Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 18

Because they SHOULD still be making out.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out (but it’s possible that they weren’t on the same planet, so let’s talk about what happened instead) in this week’s batch of episodes:


  • I appreciate the fact that the new opening credits have the same “we made this on a computer from 1993” aesthetic.
  • Oh look, it hurts.

xfiles patience mulder nameplate

  • Scully is about to put the nameplate away, like she can’t look at it if she expects to get her job done, like if she doesn’t do this now, she never will. But then Doggett strolls in with his FBI bros, who just want to tap the glass on the fish tank, and Scully remembers how long Mulder put up with the same treatment. The name plate isn’t a distraction anymore; it’s a reminder of how he got by and why she has to. “I’m not here to be a curiosity, Agent Doggett. I’m here to work.”
  • Scully never got a desk. Her area was Mulder’s area, in the sense that most of the space she found for herself already had him in it. Lately, especially since the destruction of the Syndicate, she’s been in this more for Mulder than for the work itself, so when Scully takes over the X-files, she does it for him. She still wants to sign Mulder’s name to everything she does. “This is my partner’s office, Agent Doggett. You and I will just be using it for a while.” For a while. She can’t think any further.
  • There’s a very dry, Mulder-esque authority to the way she dives right into that slide show. I miss the six dead cows.
"Cause of death was blood loss. From numerous deep wounds. From BITES." That is essentially exactly the way it happened.

“Cause of death was blood loss. From numerous deep wounds. From BITES.” That is essentially exactly the way it happened, and don’t tell me she’s not thinking about Texas.

  • “I can assure you that there’s nothing baffling about human bite marks.”
I am a medical doctor and I have the scientific answers. I'm also holding the weird answers for my partner. Not this baby cop, my real partner.

I am a medical doctor and I have the scientific answers. I’m also holding all of the weird answers for my partner. Not this confused baby goat with a badge, my real partner.

  • Doggett brings up how many homicides he’s worked, in case you weren’t clear on the fact that he was a cop. He wants to feel he’s bringing something to the table, but this is an ego-less game.
Stop assuming. I will tell you when you can start assuming.

Your experience means nothing to me.

  • “Agent Mulder used to refer to it as ‘Occam’s Principle of Limited Imagination.'” That sounds like Mulder. Why try to make the facts fit a known pattern when there are so many new ones?
  • “You ever carry one of these?” “Never.”
You have discovered the flashlight.

Congratulations, you’ve discovered the flashlight.

  • This push-pull we’ve got with Doggett right now is great. He does his research even when he’s not sure what he’s looking for, and he is not here for victim blaming, thank you. (“Nobody’s responsible for this except for whoever or whatever did it.”) He also asks the detective to join him in taking a pretty significant leap for Scully—but he asks in a whisper, by stepping in front of her, like he’s doing her a favor, which is weird and patronizing and not at all like how Mulder and Scully publicly gave each other permission to fight for themselves.
  • “Maybe I’m just trying too hard.” “To do what? To be Mulder?” There we go. Scully’s in an impossible situation. She has to believe, not only because Mulder has earned it from her, but because it’s the only chance she has to get him back. But Mulder needs Scully to balance him. Doggett can’t quite be for Scully what she’s been for Mulder, because he’s a different person. But he reassures her that while she might feel like she’s doing it all wrong, she’s on the right track. In the process, he compliments Mulder’s intelligence and Scully’s work ethic, which is great, since Mulder is usually praised for his work ethic. Most agents try to overlook his intelligence. That’s Scully’s domain. She’s already Mulder-ing more than she knows.

xfiles patience doggett car

  • Not today, giant bat creature.—Doggett, basically. I can dig it.
  • Scully does the neck check, so she’s definitely got Texan vampires on the brain.

xfiles patience scully neck

  • “They’ll get used to it.”
Enjoy your field reports, boys.

Scully quietly adds crop circles to every field report just to screw with the boys upstairs.

  • “I never had a desk in here, Agent Doggett, but I’ll see that you get one.”
xfiles patience scully desk

Step one in Scully’s attempt to make sure that she doesn’t lose herself trying to be Mulder: make sure Doggett doesn’t get lost either. He’s his own person. Also it’s a CRIME that Scully never had a desk.

  • Baby goat is pleased.
xfiles patience doggett desk

heart eyes

  • “And I just—I just want to say, um, thank you for watching my back.”
She has to struggle to get that out and to admit to herself that someone else can do partner things with her.


  • Scully has to struggle to get that out, because it’s an admission that someone else can do partner things with her. Doggett chalks it up to the job description, but saving each other’s lives is always a little bit personal. She’s finally accepting that this job is HERS, and not just through Mulder. She didn’t have his name plate to hide behind out there in the field. Scully has to own the X-files.
xfiles patience scully name plate

Not that that makes this any easier. Especially since she’s wearing the Green Sweater of Sex.


  • “Hey, it’s Scully” just feels wrong.

xfiles roadrunners hey its scully

  • Taking down men who don’t expect women to be doctors, one gas station attendant at a time.

xfiles roadrunners scully doctor

  • Her moment has come.
That being said, SAY NO AND RUN AWAY NOW.


  • “Oh and it rains a lot here, does it? Seeing as how it’s basically the DESERT?”
Scully's instincts, like her desert-appropriate button downs, are on point. She knows he did this to her on purpose.

Scully’s instincts, like her desert-appropriate button downs, are on point.

  • She might not be talking about the baby, but she’s thinking about the baby.

xfiles roadrunners scully stomach

  • Trust no one, Desert Rose.
xfiles roadrunners scully gun

One of my favorite things about Scully is that she scrapes up whatever agency she has and clings to its rough edges for all her life. She might be stranded in a town of soft-spoken manipulators, but she’s still got her gun.

  • She’s still got someone to help, too.
A docotr's gotta doctor.

A doctor’s gotta doctor.

  • “I don’t even know what’s going on with you right now.”—Dana Scully, M.D.
  • What is it with this show and things crawling around inside people’s necks?
  • “Are you canvassing? Talking to neighbors?” You RUN that Scully search, Doggett.
  • Scully is never too busy fighting for her life to yell in defense of someone else’s.

xfiles roadrunners scully son of a bitch

  • There’s no last-minute rescue and no way for her to fight her way out. All Scully can do is plead for her baby, but these people don’t have enough humanity left to care. This episode is TERRIFYING.
xfiles roadrunners scully pregnant

“I’m pregnant! No! No, don’t do this! I’m gonna have a baby!”

