Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 23

This is getting entirely too real.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in this week’s batch of episodes:

“Scary Monsters”

  • Sandwich is the new bubble bath.

30 rock sandwich 30 rock sit in peace eat sandwich

  • LEYLA: X-File? SCULLY: Sandwich.
What a mom.

What a mom.

  • It’s a self-preservation thing. The more Scully gets drawn into the X-Files, the more she’s reminded of what she’s lost. She can’t even have Mulder by her side, much less in her office, and that’s easier to deal with if she avoids the life they built together. She’ll help Monica and Doggett as a friend, but she won’t go chasing down every dead end just to make sure it doesn’t lead anywhere. She’s trying to be who she was before Mulder. It’s all she can do.
  • “Well unless you bring me Spanky…” AU where Mulder is here to make a face.

xfiles scary monsters scully reluctant

  • Monica and Doggett trust Scully’s judgment so completely that they turn around the minute she tells them there’s nothing out there.
  • “‘How’d you spend your Friday night, John?’ ‘Driving around like an idiot.'” Bless.
  • All Monica and Doggett need is the reminder that “if Agent Mulder were here, he’d keep going.” They’re still protecting his legacy with the X-Files, which has nothing to do with being Spooky and everything to do with tenacity. That’s how people know Mulder when they know him through Scully.
  • “Look, I’m gonna be straight with you. We drove a long way.” Baby goat does not do leisurely drives through the countryside.
  • “Agent Doggett is very stubborn.”
She loves it.

She loves it. He’s like her little attack goat. She just carries him around and sets him loose to eat people’s shoelaces.

"Something's going on here."

“Something’s going on here.”

You can't actually work the X-files unless that phrase turns you on.

You can’t work the X-Files unless that phrase turns you on.

  • Give her strength.

xfiles scary monsters scully is done

  • Every decision Scully’s ever made is flashing before her eyes.

xfiles scary monsters scully eyes

Can we get a remix of this scene? For the clubs.

She really doesn't.

Song of my liiiiiife

  • “I am going to be exceptionally polite. Leave. Now.”

xfiles scary monsters scully box

  • Scully’s face is so animated this season, even though I think her voice is always a little less animated when Mulder’s not around. She’s lost that spark on the inside. It’s almost like she’s compensating with her face, like she’s trying to make herself feel and respond to things at the same level even when something is missing.
  • Against all of her better judgment, once she’s had her “something’s going on here” moment, Scully’s on this case. She can’t help herself.
  • Put this on a t-shirt:

I think I own that t-shirt.

  • “Agents Mulder and Scully aren’t in this situation. Agents Doggett and Reyes are. And I don’t know about Agent Reyes…”
xfiles scary monsters doggett sit down

I hope all of Doggett’s case reports are in the third person and sound exactly like this.

  • Monica translates her partner’s half-joke by explaining that he means he’s settling in to keep watch. I think he just thought it was a pretty cool keychain couch, but I like that she hears the best in everything he says. And she’s right, in a way; even if all Doggett means is that he wants to sit down, he jumps up the minute there’s trouble. Basement partners have a way of seeing truths in each other that the others don’t call attention to, because that’s how they look at every X-File—searching for an unacknowledged reality.
  • I would like to know how this apron went unacknowledged for so long, because Scully doing a cat autopsy in a “Something Smells Goo-ood” apron is the realest thing in my life right now.
xfiles scary monsters scully cat autopsy

style goals

  • “Would you keep your voice down, please? You’re gonna wake my baby.” This is not the weirdest thing to happen in Scully’s kitchen.
  • “And if we figure out why, well then, you’re gonna have something really good to share with your good friend Leyla Harrison, won’t you?” Take notes, Gabe. No one knows better than Scully what it means to share “figuring out why” with someone.
  • She expects that Sheriff to find a way to check in on her people. No excuses.
  • A resigned “uh-huh” will probably be the title of Doggett’s autobiography.
  • I was not prepared for this.

xfiles scary monsters scully mulder's badge

  • Scully is literally holding on to Mulder’s name, and everything we know about the two of them tells me it was her idea. When Mulder cleaned out his apartment, he took his suitcases to Scully’s and left from there, because she’s his touchstone. Scully is his proof that it happened, that it mattered. He was there. He doesn’t need a badge as long as he’s got her. But I think she likes having it, because she likes making room for him. Mulder always only needs Scully, but Scully is always there to push back a bit, to insist that Mulder has a right to take up space. They depend on each other to affirm each other’s independence.
xfiles scary monsters scully badge gale

Not for you.

  • “That’s all Leyla ever talks about: ‘Mulder and Scully, Scully and Mulder.'” I am so proud that she’s ours.
  • Doggett remembers the old cases too. He did his research. Baby goat works so hard to be prepared for this job; he wants to help, even when he feels completely out of his element.
She loves it.

She loves it.

  • “Maybe Mulder and Scully would see something that we don’t.” They do a lot of seeing, don’t they? Mulder and Scully always have their eyes open. He sees X-Files where she sees science, but that doesn’t matter. They have a way of drawing opposite conclusions from the same evidence and then following each other anyway, so it looks to from the outside like they’re on the same page—which they are, in the end. They just want the truth.
  •  The Sheriff tells Scully that there’s no way to get to her friends and it does not compute.
xfiles scary monsters scully must be a way

They’re in DANGER and also what does “no” mean?

  • Why does the touching always happen for the wrong reasons?

xfiles scary monsters monica doggett stairs

  • The X-Files really have it out for Leyla’s eyesight.
  • “Scared yet?” YES, but I’m into it?

xfiles scary monsters doggett scared yet

  • John Doggett is a stone cold genius.
  • Don’t think. Just put a plow on your car and make it happen.

xfiles scary monsters scully car

  •  “I’m a medical doctor.”

x files mulder wink

  • They’re like the opposite of two expectant parents making sure the baby’s okay.
xfiles scary monsters doggett monica you're all right

The partnership IS the baby.

  • I need a warning the next time the camera plans to linger over our poster.

xfiles scary monsters poster

  • “So this is where the magic happened, huh?” Do you ever physically hurt for the people who haven’t experienced this show?
  • “Still happens.” It is still happening. It’s not the same magic, but it’s still, in essence, the work Mulder fought so hard to preserve. He did it. He and Scully built something that lasts. “I’m happy it’s in good hands.”


  • “It’s clear to me now that you were better equipped for this challenge than even Agent Mulder would have been.” This is Doggett’s “X-Cops” moment. Just as Scully’s unwillingness to give in to fear kept her and Mulder safe, Doggett’s unwavering practicality saved all of their lives. This job needs a skeptic as well as a believer. It relies on that tension between people and on the tension we hold within ourselves, which is, somehow, only resolved in relation to others. Scully is never more skeptical than when she’s with Mulder, because he needs her as she is, but their long dance, those eight years of resistance and partnership, opened her mind anyway. She and Mulder are part of each other now. As they balanced each other out as a team, they became more complete as individuals.

