Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 22

Just as I was starting to get really emotional about how close I was to the end of the line, it rained sleeping bags.

xfiles revival alien overlords

How are we all doing? We still breathing?

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:


  • This is a velour jacket.
xfiles hellbound doggett velour

Baby goat likes the softness.

  • Based on his sitter comment, I feel like Doggett worries about baby William a lot more than he usually lets on. Monica just wants to be close to Scully. So they’ve each got their priorities in line.
File says you should touch my jacket.

File says you should touch my jacket.



  • “Agent Doggett.” “Agent Scully.” What are these looks? Is this the first time they’ve seen each other since he lost his memory in Mexico? She sounds like she’s welcoming him back.

xfiles hellbound scully leather agent doggett

xfiles hellbound doggett agent scully

And he is so glad to be back.

  • “And?” “That was my question.” It’s a pretty common question, Scully, but please do carry on lowkey bonding with your old partner.
Everyone's jacket game is on point tonight.

Everyone’s jacket game is on point tonight.

  • “There’s justice to be served here. You can’t forget that.” “I’m sure Agent Reyes won’t let me. Probably won’t let anybody.” You can’t do this job unless you have the kind of tenacity that annoys people as much as it impresses them.
  • “Here you go, Dr. Scully. Everything you ever wanted to know about skinning people but were afraid to ask.” She went to med school for this.
  • Scully sees the connection between this case and the case from 1960, and she doesn’t write it off just because the timeline makes no sense. Baby Scully, look at your future.

xfiles squeeze scully mulder are you suggesting

  • She even listens on a higher level than the rest of us.

xfiles hellbound scully dr mueller

  • Doggett is at Monica’s place in the middle of the night making phone calls while she sleeps, and it’s definitely a regular thing for them, and his only comment when she wakes up gasping from a nightmare is, “Monica, what the hell are you dreaming about?” Which I think is hilarious. Have happier dreams, Monica. Get it together.

xfiles hellbound doggett monica dream

xfiles hellbound monica dream

  • Never let a partner fight alone.

Never let a partner fight alone.

  • He wants to keep her close to him, but he respects that she needs some space.
  • Scully is also careful not to push; she just tells Monica that she has the case files if she’s up for it.

xfiles hellbound scully monica you okay

  • Scully is doing some really interesting things with names right now. When she first gets out of the car, she calls Monica “Agent Reyes.” As soon as she realizes that something is wrong, it’s, “You okay, Monica?” Later, on the phone, she calls her Monica, but when Monica greets her with “Agent Scully,” Scully goes back to calling her Agent Reyes. She’s very deliberate with names and with meeting people wherever they want to be met, which is why when Mulder told her not to call him Fox, she accepted it without question. But because he also told her what he wanted her to call him, he gave Scully a way to always know where she stands, to always have this one thing about their relationship figured out. No matter what, he will always be Mulder. With Doggett and Reyes, there’s push and pull—sometimes first name, sometimes last name, sometimes Agent, sometimes not, like she’s always stepping toward and away from them just to make sure that she’s keeping the right boundaries. But Mulder is Mulder, all the time, which I think is why they say each other’s names like vows. There’s no stepping back from this.

doctor who name choose promise

  • Monica and Doggett haven’t figured this out with each other any more than Scully’s figured it out with them, but they’re getting there. When Monica’s in trouble, it takes Doggett about two seconds to go from last name to first, because this is personal. Tell her how you feel, baby goat.
  • I am 100% here for partners who stare down danger together and make the same face without realizing it.

xfiles hellbound doggett monica holding arm

xfiles hellbound doggett monica hospital

  • “What matters here is that you saved a woman’s life.” Remember how much Doggett fought against this job’s definition of success, how much he wanted justice and facts? He’s got it figured out now. The big questions rarely get answered, but it’s the individual lives that really matter.
  • “He’s trying. We all are.” Scully wants Monica to understand where Doggett is coming from because she’s been there. She knows as well as anyone that doubt and disagreement can be signs of love. They have to keep each other honest.
That goes for these two as well.

That also goes for these two, who need to keep each other honest in their work but also BE honest about HOW MUCH THEY LIKE GAZING AT EACH OTHER’S LIPS just admit it you love it

  • The real difference between Scully and Doggett—between Scully as she is now and Scully as she used to be—is just that she’s learned to be as critical of her own instincts as she always was of Mulder’s. She doesn’t have to believe right away, but she’s no longer afraid to believe if that’s what it comes down to. “Maybe in this life you succeed.”


  • The face Scully makes at Kersch is the same face I make at this myth arc.
xfiles provenance scully kersch smirk

I just spent half an hour taking screenshots of this scene’s many Scullyfaces and I intend to use every last one of them to express my feelings.

  • “Well if this is an X-file, then why don’t you ask somebody who’s working on the X-files?”
xfiles provenance scully working on x files

I’m legitimate now. I’m in the teaching business.

  • “I just WISH that you would tell me WHO or WHAT you are investigating.”
xfiles provenance scully wish you would tell me

Line up and tell me your secrets.

  • You know the basement is in good hands because it still has that ‘teenage boy who sleeps in an attic’ aesthetic.
xfiles provenance basement

And of course they know better than to touch the poster.

  • “A spacecraft, Agent Doggett, if you can wrap your brain around that.” Damn, girl, misdirect that impatience.
  • She even doubts the story of how the FBI got the rubbings. Trust no one, Sculls.
  • “We’re talking about pieces of paper with marks on it.” Doggett carries on the grand tradition of, “What he’s given us, Mulder, is a rock.”
  • But he goes after the whole story anyway/ looks for James Dean in the distance.


  • Dana Scully School of Eyebrow Sass
xfiles provenance doggett eyebrows

Thinking about an FBI cover-up? Thinking about pizza? You’ll never know.

  • No one tells baby goat not to stick his nose in.

xfiles provenance doggett glare

  • “I needed to talk to you about this in person.” Alien markings don’t have quite the same impact over the phone. Or during the day, or in a room that’s not candlelit, or without wine. (Suggestions for next time.)
  • It feels right that this is one of the last texts I sent in 2014.


  • I mean.

xfiles provenance scully reyes tension

xfiles provenance monica scully tension

  • Is this even talking or just BREATHING

xfiles provenance scully gaze

xfiles provenance monica gaze

  • Are we sure this room is not presently candlelit?
  • I actually thought before I rewatched this scene that there were candles so apparently I just felt them
  • “I know you’ve become more open minded about these things.”
  • Scully tells Monica that she has no one else to say this to, and I break apart inside a little bit, because she should be saying it to Mulder. She’s putting all of her beliefs on the line, and he knows what that feels like. He should be here for this.
  • “I was meant to find these. Somehow, these were meant for me.” Of course Scully takes this leap by making it personal. Even Mulder never saw their work like that. He was in it because of his sister, but the answers were for everyone. The truth just fell to him because he was the only one looking for it. Everything is more intimate for Scully, who spent years refusing to consider the implications of her own work, focusing only on the relationship right in front of her. Her only thought in Africa was to save her partner, and ever since, he’s been her only articulated mission. Now, faced with what could be the missing piece between religion and science—the two defining institutions in her life—the only answer she needs is the answer to her son. Their son. Hers and Mulder’s. For all of her strict science and rationalism, that’s the first way she saved him: she saw him as a whole person, and that made him one. It’s also how he saved her: he became someone who gave meaning to the vague ideas.
  • Mulder Doggett, what are you doing sitting here in the dark?”
The basement boys really love waiting for people in low lighting.

The basement boys love waiting for people in low lighting.

  • “And if you don’t owe it to me, you owe it to Agent Scully.”
  • Doggett’s after answers now. He doesn’t have to wrap his brain around a spacecraft in order to wrap his brain around the fact that he’s being lied to, and that won’t stand. He’s so excited when he shows up at Monica’s place at night with everything he stole from Skinner’s office. “What they’ve been keeping a secret. What they won’t tell Scully. What they wouldn’t tell us.”
xfiles provenance doggett rubbings

This is the part where you say you could just kiss me.

  • “I know you’re worried about him, that there are things about him that you just can’t explain.” Scully finally told her mom about William. I’m so proud.
  • “But even if you were to get those answers, what would it change?” That’s a question Scully’s asked of Mulder in the past, and it’s the way in which she’s most like him right now. She can’t know if the truth is worth the cost until she’s risked everything to find out what it is.

xfiles provenance scully answers about william

  • “And you have to love him and raise him in spite of everything.” Does Chris Carter even listen to his show
  • This is a great Catholic mom talk happening right now.
  • “I’m not sure even the FBI is aware of it. How could they be without access to your files?” That’s what they get for keeping her in the dark.