  • Still flawless with a giant worm in her back.


xfiles roadrunners scully spine him

My queen.

  • She sets the place on FIRE to get attention.
  • “Hurry. I can’t wait for you.” Doggett’s got a partner to save.
  • “HEY.”


  • His hand is on her abs and he helps her swing her arm around his shoulder and it’s okay if I’m into this in an “every guy in Scully’s life has a non-threatening Skinner-level crush on her” sort of way, right?
xfiles roadrunners scully abs

Pretty sure he could pick her up with one hand.

  • “Agent Scully, TALK TO ME.” I love that Doggett has approximately no idea what’s going on, but he knows that he’s got to keep her with him. If Scully’s not communicating, something is wrong.
  • When she tells Doggett to cut it out of her,  he doesn’t ask any questions, and he doesn’t waste any time.


  • Sorry, couldn’t hear you over how manly this is.

Trust exercises.

  • Scully apologizes for leaving Doggett out of the case, and Doggett agrees that she screwed up. He’s not going to let her off easy, and she respects that. Mulder never would, either.

xfiles roadrunners scully screwed up

  • He takes her bag, and now they’re really partners.


  • “Maybe you think bad things happen to you because you’ve been a bad boy.” Doggett is never down for victim blaming. We know that much.
  • Scully has to pause and prepare herself before she can talk about alien abductions and what the X-files say they can do to people. Part of that is just our old skeptical scientist shining through—they’re not in the desert on a life-or-death Mulder chase, so she can afford to measure her words—but abductions are also a pretty raw deal for her right now.

xfiles invocation scully x files

  • “You know, these words: anomalous, supernatural, paranormal. They purport to explain something by not explaining it. It’s lazy.” I think Scully remembers when Mulder looked at her with wide eyes and said, “You think that believing is easy?” She knows better now.

xfiles invocation lazy

  • “Yeah, and you’re BREAKING the LAW.” Which I have never done for Mulder EVER how DARE YOU
  • Is it time for Doggett’s backstory?
You have a weird backstory and you haven't told me about it yet? Mulder told me his on our first case. Step it up.

Hold up, you’ve got things going on besides “COP” and “ACCENT”?

  • Pause to salute Scully’s beauty.

xfiles invocation scully

  • SCULLY: Look, I know where you are with this. I have been there. I know what you’re feeling—that you’ve failed and that you have to explain this somehow. And maybe you can.
    DOGGETT: Not if that’s Billy’s body, I can’t.
    SCULLY: But maybe that’s explanation enough. That that’s not Billy’s brother lying in that grave, too. That that man who did this is never going to be able to do it again. Isn’t that what you wanted, Agent Doggett?
    DOGGETT: Agent Scully, don’t ask me to believe that this is some kind of justice from beyond the grave.
    SCULLY: All I’m saying is that maybe you succeeded, whether you’re willing to see that or not.
  • She’s come SO FAR from the little medical doctor who sat in meetings with her back straight and wanted to have all of the facts. Scully’s time with Mulder has taught her that this job, which she got into to help people, is somehow even more people-oriented than she expected. It’s not always about finding answers. Sometimes, all you have to hold on to is the knowledge that you saved someone.


  • It’s the future first lady.
xfiles redrum mellie

Hair in place and ready to fight the system.

  • “Maybe you already have the answer within you.” I’ve been thinking lately about how much earlier Scully might have bought into Mulder’s theories than she actually admitted. Someone had to pull him down to earth, and she knew that it had to be her, even after she had reason to trust his instincts. If Scully and Mulder become each other when they’re apart, then it’s also true that they’re more themselves when they’re together.
  • Doggett: the friend who lets you sleep on his couch when he hasn’t seen you for three years.
  • “The passage of time in prisons is not in a cell of brick and mortar but in one of hopes dashed and tragedies unaverted. How precious, then, the chance to go back, only to discover that in facing the past you must face up to yourself, that exiting the prison of time doesn’t free you from the prison of your own character—one from which there is no escape.” Okay who copied this from one of Rod Serling’s diaries?

“Via Negativa”

  • Scully’s going to be holding this baby in her arms before she tells Doggett anything.
xfiles via negativa scully phone

It’s like she’s waiting to tell Mulder and I hurt everywhere.

  • Doggett is appropriately concerned, and he covers for her without knowing any details. Well done, baby goat.
xfiles via negativa doggett skinner

I’m aware that baby goats are called “kids,” but that’s just confusing.

  • Skinner supplies the “X-file explanation.” He’s in the club. He’s got a fever. The only cure is more aliens [CUT TO THEME SONG].
  • “She’s taking some personal time.” “I’ve got 22 people dead.”


  • “You want me to think like Scully and Mulder would.” To the outside perspective, Scully and Mulder think the same, when really it’s just that they each know how the other thinks. But maybe that’s the same thing in the end.
  • “I know that you covered for me; you didn’t have to do that.” Scully appreciates Doggett’s respect for their partnership, and she returns it when she tells him that he can trust his instincts; he’s a good cop.
Scully you do not sound "fine." PLEASE BE HEALTHY.

Scully’s health is not allowed to falter I CAN’T TAKE IT

  • Scully refers to the Lone Gunmen as “Mulder’s friends,” because she’s being very possessive of his territory on his behalf. Her relationship with Mulder seems uneven at times, since she made his work hers (and she never got a desk), but it was her choice, and it’s a choice that she continues to affirm. She likes asserting Mulder’s right to take up space. His name isn’t even on the basement door anymore. Scully claims Mulder’s life for him when the FBI wants to take it away, and by affirming his place, she makes a place for herself. Byers says it. “These files are theirs. They’re private.” THEIRS. Even people who were Mulder’s first can see that Scully and Mulder now have equal claim to this work.
  • I think we’ve all had this moment with Doggett.

xfiles via negativa gunmen

  • “Not bad for a beginner.”
  • This isn’t okay. I’m afraid.
xfiles via negativa scully hospital

Scully wakes up with another Get Well Soon card placed directly in her hand.