“Jump the Shark”

  • This is going to hurt.

xfiles jump the shark mulder smile

  • “Those who fight the good fight don’t always win.” There’s something about this show that doesn’t leave you, or at least, for me, something that sits in me and doesn’t stop aching, and this is so much of the reason why. There are no answers but the fight. Nothing is guaranteed, and no rough edges are dulled.
  • “You must be Reyes. Enchanté.” “Yeah.”
  • “Up fudge creek.” Never change, Doggett.
  • I have to keep reminding myself that Morris doesn’t know he switched bodies with Mulder, because he’s definitely the type of person who would keep that to himself.
  • Doggett doesn’t enjoy anything as much as he enjoys watching Monica take people to task.

xfiles jump the shark doggett smile

  • I’m not convinced that they can’t read each other’s minds.

xfiles jump the shark monica doggett coordination

  • Not only is the Ramones shirt a sweet tribute, but it proves Langly’s point: “He never gave in, never gave up, and never sold out … Guys like that? They live forever.” Just the fact that he’s still talking about him proves that people can be remembered for the right reasons. If our team and Morris have anything in common, it’s that they all work in the shadows. But Morris is destined for oblivion; he’ll always be the guy in the interrogation room bragging about a job that can’t be traced back to him. Mulder and Scully (and Doggett and Monica, and the Lone Gunmen) didn’t do this job to be remembered. They did it because they believed in it, which eventually led them to the people who would remember them for that. This show doesn’t pretend that the right people always win, but it also insists that integrity and perseverance leave the more permanent impression.
  • “Saving the world doesn’t pay the bills.” This episode is dropping hard truths all over the place.
  • Morris says that he’s going to miss the old newspaper, which reminds me of all of the times we’ve seen men in suits use people like Mulder or the Gunmen to their own ends, letting them put the truth out there because it’s too crazy to be believed, fanning the flame to keep people distracted. Everything is relative and anything can be manipulated—but that’s the solution as much as it is the problem. The Syndicate put Scully with Mulder to remove a roadblock to their endgame. Look how well that turned out for them.


  • “We never gave up. We never will. In the end, if that’s the best they can say about us, it’ll do.”
  • “Agent Reyes and I are lookin’ like a couple of fools on this one.” I honestly want Doggett to never stop talking.
  • “Whatever it takes.” But did it have to take this?
xfiles jump the shark gunmen door


  • We never see them die. I’m convinced this is a long con. The geniuses are playing with us (also something I say about the writers sometimes).
  • Skinner got the Gunmen into Arlington. He didn’t even know them that well, but he knew what they did for the X-Files. This job is nothing but sacrifice in service of ideals, and Skinner acknowledges that in a way that few individuals—and definitely no government authorities—ever have before. No matter what the other men in suits might say, Mulder and his people have been working for the good of the country. It’s fitting that the Gunmen should get this honor, while Mulder’s burial plot is in North Carolina with his family, because the Gunmen literally slept in their headquarters. They had nothing else but this cause. Mulder, for all of his big ideas, operates on an individual level. He got into this for his sister.
  • I do love it when Skinner calls Scully “Dana,” and I do still lowkey ship him with pretty much everyone.
  • “They meant so much to me. I’m not sure if they ever really knew.” Scully loved those guys. She saw what Mulder saw in them, and I think she saw Mulder in them. They were the first support system she and Mulder really had.
  • “They’re gone, but they live on through us all.”

But also they're not gone, right?

But also they’re not gone, right?


  • A fun coping mechanism I’ve found for this episode is to yell “NO” at the screen while also typing “NOOOOOOO” repeatedly into your notes in case you forget later how you’re feeling at this moment.
  • It doesn’t help.
  • There should be a law against this hat. You can’t just put a baby in this hat and then take the baby away. That’s the least of the reasons why you can’t take the baby away, and it is still enough of a reason.

xfiles william hat

  • I’m sure that hour of advance warning really helped prepare people, because I’ve known this was coming for months and I’M TOTALLY FINE.

xfiles william bullfrog xfiles william bullfrog mighty fine wine

  • Scully hasn’t forgotten what it felt like to pull Mulder into her arms, not to keep away the darkness, but to promise that she’d be there to face it with him, because that’s what he asked her to do. She just wants to protect William like she protected Mulder.
  • Whole episode of this please:
xfiles william doggett push ups

“1,492 … 1,493 … 20.”

  • “They don’t pay me enough.” No they don’t, baby goat. Especially if people are going to kick you in the face.
  • Duchovny was here.

xfiles william scully shoe

  • It’s just a flash in her eyes, but when Scully hears Mulder’s name, she looks as hopeful as she is afraid of that hope. If he sent someone to the FBI, it means he’s not laying low enough to stay out of danger—but when has he ever done that? And she has to know. Like the Gunmen’s paper, Mulder and Scully’s relationship is tied up in both sides of the conspiracy. The answers are the problems, and the problems can be the answer.

xfiles william scully hears mulder's name

  • “Mulder doesn’t want to be found.” Joke’s on you, Spender. He doesn’t want to be found by people like you. Scully is a different story.
  • Like I haven’t watched the end of “The Post-Modern Prometheus” enough to recognize Chris Owens doing a voice.
  • Scully just dismisses the idea that this could be Mulder. She’s the authority on Mulder here, and he wouldn’t come back like this. But that laugh is for her every bit as much as it’s for Doggett. She’s laughing off her own fear of an idea too terrifying to take seriously.

xfiles william scully denial mulder

  • “What is true and what we want to be true aren’t always the same.” Translate that into Latin and inscribe it on the official seal of The X-Files.
  • Doggett’s acting awfully sure about this. I think he’s projecting certainty as much as Scully is, because he knows that she’ll resist and he needs to force her to take the idea seriously. He’s going to be immovable on this in order to make her push harder. I love how these people instinctively compensate for each other; the best way for them to form a complete team is to think about what they each need most as individuals.
  • Spender can’t grasp Mulder’s relationship with Scully, his puppy bashfulness, or his reticence to hurt anyone, but he’s all over the ill-timed dad jokes.
xfiles william scully joke

It softens her. She almost smiles for a second, because as maddening as Mulder’s jokes are, they’re part of him. If this were Mulder, she would want to know that he’s still the kind of person who tries to make light of his life.

  • “Are you going to help me?” “I don’t know how I can.” Scully’s always been inclined to trust people who need help, and after everything she’s been through, she still hasn’t lost that inclination. But she worries that anything she does for this man could put Mulder in danger, and Mulder trumps everything.
  • Scully sees Mulder as someone who wants to look for answers with her. Just the act of searching brings him back.
xfiles william scully eye looking for answers

She’s starting to doubt herself now.

  • “It’s not him.” Doggett and Monica are still halfway across the hall, but Scully can’t hold back. She has to get it out there; she has to keep getting it out there; it’s probably the title of her case report already.
I am a medical doctor and I know what's up.

I am a medical doctor and my word is final.

  • Be right back I have to gather crumbs from the table of Scully’s sexually charged interactions with people.

xfiles william scully monica arms

  • She and Mulder went rogue and stole files and I bet it was so hot until he started humming some ‘going rogue’ theme music that he made up himself.
  • “Tell me where he is!” “I have to know.” Scully needs him so badly. The closer she is to this case, the harder it is to accept.
  • “He’s in pain. Terrible pain.”

legally blonde liar

  • Her voice BREAKS.
"Then let me go to him."

