that is Requiem, Within, and Without, I must mention my favorite line from “Fight Club” Scully is interviewing a guy in jail and introduces herself as Special Agent Dana Scully and the guys asks, “What’s so special about you!?!” It just cracked me up. Both of them were so on and at their best in Requiem. And Scully in season 8 is just to die for.

  11. Oh my goodness, I am so, so happy you’ve finally gotten here! And I’m so glad I finally got a chance to read this — I’ve been waiting all weekend!

    “Je Souhaite” is like the pinnacle of their adorableness (adorability?) and it makes me smile so much. I mean, Scully painting the invisible body is just a thing of beauty. Huzzah for science nerds who love their work! And then the movie night — if you had told me in season 1 that Mulder and Scully would be sitting on the couch watching Caddyshack and bickering about how much butter to put on their joint bowl of popcorn, I would have told you go go find a UFO.

    Then “Requiem” is the pinnacle of PAIN AND FEEEELS. Well, not really, but that time will come later. Everything was so loaded and just when you thought they’d stacked their bases enough for season 8 to deal with Duchovny’s exit, they pull the rug out from under you with the pregnancy shocker and Gillian Anderson drops the mic, metaphorically speaking, in that hospital room scene.

    Also, I too would watch a season of nothing but road trips. And can we have an appreciation post for Scully’s hair in the season 8 premiere? I know it’s shallow, but it’s also true.

    Love the Doggett intro, and the scene in Mulder’s appointment. Also, I see what you did there, Not Leslie Knope.

    1. Oh yay thanks! No day is complete without a Leslie Knope quote.

      AGH, I know, the jump from adorable, happy “Je Souhaite” Mulder and Scully to hugging, world-on-their-doorstep “Requiem” Mulder and Scully to BROKEN Scully is just devastating. It all hurts more because they’re back to back.

      Appreciating Scully’s hair is exactly the kind of shallow pursuit I live for.

  12. It has taken me four days to read all your X Files posts and I kind of don’t know what to say except thank you. Thank you. A million times thank you.

    I love the way you write and your observations on the formalism and structuralism of the visual blocking of the scenes have really been a lesson for me. Which is marvellous to me considering I have seen some of these episodes upwards of seven or eight times each.

    And you’ve made me want to watch some episodes again which I have recently left out when I am on an X Files rotation.

    I can’t recall when tv writing last made me laugh out loud. So thank you.

    1. Hi! Oh wow, thank YOU! That is so sweet–I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you’ve enjoyed the posts. It’s been such a great experience watching the show for the first time and sharing it with everyone, and I’m really grateful that people have responded. So thanks!!

      1. Well, then, cool! Let’s be friends!

        I want you to know that you have made me order the second movie even though I dislike it intensely. (But that’s probably because I totes ADORE the first movie so intensely.)

      2. Hey, happy Thursday. I am just checking back in to say that I watched the second movie last night and it was much better than I thought it was when I first saw it. Like, a lot. It is a long time since I watched it, I actually don’t remember how long, but I bought the Director’s Cut off amazon and quite enjoyed it. Just a point of information for you (I didn’t even know there was a Director’s Cut) – and: chin up, it’s not so bad.

  13. CAN’T HANDLE THIS. I’ve been putting off watching Season 8 again, but I know I’ll have to very soon. I just can’t handle Scully being such a broken, weepy mess. It makes me ACHE. But I love watching the show again through your eyes. Your comments made me get all teary lol.

  14. I finished all 17 volumes yesterday. Just want to THANK YOU again for such a joy. Your sense of humour amazed me and I really pity the fact you’re not my neighbor so we could make fun of X Files related stuff together. I really really LOVED reading all of it. It was a pleasure I have not had since I stopped reading fanfics. You have talent, Kelly. Keep writing, please (and not only X Files things).


    I’ve been both hesitant and anxious for you to get to this point – knowing what was waiting for you, to tear you apart and leave you a blubbering idiot on the floor. But even knowing that it was coming, I’m still laying on floor with you. You never get over it. The sad-protective spooning in Bellefleur to the award-winning performance of “I’m pregnant” Gillian Anderson to the over-protective papa Skinner to the snuggle-Mulder-shirt Scully….. IT HURTS SO MUCH.

    Sending you all the virtual support and Kleenex necessary right now, we can all get through this together ❤

  16. Like Angela, I felt the same way. Imagine, Kelly, that back in the 90’s we the fans didn’t have the emotional advantage of those watching the show after it ended, knowing that whatever happened in the end Mulder and Scully would be holding a baby in the widespread scene of Existence. We were suffering WITH Scully. Because, maybe David Duchovny could decide he wouldn’t be coming back for the show (it was a tense time with the actor suing FOX Television) or Chris Carter might have thought we still needed to pay for our sins and would just write that Mulder died and the last scene of the show could be an aged Scully visiting their son in the basement years later saying something like “You remind me of your father”. So in a sense you’re still lucky. ;D

    1. Just jumping in to offer a counterpoint to the notion that Chris Carter did not make us pay for our sins. Worse things can be done to characters than just killing them off.