  • Doggett wants the truth, so he can be in the club too.
  • “When you get this message, if you feel up to it, you give me a call.” He needs Scully because he respects her, but he also respects that she’s got things going on beyond his needs. Very cool.
  • “What do you want me to do? Pinch you?” Skinner has so many layers.
  • Doggett wants to protect Scully, and he’s afraid that she’ll die. But that’s really a fear of himself, somehow, that he’s not good enough at nurturing and too good at violence. I’m betting that this relates to the boy in the photo.

Doggett's afraid that he'll kill Scully.

  • “You just saved my life, Agent Scully.” “I just woke you up, Agent Doggett.”
  • Scully’s Mulder mode is both fascinating and delightful, but it’s still comforting to see that when she isn’t on a case, she lets herself dig in those skeptical heels a little.

xfiles via negativa skeptical scully


  • And now she’s back to having a Mulder theory and being energized by the possibility of it all.
xfiles surekill scully

The world is her runway.

  • “Call in Clark Kent.”
xfiles surekill doggett

He likes it too.

  • “He must have seen something in her she couldn’t see in herself.” Mulder and Scully find a lesson in everything. They consider the human aspect of the most bizarre cases.


  • Scully stands in the wreckage of a car that’s nearly split down the middle and tries to make a joke. Doggett doesn’t even register.
Mulder would have smiled like the sun, if for no other reason than how proud she is of herself.

She’s so proud of herself. Mulder would have smiled like the sun.

  • “You know, I hate to ruin your beautiful theory with ugly facts.” That is so you. That is so SCULLY. (But it’s Doggett.)
  • “That seems humanly impossible.”
It might seem that way, but I am autopsy Scully, and I have given you the facts.

Yes but I’m a medical doctor.

  • “Well maybe the question is not how, but why.” Doggett really does throw Scully and Mulder’s way of thinking into relief—not only the way Mulder changed Scully, showing her that the human will can sometimes go beyond all scientific explanation, but the way he and Scully have always been alike. They both see answers as less important than asking the right questions.
  • We’re in such good hands.
And then she backs him immediately when he wants the door open. PARTNERSHIP.

And then she backs him immediately when he wants the door opened. PARTNERSHIP.

  • I’m afraid of people who make turtlenecks look this good.

xfiles salvage scully


  • “The things that land in your inbox, huh Agent Scully?” Oh you mean LITERAL NIGHTMARES?
  • Scully’s very hushed and deliberate and thoughtful when she shares her theory, because sometimes theorizing like Mulder is a fun game you play standing in the rain by an empty grave, and sometimes it’s a squeaky cart on the fast track to a dark and hopeless world where people crawl inside other people.
Scully's very hushed and deliberate and

Is this what it’s like in Mulder’s head? HE NEEDS A GROUNDING FORCE LIKE SCULLY SO MUCH

  • “I appreciate your resistance” is both “I’ve been there,” and, “No really, thank you for having faith in humanity.”
  • Her eyes match her shirt, her shirt matches the morgue, and I am here for all of it.

xfiles badlaa scully morgue

  • “It’s hard to believe in something when you can’t understand it.” Oh, she knows.
It's a good thing Scully's never been afraid of a challenge.

Good thing Scully’s not afraid of a challenge.

  • I should be packing for a flight but instead I’m inventing origin stories for this mug.
(1) She

(1) She bought it to remind her of Mulder. (2) Mulder got it for Scully to tease her. (3) Scully got it for Mulder to tease him. (4) Mulder kept it at his apartment and made it her designated coffee mug when she spent the night, and it was her designated hot cocoa mug when they watched Christmas movies, and she put up about 3% of a fight, because she loved it. (5) Someone gave it to Scully to make fun of Mrs. Spooky and she carries it like a badge of honor. (6) Skinner.

  • She finally has a desk! But look how she perches at the front of the seat like it’s not really hers. Look how she keeps herself small. The work is all over the desk, because it belongs there, but Scully is small and ready to jump out of her seat. Bye.

xfiles badlaa scully desk chair

xfiles badlaa scully desk stands

xfiles badlaa scully desk

  • Chuck isn’t sure where Scully stands, since it was always Mulder who called him. Scully’s face just falls at the mention of Mulder’s name.

She jumps right into talking about the case instead.

  • “This case. I’m trying to see it the way that Mulder would.”
  • These boys and their walkie talkies are gems. Mulder would be out there with them in a heartbeat.
  • Is this Doggett’s first time calling her Scully?
  • “I shot a young boy.” “The good news is you’re wrong.” Doggett can accept the facts, strange as they are, once they’re confirmed, but that’s different than taking a leap to confirm them. Believing isn’t easy.
  • “Do you know what it’s like not to be able to trust your own eyes?” Scully still leans on science. She wants the facts, even if they don’t add up to anything she’s ever seen before. Her eyes just told her that she was shooting a young boy. Anyone would falter in that position, but Mulder made it look easy, because his mind is just beautiful like that. “And in an instant, I realized that it’s what Mulder would have seen or understood. Because that’s just how he came at things: without judgment and without prejudice and with an open mind that I am just not capable of.” Scully has so much respect for Mulder. She doesn’t believe that she can think like he does, and she puts so much pressure on herself to do him proud. It’s a daily effort; every time she asks Doggett to keep an open mind, she’s really reminding herself. I just want to wrap her in a blanket and hand her a carton of ice cream and tells her that she’s doing such a good job. It’s okay to keep herself honest.

xfiles badlaa scully crying

“The Gift”

  • PUPPY?

xfiles the gift mulder

  • I didn’t even question the fact that he killed someone, which I hope is because I trust his character and not because absence makes the heart grow more tolerant of murder.
  • This head rubbing, though. It is not a good sign.

xfiles the gift mulder head

  • Oh STOP, you softie.
xfiles the gift doggett fish

Scully cares about Mulder’s fish, so Doggett cares about Mulder’s fish. Also I feel like these fish probably have a small army of people looking out for them and are going to get fat off of how loved Mulder is.

  • “If Mulder did these things, he would’ve reported them.” Skinner has Monday night fish duty.
  • “I’m not taking it to OPR. I’m taking it to you.”
  • So we’re really going with the secret undiagnosed brain disease, then? I hope he had a solid reason for keeping this from Scully.
  • I’ve missed this shirtless man who looks at the unknown with wild eyes and tries to know it: not what or how it is, but how it feels. This is what Scully meant about his open-mindedness.

xfiles the gift mulder eyes

  • “Agent Mulder saw how it suffered. He saw it in its eyes…He couldn’t bear to add to its pain.” Even if it meant his own death. I LOVE HIM.
  • “She doesn’t know anything about this, sir. Of that I’m certain.”
  • I actually swooned.
This is still Mulder's basement.