“Then let me go to him.”

  • It’s killing her to be so helpless; Scully doesn’t need anyone to let her do anything. Spender gets it all wrong when he says that it’s Mulder’s decision. Mulder wouldn’t leave until she told him to, and she wouldn’t do that until they’d planned his return together. But everything’s off the rails now, and if Mulder is reaching out, Scully has to be able to reach back.
  • What Spender lacks in emotional intuition, he makes up for in theatrics.


  • Scully and Mulder’s baby would come out ready to punch the world.

xfiles william hitting scully

  • She believes this could be Mulder. She gives him the baby because she would want Mulder to be able to hold his son. I’m okay.

xfiles william scully spender baby

  • Skinner’s looking for proof that it isn’t him.
xfiles william skinner

Thanks office dad.

  • “Mulder knows those files inside out.” His passion is his alibi.
  • “I don’t know what you mean.” “I think you do.”
Here we go.

Here we go.

  • She thinks it’s Mulder. She thinks Mulder is sitting in front of her burned and lying, and there’s suddenly this whole new familiarity to her voice, but it’s not that new, because this is the way Scully always talks to Mulder, intimate and in his face.

xfiles william scully thinks it's mulder

  • “I want the truth from you … The truth that you won’t speak.” The truth we both know. 
  • “Don’t do this to me. Not you.” He’s her friend, and he tells her the truth.
  • Scully can go to Mulder with fears she can’t take to anyone else, even if those fears are about him or are him.
"How do you know my life?"

“How do you know my life?”

  • But Mulder would never be so cold and clinical about William. All he has to do is say, “Your child is part alien,” and that switch flicks. Even when Monica and Doggett tell her the ID is a match, she can’t hear it.

xfiles william scully he wouldn't say these things

  •  Scully “always held science as sacred” before Mulder taught her that some truths go deeper. What does she have left if science invalidates that too? Proving Mulder’s identity would disprove everything she knows to be true about him.

xfiles william scully processing

  • “Can we get you anything?”
Good try, team.

A word with the writers? Ice cream?

  • Scully’s shut down. Her whole life is upended but don’t worry, she just needs a minute.
  • If Mulder’s the one who kicked Doggett in the face, then all is forgiven. He obviously has a lot going on, and he needs protection. “You’re going to live, buddy.”
Here's the thing, baby goat:

Here’s the thing, baby goat: I might not live, because your kindness might kill me.

  • “What do you want to do?” She can’t do it anymore. Scully can’t make any decisions. What kills me the most is that she doesn’t say it like she’s defeated. She sounds less hollow in this moment than she did when Mulder was abducted or on the run. It isn’t Mulder that she’s lost; it’s hope. For just that second, she’s not fighting back, and it’s a reminder that Scully isn’t defined by what she has, but by what she fights for.
Stop being so casual.

This isn’t okay, because she looks like she’s okay.

This is better. The

This IS okay, because she looks like she’s clinging to the edge of a cliff. We need the pain in Scully’s eyes right now. We need her brittle and focused and scraping up what agency she has.

  • Knowing Mulder brings her back. “If he’s so afraid, then why did he run?” Mulder runs straight at his fears, and whenever possible, he does it with Scully. He wouldn’t pull her into this only to leave.
  • “You know a person in so many ways. Ways that a test can’t even begin to know.” Scully trusts Mulder more than she trusts science.
She's chosen her side.

And one of those ways is sex.

  • Should we talk about how much Doggett hurts on her behalf?
xfiles william doggett sad

He’d be happy to run that DNA test again.

  • “If that was Mulder, I wouldn’t care.” [Closes laptop, curls up under blanket, naps for three weeks]
  • Doggett believes Mulder might be ashamed that he couldn’t protect himself, which Scully thinks is a stretch. She knows he can handle himself, but he’s also never been insecure about needing her help.
  • Team Apollo 11 is here.
Scully is in her head, and Monica and Doggett are looking to each other, but they're all in this together.

Scully is in her head, and Monica and Doggett are looking to each other, but they’re all in this together.

  • Confirmed fish tank sighting, shut it down.
It takes so little to destroy me.

Scully’s literally keeping Mulder’s interests alive and making a place for what he raised to keep growing. It takes so little to destroy me.

  • This is a sad Renaissance painting that I would like to set ablaze.

xfiles william scully baby face

  • Petition against Scully saying she’s a medical doctor when she’s crying.

xfiles william scully medical doctor

  • Nobody, even Mulder, touches that baby on Doggett’s watch. But just the fact that this guy hurt William makes Doggett a little less certain that it is Mulder. There’s room for doubt in “I don’t care who the hell you are.”
xfiles william doggett threatening spender

He barely knows Mulder, but he knows this isn’t like him.

  • At least we have this friendship.

xfiles william scully monica

  • Pause to remember the two seconds Scully spent not crushed by pain. Honor them in your heart and try to keep them all the year.

xfiles william scully smile

  • She finally knows what’s going on. There’s no joy in it for her, and no sense of victory. She’s just furious that anyone could do this to her family. “I have seen my share of the hideous, of the disgusting and the repellent.”

xfiles william scully spender expression

xfiles william scully spender vile

Yesssssss Scully. Rip him to shreds.

  • Spender says that she wanted to believe that he was Mulder, but I think he’s wrong about that too. She wanted to be back with Mulder in any form, but she didn’t want to believe that he would come back secretive and cold. She knew he never would. Spender saw the bond between Scully and Mulder but missed why they’re bonded, and that’s what did him in.
  • “You are as false as your face.” Beautiful. Go on.
  • “I bet you wish night and day that that bullet that was meant to kill you had succeeded.” There it is.
xfiles william skinner doggett monica

Just when Skinner thought he had his Scully crush under control.

  • She isn’t surprised to learn that Mulder is Spender’s half-brother, so he must have told her at least that much about his “Amor Fati” dream.
  • “You haven’t seen Mulder, have you?” No one gets to fake-see Mulder until Scully actually sees Mulder.
  • Spender is the literal definition of “the enemy of my enemy.” He can’t even help a baby without making it all about revenge.
  • Scully has hope. Run with it, G-woman.
"So it's over?"

“So it’s over?”

  • “It’ll never be over. They’ll always know what he was. They’ll never accept what he is.” Well they’ll just have to get over it. 
  • “Well I can protect him.” YES YOU CAN, SCULLY.
  • Everyone should go on the run right now. Monica already bought bedding!
What a pair.

What a pair.