  • “I’ll kill you if you touch my baby.” She really, really will.
  • Margaret Scully saves the day.
Dana you're an FBI agent, you have a gun in every room of your house, get it together

Dana you’re an FBI agent, you have a gun in every room of your house

  • It is impossible not to love her.
Gotta save the Scullys.

Gotta save the Scullys.

xfiles provenance doggett monica margaret

  • I wish it didn’t have to happen in these circumstances, but I’m glad Scully goes to Monica and Doggett for help.
  • Not sorry about the guy bleeding out on her floor.
xfiles provenance scully doggett guy on floor

There’s a guy bleeding out on your floor.

xfiles provenance scully doggett not sorry


  • Doggett is understandably hung up on not wanting Scully to get charged for murder.
  • “You gotta help this man.” “No. Not until he tells me why.”
She's a crazy person.

We’re in love with a crazy person.

  • Doggett won’t put down the phone. Scully needs people in her life who don’t intimidate easily; I’d just do everything she told me to do throughout history until the end of time forever.
  • She’s got no reason to trust the FBI right now. They’ve taken everything from her and buried it all—including Mulder. Now this guy’s telling her that her son has to die. What does that do? Why can’t Scully have even one nice thing?
xfiles provenance scully why hes my son


xfiles provenance scully crying

Let me hug you.

  • “If this is just gonna be another interrogation, I’d prefer to stand.”
xfiles provenance scully interrogation stand

Bow to your queen.

  • “Another secret investigation? Or one where I’m given advance warning that my family’s life is in danger?” Her family.
Also, "family."

Burn this office to the ground, Scully.

  • People keep talking.

xfiles provenance scully follmer glare

  • “I wouldn’t tell them anything.” Baby goat still has her back. That’s how Scully and Mulder always do it too; they challenge each other when they’re alone but stand by each other when they’re called before the Bureau.
  • She wants to know why she wasn’t told, but she also wants to know why Doggett and Monica weren’t told, because the three of them are a team.
  • “I was afraid after all that you’d been through, it just might break you.” Skinner, there are things I can’t handle, and men being withholding are 30 of them.
xfiles provenance scully tears mulder already dead

If there were threats made on Mulder’s life, Scully should have been the first to know. Look how broken up she is at the suggestion that Mulder might be dead. Does Skinner really think there’s a good time to break that news? This plan makes no sense.

  • Just give her the one precious thing in her life and let her hold on.


  • She’s desperate. The more she thinks about Mulder, the more she clings to William.
xfiles provenance scully cuddling william

I know, baby, this plotline makes me want to punch the sky, too

  • “Just tell me the boy’s okay.” AW DOGGS.
  • X-Files family road trip
"Where are we going?"

“Where are we going?”

"I'll tell you on the way."

“I’ll tell you on the way.”

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?



  • The Lone Gunmen are the only ones left Scully can trust, and only because Mulder trusts them. She’s always validating his life. His people are hers now. He didn’t even think he had people, but he did; he just chose them with care.
xfiles provenance lone gunmen baby

When did I grow to love these guys so much??

  • Campaign to Give Scully and William One Nice Day Together 2k2

xfiles provenance scully kissing william gunmen

  • No. No one is allowed to hit Doggett with a car. The only thing John Doggett is allowed to do with a car is hang out the window while punching Krycek in the face.
  • Skinner knows Monica has feelings for Doggett.
xfiles provenance skinner

What does that basement do to you people?

  • He also knows better than to stand in Scully’s way when her baby’s in danger.


  • Scully turns and waits for Skinner in the hallway, because she still wants him to be on her side.
  • “Go home.” “To what?” I AM SAD.

xfiles providence scully to what

  • “You see a task force in there. I see a whitewash.” There may never be a more perfect summary of this show’s attitude toward the FBI.
  • “You call it protection. I call it a systematic effort inside the FBI to eliminate us.” She and Mulder are still a package deal, it’s still them against the rest of the world, and she still doesn’t need protecting, thank you very much.
  • It’s been a long time since Skinner was so resistant to the idea that the system might be stacked against them. Someone’s been without Mulder for too long.
Save Mulder, save Skinner, save the world.

Save Skinner

  • “You accuse anyone of anything in the FBI, you have to accuse me along with them.” She’s literally already done that from her deathbed, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
xfiles providence scully skinner eyebrow


  • Dad Skinner goes to check on Monica and Doggett.

xfiles providence monica doggett skinner

  • Every one of his war stories takes me back to the first. “I’m afraid to look any further beyond that experience. You? You are not.”
"There'd be soldiers in Vietnam, bodies turned inside out. I'd hold their hands just like you're doing. Tell them it was going to be okay."

“I’d hold their hands just like you’re doing. Tell them it was going to be okay.”

  • Scully is basically running her own FBI, and it’s amazing. So much better than the actual FBI.
xfiles providence scully makeshift fbi

I could command this country in my pajamas.

  • “You coming with me, or am I going alone?” Scully will go at this on her own. She will scorch this earth by herself if that’s what it takes, because she gets reckless for the people she loves, and everything is already stacked against her. She really doesn’t have a lot of other options. But she does have one, and it’s the people in this room—and she trusts that they won’t let her go alone any more than she’d let Mulder do the same.
  • Mark Snow wants to destroy us all, and he’s using the “This Is Not Happening” theme to do it.
  • “Maybe when you’re lost, you knock at the door with the porch light on.”
So Monica's lost without Doggett. We know that.

So Monica’s lost without Doggett. We’ve got that on record.

  • In Follmer’s mind, the people working against him from inside the FBI are Monica and Scully.
That is so you. That is so FOLLMER.

That is so you. That is so FOLLMER.

  • Scully and Monica skirt their way around the rules and refuse to make liars out of each other in the process. Ladies supporting ladies, cult conspiracy takedown edition.
  • She tells Monica to turn off the hospital monitors so they’re not interrupted, and Monica just does it, and I’m flashing back to all of the times Scully shut the door for Mulder so he could break some rules.
  • Monica does draw the line at killing this guy. Basement 2.0 is not down for murder.

xfiles providence scully don't murder

  • “Josepho believes your son will follow in his father’s paths and try and stop the aliens’ return. Unless his father was to be killed. That is the prophesy.” What does that even mean? His father’s paths? Mulder has more than one path now? Don’t they know how single-minded he is? Have they considered what Scully would do to them if Mulder were killed? And that really should be in the subjunctive. This prophesy is weak.

xfiles providence scully hospital

  • “It’s exactly what I feared. That there’s something terribly wrong. From the very moment that he was conceived.” Maybe without even meaning to, this cult is using all of Scully’s fears against her: not only her fear of losing Mulder, but her fear of what’s different about William. At least if she accepts this version of the story, she’s closer to knowing what that is, but she acts so hopeless in the face of it, which is how we know she’s really at her lowest. It’s thoughtful of Monica to use a religious argument to talk her down. But won’t these people keep coming for William—and for Mulder, if they haven’t already—regardless of whether Scully believes them? She still has reason to be upset.
xfiles providence scully crying

No stop shhhhhh friendship is happening

  • Skinner’s finally decided to help.
  • “I never meant to put you at risk—to risk losing you, too.” It kills me that she’s lost so many people and that she feels so responsible for the risks people take on her behalf. That’s another way her life has turned into Mulder’s.
But I do love when she admits how much she cares for Doggett.

But I do love when she admits how much she cares for Doggett.

  • “She’s fighting for you. Monica’s out there trying to find a way. And she’s not going to let you go.” Scully ships it.
  • Hospital bedside Scully is my catnip.

xfiles providence scully doggett shock

  • “Yeah, that was me! That was me talking to you!”
xfiles providence scully that was me talking to you


  • Everybody’s happy.

xfiles providence monica doggett hospital smile

  • Maybe when a guy wakes up from a coma specifically to tell you that someone’s coming for you, you don’t go taking meetings with the cult leader who kidnapped your child.
  • “I came here to take him back.”


  • “You killed Mulder.” I think she really thinks he did. It’s like something sparks back to life in her when she realizes that Mulder might still be out there.

xfiles providence scully mulder maybe alive

  • This guy lied to her, then gave her hope, then tried to tell her to fetch Mulder’s head. Does he know nothing about Scully? She could destroy him with her right eyebrow.
Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cult...

Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cult

  • She brought backup, so he failed at that too.
  • “This Is Not Happening” wasn’t sad enough the first time. It really needed a crying baby.
The way she shouts William's name, though.

That burning, deflating tent is my heart.

  • I’ll take this.