This is still Mulder’s basement. He looks so RIGHT there, just waiting for someone to find the truth.

  • Everyone’s coming for you, Mulder.

So sorry for the delay on this post! I start a new job tomorrow, so to get the most out of my week off, I booked a ridiculously spontaneous flight to visit my family and then spent the ENTIRE trip introducing my mom to Mulder and Scully. She’s very into it and texted me today that “it’s as if one cannot be complete without the other.” Also she loves Skinner. I am so proud. You should all be proud too. Another post will be coming this week, so please think of me as I continue to share my feelings with the floor.

Until then!


  1. The first time I saw Badlaa, I felt so for Scully. She had been trying so hard to be Mulder and her realization that she couldn’t be and felt she was letting him down was just so sad.

  2. You know, Season 8 is really much better than I initially gave it credit for. It took a very long time for me to finally hold hands with it, if you will, but there’s a lot of good.

    I hope you are close to a mental institution for the next few episodes.

    Also, wasn’t “Roadrunners” the most horrifying thing ever? I put it #2 on my list of Underrated X-Files Horror. I almost can’t watch it.

    1. I think “Roadrunners” scared me almost as much as “Irresistible” and disturbed me almost as much as “Home,” so when you put those two TOGETHER, it is TERRIFYING. Yeah. But amazing. I rewound most of the end MULTIPLE times. I love all of it.
      Hahaha I’ll have people keep an eye on me.

      1. What’s scary about “Roadrunners” is not just that there’s a horrible disgusting gross thing, but that there’s a cult that believes this horrible disgusting gross thing needs to be inserted into people’s necks. The horrible disgusting gross thing would be awful on its own, but when you throw a cult in there, it just bumps it up into a new level of terrifying. To think that people could really believe that doing that is good… Now that I think about it, it’s kind of a mish-mash of different types of MOTW episodes: the disturbing human being cult, the disgusting creature, the parasite, the slicing open of people…it’s like “The Host,” “Sanguinarium,” “Our Town,” and “Ice,” all rolled up into one. I always wondered why “Badlaa” got more attention than “Roadrunners,” but I swear I’ve seen it on more Scariest Episodes lists.

      2. Yes! “Badlaa” is also terrifying (and so revealing), but “Roadrunners” is more grounded. Like “Irresistible,” the scariest thing about it is that it’s possible to imagine it happening. The fact that these people actually stand around with their creepy smiles and think they’re doing her a favor is chilling.

    2. Roadrunners is one of my favorites. We used to joke around with, “I’m in ur spine, steelin’ ur nutrients,” because…well, we we’re weird. But it’s totally a sign of affection, really…I’m just *that* close to you yo 😉 Roadrunners, Badlaa & Patience, man…winning!

      When Scully cries, we ALL cry.

    3. Ι totally agree about “Roadrunners”. Although, every single time I think about it, I can’t help but wonder how different (more awesome?) it would have been, had we had Mulder instead of Doggett cutting Scully open. …. No, I just can’t see that happening. I guess, if this had been a pre-S8 episode, VG would have probably changed the ending.

      I’ve been a fan for 17 years and I think it’s only this year that I feel ready to accept S8 (well, the mytharc episodes at least).

      1. I probably would have fainted if Mulder were the one to rescue Scully in “Roadrunners.” I mean, I think that episode is GREAT and such a huge leap forward in Scully and Doggett’s partnership, but if Mulder put his hand on her abs like that…glorious. Although if it were Mulder, they would probably have made him put his hand somewhere else. And he would’ve had a much harder time cutting into her neck. Puppy.

  3. Mazel Tov on the new job! Also, on indoctrinating your mother. Eeeexcellent! (It seems every device I own is logged into a different account. Let’s roll with this.)

    I’m exhausted and on painkillers and really should just go to bed but I can’t because ALL THE FEELINGS. I’m sorry for the lengthy comment but I can’t help it. Dude, you’re making me almost want to give season 8 another shot sometime. I mean, I was never really a hater of the season, but largely glossed over the non-Mulder episodes, save for a few moments. But you’re totally reminding me of the parts I *did* like back then, and kept wanting to highlight back in the day, but everyone was in the “NO MULDER NO FUN” mindset then and I just sat and stewed. ANYWAY.

    – I totally forgot about “Patience.” I don’t remember this at all. (Or “Surekill.” Or “Salvage.”) Except for the name plate scene at the end, and how people lost their collective sh*t over it. IT’S A SYMBOL YOU DORKS. Also, “baby goat” is the best nickname ever and now that’s all I will ever see, thanks.
    – “Roadrunners” remains one of the creepiest episodes of the show ever. Possibly of any show. I loved Scully kicking ass even when she couldn’t kick ass. Leave it to her to be enraged not that they injected her with some alien worm (I don’t even know), but that it had a sex. I feel like they deliberately went with some action movie imagery in this one specifically to contrast Scully and Doggett’s partnership with Scully and Mulder’s. (How, I don’t know. Like I said. Fatigue + drugs = mush brain.)
    – You know, if they had to give Gillian Anderson time off in season 8 as part of her renegotiation deal, I’m glad they actually used Scully’s pregnancy to write around it — like when she was in the hospital in “Via Negativa.” I mean, it was awful that Scully was in a crisis, but it probably made more sense than “lol sorry Doggett the cafeteria had tacos for lunch and I had a religious experience, did you solve the whole case by yourself already?” Plus, using the Lone Gunmen in her absence is genius, and I only wish it could happen more.
    – Origin story #7 for the mug: Scully saw it in a truck stop in some godforsaken town they drove through once years ago, and in spite of herself bought it for him. Maybe payback for the Apollo 11 keychain, who knows. Mulder then goes on to tease her about it, informing her that the alien’s eyes are actually too close together based on abductees’ personal accounts or some crap like that. “Shut up Mulder and enjoy your gift.” And he does. (PAINKILLERS MAN.)
    – All the feels about the desk. 😦
    – Crying Scully gifs should be illegal. 😦 She was trying to hard to be Mulder, but she isn’t, and her cracking at that realization was just all kinds of heartbreaking.
    – Yeah, I called BS on the secret brain disease, too, but WHATEVER SHOW LAY IT ON ME.
    – Is it wrong that the image from “The Gift” you posted of Mulder made me immediately think of the “Shaft” scene? (BAD BLOOD FOREVER.)
    – It’s nice that whatever else happens in this season, good or bad, Scully looks fabulous.