  • “I know it’s impossible to stop thinking about what he said about William … but it’s all lies, Dana, and you were the one who proved it.” Monica’s right. They shouldn’t trust a word Spender says. But Scully is the one who drove off with CSM because he promised her a cure. She’s never been able to discount a possibility based on who offered it to her. She follows the evidence, she makes up her own mind, and she knows that being the bad guy in this equation takes more than lies and misdirection. It takes a truth so life-altering that no one believes it. The truth is Scully and Mulder’s ideal, but it’s also hard and unnerving, and it’s been that way for so long that the reverse has started to feel true—anything capable of breaking her must be real.
  • “And how should I prove it now? By insisting that I can protect him, only to learn too late that I can’t?”
xfiles william monica as if you have a choice


  • “He didn’t have a choice to come into this life. I don’t have a choice about what he is or was, but I do have a choice about the life my son will have. And shouldn’t I choose that he never have to be afraid of anyone or anything? And can I ever really even promise him that?”

xfiles william scully crying

  • “But who can?” Not everyone’s problems look like a UFO cult, but if the X-Files have shown Scully anything, it’s that fear has as many faces as there are people, and the truth can cut each of us with a different broken edge. There isn’t a part of this world untouched by darkness, as much as she might want there to be. And there’s no one better than Scully to teach her child how to face life as it is, to fight the monsters everyone else would ignore. Scully and Mulder don’t run away. They don’t give each other the option. Who better to look up to? But there’s always a cost, and Scully and Mulder have learned to live with it only because they know that they take their risks together; they both chose this life. William didn’t. Scully won’t let their son pay the price on her behalf.
xfiles william scully mobile

She’s reaching out to touch something normal, to prove that it happened, like she does for Mulder.

  • She carries that sense of responsibility for her son just as Mulder always carried it for her, and maybe still does. But sometimes they get ahead of their guilt; they feel it before anything happens, and they cost themselves in an attempt to spare others pain. Maybe the guilt is a burden all its own, and maybe the challenge of this job is to not give in to it, because trying to shield people sometimes makes the wound deeper. Scully knows that already, if she’d just stop and think. But she’s a mom, and what mother wouldn’t try to protect her child, and how do you not feel responsible for others in a job that asks you to accept responsibility for things the rest of the world doesn’t know? I hate everything, but nothing so much as the fact that Scully is suffering just so I can ask these stupid questions.


  • If William’s peaceful rural home is supposed to be a comfort, it’s not; I’ve seen every episode of this show.
  • Burn Michael’s boat before it gets to shore.

xfiles william ufo onesie

  • Ugh.


  • Now to find out if I’m still capable of feeling.
  • People need to stop hitting Doggett, maybe? I don’t know.
  • I’m so desperate to supply Scully with a narrative that I spent this whole scene whispering, “Look how sad she is.”
She's just trying to keep it together.

She’s just trying to keep it together.

  • “I say run with it.” This is Scully’s advice to Doggett, because she wishes him all the professional success in the world, but I think she’s also telling me that I should feel free to continue aggressively assigning her an emotional arc even when the show doesn’t talk about it.
She sounds fine, and that's never a good sign.

She sounds fine, and that’s never a good sign.

  • “Is that part of the training here, Cadet? Smelling body parts?”
Is this a backdoor pilot to Bones? CAN DOGGETT AND MONICA BE ON BONES?

Is this a backdoor pilot for Bones? CAN DOGGETT AND MONICA BE ON BONES?

  • Hey nice flirting.
xfiles release monica doggett kind of annoying

Look at her, baby goat.

  • He’s so defeated. Doggett and Scully have both lost children. Can they talk about it?

xfiles release doggett photo luke

  • Now would be a great time for someone to show up at his door with Superstars of NASCAR or something.
Don't let Doggett be alone.

Don’t let Doggett be alone.

  • He wants closure on this case, and he’ll take any help he can get.
  • “Seven-year-old boy rides his bike around the block. His mom’s on the porch, counting his laps. He waves to her every time he goes by. And after six laps, he doesn’t come back around.” What monsters made this show.
  • “Cadet, you should know there’s a real good chance you’re nuts.”
I love you, have a great summer, keep in touch, never change.

The hero we need.

  • The look on Doggett’s face when Follmer offers to help him makes me think that not a lot of people have. I think that’s an aspect of this job that’s always resonated with Doggett: He understands causes that have been shoved aside by everyone else.

xfiles release doggett hope

  • I want to believe that Monica and Scully have brunch once a month and swap turtlenecks.
xfiles release monica turtleneck

This month they had waffles.

  • Monica refuses to let Doggett get his hopes up without a solid lead. These people are so good at compensating for each other.
  • “I will never know how badly it hurt you to lose your son or how much pain you still carry.” I love this. I love that she won’t pretend to know what he’s feeling, because she can’t, and by acknowledging that his pain is his alone, she actually brings herself closer to understanding how deep it is.
  • Baby goat is lost with his ex-wife.
So your couch has leaves now.

So your couch has leaves now?

  • She and Scully are pretty cool with each other, and I want to know everything. How much have they each heard? What kind of Scully-Doggett friendship conversations happen when we aren’t around?

xfiles release scully handshake

  • “He thinks he failed Luke. In his mind, he can never do enough, never suffer enough for what happened.”
xfiles release scully he could never suffer enough

Mulder is the same.

  • Barbara entrusts all of the crime-solving duties to Scully. She gets it.
  • “He and Monica could really have something together. He just won’t let her in.” Even Doggett’s ex-wife would like him to please get together with Monica now, and Monica’s the one who investigated the tragedy that led to the end of their marriage in the first place—so in case you weren’t clear, everyone wants this.

xfiles release monica doggett for now

  • Honestly, at this point, it doesn’t even surprise me that you can get into the FBI Academy with a fake identity. When does Scully get to run the place?

xfiles release scully interrogation

  • “I’m not here as an FBI agent. I’m here as a father.” My heart.
  • If one more murderer spins a hypothetical scenario, I am sailing out to sea and never coming back.
  • Doggett sees right through Regali. He knows he’s lying to save himself, and he’s ready to end it, and it doesn’t even matter at this point that killing Regali will ruin his life too. He’s carried this for so long that he can’t think about anything else.
  • We really owe Follmer for keeping Doggett above the law.
  • Baby goat.
xfiles release doggett ashes


  • Monica’s waiting.
xfiles release monica waiting


  • I thought he was going in for the kiss. I was so sure that he was going to kiss her that I threw my hands in the air and my phone was almost a casualty. I can’t tell if I’m mad or impressed.

xfiles release doggett hug monica

Way to hug with passion, Doggett.

xfiles release doggett hug “Sunshine Days”

  • I want to be amused by the fact that this episode exists, but can we all please process “William” for like five minutes?
  • “Details.”
  • Monica took a picture of the Brady Bunch house once, and she doesn’t care who knows it.

xfiles sunshine days monica picture once

  • Doggett has no idea how he got here.
xfiles sunshine days doggett confused


  • What a show-off.
"Twice with the ahas."

“Twice with the ‘ah-ha’s.”

  • “I knew I smelled fresh plaster.” Only you, Doggs.
I love you, have a great summer, keep in touch, never change.

I love you, have a great summer, keep in touch, never change.

  • “Connect A to B to C.”
Ahhh that's hot. YES. I WILL. Is there anything else you need me to do?

Alphabet seduction feat. John Doggett

  • Is Monica the skeptic now?
xfiles sunshine days monica you're serious

Gotta keep the baby goat grounded.

  • “I think I’m finally getting the hang of this job.”
I just haven't been gazing at your lips enough!

Turns out I just haven’t been gazing at your lips enough!

  • “And here is a likely place to start.”
xfiles sunshine days scully likely place to start

“Gee, that’s a tough one.”