Never let a friend fight alone.

xfiles providence scully william monica


  • You’re in the chapel already; just get married.

xfiles providence doggett chapel

xfiles providence monica chapel

  • “I only prayed for your life.” When Monica and Doggett are in danger, they start asking big questions. They pray despite not being sure what they believe in; they consider possibilities they otherwise wouldn’t; they refer to themselves as lost. When Mulder and Scully are in danger, when they’re fighting for each other, that’s the only time they let themselves be really sure of anything. Scully lays it down for aliens. Mulder chases men in suits. He sits by her bedside and holds on to the strength of her beliefs, and she comes back thanks to the strength of his. Mulder and Scully ask the big questions only when they’re together. They give each other permission to doubt because they know they can lean on each other in the process. Monica and Doggett are vulnerable without each other; Scully and Mulder are vulnerable with each other. It’s not normal. Not everyone can do that.
  • Now Follmer has a conscience. Are we changing the FBI from the inside?

“Audrey Pauley”

  • Monica and Doggett went out for drinks after work. Date date date date date.
  • His weekend plans are TV and microwave pizza. 10/10 would join.
  • They can’t stop smiling at each other.
"You are a dog person, John."

“You are a dog person, John.”

  • “You’re faithful, you’re dependable, you’re without guile, you’re very comfortable to be around.”
It just got really quiet in this car.

It just got really quiet in this car.


xfiles audrey pauley disappointing anyone john

  • It’s true, though; that’s Doggett’s brand of morality. He’s not driven by passion. He just does everything he can not to let down the people directly around him.
  • Monica drives off repeating “John,” like she’s finally figured out this name thing. She knows who they are to each other.
  • Baby goat’s crying.

xfiles audrey pauley scully doggett

xfiles audrey pauley scully doggett comfort

You’re going to have to walk me through this; when Mulder is sad I just undress him and put him to bed.

  • Scully won’t let him blame himself or wonder what if.
  • “She’s gone.”
And so Scully loses someone else and promptly retreats to science.

And Scully loses yet another person she cares about and promptly retreats to science.

  • If you’d like to know how many neighbors I startled when Doggett said, “I don’t accept that,” the answer is, “Probably all of them.”
He won't give up because he can't imagine life without his partner; sound familiar?

He won’t give up, because he can’t imagine life without his partner; sound familiar?

  • “There’s gotta be hope.” Always.
  • “Brain death is indeed death, John.”
She can't even look at him. She can Medical Doctor all she wants, but she's feeling it too.

She can’t even look at him. She can Medical Doctor all she wants, but she’s feeling it too.

  • “I’m sorry.” It’s easier to focus on his pain.

xfiles audrey pauley i'm sorry scully

  • Doggett makes a good point about how this doesn’t add up, but Scully doesn’t want to hear it. Mulder’s not here to ask the big questions with her, and I think she’s worn out—worn out from asking how and why, and from hoping that Mulder is alive. It might be too much to hope to save anyone else.
  • “This seem like heaven to you? A big, deserted Catholic hospital?” No.
  • This episode of The X-Files and this episode of Alias aired at the same hour of the same day. [THEME SONG INTENSIFIES]

xfiles audrey pauley hospital

alias q&a sydney

We all live in Audrey’s mind palace.

  • Scully looks into Monica’s brain activity anyway, for Doggett.
  • He swings open the door like he can’t even support his own weight, which is far too devastating to be so cowboy-in-a-saloon hot.

xfiles audrey pauley doggett door

  • “They’re burning up the phone lines down there. Arranging with all these other hospitals how to divvy up Monica.” BABY GOAT.
xfiles audrey pauley doggett divvy up monica

He can’t see her broken down like that. She’s a whole person.

  • “I just want the facts.” Doggett doesn’t care about revenge or blame. He’s after the truth, because that’s what you need when you work on the X-files.
  • And his instincts are good. Something is off. He always knows when he’s being kept in the dark.
  • You’re not officially a will-they-won’t-they couple until someone assumes you’re married.
  • “You love her, though.”
How'd you get inside my head?

How’d you get inside my head?

  • Audrey tells him that Monica’s “not dead, not her soul,” and just like that, he’s got a reason to keep fighting.

xfiles audrey pauley doggett not dead

  • “I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could tell her—” TELL HER WHAT, JOHN
  • Monica’s great with Audrey.
  • “I came to tell you, your friend loves you very much.” “My friend. Did you talk to John?” Because of course it’s John.
Tell me more about how he loves me.

Tell me more about how he loves me.

  • They have a secret code now, and it’s built on their respect for each other. “Tell him he’s a dog person.”
  • Baby goat misses his partner.

xfiles audrey pauley doggett flashback

  • He’s finally coming to terms with how badly he wants to make out with his partner.

This show has never met a kiss that can’t be poorly lit, rudely interrupted, and actually a dream.

  • Doggett knows Scully is capable of killing and covering it up.
  • She’s thought about it.
  • “That’s why you’re perfect for the job.” A+ murderer’s instinct, Sculls. Saving lives with that finely directed rage every day.
  • “Agent Doggett, I’m happy to do this for you. Just don’t kid yourself that this is going to somehow bring her back.” She knows what it feels like to want someone so badly that you can’t hear reason. She wants to spare him the letdown, but she’d never, as a friend or a scientist, spare him the right to follow every lead.

xfiles audrey pauley scully doggett bring her back

  • Vintage Mulder

xfiles audrey pauley doggett monica hospital

  • “She has a message for you. She says you’re a dog person.”
Jim Dale "Oh hell no"s in the distance

Jim Dale “oh hell no”s in the distance

  • This episode is a study in Robert Patrick looking dramatically over his shoulder.
  • Baby goat is so sure of himself now. “They’re coming to say goodbye.” “They can say hello instead.”
  • Doggett hands the file to Scully and confidently guides her to a more private location, which is very ‘Mulder asking Scully to shut the door’ of him. They’ve got rules to break and a conspiracy to uncover, and this is something they know how to do—fight a system that would rather block them out. When Mulder puts his hand on Scully’s back, I think he’s saying the same thing: it’s just the two of them now, but they can do it.

xfiles audrey pauley doggett scully hand on back

  • Doggett worries that if he tells Scully where he got this information, she’ll think he’s crazy. Doesn’t he know that he’s talking to the woman who listened to Mulder’s theories all those years, who eventually started talking like Mulder herself, only to get from Doggett the same looks she always gave Mulder? Baby goat. This is a safe space for crazy.
  • She wants to believe.

xfiles audrey pauley scully

  • I love that he’s out to save Murdoch too. He just wants to help people.
  • But he needs Monica.
The last time Doggett broke down like this, it was over his son, and Monica was the one who brought him back. He leans on her more than even he realized.

The last time Doggett broke down like this, it was over his son, and Monica was the one who brought him back. He leans on her more than even he realized.

  • She doesn’t accept “I can’t help anyone” as an argument. “And that means you can make the rules work any damn way that you want them to.”

xfiles audrey pauley monica has hope

  • Monica only finds her way back to Doggett because neither one of them is willing to give up on anyone. If they ever let Audrey walk away, that would have been it.
  • “John, I’m still waiting for your argument.” Scully wants there to be one; she just hasn’t seen what he’s seen, and he clearly hasn’t told her what he’s experienced with Audrey. Given what she knows, Scully’s resistance is understandable, but it didn’t have to be this way. She could have met Audrey; John could have told her that this woman somehow knew about a conversation he had with Monica earlier that night. Scully worked with Mulder for eight years. She would have followed. But what made this show work for so long is what it can’t seem to break out of now: The X-Files is about partners. It’s better than any show out there at two people against the world, friends who’d do anything to save each other—and in order to give that fight to Monica and Doggett, Scully had to stay on the outside this time. She could have taken a different role if she’d just been given the chance.
But this show is really good at partners.

But this show is really great at partners.


Will you two just kiss already?

Go. Back. Go down the stairs. Go up the stairs. Meet in the middle. JUST MAKE OUT.

Go. Back. Go down the stairs. Go up the stairs. Meet in the middle. JUST MAKE OUT.


  •  Doggett wants this case done right, and the first person he calls is Scully.

xfiles underneath scully reports

  • He asks her to run the reports again, and she starts to protest but then just kind of sighs. Of course she’ll do it.
  • “Look, I get it. Enough people tell you you’re drunk, it’s time to lie down.” Love a good Doggett colloquialism.
  • These people all know the power of “I could really use your help.”
  • The minute someone tries to stand in Doggett’s way, Scully backs him up. No one stops her from getting the facts.
xfiles underneath scully determined

No one should even try.