    Have a good trip back! (Or, I guess you already did.)

    1. “Leave it to her to be enraged not that they injected her with some alien worm (I don’t even know), but that it had a sex.” YES. It’s all in the details.
      “‘lol sorry Doggett the cafeteria had tacos for lunch and I had a religious experience, did you solve the whole case by yourself already?'” I would watch this.
      Ohhhh now I have Apollo 11 keychain feelings.
      Everything should make everyone think of Bad Blood all the time, soooo no, not wrong at all.
      Thanks! I did 🙂

    2. “lol sorry Doggett the cafeteria had tacos for lunch and I had a religious experience, did you solve the whole case by yourself already?”


    3. As one stubbornly defiant and unrepentant dork, I’d like to point out that it was the symbolism in stuffing the name in the drawer that MADE us loose our shit. Deep sixing the nameplate while reminding viewers of Mulder and Scully’s seven year low, all in one seamless motion; that was some heavy symbolism alright. It was also an unmistakable signal of writer intent. Maybe if she’d shoved the name of the guy she was supposed to be tirelessly searching for into that drawer while evoking one of their highs rather than their lowest low (that bastard never got me a desk!), or even while just reminding us of one of their average moments, we might not so collectively have lost it? Anyhow, hope you feel better soon & get some rest.

      1. Oh I loved the symbolism of the nameplate. I thought she was very much tucking Mulder away, not in the sense that intended to forget him, but in the sense that she knew she could only find him by owning the work for herself. The desk thing was just her way of passing that understanding along.

    4. Re: the secret brain disease. I too thought it was a lame plot device but then, just a few days ago, I re-watched “Requiem” for the umpteenth time and, surely enough, in a scene at the beginning of the episode, Mulder is shown to rub his forehead! All these years I attributed that gesture to fatigue and frustration because of the audit, when in fact it was foreshadowing of the mysterious disease.

      But it still doesn’t make sense that he would have hidden something like that from Scully.

  4. Season 8 is tough. The only thing that keeps me going is Gillian’s amazing acting and the fact that Scully is even more beautiful when Mulder is missing.

    Your baby goat reference almost made me fall out of my seat. But he can’t hold a candle to PUPPY.

    I know that these episodes are hard, but harder times are ahead – hang in there.

    Also, BRAVO for bringing your mother over to the dark side! We always need new recruits 🙂

    1. Oh yayyyy, harder times 🙂 Hahaha yes, at least we have Gillian/ Scully to keep us going.
      And thanks! Spreading the madness, one friend/ family member/ casual acquaintance at a time.

  5. I remember being disappointed with season 8 when it first aired, because Scully’s pregnancy and Mulder’s disappearance were the ultimate cliffhanger. I watched it to get past it. You’ve made me appreciate it more (and that’s after several re-watches). Love your knack for picking up on the subtler details.

    I’m curious to read your perspective on season 9, since that’s one I still have a difficult time watching in full. 🙂

    1. Oh thanks! I’m definitely enjoying season 8 so far, although I haven’t reached the point where they really resolve anything yet, so I’ll know more then 🙂 But yes, so curious how I’ll feel about season 9!

  6. “(…) so please think of me as I continue to share my feelings with the floor.”

    You can be a 100% sure I wake up every morning and pray: “Dear Lord, May Kelly Connolly have time to write nice stuff to enjoy us all. Amen”

  7. So glad you posted today, I was getting worried about ya 😉

    I think you have helped me come to terms with the fact that I have a lot of respect for Doggett. He genuinely wants to find Mulder, because he values him, not just because it’s his job to find him. And though he was frustrated, and freaked out, and confronted, and yelled at and second guessed and left out of stuff, he kept showing up, and he deserves credit for that. And he was about as protective of Scully as a normal human being who is not Fox Mulder CAN be. So baby goat wins my affection, I’ll scratch him lovingly behind the ear and give him a carrot.

    It’s Scully’s struggle that kills me. With Mulder she could always just be herself. But now she needs to be OK with the idea that she can advocate for him without BECOMING him. And we don’t want Scully to become Mulder, because she is amazing as herself, and one half of a perfect whole. Mulder’s absence leaves a gap even Scully can’t fill, and that HURTS. But Scully struggling to keep Mulders part in the X Files, as well as her own just makes me wanna hug her. Puppy will find his way home to you, Scully.

    Pregnant Scully with a slug on her spine is just about the freakiest damn thing I can handle. HOLY SHIT. I warmed to Doggett significantly when he saved her from THAT. Another carrot for baby goat.

    When I saw Mulder at the start of “The Gift” when it aired originally I screamed so loud my Mother panicked and dropped about 6 dinner plates on the floor. Perfectly normal response in my opinion, but I still hear about those plates now, umpteen years later.

    I think the one thing that gets me through the puppyless episodes is Scully’s toughness. Honestly, that woman cannot be stopped. Even when she breaks, she just takes whatever time she has to, and then returns with a steely look in her eyes and perfect hair. All hail the queen.

    Thank you again for your wonderful posts. We are all in this together, and while there may be hard times ahead, there are some truly life affirming ones too.

    1. Aww, thanks for worrying. I’m SO sorry I was so late with this. If it’s any consolation, we literally watched 30 episodes in 5 days. It was pretty intense.

      I completely agree that it’s huge for Doggett to keep showing up. He’s being thrown a LOT at once, and while Mulder was able to be patient with Scully, Scully essentially needs him to believe right away, because she has a partner to save (and also because she’s constantly projecting onto him the pressure she puts on herself). But Doggett keeps showing up, keeps putting the truth first, and doesn’t betray Scully’s trust along the way.

      AH, YES. “But now she needs to be OK with the idea that she can advocate for him without BECOMING him. And we don’t want Scully to become Mulder, because she is amazing as herself, and one half of a perfect whole. Mulder’s absence leaves a gap even Scully can’t fill, and that HURTS.” YES to all of that.