  • Someone gave Scully a webcam, but Mulder doesn’t have one, so what’s the POINT
  • She loves science so much that she has to talk with her hands.
xfiles sunshine days scully eeg machine


  • “Dead as a hammer.” Is Scully picking up Doggett’s colloquialisms?
  • She still thinks of what this job would be “if Mulder were here.” All of her big ideas still belong to him, and she wants to give him credit. “At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have any theory that was better.”
  • Inspired by the idea that someday Scully might call me and tell me she’s watching.
If I'm not ready for that call at all times, I'M NOT LIVING MY BEST LIFE.

If I’m not ready for that call at all times, I’m not living my best life.

  • Doggett really has opened his mind.
"I believe you."

“I believe you.”



  • “A Brady Bunch website.”
  • “I’m just connecting A to B to C.”
xfiles sunshine days monica connecting

Alphabet flirtation intensifies

  • Should we talk about how excited Monica is right now?

xfiles sunshine days monica excited desk

  • Scully admits to watching The Brady Bunch, and Doggett could not be more betrayed.
He's so BETRAYED. Et tu, Scully?

Et tu, Scully?

xfiles scully dreamland acting bizarre


  • “I’ve investigated nearly 200 paranormal cases.”
I know girl, so proud of you.

I know girl, so proud of you.

  • “We are due for some incontrovertible proof. I want vindication, for Mulder and for all of us.” She wants Mulder’s work to get the recognition it deserves—and it’s not just his work anymore. They’ve all paid the price.
xfiles sunshine days scully vindication


  • Doggett’s response to levitation could best be categorized as “mild annoyance.”
  • Monica can barely stop fangirling long enough to ask if he’s okay. Respect.
  • It’s fine, Dr. Scully is here.
And she's rubbing his shoulder a little? GIVE ME THE CRUMBS.

And she’s rubbing his shoulder a little? CRUMBS.

  • There’s an obvious and intentional “Je Souhaite” vibe to all of this, and while “Je Souhaite” did it better, watching Scully get her proof (for however short a time) never gets old. Science meets the X-Files. Her work validates Mulder’s. That’s all she can do for him right now, and I think it’s why she’s thrown herself so much behind this case.

xfiles sunshine days scully amazed

  • “And there’s no end to the harm he could cause if he goes off the deep end, which isn’t too long a walk for this guy, in case you haven’t noticed.” When Doggett retires, I hope he starts a podcast.
  • Scully’s thinking like Mulder again. “As grand as this may sound, we owe it to the world.” I rewatched “Ice” this past week, and when Scully and Mulder argued over what to do about the worm, it was Mulder who wanted to study it—not just out of curiosity, but because only with research could they prevent this happening anywhere else. Scully just wanted to incinerate it. That’s how she reconciled the X-Files with science at the start: She kept things practical and focused on solving the problem at hand. But Mulder helped her see the large-scale implication of their work, which is really what she was looking for when she joined the Bureau in the first place. She wanted to make a difference, even if she never expected it to happen like this.


  • After everything he’s risked for them, Skinner deserves to celebrate this win too. “It ensures that they can’t shut you down. It means the X-Files will go on forever.”
xfiles sunshine days skinner

All because his ass and Mulder’s were in a sling.

  • “And he loves you. A to B to C.”
  • “So close, Dana.” First names all the way.
He wanted her to win like Scully wants Mulder to win. Doggett's watched Scully lose so much, and he's always impressed by her ability to keep going.

He wanted her to win like Scully wants Mulder to win. The more Doggett works with Scully, the more has to watch her lose, and he’s impressed by her ability to keep going.

  • “Maybe I’ve had it these past nine years. If not proof of the paranormal, then of more important things.” Throwing this to Frank Spotnitz: “You can’t get the truth. You can’t. There’s a larger truth, though: that you can’t harness the forces of the cosmos, but you may find somebody else. You may find another human being. That may be kind of corny and all of that, but that’s really it: Love is the only truth we can hope to know, as human beings. That’s what Mulder and Scully found after nine years. And that’s a lot.”
She's thinking about Mulder and I'm thinking about Mulder and everybody's thinking about Mulder.

She’s thinking about Mulder and I’m thinking about Mulder and everybody’s thinking about Mulder.

  • And these two are on their way.

xfiles sunshine days monica doggett hand holding

Hi everyone. I don’t really know how February happened, but all evidence suggests that it did, and that I failed you, and I’m so sorry. The past few weeks have involved a lot of pre-“William” avoidance and post-“William” sadness naps. If it helps at all, I also went to Los Angeles for a Doctor Who convention and came back with this:

image1 (1)

Paper this on every wall of my bedroom, honestly.

So far my favorite line is, “American people hold X-Files parties.”

In other news, my coworker and I have started our X-Files Fridays series at the EW Community, and I’ll be live-tweeting “The Truth” (which obviously gets its own post) with X-Files News on March 21. So that people in different time zones can join in, we’ll be watching part one at 10 am London time / 9 pm Sydney time, and part two will be at 8 pm New York time / 5 pm Los Angeles time. I will try my hardest to do more than repeatedly yell “PUPPY” at the screen. You should come! It promises to be an X-Files party.

Until then, keep crouching in the mist looking for aliens. Thank you for putting up with me.


  1. Uuuugh I have to go to bed and can’t comment on this properly yet, but I will have you know you succeeded in making me sad all over again, so thanks for that.

    AND YES PLEASE MONICA AND DOGGETT ON BONES. That’d be pretty spectacular. Holy shit, imagining Brennan interacting with Monica kind of gives me the warm fuzzies because there’d be some pretty amazing “I can’t take this shit” looks from Brennan, and Monica would be all “whatever fools, I KNOW WHAT I KNOW OK”.

    Jump The Shark = my reaction to the Bones season premiere this year x 100. I didn’t want to mention it back in September, lest you get spoiled, but my anger was very similar.

    And I’m not emotionally equipped to talk about “William” or the (lack of) follow through afterwards, but I offer you a virtual drink in which to drown your sorrows. Congratulations, everything hurts, but this has umbrellas!

    1. WOULDN’T THEY BE GREAT? It’s already set in the FBI. IT WORKS. And what about Booth and Doggett? They’d hit it off so well. GIVE ME THIS.
      YES, I know exactly what you mean. What is it with all of these unnecessary TV deaths?

      1. Seriously… yes… Booth and Brennan should just take the elevator down to the basement office one of these days.

  2. Ahhh. I have too many emotions right now. Like, way too many to process while being sick and looking after two sick kids and losing many hours to You Tube while my house falls to ruin.

    But despite this, my many emotions of elation and devastation are out for all to see… Especially when I now forgo sleep to binge watch the above entioned episodes!

    And it’s worth every moment! Cheers, Kelly! <insert heart emoji here and then heart emoji breaking and then a tub of ice-cream emoji).

    1. Hahahaha oh what a series of episodes to binge. Worth every moment for sure, though. Wouldn’t change a day.
      The heart emoji-heart breaking-tub of ice cream cycle of fandom is REAL.

  3. I’m reading this because it’s you. Honestly, this is the part where season nine gets so bad (as if it wasn’t bad enough) that my mind blocked it. I really admire the way you can find some sense in it. You’re strong!

    Can’t wait to read the finale. Hope I can join you in the rewatch.