  • She doesn’t want Doggett to doubt himself. He’s a good cop. He probably already questions that every day on the X-files, and she knows how that feels.
xfiles underneath scully you know john


  • What keeps Doggett awake at night isn’t a blemish on his record; it’s the thought of letting a murderer go free.
  • Scully knows he’s after the truth for the right reasons. She just worries that he puts too much on his shoulders.
  • This is also very close talking, and I’m fine with it?

xfiles underneath doggett close talking

xfiles underneath close talking scully

  • “A cop I know, a man I respect deeply, he told me one time, ‘You don’t clock out at the end of your shift unless you know you did everything you could.’ That’s what this is about. Me not clocking out.” That’s an entirely Mulder-y sentiment—don’t give up—expressed in the kind of immediate, day-to-day terms Mulder would never use. Mulder’s all about changing the big picture; if he quits now, they win. Doggett just looks straight ahead and keeps going. But it’s the same idea. They’d both work all night.
  • “You know that what you’re saying is impossible.” “And yet, somehow, it’s true.” Scully and Doggett are in this weird case together now.
  • “Thank you. That’s an extremely helpful attitude. What’s your reason for it?”
So confused. No one helps us ever.

So confused. No one helps us ever.

  • Look at these two hunkered down.
Baby goat needs coffee.

Baby goat needs coffee. Someone get him some coffee.

  • “This isn’t about the truth.”
Does not compute.

You take that back.

  • Scully will just be over here reading files while Monica and Doggett dance around their feelings.

xfiles underneath scully file

  • “Like Casper the Friendly Ghost?”
  • “ZZ Top here.”
(I rewound this three times.)

(I rewound this three times.)

  • “Monica, for God’s sakes, this is not an X-file!”
Monica, I still don't know what show I'm on!

Monica, I still don’t know what show I’m on!

  • “I am simply stating the facts, okay?”
Can't be angry with science.

Can’t be angry with science.

  • Doggett is so betrayed by the fact that this guy broke the rules to make the law fit his version of the truth, which makes it even more impressive that he’ll occasionally go rogue for the X-files. He’s not inclined to go against the system, but he’ll do it when the system is corrupt.
xfiles underneath doggett heartbroken

“You break my heart.”

  • He won’t ask Scully to lie. He values her integrity.
  • The way Scully notices Bob’s Rosary and steers the conversation to something more personal, making it a point to bond with him over Catholicism, is very much how Mulder interrogates. His default mode, at least with people who haven’t hurt Scully, is to be gentle and open and trusting, because that’s how he sees the world. Everyone is the victim of something.

xfiles underneath scully catholic

  • Monica wins coolest theory.
  • “I’ve slept through my share of Sunday schools, but I never heard the story about the guy becoming another guy.” Protect John Doggett at all costs.
  • Please tell me there’s an iced tea in this car.

xfiles underneath monica car

  • “And that’s enough. And the day that’s not enough? Then I don’t know what to tell you. ‘Cause I got nothing else.” Doggett believes in the work. But I think he’s also resisting because he’s afraid that there’s nothing else to him, that his mind just can’t work the way Monica’s does. He relies on the fact that he’s a good cop, and accepting the paranormal would mean accepting that he’s been working without the full picture. It would mean that he didn’t consider every angle of his son’s case, and maybe he clocked out too soon one day without realizing it.


  • “I want to ask you to open your mind to something.” Monica finds it best to ease Scully into her theories gently. She gets it.

xfiles bad blood mulder eager

  • “I don’t want you to think I’m crazy, all right?” “Why would I think that you’re crazy?”
No promises.

No promises.

  • Scully doesn’t believe that the universe can be summed up in a single equation; she doesn’t think that “its complexity allows for it to be reduced so simply.” And that’s the show, really. There are no easy answers, and if there are, they’re not worth it. The bravest thing we can do is come to terms with uncertainty and with the fact that sometimes we have to pull ourselves up and keep going when there’s nothing to put our backs up against.
  • But look how much Scully loves science.
xfiles improbable scully talks science

hard hard science

  • She’s so amused by Monica’s numerology. Scully likes people who see the world differently and don’t apologize for it.

xfiles improbable scully amused

okay now you're just flirting

okay now you’re just flirting

  • Baby goat is really excited to talk to Monica.
I called Monica and Monica picked up! What a great day.

I called Monica and Monica picked up! What a great day

  • “Now I knew you were good, but this? This is career launching.” Is this episode a dream? I’m not convinced Monica’s not dreaming.
Definitely a dream. Although there is something appropriate in the idea that the FBI is actually a really supportive and encouraging environment for EVERYONE BUT MULDER AND SCULLY.

Definitely a dream. Although there is something appropriate in the idea that the FBI is actually a really supportive and encouraging environment for EVERYONE WHO IS NOT MULDER AND SCULLY.

  • Doggett, re: any personality test: “That describes pretty much anyone.”
  • “How’d you figure that?” “I didn’t.” “Then how’d you discover it?” “Completely by accident.”
Things are just sort of happening

Don’t look at me; I was doing science.

  • Scully looks into the abyss that is “numerology for fun.”

xfiles improbable scully won't help solve case

  • “I don’t think she should be so easily dismissed.” Doggett always backs Monica and defends her right to be taken seriously, even when he doesn’t agree with her theories. But he might actually agree with this theory.
Dream. I am telling you, dream.

Dream. I am telling you, dream.

  • There’s our queen.

xfiles improbable scully gun hands up

  • “We’re federal agents and we’re armed” and we are total badasses and everything we do is perfectly in sync.

xfiles improbable scully monica guns

  • “Sir, does it look like we’re here to play checkers?”
xfiles improbable here to play checkers

Honestly at this point I don’t even know.

  • Monica talks music with Burt Reynolds. Scully considers her escape route.

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, I was modeling.

  • She doesn’t even want to play checkers, and she still gets indignant when she loses.
  • “How did we get ourselves into this?”
really feeling lost right now

Like, existentially.

Busting out of this episode.


  • This is it. This is our inevitable end. We will all one day be forced into a game of checkers while Burt Reynolds dances around us. Choice is an illusion and hope is gone.

xfiles improbable burt reyes scully

  • Definitely Monica’s dream.

xfiles improbable scully hair

  • “Keep your hands up.” “Why?” “I don’t know.”
xfiles improbable scully i don't know

Today got away from me

  • Scully’s really losing it.

xfiles improbable scully will you just

  • “That’s a good question.”
Not sure if good questions exist anymore.

Not sure if good questions exist anymore.

  • “You’re a scientist, Agent Scully.” Finally an undisputed truth.
  • Scully once said that science only teaches how, not why. She believes that the world can be broken down into numbers, but not that our lives are defined by them. “You can’t reduce all of life, all creation, every piece of art, architecture, music, literature, into a game of win or lose.” Mulder proved that every day. He made her see the mystery in everything.
  • “God does not play dice with the universe.” “Nor does he play checkers.”
xfiles improbable scully god checkers

Pretty proud of that one.

  • So the killer just sat around all night and watched this one-act Beckett play unfold? I get that.
  • Doggett’s here.
I mean, the ladies could've handled themselves, but it's cute.

It’s cute that he cares. But I mean, the ladies could’ve handled themselves.


xfiles improbable baby

  • Scully’s happy. She’s actually happy.

xfiles improbable scully baby happy

xfiles improbable scully door happy

It’s so beautiful.

  • Like she hasn’t been dying to know her number this whole time.
  • “Nine is completion. You’ve evolved through the experiences of all the other numbers to a spiritual realization that this life is only part of a larger whole.” That’s Scully. The baby who marched into the FBI in her oversize plaid suit is after something so much bigger than the difference she thought she could make—but so much more intimate too. She’s after Mulder. She doesn’t need all of the answers; she just wants to ask the right questions.

xfiles improbable scully reyes nine

She loves it.

Okay but really, how are we all doing with this X-Files revival? I can’t think about anything else. On the night it was officially announced that they’re in talks, I went to dinner with the friends who introduced me to the show, and we spent the whole meal essentially writing fanfic on everything from stand-alone episodes (Scully hits her head; Scully starts speaking in a British accent; Mulder keeps trying to take her to the hospital but is distracted by aliens “literally, right over there”; Skinner is even more turned on than usual) to Gillian’s faves (“She needs a new ‘Bad Blood,’ but not one that she loves as MUCH as ‘Bad Blood,’ but she DOES love it.”) Imagine the Twitter trolling. The on-set selfies. Imagine hearing the theme song again. I’m saving anxiety for later; this is a time for dreams.

In other news, I rang in the new year with The X-Files (which I think means that nothing can go wrong ever) and I got an Apollo 11 keychain for my birthday. And you are all too good to be so patient with these posts. Blame my job. (But speaking of my job, starting next week, my coworker and I will be doing X-Files nostalgia recaps over at the EW Community. Can’t stop won’t stop. Please join!)


  1. Ugh, I love you. If you don’t stop using Parks and Rec to illustrate X Files emotion I will have to propose.
    (no but seriously, agree on everything, including the revival, this IS A TIME FOR DREAMS)

  2. Thank you, once again, for being you. For validating the fact that I have spent most of the last week on twitter posting overly excited stream of consciousness pictures about an X Files Revival. It is the time for dreams, indeed. Have you considered the on set selfies and the GAG REEL. Nothing can go wrong, ever.