      “Roadrunners” was INSANE. I LOVED it and it really was a great turning point in her partnership with Doggett, but it was also INSANE and completely terrifying.

      Ahahaha RIP plates. Sacrificed for a noble cause.


      Oh thanks! Hooray for life-affirming moments to come.

  8. “He also asks the detective to join him in taking a pretty significant leap for Scully—but he asks in a whisper, by stepping in front of her, like he’s doing her a favor, which is weird and patronizing and not at all like how Mulder and Scully publicly gave each other permission to fight for themselves.”

    Yes! Score one for the dork team. You see some of what we saw. Reference episode DPO by the way. And yes, they really did go with the secret nonexistent brain disease that David never portrayed in season 7. But never fear, there’s a season 9 episode that makes sense of all that makes no sense in 8 & 9.

  9. Your posts are the bomb.com. I don’t know how people expect me to get on with life when I have a huge backlog of these to get through! I don’t have a particular comment, but some random rambles that I want to lay at your feet.

    First of all, huge kudos to you for appreciating the shirt-eye-morgue colour scheme. I’m sure the real X-File is how she manages to coordinate and look outstanding everywhere. She. Goes. I mean, seriously this must take either a *lot* of planning on her part, or she has a supernatural power. Or she’s a character in a TV show, and there’s a whole production around her looking amazing.

    I totally subscribe to theory 4 regarding the mug. And would like to submit another theory to the collection: 7) It’s Mulder’s favourite mug, and she never used it while he was there because it was his. Now she uses it, even though it kind of feels like a violation, because it’s so intimately his and it makes her feel close to him.

    Finally – I am in love with the Baby Goat. Every time I watch series 1-7, I’m all ‘yeah, Mulder’s *definitely* the best’ but then i watch 8 and I’m all ‘actually…. maybe the Goat is the best?’. Mulder loved Scully soooooo much, and never was it more evident than in the Cancer arc or Requiem. But Doggett has such a care towards her from day 1, even when she’s spiky and difficult, and has a vulnerability and simplicity that’s like a puppy. Mulder’s got walls up and thinks of himself as an island first, where as Doggett is naturally a team player (I knowww there are reasons for them both being like this). Mulder *does* love Scully, but he won’t hesitate putting his quest for The Truth above not only himself, but her as well. You can count on Doggett to do not only a good job, but to make sure that everyone in his team, and his life, are ok as well. I feel that’s a healthier partnership for Scully, who can be quite impressionable….I love Mulder, but if there was 7 series of Scully & Doggett, I wouldn’t be so sad either…

    I’m very confused, because I completely heart both partnerships. Do you get me?

    1. Clarification – Mulder doesn’t *always* put his quest above her, not when she needs his help. But all things being equal, and when she’s well, I think he wouldn’t hesitate to rush off to something without considering the consequences for either of them. Which Doggett wouldn’t do, I believe.

      Man I could literally talk all day about this stuff. Heart eyes to you TV Mouse.

      1. Thank you so much! Hahah I could talk about it all day too. (And I love your mug theory.)

        I completely get what you mean, and I think the greatest thing the writers did was make Doggett completely his own person, with strengths/ weaknesses that are different than Mulder’s–and in each case, their best and worst traits come from the same place. The best of Mulder wouldn’t be possible without the worst of him. His quest for the truth is sometimes reckless and almost all consuming, and I think at an IDEAL level, the truth is the one thing he believes is more important than Scully. He believes that people have a RIGHT to know, and he’s willing to give up so much in pursuit of it. One of the most interesting things about him is the way that idealism runs up against reality, and specifically the reality of his love for his partner.

        I think most of the time, Mulder believes at some level that he and Scully will always be okay, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs, which is why he chases the truth without always considering her first. (Some people see him as selfish, but I think it’s the opposite. I think he thinks of EVERYONE else before him, in the very broad sense of everyone. It’s just that Scully is a PART of him, and he refuses to put his own happiness with her ahead of the greater good, even though that sometimes makes him very short sighted in the sense that he doesn’t always think about how he’s affecting her. Then again, he’s never had anyone to affect before this. He’s always been alone.) And when she really NEEDS him, like you said, he’s always there, because he realizes that Scully IS more important to him. (Like in “Redux II,” there’s no question that he’d rather find out his whole belief system was a lie if it means that Scully can live.) Some things are more precious than this vague, untouchable truth, and Scully helps him figure that out. (“There’s so much more than this.”)

        I think Scully also admires Mulder’s single-mindedness and idealism. The FBI is full of maneuvering and manipulation and people who put themselves first. Mulder puts all others first, and he can’t be bought. He’s pure. She’s drawn to that, and I think it completes her, in the sense that she wants the same thing. She got into the FBI to help people–that’s her idealism–and Mulder always tries to do that, even if it’s untenable, and even if it fails so often. He gives her small, real victories in a system that prefers big fabricated ones.

        But yes, there is something more stable and practical about our baby goat Doggett. He doesn’t hit the same emotional extremes or go to the same crazy lengths. He’s steady. He thinks about what’s best for the group at hand. He saves people. He goes to work. He doesn’t play games or let himself be part of one. He, like Mulder and Scully, refuses to be a pawn. He’s GOOD, and honest, and persistent, and he puts others first too; it’s just that he defines “others” as the circle of people around him, rather than an idea of what’s best for the whole world. He never stops caring about Scully, even when she makes it hard. And she does. He would be the SMARTER choice to be with, so I definitely know what you mean. But I think Mulder is Scully’s perfect opposite (I know that’s a quote from an episode I haven’t gotten to yet), and as wild as he is, they just FIT. She’s stable already. She needs someone to shake her up (I will never stop coming back to the way she laughs in the pilot when she lets herself accept that his theory is possible). With Doggett, she has to be Mulder-y, and with Mulder, she can just be herself. She’s at her best with Mulder, because she doesn’t holds back. But I definitely do love the baby goat a lot.