    1. Hahahahaha aw, thanks so much. It’s a little harder to find sense in all of this sometimes, but it’s been worth it for those moments when I actually do find some.
      YES, it would be so great if you can join! But the tweets will be there for re-reading even if you can’t.

      1. Keep me posted! I am going through a rewatch myself. I’m working on a related project which necessitates that I go through the entire thing–yay! Do you tweet?

      2. Added you on Twitter! And gosh, I see from the other comments that there are a lot of X-Files fans, both old and new–that makes me super happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      3. It always was and it just looks like it always might be 😉 Do you think in 20 years, what with the further advances in technology, people will still be watching and raving?

  4. “Give her strength.”

    You can see the exact moment Scully considers just shooting anybody that wakes her up so late at night and aren’t Mulder.

    “This is not the weirdest thing to happen in Scully’s kitchen.”

    I wonder what do you think IS the weirdest thin to happen in Scully’s kitchen? We should probably expand this to her whole house. I think Tooms was probably the weirdest thing to happen in her house. Super stretchy mutant attempting to rip her liver out with his bare hands. Cat autopsy barely even ranks after that.

    “Do you ever physically hurt for the people who haven’t experienced this show?”

    Yes. It’s once the pain I felt for you, and now you feel it for others. Welcome to the family, here’s some ice cream, aliens, a pillow, an Apollo 11 keychain, and endless feels.

    On Jump the Shark: I HATE THAT THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD. It would’ve been so much easier to hate if it had been a bad episode or if the Lone Gunmen died in a stupid way but it wasn’t and they didn’t. It was a good episode and they died in the absolute best way they ever could and it was beautiful and terrible and I cry every time I watch it. EVERY. SINGLE TIME. It’s season 9’s This Is Not Happening

    On William in general: [screaming and crying intensifies] And then Spender holds William and it’s one of those things you don’t think about, but that’s an uncle holding his nephew. And the way he’s looking at him… at that moment he doesn’t care what he came to do. For that moment, Uncle Jeffrey was holding his only nephew and it nearly made him cry. And then I cry.

    “And one of those ways is sex.”


    ““So it’s over?””


    “Hey nice flirting.”

    I blame this show for my inability to flirt or to recognize flirting in real life, because yes this is flirting but this is not how normal people flirt. But this SHOULD be how normal people flirt.

    “What a show-off.”

    “Hey Reyes, is this demonstration of boyish agility turning you on at all?”

    “She still thinks of what this job would be “if Mulder were here.” All of her big ideas still belong to him, and she wants to give him credit.”

    And she does it so EASILY now. She basically has a Mulder switch in her brain where, when science doesn’t work, she switches it on and Bam! Mulder-theory. And she’s not ashamed about it either!

    I’ve never heard that quote by Frank Spotnitz before (I am unlucky enough to NOT OWN THE X-FILES DVDS *sob*). He’s wonderful. He should write poetry.

    Also I’d like to comment on something I saw you posted on Twitter a while back, but I was too lazy to log in and talk to you about it: Don’t have low expectations for IWTB. Just have different ones. People went into that movie expecting it to give us answers. But when has X-Files ever given us answers? So don’t go into it expecting a conclusion to the mythology. go into it with an open mind and the thought that maybe this was Chris Carter’s way of saying “Mulder and Scully have been away, but they’re stepping back into the basement.” IWTB is a first step to maybe more X-Files (REBOOT SERIES!?!?!?)

    1. Hahah we should track the progression of things that happened in Scully’s kitchen. And Tooms totally could have been the weirdest thing to happen in her house. That set the bar early.
      I AM SO TORN ON JUMP THE SHARK. I just don’t think they had to kill the Gunmen, you know? Within the context of the episode, it made sense, but did it really serve any purpose in the story? I don’t know. So much season 9 tragedy.
      Ahhh that’s so true–Spender could easily have been genuinely moved to be holding his nephew. I was so mad at him and so inclined to distrust everything he did that I didn’t even consider that.
      “Hey Reyes, is this demonstration of boyish agility turning you on at all?” Hahahh YESSSSSS.
      Annnnnnd full disclosure, I’ve already watched IWTB and I think it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. But BRING ON THAT REVIVAL.

      1. That’d be a long progression. xD She worked in the X-Files for 9 years, I’m sure there’s been plenty of weird stuff in her house and weird things happening. I bet Mulder was like one of those kids bringing home stray animals every other day, except he was bringing home people that SWEAR TO GOD they’ve seen UFOs and the like and by bringing home I mean Scully’s house at 2am.

        I KNOW RIGHT. I think it was because the Lone Gunmen show didn’t do so well, and the X-Files was ending, so Chris thought “might as well.” Maybe it was one less loose string for him. I don’t know. But an Arlington burial was exactly what they deserved.

        Honestly, it was only on my fourth or fifth rewatch that it really clicked with me that Jeffrey, being Mulder’s half brother, is technically William’s uncle and he’s holding his nephew for the first time. Because I didn’t wanna trust him either, so every time he held the baby I was like YOU PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME. But then it clicked and I was like “OMG he actually did help him. And he cares, look at his face he’s smiling at his baby nephew awww Uncle Jeffrey. :(“

      2. Hahaha A+ Pixar reference. And they DEFINITELY deserved Arlington, all the way. Well done Skinner.
        Annnnnd now I need a fic of Mulder bringing people home to Scully every time they claim to see UFOs.

  5. Hi there!

    I finished watching The x Files for the first time a few months ago and it was a great surprise to find that you were writing reviews of every episode. I read them all from the very beginning and It was really nice to go through the whole show again. It’s been a few months already and I can’t get over this damn show! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to…

    I’ve been reading you from the dark and this is my first comment here but I just felt like I needed to let my thoughts out about “William”

    I truly admire you for watching the whole season 9. I had to watch just the 6-7 episodes that mattered (aka the ones that involved Mulder and Scully’s relationship somehow) cause honestly, watching The X Files without these two (as much as I love Scully and Gillian anderson with my whole life) just didn’t make sense at all to me.

    Anyway… about William… pffff… I think I have denied that episode and I’ll keep denying it until the end of my days. When I watched it for the first time all I could think about while I cried my eyes out was: WHY??? WHY??? Hasn’t this woman gone through hell already? WHY THIS? WHY? SO UNFAIR! I know that a baby probably didn’t fit in Mulder and Scully’s life, but dear Chris Carter, if you have given me the baby, if you have showed me a whole season of Scully’s life with William, Why did you just have to take him away from us?

    On the other hand, I’m still struggling to find a strong reason that justifies Scully’s decision to give William away… I understand that the job of a mother is to protect your child by all means, but I also feel like no one else in the entire world would have been able to protect this child the way Mulder and Scully could have. Are there any guarantees that William will be safe in this new house after all? The answer is probably no. And to make things worse they just show us this finale happy family scene and I just couldn’t help but yelling at my laptop screen like: FUCK YOU ALL! This should be Mulder, Scully and their happy family!!!!

    Now… If there’s ever another X files movie or another season… am I insane for wanting them to get William back? It just kills me to think that they are gonna get older without their son…IT HURTS SO MUCH!