    Season 9 was like an abyss the first time I watched it – I felt like I was free falling. But now I see that Dogget and Reyes and the thing that they have going on are the footholds. You can stand on the little ledge that they create and appreciate the view.

    Doggett is Williams guardian spirit goat. He was sent to find Mulder, and Mulder is not there, but William is, and Doggett will do everything he can to hold onto him. I need to see Mulder and Doggett having beers while Mulder thanks him for taking care of Scully and William while he was away. No Nascar, though.

    Also, someone needs to shoot a scene that is approximately 8 mins of Scully and Reyes just staring and breathing. It would totally work.

    Let us all know when you get to “The Truth”. Cause we are tweeting it.

    1. Ohhhhhh you are the best. That’s so nice. And GAG REEL. GAG REEEEEEL. What a dream.

      Season 9 is definitely rough (I’ll go on record that I really liked season 8, at least from a character perspective, which is my main focus always) so I’m feeling that too, but I totally agree. They let us access the show as a whole, and Mulder and Scully specifically, from a new angle. They’re so like them in some ways—the persistent search for truth, the way they fight for each other publicly and challenge each other privately—and so not like them in others—their reaction to losing each other, the way they seem to focus on a smaller scale instead of on the overarching ideal. None are bad, but all make Mulder and Scully stand out.

      Doggett is so protective of William. I was only thinking of his concern for Scully (that’s all it’s ever been for!) but you’re so right; by extension, it’s also about fulfilling his duties to Mulder. I’d love to see them have that time together to talk about watching Scully’s back (definitely without Nascar).

      I’d watch that scene on a LOOP, I don’t even care.

      YES! I will make it known. I’m sure I’ll do a post just on “The Truth.” I will need it.

  3. The revival is sooo good news I don’t actually dare to believe. I know that this is a strange reaction and that you, entertainment journalists, have to jump on the train and cover it extensively. I also know that this coverage will make the miniseries even more probable because Fox will be happy about all the attention. But I am cautious. Can you understand that?
    This being said, I am very happy about your EW job and please post a link to the posts as soon as they get going. I love how these posts here are concentrated on the feels and am sure the EW will greatly profit from you shipper expertise but I hope you will also cover the metaphors and philosophy and zeitgeist elements of the X story. Thank you for all your work for the fandom and the show (they should really pay you for the extensive promotion)!

    1. I absolutely know what you mean! I’m thrilled by all of the talk and I honestly believe everyone is working to make it happen, but a part of me won’t REALLY be able to start believing it until it’s 100% confirmed. (But I’ve started dreaming anyway; I can’t help myself.)

      Oh thanks! I love it! And I will definitely link to the recaps as soon as we’ve got them up. I’m sure my shipping will work its way into the posts, but we’re going to talk about other aspects of the show, too. (Which is exciting, since I haven’t done that here.)

      Ha! No payment needed; it’s a blast.

  4. This is indeed a time for dreams and I pray that we’re rewarded with something we want to see. I’m sooo nervous about this reboot despite being over the freaking moon about it.

    1. Right? I’m sure as this all gets more real, I’ll start worrying about everything more—for now I’m just filing those concerns away and focusing on how great it is that everyone is even interested.

    1. Her face is SO ANIMATED. It’s funny, because I think her voice is always a little LESS animated when Mulder’s not around. She’s lost that little spark on the inside. It’s almost like she’s compensating with her face, like she’s trying to make herself feel and respond to things at the same level even when something is missing and OOOOOOPS now I’m sad.

  5. Everyone’s jacket game is on point tonight.
    ’tis. i wonder (because i’m too lazy to go look it up) if they had a new costume designer for S9. everything went up a notch.

    the tension between scully and monica was real. the number of fics written about them proves it. i always had mixed feelings, because i could certainly see it, but it felt blasphemous to the OTP, so.

    This is a great Catholic mom talk happening right now.
    LOL. i am so so so glad they brought Margaret back after her long absence from the show.

    I’d just do everything she told me to do throughout history until the end of time forever.
    pretty much.

    Why can’t Scully have even one nice thing?
    smh. that’s our show.

    There may never be a more perfect summary of this show’s attitude toward the FBI.

    This prophesy is weak.
    LOL. most television prophesies are. they’re usually just terrible plot devices.

    “Audrey Pauley” was one strange episode.

    This show has never met a kiss that can’t be poorly lit, rudely interrupted, and actually a dream.

    So the killer just sat around all night and watched this one-act Beckett play unfold? I get that.
    ha. me too. but this was another weird episode. oh, season nine.

    so have you finished watching the whole series yet? i was thinking you had and are just catching up on posts. but maybe not. i’m very much looking forward to your take on the finale.

    as for the revival… i have nothing but hope and joy and love. as long as it’s chris and gillian and david, i think it will be fine. i think they all know there was a slight misstep by making the second movie not really part of the myth arc (slight spoiler? sorry?) and they know this will be their last chance to wrap things up the right way. i can’t envision a world in which they will make something that sucks. and i’m beyond excited that it’ll be a limited tv series instead of a movie, because a) more hours! and b) no need to cater to people who’ve never seen the show before. there’s only one thing i need to have happen, but i can’t say what that is until you’ve finished watching everything. LOL.

    1. Season 9 is defined by jackets and turtlenecks, and I am fiiiine with that.

      Hahahha agreed, I’d never want anything to actually happen between Scully and anyone who isn’t Mulder. But I will take my sexual tension where I can get it, and fortunately, she’s got it with everyone.

      Margaret. Scully. ALWAYS. May she never leave us.

      I liked Audrey Pauley! Although Monica and Doggett missed a SERIOUS MAKE OUT OPPORTUNITY and that is very frustrating.

      I haven’t finished the whole series, nope–this is as far as I’ve gotten so far! I keep getting sick, and there’s just so much writing/ editing to do! I miss the days when I could marathon this show all day. But soon! SO SOON. I figure I’ve got three posts to go: one for the next five, one for the finale, and one for IWTB. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts there!

      Oh you’re fine, I know IWTB isn’t part of the myth arc, so no spoilers there. I really think that as long as they get someone who’s not Chris Carter to handle the shippy aspects, we’ll be golden. I’ve got a lot I want to see, and some things I don’t, but I’ll worry about those later, and ultimately, all I need is for Mulder and Scully to be solid and in character. I’m so glad they’re talking about a miniseries. More time with everyone! And more opportunities to showcase all of the different types of episode that made this show what it was. I really want this. So so so hopeful.

      1. I can’t wait until you get to IWTB because I need to talk about Scully with people that get it! GA is getting a lot of criticism for her acting in that film, but I think they just didn’t know how to write a grown up Scully the right way. At any rate, great Mulder Scully moments are still in your future!

  6. I love Improbable. Burt Reynolds is part of my Pantheon (I’m seriously not sure if the real god is him or Morgan Freeman). Plus, I love the soundtrack.

    Are you by any chance going to Dragoncon this year? We’re hoping to plump up the X-track in light of the news and the recent fan additions such as yourself. I’m excited but still a bit reserved…really, the news has just been that everyone’s on board, but they’ve said that periodically for years. But hopefully, you’re right – this will garner enough attention for FOX to say yay!


    1. Hi! Ohhhh Improbable. So weird, but so strangely endearing.
      I’m not planning on it, but are X-Files things happening?? Should I look into this? Don’t want to miss an XF party! And yes, I definitely agree that I won’t be able to FULLY enjoy this until it’s confirmed, but it seems like such a public announcement is a really encouraging step. And if they were looking to gauge fan reactions, they’ve definitely got their proof that people would watch!

  7. All this talk of revival makes me giddy, you came into the fandom at the absolute perfect time – YOU WON’T EVEN HAVE TO WAIT THOSE 15 YEARS!

    Thank you for taking the sad, slow season 9 episodes and actually making them fun. I have always said that if season 9 had just been a different show, it would have been great. It’s just that, as a follow up to 8 seasons of Mulder & Scully amazingness, it was basically a form of torture.

    And Gillian/Scully’s right eyebrow has the power to bring people to their knees 🙂

    1. I KNOW! I owe all of this excitement to the fans who’ve waited all these years and worked so hard to make something like this possible, but I definitely came in at a great time, and I am SO SO SO glad to be here now.
      Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you’re having fun; I am too. Season 9 definitely would be better as its own show. Nothing can live up to Mulder and Scully, and it doesn’t have the same drive as season 8, so it’s just kind of sad sometimes. But it’s still got some worthwhile moments of its own!
      I would do anything Gillian’s eyebrow told me to do.

