“Have fun! Get drunk! Kiss boys!”—Gallifrey One 2015, Part 2

I’ve teamed up with Kim and Sage of Head Over Feels to bring you the full story on our trip to Los Angeles to mingle with Doctor Who‘s best and brightest. Next up, Kim takes us inside Saturday’s events.

Posted by Kim

Well, two out of three ain’t bad.  Unless you count being groped by John Barrowman, which we very much do.

After turning in (read: passing out as soon as we queued up “Galentine’s Day” on Sage’s computer) at a decent hour on Friday night, we woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to take on Saturday.  Note to future Gally attendees: you may feel pressure to stay up until the wee hours of the morning (many DO every single night of the con) but don’t be afraid to go to sleep.  Seriously, the minute I made peace with the fact that it was okay to go to bed, the happier I was.

After I spent a couple of hours studying the schedule when Gally released it a few weeks before the convention, it turned out that Saturday was our lightest day when it came to official panels and interviews. (Me in an email: By no means do you have to do everything I say but I’m pretty certain this is what everyone will want to do. #Monica)  But that’s the wonderful thing about this con: even when you DON’T go to panels, there is an abundance of things to do.

We took advantage of our free morning to both mentally prepare ourselves for our photo-op with John Barrowman and to make the rounds of the autograph tables.  The great thing about the autograph tables, as opposed to photo-ops, is that you get the chance to have an actual conversation with them.  Our first stop was the LOVELY Naoko Mori.  We caught Naoko when she didn’t have a line at her table, which lead to us being able to chat with her for as long as we wanted.  We congratulated her on unbuttoning her pants in the middle of her interview on Friday (“Guys, I had to.”) and commiserated about the weather on the East Coast, regaling her with the story of our dramatic race to LA the previous year (it never gets old).  Sage promised to make a shrine for Tosh when she visits Cardiff later this year prompting Naoko to once again throw shade at the Torchwood-ian devotion to Ianto.  (I genuinely wish that we had audio of the way she would say “Iantoooooooooooooooo.”)  She signed Sage’s photo with a “Saaaaaaaage”, so clearly she knows how Paul McGann pronounces Sage’s name.  As we said goodbye, Naoko chirped some incredibly sage advice, proving that she really knows what cons are all about.  “Have fun! Get drunk! Kiss boys!”  WE’RE DOING OUR BEST, GURL, BELIEVE ME.

These two were thick as thieves all weekend.

These two were thick as thieves all weekend.

Next, we moved on to Eve Myles’ table, where naturally we did some flailing over her work in season two of Broadchurch (SHE IS SO GOOD ON IT).  Strangely, we did not ask her things like “Tell us EXACTLY how David Tennant smells” (HOW? We are failures).  Instead, we spent most of our time gushing over James D’Arcy, who had been confusing/enticing us on a weekly basis with his dual performances as the shady Lee Ashworth on Broadchurch and the bumblingly adorable Jarvis on Agent Carter.  She assured us that he is a delightful man and also thanked us for reminding her to watch Agent Carter.  Our work is never done. She signed the Torchwood cast 8x10s by putting a halo over Gwen’s head and WANTING to draw devil horns on Jack (she also commented that Naoko’s signing of Sage’s name looked like “sausage”), so essentially, she’s a perfect human being and we want to be best friends with her.

Then it was onto the table belonging to our official con crush (aka the “Paul McGann Award”), Burn Gorman.  This is why the Torchwood trio is perfect: Burn unknowingly landed the punchline to the joke unknowingly set up by Naoko.  As Sage handed him her picture, he also read the way Naoko had drawn out writing her name.  “Eve said it looked like she wrote ‘sausage’ instead of ‘Sage’,” Sage said.  “Well, you know—” Burn began.  “Oh no, this is boring.” “TELL US,” we shouted, and it’s a testament to his character that Burn did not flinch.  “We’re anglophiles, we promise we won’t be bored,” Sage implored.  “Well, we DO put sage in our sausages, so it’s very fitting,” he said bashfully, earning our love for life.   After that, we geeked out about theatre with him, as he’s been living in New York while shooting Forever (and to THINK I quit watching, sigh) and seeing a good amount of shows.  Sage continued her campaign to get every Whovian actor to do New York Theatre, while I commented on his somewhat unconventional casting as Bill Sikes in Oliver! on the West End.  “Yeah, Cameron (as in McIntosh) wanted to go a whole different direction with the show and about halfway through changed his mind.  I did bulk up quite a bit for that part though.”  Then I told him that I had played Nancy in high school, and his response was “Of course you did!  Look at you!”.  I may have to get that compliment etched on my tombstone.

Lastly, it was off to Hurricane Barrowman’s line. We got to the table right as he was taking this picture. His assistant made fun of him because his tummy was hanging out…to which he retorted “HOW DARE YOU!  I DON’T HAVE A TUMMY!  IT’S FLAT!!” Because of course. We listened as he started composing his tweet, pondering exactly what to say. He settled on “I have a really long one but I want it longer.” Then *I* said, you should hashtag it “RibbonWhore”. He laughed and did that very thing. And proceeded to do so the rest of the weekend. You’re welcome, America.  As he was signing for us, we showed him the picture we took with him at NYCC 2013 (the infamous BOOBIES picture) and warned him that we had a photo-op coming later and we needed to top it.  He studied the picture and said “I might just have to grab them.” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  We did our requisite flailing about Arrow (with John’s assistant pointing out Sage’s “Bitch with Wi-Fi” shirt to him) and told John we would see him for our photo-op.  And boy, did we.



We’ve said it before, but the photo-ops are quick and dirty.  There are a LOT of people to go through in a limited amount of time, so you have to go into your photo knowing EXACTLY what you want to do, be it something ridiculous or just having a good snuggle.  We highly advise that when it comes to John Barrowman, you do something fun…because he’ll do everything short of kissing you.  Gillian’s Lady Ten flashed him.  Shannon wrapped her Fourth Doctor Scarf around him.  Obviously Sage and I went for the boob and pec grab (with John being smart enough to change his expression to be different in our two pictures).  He simply said “Turn around” to Michelle and then grabbed her boobs.  And Kelly?  Well she just said “Do whatever you want, John.”  He replied with “Give me your leg,” and that’s how Kelly’s picture became the cover of a bodice-ripping romance novel.  Where do we go from this collage, you guys?  Only down.

Post-Barrowman glow

Post-Barrowman glow

Read the rest at Head Over Feels…

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