    I can’t wait to read your thoughts about the season finale and about the second movie. They might take away some of the pain… (or not)

    1. Hello!! Oh thank you so much–that’s so nice. It’s been great sharing the experience with everyone. And I’m absolutely with you on “William.” If they didn’t feel like they could make room for a baby in Mulder and Scully’s world, they shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. There really is no one better than Scully to protect her child.

  6. It may only be me, but I tend to sympathize with Jeffrey Spender more than I would his father. I think they probably were going for something deeper with him in Season 6, and for whatever reason, it just didn’t seem to work out. In any case, they took time to show his backstory or whatever, and because of that I see him as a once potentially-good agent who’s had a childhood of scares and confusion and, no matter how hard he tries, will never live up to his half-brother, even though his half-brother is technically his enemy. I mean you saw that part where CGB tells him “You PALE to Fox Mulder!” even though Fox Mulder is CGB’s enemy. Honestly, I just feel bad for Jeffrey Spender. It doesn’t excuse his actions, but at least there seem to be plenty of reasons why he would act the way he does.

    As for “William,” I get the feeling that the writers had no idea what to do with Scully’s child. I always get the impression that the writers were never comfortable with the idea of Scully having a baby, and that they were trying to find a reason to get rid of him. That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me, because the reason they gave for his departure was so bad. As exciting as it is for fans to think about Mulder and Scully having a child, we forget that William was also used as a plot device to keep the show going after Season 7 – which is not necessarily a bad thing, per say, but does have its disadvantages. Once the plot device stops becoming interesting, you have to either A) get rid of it or B) do something crazy and nonsensical with it, and in this case they went for both. The show, since it is about Mulder and Scully at its core, could not have run on William-fuel alone. It needed Mulder/Scully-fuel, and I feel like the writers felt that William would have gotten in the way.

    Whether or not they made a good decision is entirely up to you. It’s just something I like to bring up because fans put a lot of emphasis on the great reunion of Mulder, Scully, and William in whatever future X-Files projects are in the works, and I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think William is probably out of the picture forever.

    But, my predictions have been wrong before. I thought 50 Shades of Grey was going to be a box office flop.

    1. Oh I’m totally with you on Spender in general–I mean, I have more sympathy for just about EVERYONE than I have for CSM, but Spender did make the right call ultimately in season 6. It’s just the way he came back! I don’t have much sympathy for him in that context, because preying on Scully’s love of Mulder is such a low blow.

      And yeah, they pretty clearly didn’t know what to do with William, so I’m not especially optimistic that we’ll ever get any sort of resolution. I just wish they hadn’t gone down that route in the first place if they weren’t prepared for it.

  7. TV Mouse, thank you for your comments on the episode “William”. Thank you for that “ugh”. In the words of D.H. Lawrence “The proper function of a critic is to save the tale from the artist who created it.” If enough of us speak out then who knows? Something might be done to make that sad song better, especially with more stories to be told.

    1. I still haven’t decided what I’d even like to see happen with regards to William (though Chris Carter did tell X-Files News, “You can’t avoid to deal with the William (arc) in some way or another,” so we’ll see what it would look like to him, presumably). It’s a messy situation all around. But there will be more! And right now that’s enough.

  8. I read every volume of your X-files posts last night and today and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I fell into the X-files universe a couple of months ago, having been a casual watcher during the original run, but really had seen perhaps less than half the series. I started with The Ten Best Ever, then moved on to Best Comedy, Best Monster etc and finally realized I just needed to start at the pilot and do it right. I’ve enjoyed recaps and shipper posts from every corner of the internet, but no one has made me laugh as hard as you have or nod through my tears the way you have. I’m not someone who cares about spoilers because the plot isn’t my journey, the people are, so I know what’s coming. I hadn’t decided whether to watch the bulk of seasons 8 and 9 yet, because I’m an NC-17 fanfiction reading hardcore OTP fan and just didn’t know if I cared about the X-files sans M/S eye sex, BUT YOU MADE ME CARE! I’m going to watch them all and re-read your screencap filled posts as I do. Thanks for adding so much to my happy obsession with this show.

    1. Oh WOW, thank you so much!!! This is the best compliment I could ask for; I really appreciate it. It’s worth watching all the way through, as different as those last seasons are (season 8, in particular, is still very much ABOUT Mulder and Scully, and I actually find it really interesting). I’m excited to hear what you think—and so excited for us all to share six more episodes of The X-Files!

  9. I just found your site. And I read through EVERY. SINGLE. X-FILES post. In ONE NIGHT. So good. So very good. Lots of giggling and feels with you. I’m a ridiculous X-Phile. Watched from the day it premiered, through every single season, and have now re-watched the series a total of three times. I’m working on a fourth now that we’ve gotten the confirmation of the new six episodes. I occasionally write fanfic when I get writer’s block on other writing projects. (Seriously, if I can finish an X-Files short story, I am guaranteed to shake the Muse loose – don’t judge me. And I never write MSR beyond the series, because I’m a nerd.) I don’t have the time at the moment to dive into discussing William or Jump the Shark, but I will return and post thoughts. Also? The AV Club did a pretty awesome run through The X-Files recently (and, of course, I missed participating until the 9th season) but the comments are almost all really insightful and fun to read.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying—I’ve enjoyed writing all of these. (Except maybe where Jump the Shark and William are concerned. Also, how did you handle taking in all of these feelings in one night?) I’ve read a few of the AV Club recaps, and they’re all great! I’ll have to make time for a proper read-through.

      1. How I handled it – I’m an addicted masochist, clearly. 🙂 After all, I put myself through the entire series multiple times and patiently wait to watch the steady ramp of awesome Mulder and Scully moments instead of jumping to the MSR-rich episodes. I am always ecstatic to see another soul become an X-Phile. Especially one with talent like you.

        Alright. Let’s start with “Jump the Shark”. Vince Gilligan is on record stating that his biggest regret is killing the Gunmen. He absolutely loved the trio and was lobbying for an episode that would provide some closure for these characters. Fox (not Mulder) only agreed if the closure included their demise. (SPOILERS for the Season 10 comics – the Gunmen are not dead and I hope the new series keeps that continuity) The best part about the episode is Langley’s Joey Lives speech. It parallels nicely with one of the many reasons we love the Mulder character and says something equally wonderful about the Gunmen. Aaaaand … that’s all I have to say that’s nice about the episode. As a bit of a side note, the use of the Gunmen figments of Mulder’s imagination in “The Truth” betrays the Joey Lives speech and I refuse to consider those moments as part of their characters.

        “William”. Oh, “William”. Duchovny has story credit on this episode, but it was solely in the burned stranger that pretends to be Mulder. He, Shiban, and Anderson were not at all pleased with decision to give up William for adoption. That was Carter and Spotnitz. They actively argued the plot until Carter revealed his plans for the end of the series – and even then, they agreed grudgingly. There were several points in the script in which Anderson would express confusion to Duchovny, who was also confused. After talking through it together, he’d make a decision. SO. CUTE. Anyway, I actively have to fill in blanks and make up stories/motivations in my head to be able to stomach this episode. (Also, the stupid nonsense in NIHT as to why Mulder left in the first place.) It’s a way of protecting the characters I love so dearly. Ready for it? Here goes:

        What if the idea was for Mulder to lead the folks what wanted him dead on a merry chase and was hoping by doing so, he was protecting Scully and William by being gone? (Hence, all the times that someone told Scully that Mulder was dead.)