  8. I’m hoping on that revival so much too, it’s all I can think about 🙂 Great birthday gift 🙂 happy birthday 🙂 as always your analysis of the show is really great 🙂

  9. Wonderful job, as always. And I’m glad you’re staying positive through season nine. 🙂 Most fans just bitch and moan about it. Which I understand, because it does have its down points, but so did all the seasons, so they really need to hush. Anywho

    ““Just tell me the boy’s okay.” AW DOGGS.”

    It really is sweet how deeply he cares for his ex-coworker’s child that’s not related to him. Like, this is beyond the normal, “my friends kid” caring. He would probably die for William. I can see it happening.

    ““This Is Not Happening” wasn’t sad enough the first time. It really needed a crying baby.”

    Need me to grab an ice cream for you? I’ve already got mine, but I’ll go get you one, too.

    “This show has never met a kiss that can’t be poorly lit, rudely interrupted, and actually a dream.”


    “Doggett hands the file to Scully and confidently guides her to a more private location, which is very ‘Mulder asking Scully to shut the door’ of him. They’ve got rules to break and a conspiracy to uncover, and this is something they know how to do—fight a system that would rather block them out. When Mulder puts his hand on Scully’s back, I think he’s saying the same thing: it’s just the two of them now, but they can do it.”

    I remember reading a long time ago about how this episode was originally meant for Mulder and Scully crica season 6/7, but somehow never made it to the show, so they rewrote it a bit to fit Doggett and Reyes. But Doggett is behaving very Muldery, so I guess some aspects of him were still left in the script. 🙂 I don’t know if it’s true or not (it was on the internet, so yeah), but it’s pretty cute if it is. I can see this being a Mulder and Scully story very easily.

    I laughed forever at Improbable. XD Burt Reynolds is God. God dances around Scully and Reyes while they play checkers. Okay. Just… alrighty. XD

    SO ABOUT THAT REVIVAL. 😀 I’ve been thinking that since everyone’s so busy with their own projects that they could do a few episodes a year that are like an hour and a half long each, like Sherlock does, except they need to be more regular than Sherlock. That way they can shoot for a few months out of the year and make like little mini movies instead of 24 regular episodes. Think that could happen in America?

    1. Oh thanks!!! I mean, I’m definitely feeling more critical of this season than I have of any other, but I’d still take it over most things out there. It’s still got Scully. That’s all I really need.

      ICE CREAM. I tried to stock up on pre-blizzard ice cream, like a rational adult, but my grocery store didn’t have any exciting flavors. What a life.

      Wait, you’re right! “Millennium” is the only one. THE ONLY ONE. SHOW, DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO US?

      Ohhhhhh, “Audrey Pauley” would be so amazing with Mulder and Scully (but we know how I feel about these two at each other’s hospital bedsides). That makes sense, especially given Scully’s storyline in that one. But it was cute for Monica and Doggett too, and since they’ve been setting him up as Mulder-level tenacious this season, I buy it.

      Hahaha Improbable is NUTS, but if you just kind of ride it, it’s also a little bit delightful.

      REVIVAL! I’ll take it in any form, Sherlock form included, but a real, proper, 10-13 ep miniseries would still be my dream, because I think this show is tightest in 45-minute stories, and I really want some good stand-alone episodes. I feel like if they did really really short seasons, they’d feel compelled to address the myth arc in every episode. I just want it to feel like the show, and I think a good run of hourlong episodes is the ideal way to do that. But I’m down for anything that gets Mulder and Scully/ David and Gillian back on my TV.

      1. So how did you fare with that blizzard? I have a sister in Massachusetts and she got an insane amount of snow. Two feet at least. I send her pictures of sunny Florida and drive her insane with out blue skies and palm trees and whatnot. xD

        And a miniseries would be fantastic. I think that’s what David’s probably pushing for. MAYBE DAVID TENNANT COULD JOIN THE X-FILES AND THEN ALL OF MY NERDY DREAMS WOULD COME TRUE. oh god i would literally cry if that happened. Who would you like to see back? I want Lucy Lawless back for sure. Her story didn’t get an ending. IT NEEDS AN ENDING. Plus I need more Lucy Lawless on my TV. I haven’t seen her in anything since Battlestar Galactica and that is a SIN, I SAY. Also I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope they bring Reyes back. Doggett too, but Robert Patrick’s getting old, too, so I don’t know if he’d be up for it. And I’m sure Mitch would come back to play Skinner. He loves the show. 😀

      2. I didn’t fare too badly, actually. There was a lot less snow here than they expected, and I got to work at home on Tuesday, so I have no complaints. Massachusetts got it a lot worse. (Naturally, when I went to school in Boston they never closed, and this week they had two snow days.) I hope your sister didn’t have to spend too many days shoveling snow!

        I WOULD WEEP if David Tennant and Gillian Anderson shared any screen in any capacity but IF IT WERE THE X-FILES I would probably have to take multiple days off of work. (He’s coming to New York to film that new Marvel show! So many possibilities. I’ll have to find him.)

        I LOVE Lucy Lawless and agree that her character didn’t get much of an ending (apparently they wanted to bring her back, but she had a risky pregnancy), but I’m wary of revisiting too much of the season 9 storyline, so they’d have to be really careful with how they used her! I haven’t thought too much about guest stars, but Luke Wilson would be a blast. And I want to know what Doggett and Reyes are up to, for sure, but I think I’d only want them to be a part of the main storyline for like an episode, and even then, I’d want it to be the four of them as a team, not a Doggett/ Reyes spotlight. We only get so much time with these beautiful fools, and I love everyone, but Mulder and Scully are my priority. Someone on Tumblr suggested that Doggett could be the Vice President, helping Mulder and Scully fight colonization, and I cannot TELL you how down I am for that.

        And I’m Skinner or bust with this revival. I neeeeeed him.

  10. There are some ok episodes in season 9 aren’t there? I do like Improbable even though it’s …. improbable. On such a male-dominated show it’s nice to see the two females get some air time together, that isn’t such a dark storyline.

    Your recaps made me want to watch Provenance again, and I laughed a LOT when Scully marches into the XF office and pulls out a file from the very back of the filing cabinet. Cut to her and Reyes discussing the importance of the rubbings. If it really held all the answers, about William and the entire world, surely this is the FIRST X FILE you would give Reyes and Doggett? Why keep it hidden? Ah convenient plot points…. (although I did watch the episode in isolation, so maybe it’s explained at other times).

    I’m watching season 3 at the moment alongside Kumail’s podcast, and it was nice to jump to season 9 and see what a badass Scully has become, sassing the FBI men and basically owning Washington DC.

    1. There are some okay ones, for sure! In this batch, I really liked “Audrey Pauley,” and I liked “Improbable” (but I stand by my dream theory). It’s nice to see Scully and Monica get a little time together.

      Ahahaha I had fun writing about Provenance, but watching it—good luck to you. (Although actually, Provenance had its virtues; Providence is where things got weird.) And that’s such a good point about the rubbings. I think she shoved them in there before she was ready to consider the implications and then just kind of forgot about them, even once she became “more open” to these things, but it’s still funny that she just filed away what she thinks might be the answers to the universe. Priorities.

      Suuuuch a badass. I mean, she always has been, but she learns to own it, especially in the offices of her superiors. She just doesn’t care anymore what they think of her, and it’s great.

      1. Just chiming in – this re-watch was the first time I fully appreciated Scully’s fantastic character development. Gillian Anderson did such INCREDIBLE work.

  11. Aaah this was so worth the wait! (And so worth re-reading after the flu bid me adieu.) I apologize for the novel-length word-vomit which follows, but it’s been pent up for a week, now.

    Aah, Season 9 was definitely the Season of Jackets. It’s the small victories that keep us going, right? (“Sorry your life’s gone to shit, but on the bright side, you all are looking fabulous.”)