    2. IMO, Doggett is the one who is an island. He NEVER talks about his feelings to anyone. Not a colleague or bartender, relative, the bureau psychologist, a buddy or his barber. When we finally learn something of his back story, we don’t hear it from him. Mulder by comparison shared the story of his life, family tragedy, his quest and motivations in the pilot and went around with his heart on his sleeve ever after. It’s interesting to hear the idea of all this concern and care; even love for Scully coming from Doggett. He never says anything to suggest that. You can only know his feelings by reading what the writers said his feelings were. They never wrote him as actually expressing them. I mean, he had some facial expressions but that might just have been gas. His feelings may occasionally be hinted at by the MOTW or some other character but Doggett himself won’t confirm or deny. He was just too manly

      As for what’s being said in comparing the two characters, I think it might be boiled down to Mulder as a unique, complex, fascinating, brilliant, funny, spooky, empathic, passionate character suited to a unique and extraordinary show while Doggett was a standard issue tough cop who would have fit very comfortably on any ordinary, run of the mill cop show.

      1. I think ALL of Doggett’s actions AND words show concern for Scully (saving her on the regular, listening, understanding that she’s trying to be Mulder, respecting her wishes every step of the way). He’s a prince, and definitely not a standard issue one.

      2. Well okay. All hail Prince Doggett. Your reaction is almost certainly what the writers were hoping for so by that measure its probably the correct one.

  10. You’re amazing ok? I’m loving that I get to watch someone experience the X-Files for the first time. My husband isn’t into it and my son is only 3, and all my friends aren’t interested (except for two people, who’ve already seen it).
    I hope you’re preparing yourself for heartbreak. Because that’s what’s coming for you. Your friends weren’t lying. This show will destroy your feels. Every. Last. One.
    Enjoy! ❤

      1. It’s been 12 years since the season finale and I’m still not ready for it to end. lol I feel ya.

  11. I was one that never gave seasons 8 and 9 a chance back when they originally aired. Mulder wasn’t on, I wasn’t gonna watch. In a series re-watch a few years ago I watched all the eps and OMG there are some good stories that season!!

    Doggett grew on me from the first ep he was in and I really did appreciate the chemistry that Doggett and Scully had on screen. So different than Scully and Mulder, yet so good!

    Keep up the good work. I’d be really interesting (if/when you re-watch the whole series) to get your take on things you may have missed the first time around! Some episodes I’ve seen 10+ times but new things always pop out at me!

    Also…Is that Mellie AND Command of B613 (Papa Pope) in the same pic??

    1. Thanks so much!! I think this is one of the ways I definitely benefited from watching the show after it aired (as much as I WISH I could have spent the past 20 years in this fandom)–I knew this was coming. Not that I could prepare emotionally, but at least I knew, AND I knew that Doggett would be great in his own right (which he absolutely is). I love that he’s good in totally different ways than Mulder is.

      Oh I will definitely rewatch the series! I’m sure I’ll find so many things I didn’t pick up on the first time around. I might have to do rewatch check-in posts occasionally, or something. Even now, I’m kicking myself for things I didn’t include in the first few posts.

      IT IS! What a small world TV can be.

  12. I’m watching The X-Files for the first time, and this blog is basically my life right now. I’m up to Roadrunners and I can’t even handle it.

    Oh, and the comic relief is great! Puppy and Baby Goat and Get Well-cards-placed-directly-into-hands. I now have hope of making it through these dark times.

      1. I know! It’s so great. I’m actually really surprised by how emotionally involved I am with it all. I’m seriously getting scared though, as I approach the episode with Mulder’s funeral. I don’t know if I will be able to recover from that.

      2. Right? I knew I’d love this show, but it’s taken over every emotion that I HAVE. ALL of my feelings have been diverted to Mulder and Scully.

        And ohhhh yes. It’s crushing. It’s emotionally destructive. I was physically shaken the next day. The funeral is hard to come back from, but there are happier times ahead, so there is hope 🙂

  13. Totally haven’t been busy with work and school this week. >> Still watched my X-Files, though. xD X-Files right before work is the best way to start your work day. Anyway!

    Am I the only one who misses those big chunky flashlights they had in the early seasons? You know, the ones that were more spotlight than flashlight? Just me? Ok.

    “Scully has to struggle to get that out, because it’s an admission that someone else can do partner things with her.”

    She’s been with Mulder so long, she’s forgotten what a normal working partnership is like. She no longer knows how to field agent with other field agents that aren’t manpuppies. XD

    Also, have you noticed how alpha-male Doggett is? He moved that ignorant cop away from Scully with his body when he saw him going after her. That’s a very alpha-male thing to do. He does things like this in other episodes, too. I’m not sure if that’s a Robert Patrick thing or if they actually wrote it into the show, but it’s kinda interesting.

    “What is it with this show and things crawling around inside people’s necks?”

    Ladies and gentlemen, Chris freaking Carter.

    “Pretty sure he could pick her up with one hand.”

    And the way he later casually strolls down the road carrying her just proves this. I mean he’s not even trying. Not that I think Gillian Anderson weighs a whole heck of a lot, but still. The ease with which he does it is putting Mulder to shame.

    ““Yeah, and you’re BREAKING the LAW.” Which I have never done for Mulder EVER how DARE YOU.”

    I remember one time I was watching X-Files with my dad and Mulder and Scully did their usual B&E or some other illegal thing and 9 year old me said “You know, for a pair of people dedicated to investigating lawbreaking, they sure do break the law a lot.” And my dad couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the episode.

    “Scully’s going to be holding this baby in her arms before she tells Doggett anything.”

    Doggett: Agent? I didn’t know you were babysitting. Whose baby?
    Scully: What baby? There’s no baby. I didn’t have Mulder’s child, what are you talking about?
    Reyes: *whale noises*

    Via Negativa: That time when a Freddy Krueger knockoff happened to the X-Files.

    “They consider the human aspect of the most bizarre cases.”

    I never actively thought about this before, but on my next re-watch of the X-Files I’m going to make looking out for this my main focus.

    ““I appreciate your resistance” is both “I’ve been there,” and, “No really, thank you for having faith in humanity.””

    I wonder if she ever told him about that twin from Humbug and it’s whole body jumping deal.

    Also Badlaa breaks my heart. In the end when Scully shoots that boy… I don’t know if I’d be able to do it, even knowing what I know, because what if I was wrong? And then Scully does it, and all I can think is she’s pregnant and she’s aiming her gun at a child and you just know she’s seeing her unborn baby in that kid. Poor Scully. 😦

    “I’ve missed this shirtless man who looks at the unknown with wild eyes and tries to know it: not what or how it is, but how it feels.”