  17. This show should not be called the X-Files. It should be called 100+1 ways to hurt Scully. But honestly, I don’t know if she would be the awesome character that she is, had she not been through all that crap. They did a very good job on character development in this show, which I think is the main reason why it is so good and why people love it even after all those years. In any case, your reviews are amazing, funny and very much to the point. Excellent analysis of such complex characters.

  18. Don’t know how I missed this post…but I did…and then I found it….and I laughed, cried, and had my heart broken! You write flawlessly and you are able to convey Mulder and Scully in such a beautiful way! I’m jealous! You know them so well!!!!

    I also just want to let you know that I’ve shared this, and another posts on this blog, on my FaceBook page, Get 100,000 Likes for XF3, and they have gotten some great comments!!!!

    Once again, amazing writing! And please don’t stop! I know we’re getting close to the end, but I think you should just continue!!! You know the characters so well that I feel you could “continue the series” and do it justice!!!

    1. Thank you so so much! Ah, this is so sweet. I’m flattered. And I am definitely not stopping, I promise! I feel AWFUL about how long it’s taken me to get this next post together (life is crazy), but it’s coming!!

  19. Okay, so you’ve officially put two of my favourite things into one post: “The X-Files” and “Parks and Rec”. As a long time X-Phile and a true believer that Mulder and Scully have been telling the greatest love story of all time since 1992, I found this read to be perfection! Truly, you have delighted me with your commentary. And yes, Gillian Anderson is a thing of beauty.

  20. Ungh! Feelings all over the place. From the moments of joy in Je Souhate to the curled up in the fetal position Eps of Requiem, Within and Without these are an assault on the heartstrings. Scully telling Skinner about her pregnancy was gutwrenching. Why were there not a line of Emmy’s waiting to be handed to GA after each of these EPs? I ‘hurt’ watching her in Within and Without. The loss of Mulder was palpable

  21. Ack, wasn’t done commenting. Loss of Mulder was palpable. I loved the tossing of the water in Dogget’s face. Yeah, we all wanted to do that. No one can come in and replace Mulder. So begins the season of transition. Think I signed in differently, usually post under Tilusu

  22. Kelly, I love your blog! And I’m just about ready to curl up into a ball on the floor. Watching these episodes again so many years later does not make it any easier. So many emotions!! I had that Mulder and Scully have to be separated, especially in this special moment. I think this show broke me too!

      1. Totally agree! These two have to be the best written characters in the history of television. I could write a book about them because it feels like I know them so well! It’s really awesome to talk to someone who loves them as much as I do 😊

  23. Long theory alert here!

    I am going to have to stick to the “quasi-canon” and continue to believe that the first time they sleep together is at the conclusion of all things. I think season 6 was all about them actually discovering they might be in love, and most of season 7 was them getting from that point to the point where they do something about it. That would jive with how they behave in the “flashback” parts of Hollywood AD (“18 months earlier”, i.e., season 6) as compared with the “contemporary” parts during the screening of the movie by which point they are so clearly a couple.

    I’ve tried to figure out where to place Per Manum – because I think that has to come before they finally get together properly – and I’ve decided to put it somewhere in the early 7th around The Goldberg Variation. The reason for this is basically that Scully is a bit melancholy in that episode, especially around the kid, and that would fit well with the mood she’d have if she’d had a recent failure with her attempts at IVF. Then she accepts her destiny, so to speak, in all things, and it’s her acceptance of that destiny that not only frees her to finally sleep with Mulder but also frees her to relax enough that she is able – by whatever miracle mechanism you like – to conceive with him. But it’s not only about her – I think Mulder couldn’t fully give himself to Scully until he felt like he finally could let go of Samantha; which to me it really seems like he does at the end of Closure. That (and the death of his mother) finally frees *him* up to focus on Scully as his only real anchor in the world. Between Closure and all things they are poking around the edges of where their relationship is going, with UST still apparent and the situation not resolved (“not in the widely understood definition of that term”). Then finally, with all things, they have both emotionally resolved some of the major issues in their respective pasts, and can at last dare to open up all the way and take their relationship to the place where they had previously feared to tread.

    For me, this timeline fits beautifully with how they play the characters together as the season evolves – whether intentionally or whether, as so often with them, instinctually. Because after all things, in all the remaining episodes (even the godawful Fight Club) the two of them are so, well, giddy and carefree and smiley with each other in a way that we’ve never previously seen consistently – in nearly every interaction sequence with the two of them, even when discussing the cases. They are doing their patented banter but with clearly radiant joy and very little tension of any variety, UST or otherwise, other than concern for each others’ well being. That screams to me that they have now accepted their destiny to be partners in every sense of the word, and that in that surrender they at last find happiness.

    Which is why I still dread watching Requiem every time, even though it’s such a great episode.

    And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

    Thanks for the great blog – looking forward to seeing your reviews of the rest of season 10!

  24. So, there may have been some major x-files bingeing in honor of the 23rd anniversary this past weekend. Just a few dozen of my favorites. Question for you, do you ever watch Je Souhaite and wonder, if Mulder had found Scully while there was peace on earth, if he might have left the rest of the world blinked out of existence for at least a little while longer? Why can’t season 11 come soon(er) -ish 🙂

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