    – I totally forgot about the Doggett-Reyes slumber parties at this point in the season. Hee. Doggett would be the one to tell you you’re sleeping wrong.
    – I hadn’t noticed and/or didn’t remember Scully’s interchanging of the first name/last name thing with them, but that’s such a cool, insightful observation on your part. Ah, gotta love the partnership of unconventional naming practices trope, am I right? No wonder I fall so hard for certain OTPs/friendships.
    – Ha, gazing at lips! I think that might be a specialty of Gillian Anderson’s, to be honest.
    – We could all use ScullyFaces to express our feelings. There’s gotta be a Tumblr devoted to that, right?
    – Figures they finally give Scully a friend, and next you know you’re dreaming up candlelight for them because of SEXUAL TENSION. (Again, Gillian Anderson can probably have chemistry with a brown paper bag.)
    – Aaah Mama Scully, Master of Catholic Guilt and Mom-ing. It was nice that they finally brought her back in Season 8/9 after such a long absence, because for God’s sake, Scully needed *someone*, even if that someone was guilt-tripping her like they were in an after-school special about teen pregnancy. (But then she pulled a gun on an intruder, so who’s the badass grandma now?)
    – Scully is not allowed to have any nice things, and it only gets worse, and I’m going to stop now before I twist into knots again.
    – Ugh people need to stop keeping secrets from people out of fear that it’ll “break” them. Skinner, you should know better.
    – HAHA X-Files family road trip! Don’t make Scully stop this car, folks.
    – THREE GUNMEN AND A BABY. I totally forgot about that. Oh my heart. No, seriously, I’m verklempt now.
    – Ah, nice catch about the show’s attitude towards the FBI. You know, in retrospect, I have to wonder if that would fly nowadays on TV. Like, would the FBI get all up in arms about defamation or whatever? Would they be forced to have Mulder and Scully work at a fake-FBI-esque-type national federal investigative branch because the real FBI would sue their asses if they used the real FBI name?
    – Oy, the prophecies. I was definitely tired by that point. It’s like Rambaldi. IT MAKES NO SENSE.
    – The funniest thing about the burning spaceship or tent or whatever to me at the time was that they were hiding it in Alberta, and that pretty much explained everything.
    – “You’re going to have to walk me through this; when Mulder is sad I just undress him and put him to bed.” HEEE. It’s funny because it’s true.
    – Speaking of Alias: HOLY CRAP THOSE SCREENCAPS. 2002 apparently was a frightful year for the ladies.
    – “This show has never met a kiss that can’t be poorly lit, rudely interrupted, and actually a dream.” TRUE THAT.
    – Even though I am terrible at science myself, I so enjoy seeing my TV heroines rock it, if that makes any sense, so YAY SCULLY AND HER NERDY SCIENCE LOVE.
    – If anyone had told me when I started watching this show that there would be an episode where Scully would play checkers with Burt Reynolds, I’d tell you to stop huffing paint, but there we have it. (Like HE’S DANCING AROUND THE TABLE WHAT THE EVER LOVING CRAP.)

    One thing that this is reminding me of is that despite whatever I felt for season 9 when it aired, one thing I did really enjoy was the budding team dynamic between Scully and “the next generation.” I know it didn’t all work out for a variety of reasons (namely, that the show was in its ninth year), but I think that if they’d gotten a little wiggle room all around, that could have been a really cool dynamic to explore for awhile, given what they had to work with. Scully as the “expert,” but in a totally different way than Mulder was, Doggett and Reyes with their own skeptic/believer thing happening but again not the same as their predecessors, Skinner as the badass Dad who is about 110% done with all this crap, etc. I think that all got lost in the Duchovny exit/Anderson impending exit/general malaise of the time (and admittedly I was resistant, too), but one of the many wonderful things about your series here is that you bring these things to light with fresh eyes, and I can reflect on these things without the conflict of missing my show/grieving its impending end that was the case back in 2002.

    Anyway: my first thought about the revival is “Go home FOX, you’re drunk,” but you know, stranger things have happened, right? The trolling would be pretty glorious these days.

    Congrats on the new gig!

    1. “Sorry your life’s gone to shit, but on the bright side, you all are looking fabulous.” That sums it up.

      Gillian Anderson stares at lips/ noses all the time. Even when she’s sitting with someone. Even when it’s not a height thing. She just has insane chemistry with everyone. It’s SO OVERWHELMING and I LOVE IT.

      ScullyFaces on Tumblr are my bread and butter. I hope there’s a whole tumblr devoted to that magic.

      I somehow managed to convince myself that Scully and Monica met for the first time at night, as they do with Doggett later, and that the lighting was just a liiiiittle bit lower. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. (Gillian Anderson.)

      Mama Scully had been away for a while, hadn’t she? I didn’t even notice it until she came back.

      AGH I’m not ready for the pain headed Scully’s way. Or my way.

      I wonder how this show’s attitude toward the FBI would be different if it premiered in a post 9/11 world. Obviously, it was post 9/11 at this point, but they couldn’t just magically be like, “the government is done conspiring now. Your patriotism fixed everything.” In the immediate aftermath, I think they would have been hesitant to accuse the government of ANY kind of collusion, even in a work of fiction. If we take Bones as FOX’s successor to The X-Files, it definitely has a rosier outlook on the FBI, and Alias was a little forgiving of torture sometimes (in the sense that it worked about 75% of the time, which is probably a MUCH higher percentage than in the real world).

      Then again, Alias (which, granted, was also dreamed up before 9/11, though the pilot aired a few weeks after) also took some shots at the government’s methods. People gave false information to get the torture to stop. People (including Sydney) were unfairly locked up thanks to the Patriot Act (Alias threw so much shade on the Patriot Act). It played on the fear that the government was watching and listening. I think THAT, at least, is an aspect of The X-Files that would have felt even more relevant after 9/11—the idea that everything was being monitored. But I don’t know if the politics of it all would have affected anything else.

      STRAIGHT. UP. RAMBALDI. Someday I’m doing a post the parallels between Sydney and Scully’s pregnancies and the prophecies surrounding them (preferably with less alliteration).

      Scully loves science, and I love her for it.


      I totally agree that the team dynamic this year, while not always lived out to its full potential, is SUCH an interesting one. It’s like a Basement Family Tree, with Scully at the top. We can understand her journey with Mulder through new eyes because we’re seeing how Doggett and Reyes respond to the same job. Sometimes it all lines up, because you have to be a certain type of person to do this job, and it just brings something out in you. But then sometimes Doggett and Reyes do things their own (equally valid) way, and it just makes Scully and Mulder’s story stand out. Plus they’re cute, and I love the way they admire Scully, care for her, and want to work with her.

      I am SO here for a potential revival. It’s insane, but I’m so grateful that this is the world’s current breed of insanity. FOX knows what the people want. I haven’t been interested in a lot of these *returning shows* (i.e. 24), but for The X-Files, I’m here for it. Always.

      And thanks!

      1. LOL, “Gillian Anderson” being the root cause of your affliction sounds like an acceptable excuse to me! Hey, I say, you gotta get whatever you can, so if seeing sparks between Scully and Monica is wrong, you don’t ever want to be right. Scully’s gotta get it somehow, since she isn’t ever allowed to on the show without, like, a piano falling down on her or whatever.

        About the attitude towards the show, I forget if it was David Duchovny or Chris Carter or Frank Spotnitz, or someone else altogether, but I think somewhere around the second movie, there was discussion about the zeitgeist in which the X-Files premiered, and they said that it’s a show that probably couldn’t have gotten made post-9/11, because attitudes changed so ferociously overnight. Actually, I even remember towards the end of season 9, maybe in interviews around the finale, they talked about how difficult it was to continue with this conspiracy stuff, when the entire country at the time was wrapping itself in the flag and it was very uncool to be publicly critical or distrustful of the government, which is basically the entire ethos of the show. I’ve gotta give that to them, irrespective of whatever I think of what happened in season 9, because it’s true that basically in the blink of an eye, the driving force of their show became almost taboo.

        Ah, you’re totally right about “Bones” in a post-XF world. Like when the whole FBI conspiracy plot played out at the end of last season — they always made it clear that it was a few bad apples spoiling the bunch (and the same thing with the corrupt director in season 2, when Max returns to Brenan’s) and they worked to bring them to justice to clear the FBI’s “good name”. And after Booth gets hung out to dry by the bureau, he again always makes it clear he’s angry at the individuals who set him up to take the fall for the coverup, vs. being angry at the FBI as a whole. (Plus, you know, the fact that Booth is so rah-rah about anything US government/military/etc.)

        Ah, you’re right about “Alias” being pretty permissive about torture and stuff too. My memory is a little hazy on it, but I seem to remember basically the SD-6 stuff clearly being the “bad guys,” but the CIA, though shady in practice, was ultimately supposed to be the good guy in the picture, which is why Sydney ultimately goes to them to bring down SD-6. I also wonder about how the “Alias” writers were influenced by 9/11, since the show was conceived before 9/11 and the pilot was shot before then, but aired after 9/11. I wonder if they had to do any significant changes during that first season. And hell, all the “government spying on you” paranoia that was present in both “Alias” and “X-Files” turned out to pretty much be true, so I guess Mulder would have the last laugh now.

        Oh my God, I hope you DO write a post paralleling Sydney and Scully’s pregnancies, because when I was watching “Alias” last year, that’s all I could think of! (And use all the alliteration, always.)

        The thing about the team dynamic in season 9 is that you know, you always kind of wished Mulder and Scully would have more people pulling for them in the FBI all those years. (Or at least I did.) So now they do finally have this group of people who are fighting the good fight and not in secret, but actually legitimately assigned to their division and investigating their cases even if they don’t believe. It’s just that Mulder isn’t around anymore to enjoy it, or be validated by their work. But, they totally respect what Mulder and Scully did and are still doing, and that’s really neat.