        Well, the only thing I can come up with that leads Scully, a trained FBI agent, to think that someone else could better protect her now normal son is that she remembered Albert Hosteen’s voiceover in “Anasazi” that something must be sacrificed for another to live. For William to live, she must sacrifice her happiness. This show is built on loss and this is another line item in the tally of everything that Dana Scully must lose.

        And it’s very nice in theory, but it doesn’t help the frustration that the baby that Scully has wanted for so long, the miracle child of her union with Mulder, and is now by all accounts normal must be given up because the aliens won’t let him alone. It honestly would have been better if the child didn’t have miracle powers to lose, but they’d focused on his destiny to either defeat the colonization with his father or, if Mulder was dead, to lead the colonization. It’s not the powers, or lack thereof, that requires Scully to hide the child away with an anonymous family, but what the aliens expect of him in the future and how she can address that by finding Mulder and making sure that he stays alive too.

        That was the other thing. The whole prophecy in Provenance/Providence was almost completely dropped after the episodes happened. And that was annoying on so many levels, not the least of which was using it effectively preserves the growth journeys for Mulder AND Scully.

        I have absolutely no idea if I’m allowed this many characters in a post here. But I can seriously murder the alphabet (then resurrect it and murder it again on a continuous loop) when it comes to this show. I know you live-tweeted “The Truth”, but if you make a post here for it, I promise there’ll be more fun theories and character motivation/plot-hole fixes!

      2. This is so interesting! Thanks so much for sharing all of this. I didn’t know that the network mandated the end of Jump the Shark, but it doesn’t surprise me. And aghhhhhhhhh, I will never be over William. I agree that Scully talked herself into believing that she had to sacrifice her happiness in order to save her son—I love that you tie it back to Anasazi. If only she’d thought about it (or had Mulder to talk it out with), I think she would have realized that she’s the best possible person to protect William. This whole plotline is a mess. The prophecy was confusing from the start and then quickly abandoned, and I still don’t really understand what the point of it was. I’m really glad to hear that David was upset about it too, and that he and Gillian talked it out. That’s so sweet.
        I’m definitely working on a post for “The Truth” (the delay is due in part to the fact that I was kind of on call at work 24/7 last week, but also due to the fact that I cry every time I write about it, in a mostly good way). But it’s coming!

    2. Morrigan, Really enjoyed your comments on Jump the Shark and William. (Can’t see a reply button there). One really interesting thing in the aftermath of those two episodes was the difference in discussion from the writers and actors about what was done and why and how everybody felt about it. With Jump the Shark there were tons of interviews with the writers and actors and a lot of discussion concerning how torn they felt, wanting closure for the Gunmen but only being allowed to do the episode if they killed the characters off. There was complete openness and much official discussion of which writers and which actors were for and against snuffing the characters and how everybody felt about it. In the case of “William” on the other hand there was outcry from the fans but crickets from the writers and actors. I was always appreciative that Chris Owen at least, in an interview said something like “don’t be mad at me, I’m just the poor tortured maimed guy who came back to save the world”. That at least one actor acknowledging awareness of fan reaction and that meant a lot. Overall it was kind of as if, two loved ones had died but while one got a full and open investigation into the death plus loving eulogies and fancy funeral, there other death was disowned and ignored. Those were just whispers you mention of Shiban, DD, GA and even RP (all the real life parents it was rumored) being against the idea. But those were only rumors of supposed inside information. No official statements were ever made. FS later implied that he wasn’t so sure it was a good idea but David and Chris wanted to get rid of the kid. And I remember an interview in which Chris said he kept telling David to write the episode but David wouldn’t and so he, Chris, did. So it was like this puzzle, trying to put the pieces together from little clues. And now when asked at public appearances David and Gillian pretend they don’t remember there was a kid, at least David does, jokingly of course but frustratingly.

  10. I know a basement office full of trivia about this show. One might call me obsessive. I prefer the term passionate. 🙂 Once you get “The Truth” post up, I’ll have another slew of alphabet-murdering post(s). Germane to inexplicable dropping of the prophecy after the P/P episodes, part of that will include why using the prophecy in the finale would have strengthened it as a finale.

    Totally get that it’s rough to write a series finale post. I have faith that it will be awesome and am looking forward to it!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the prophecy, because I thought it was such a mess from the start that I’m kind of glad it only affected those two episodes. But I’m working on the post, so I’ll have it up… sometime (I’m 20 minutes into the finale and I’ve been at this for weeks; SEND HELP).

      1. I got a Lazarus Bowl and an I Want to Believe poster. Hang one and drink your alcohol of choice out of the other? That’s the best I can offer. Think of it this way: Writing the finale isn’t really an end (partially because there’s a movie to review and six new episodes on the way). It is a culmination, of sorts, but you get to write about Mulder and Scully inhabiting the screen together. For the first time all season. That’s gotta be incentive, right?

  11. When Mulder cleaned out his apartment, he took his suitcases to Scully’s and left from there, because she’s his touchstone. Scully is his proof that it happened, that it mattered. He was there. He doesn’t need a badge as long as he’s got her. But I think she likes having it, because she likes making room for him. Mulder always only needs Scully, but Scully is always there to push back a bit, to insist that Mulder has a right to take up space. They depend on each other to affirm each other’s independence.

    Word. You couldn’t have said it better. I’d be really disappointed if they broke those two up in the new episodes :(. It wouldn’t make any sense.

    1. Oh, thanks so much! And I’m sure they’ll END the revival together, but if Chris Carter tries to manufacture any relationship drama between them at any point in those six episodes, I will revolt.

  12. Don’t think. Just put a plow on your car and make it happen.

    God. I’m laughing so hard.
    This seasons is sooooo flippin’ bad.
    But you are hilarious.

  13. Any idea when you”ll have the next recap up? The finale and the movie? I check for the new post every single day! You’re killing me smalls!

  14. And as we approach the end, the sadness just keeps piling up. The Lone Gunmen (I really hope it turns out they aren’t dead) and William (someone hold me now) How is Scully even standing upright and not screaming endlessly in the nuthouse? I want her strength of character.

    You have had the most amazing timing. As you wind up your watch of this amazing series, you will only have to wait another six months or so for NEW EPS! While us old folks have had a 13+ year wait. I think I will add streaming to my Netflix plan so I don’t have to wait for the DVDs to arrive – lol!

  15. MULDER’S FISH TANK in Scully’s kitchen while she’s autopsying the dead cat in “Scary Monsters”. I could have died.

    So excited to read through your discovery of the X-Files. It was one of my favorite shows as a teen and in my 30th year, I am doing my 3rd or 4th series rewatch. This is probably the first time I’ve ever done with a nice blog like yours to follow along with. You’re doing a great job. You’re lucky you don’t have to wait 15 years for the revival. (Similar to me early this year when I watched Veronica Mars for the first time and had the follow up movie RIGHT THERE.) Looking forward to your IWTB review.

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