    We all have. We need more shirtless Mulder in our lives. Preferably not dying. This story was also really sad. Damn, why do they have to group all the sad together like that?

    1. I miss the big flashlights too! They were so POWERFUL. The FBI only supported Mulder and Scully about two days out of every year, but they used one of those days to issue them really great flashlights.

      He’s SO alpha male, especially in the early days. I really am so in favor of the way the writers (and Robert Patrick) introduced Doggett, because he makes a lot of mistakes at the start (being overly alpha, constantly trying to fall back on experience that doesn’t apply here) and feels out of place, and it’s okay to not like him at the start, which is as it should be. He resists the job just as we resist him. But there’s a sense in which all of his mistakes are an attempt to overcompensate for his own insecurity—this job is SO far out of his wheelhouse, and he so wants to protect Scully but doesn’t know how—and you can tell that he really is a decent guy who’s trying to figure this out. The writers make it possible for you to like him eventually without telling you that you have to like him right now. Because yeah, the way he steps in front of Scully with that cop in “Patience” is not cool, and it makes me so aware of how Mulder always gave her space to fight for herself.

      But yeah, he wins on picking her up with ease.

      Ahahahaha they really do break the law a lot. It fits in so well with this show’s attitude toward the FBI. Mulder and Scully have to break the rules to solve their cases, which is why the FBI doesn’t like them, but the fact that the FBI is full of jerks makes you want them to break every rule in the books—not only to solve their cases, but to stick it to the FBI. The whole structure of this show makes sure that Mulder and Scully operate outside everything. They’re basically forced to develop their own morality.

      “Doggett: Agent? I didn’t know you were babysitting. Whose baby?
      Scully: What baby? There’s no baby. I didn’t have Mulder’s child, what are you talking about?
      Reyes: *whale noises*”
      Hahahahahahaha yes yes yes. I would watch that.

      Badlaa is so disturbing, but it’s saved by how heartbreaking the last scene is. And I hadn’t even really considered the fact that Scully’s pregnancy would make it even MORE immediate for her. That’s so true.

      Still bummed they went with the Mulder-has-a-secret-brain-disease story, but I do LOVE that he wouldn’t cause someone else pain even to save himself.

      This show. It is SO sad now. The last two seasons take it in a totally different direction, I think. It was always sad and dark at times, but Mulder and Scully were each other’s light. Without Mulder, it’s just DEVASTATING. Which kind of defines the show, in a way—having one person to lean on is as sad as it is beautiful, because it’s fragile. Agh. SHOW.

      1. YES. Exactly. I think it was just brilliant of the writers to do what they did with Doggett. They knew we weren’t going to like him, simply because he is not Mulder, and he never will be. We don’t want him, we want MULDER. And they knew that and they actively made us dislike him (admit it, you cheered when Scully threw water in his face). But they made him dis-likable in a likable way. He’s human, he screws up. He was plucked from his perfectly normal and rational job and plopped in the middle of a conspiracy. It’s not like when Scully joined, even though they have a similar attitude about paranormal happenings at the start. When Scully first joined, nobody had answers. When Doggett joined, Scully and Skinner knew what was going on, but Doggett has no freaking idea. He hasn’t gone through what they’ve gone through and found out what they’ve found out. So yeah, he thinks it’s ridiculous and that offends us, but he’s still a good guy. He protects his partner, but does it wrong, so we hate him for it, even though in the back of our minds we know he’s not the bad guy. And then we finally DO like him, and when we look back to his introduction we can see all the things we missed. We can see the good in him when we couldn’t the first time we watched the episodes.

        Brilliant. Freaking. Writing. Seriously, how many writers could pull that off!?

        “They’re basically forced to develop their own morality.”

        But when you think about it, their morality is oftentimes right. I forget the context, but in one of the earlier episodes, Scully says something about him not following the book, but that it all turned out alright, and Mulder responds with something like “Says a lot about the book, doesn’t it.” And… I mean, the entire series says something about the book. To me, it says that maybe morality isn’t ironclad.

        “Still bummed they went with the Mulder-has-a-secret-brain-disease story, but I do LOVE that he wouldn’t cause someone else pain even to save himself.”

        Yeah, I don’t even. When I was first watching the show, I thought that this was a plot that the aliens came up with. Because, yeah you can disappear some normal people and nobody really will notice and eventually they’ll be forgotten, but you can’t just disappear an FBI agent. People will notice, so you gotta concoct a story, right? And that’s what I thought they did until I saw The Gift and then I was kicking my couch because why. WHY!? I mean, yeah It’s a very Muldery thing to do, but I don’t think he would leave Scully completely in the dark. He would have told her, towards the end. He’d want to prepare her, not blindside her. Especially if they were in a relationship (which they totally were) and especially if he knew Scully was trying to get pregnant (which if the timeline is correct, then he would’ve known that too). Ugh. I don’t know. They dropped the ball on that, I think.

      2. YES. Early Doggett is dislikable in a human way. He does his best, but he makes all of the mistakes that someone in his position is probably bound to make. But he makes them because he’s trying to make this new life work. He figures it out eventually, and we figure him out at the same time. It’s such a natural progression. I cannot get over how well they wrote that.

        Oh I totally agree that their morality is right most of the time. And I loooove that quote. It says so much about the book, Mulder. So so much. I think one of the hardest and most beautiful aspects of this show is that it asks us to question everything, right down to our idea of right and wrong.

        Aghhh brain disease. He would’ve told her. He just would have.

  14. Pretty sure that scene of Doggett pulling Scully away from the cray-cray of Roadrunners, is the most flesh we have ever seen. Poor Mulder, how many years did he have to wait to touch her abs? That was one creepy ep. The ick factor was through the roof.

    I must have a green alien mug. Where do I get one? Seriously. I never noticed it when the show aired and now I know I have been missing it for 15 years.

    I can’t handle Scully crying. Not at all. Mulder must return. It is the only thing to make the tears stop.

  15. I just realised that I had never actually seen Roadrunners before. This episode is the most horrifying thing ever!!! Also I miss Mulder and I miss seeing him and Scully together. But baby goat really is a cool guy!

  16. OMG, that woman with the hammer! One of many shudder-inducing moments of Roadrunners!

    Rewatched The Gift today …. was that Mulder’s ghost Doggett saw in the basement office?

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