        I just saw a “Heroes” commercial on NBC during the Super Bowl, so you know, if they’re bringing *that* back, why not “The X-Files”? I’d be down with them bringing back in mini-series or TV movie style every couple of years.

      2. Do you listen to the X-Files Files podcast? They said something once about how the show just couldn’t survive after 9/11, but it’s the right time now to bring back that sentiment. (And to that I say YES.) It really is impressive that they even kept it going for one season, even though I wish the season 8 finale had been the end.

        YES on Booth. He’s so patriotic. Even when the FBI ruins him, it’s always the individuals who are corrupt, not the institution. I wonder if Alias did have to change anything! That’s a good question. I just remember listening to commentary on the pilot, and they were marveling at the fact that they’d been able to shoot the airport scenes without any uproar from security. A few months later, that never would have worked.

        “So now they do finally have this group of people who are fighting the good fight and not in secret, but actually legitimately assigned to their division and investigating their cases even if they don’t believe. It’s just that Mulder isn’t around anymore to enjoy it, or be validated by their work. But, they totally respect what Mulder and Scully did and are still doing, and that’s really neat. ” YES YES YES. It’s so great that they’ve got this legacy, and it’s simultaneously so heartbreaking, because their legacy can only live on if they’re removed from it.

        Hahaha if Heroes can come back, The X-Files can DEFINITELY come back. One of these things is slightly more beloved than the other (and it’s not Heroes).

      3. I haven’t listened to the podcast, yet, unfortunately, thought I have it bookmarked. (My internet connection is terrible and the telecom company keeps sending techs over to fix it, but no dice, ugh.) I totally agree with the statement, though, that the show could have never survived immediately after 9/11, but now would be the perfect time for a revival, because I think we’ve kind of swung back to that kind of questioning mentality.

        Oh wow, I didn’t even think about how 9/11 would have changed how “Alias” was able to shoot scenes at the airport, but that makes so much sense, and is so obvious. I bet there are lots of little details like that in some of those shows, now that I think about it.

        “It’s so great that they’ve got this legacy, and it’s simultaneously so heartbreaking, because their legacy can only live on if they’re removed from it.” Aaaaaaah that is so perfectly said! Poor misunderstood babies. They definitely put the “tragic” in tragic hero.

        Speaking of which, I had no idea a “Heroes” comeback was even a thing, so I was so confused when I saw the commercial. (Is it a movie? Mini-series? Car commercial? I have no idea.) Not that I ever watched it, but you know, it was a pop culture phenomenon for about five seconds back in the day. And I would think “X-Files” would have WAY more cultural cachet and buzz in terms of a revival than “Heroes” would, so why can’t it come back?

  12. I just realized you’re at the point where this fanvid contains no spoilers for you. You should watch it. It’s pretty much the best X-Files tribute I’ve ever seen.

    1. Oh wait I just realized there’s a quote from Scully from the finale. Never mind. Watch it when you’re done with the finale. xD


      2. It’s beautiful. xD Snakey does some really terrific funny videos. And then his Love Like Fools video is just OMG. I will gladly go through them all and pick out the ones that have no spoilers for you. xD You can probably watch the Mulderisms and Scullyisms vids.

        You’re going to binge on fanvids the second you finish with the second movie, aren’t you. XD

  13. I just want to say I love you! I really do. I’m from Russia and I just found your blog by accident and I watch X-files literally with you. I watch an episode and then I read what you wrote about it – I have to say that I agree with every word, it is very pleasant to read and I am very happy to know that there are still people who love the show so much and appreciate it as well. Please do write something about the rest of the show cause I can’t imagine watching X-files without your blog to support me after every episode!

    1. Ahhh thank you so much!! This makes me so happy, seriously. Watching this show with everyone has been the best experience. And I promise I’m working on my next post! I’ve been busy with work, but I wouldn’t dream of stopping.
      Thank YOU!

  14. I was completely obsessed with this show and this relationship from the age of 12 all throughout my teenage years. My first fandom and first ship. When it ended, I inevitably moved on to new fandoms. Now at 29 and with the news of a possible return, my first love has been rekindled. I’ve fallen back into a Mulder/Scully shaped hole and it is glorious. Your posts make me squee like an excited teenager again 😀

    1. I knowwww. I’m at a con this weekend and it’s killing me to be so far behind. Once I’ve left, though, I’ll get it done as soon as I can! (Although I’m not ready for this to be over either.)

      1. No pressure, we just love your posts! As long as you keep them coming, we’ll be here to follow and spam you with detail-driven comments. Enjoy the con, though!

  15. So HERE is where we’re talking #XF2015. Ahhh!!

    I think it’s going to happen. Neither GA or DD are tied up full-time on any series, unless Aquarius gets another order (I hope it’s terrible). I think a nice, tight 13-episode run would do really really well. I would love to see a FEW seasons, obviously.

    They’ve got to resolve mythology stuff, and it will be a few years after the invasion date, but that’s not really a problem, since we have only a vague idea of what the invasion entails. It could be really cool to jump right into Mulder & Scully working to save the world post-invasion.

    There have to be stand-alone episodes, for FUN, but that means Mulder & Scully return to the FBI. And they’d have to write the invasion plot as, like, not totally apocalyptic. It’s not so pressing that they can’t drop it for a few weeks to pursue other cases. Without getting too spoiler-y, IWTB set up the potential for a return to agent-ing, at least for Mulder, who is no longer a fugitive. Scully would take some convincing. (There’s your series opener – just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…) Or maybe Mulder’s already back, and he’s all, Scully I need you on this one!

    Also EXCITING, is that their son will be a teenager, maybe 15(?), soon to reach maturity… I think it’s inevitable that he would be brought into the story. Maybe they need to find him to protect him, or he looks for his birth parents and discovers his destiny to SAVE THE WORLD. (I love the Superman parallels.) The only thing that makes me nervous is that basically I just want to watch Mulder & Scully together, and if they have to cast some teenager as their kid… introducing a character like that is just tricky, because you have to make us CARE about a stranger. He just needs to have minimal screen time, or it’s introduced as a long plot to find him and then he’s barely on the show at the end. (Say we get 3 seasons, then in the 3rd he’s turning 18 and it’s time to fulfill his destiny??)

    The possibilities are SO EXCITING!

    Look forward to the rest of your recaps when you get them up – the second movie in particular is relationship porn!

    1. YES, I like this. If the invasion date was indeed accurate, then it didn’t need to be a full-on end-of-days thing. We’ll need some standalone cases to go along with it!
      I would love for them to follow up on William at least a little. It’s just so heartbreaking. But I don’t know how that would happen, and it seems like they want to just pretend it never happened in the first place.

  16. Oh! I keep forgetting to tell you this… a couple weeks ago I was at a church in Hollywood and Robert Patrick said good morning to me! At the time I was just a couple episodes away from Doggett’s first appearance. It’s a long story, I don’t go to church, and I did NOT go to hunt celebrities either, but lots of actors attend this church apparently – I also met Michael Ensign! He appeared in Biogenesis/The Sixth Extinction (and Ghostbusters, and like 200 other credits).

    I figured someone here might appreciate that?

      1. Oh hi! Nothing else to tell really, that’s the whole story. LA is weird (and actors are just people). 🙂

  17. I was just looking for an article on X-files and end up on your web site, reading all night your posts, never laugh and cry so much ! I had sometimes the impression to read my own thoughts, that was awesome ! can’t wait for more, until then, I’m gonna read what you write on the other tv shows. GO ON, YOURE DOING GREAT !

  18. So excited to have found this site! Love the fact that it shows how much we still love M&S! And the world is full of like minded xphiles. Yeah! Love yours sights too.

  19. I’m surprised at how little of these episodes I remember.The numerology one with the checkers game I do, but everything else is a bit of a blank. I remember Doggett wondering if he had done all he could for his son. And the Doggett/Reyes relationship. I enjoyed reading your impressions of the episodes though, even if they are a bit of a blank to me. And there really isn’t a bad shot of Scully.

    I’m really getting excited about the revival. Now that Morgan and Wong are in, I have high hopes it won’t be screwed up.

  20. I just finished watching Improbable. I expected to be annoyed, but was instead charmed. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying Reyes, Doggett & Scully fighting crime.

  21. I fully admit to rewatching that telephone scene from Improbable at least 4 times, it was JUST HYSTERICAL and I kept giggling. Scully has Reyes’ number memorized (although I think back to 2002 and this was not out of the realm of possibilities, I’m pretty sure I had my friends number memorized, but I did also just acquire my first cell-phone), Scully CHEWS ON HER LIP while she’s talking to Reyes and listening to her chatter, Reyes is completely unfazed to have Scully calling at 9pm to ask about this AND calls her Dana. I love Scully and Reyes as besties, it is THE BEST.

    Also, now we’re down to 15 days until the new stuff. Wheeeeee!

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