Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week: “My Struggle”

There’s a title for you.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in “My Struggle”:

  • The man, the myth, the monotone is back.
  • And he’s telling his story, even if only to us, in a narrative device. It was always Scully affirming Mulder’s right to be heard. He believed her. Now she’s not there. He’s still talking.
  • But he’s still talking about Scully. He sees her in terms of how their partnership pushed them both: his obsession was deepened, and her faith was tested. Mulder, who knows as well as anyone that believing isn’t easy, respects the questions that Scully was willing to ask by his side, even as he worries about the cost.
Anyway I'm glad these are the images we needed to see: birth, rebirth, protection, hope.

I’m glad these are the images we needed to see: birth, rebirth, protection, hope.

xfiles struggle deadalive

xfiles struggle requiem

xfiles struggle per manum

  • “Are we truly alone? Or are we being lied to?” Isn’t that the question of the show? We already know: We’re not alone, because Mulder and Scully have each other. We are being lied to, because this breakup is a SHAM.
  • Anyway, check out the original opening credits
30 rock jack pie chart x-files


  • This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

xfiles credits duchovny

xfiles credits anderson

I feel like I just got five more minutes with my childhood Golden Retriever

  • Listen. The Federal Bureau of Investigation could track down Mulder’s phone number if it wanted, and there is no way Skinner hasn’t been keeping tabs on his wayward kids. He knows they’re separated. Skinner called Scully to give her a reason to see Mulder.
  • Mulder just starts talking. Scully calls, and Mulder picks up the conversation mid-thought like no time has passed. Time isn’t a universal invariant; Mulder and Scully are seconds apart no matter how long it’s been. They’re still in each other’s heads.
  • “He doesn’t know how to reach you, Mulder. I barely know how myself.”
Babe, you're on the phone with him right now, and I don't think you've ever been more excited about anything in your life.

Babe, you’re on the phone with him Right Now, and I don’t think you’ve ever been more excited about anything in your life.

  • Why is she still at the garbage hospital?
  • She has blood all over her neck. Someone help her.
  • “On the net.”
  • Mulder remembers every word of why Scully left him: “I thought you were done with UFOs. The stranglehold they put on your very existence, I believe is how you put it.” He buried himself alive in work and Scully was the one who couldn’t breathe. Their connection did them in. The ghosts saw it on Christmas Eve 17 years ago: Mulder and Scully could only kill each other with how badly they want to be together. This is just another haunted house.
  • “Don’t pretend I’m going alone.” Oh. Oh no.
xfiles requiem scully mulder i wont let you go alone

He knows she still won’t. This is their universal invariant.

  • I like that the big thing since IWTB has been to introduce Mulder and Scully with a dramatic reveal from behind. Like, maybe this time it won’t be Mulder. We don’t know.
xfiles struggle scully




I don't want to jump to any HASTY conclusions, but on the strength of the evidence that we have here, I think that what we MAY be looking at is what APPEARS to be Dana Scully.

I don’t want to jump to any hasty conclusions, but on the strength of the evidence that we have here, I really think the main characters of The X-Files are in this.

  • Checking. Him. Out.
xfiles my struggle scully mulder car

pls have sex on this sidewalk

  • He drives with Scully or he doesn’t drive at all. That’s a metaphor.
  • Mulder still does the whole “joke with Scully when she’s worried sick about him” thing; good to see he hasn’t changed; that’s somewhat comforting.
"Relax, Scully. I'm kidding."

“Relax, Scully. I’m kidding.”

He really hit a low point, didn't he?

He really hit a low point, didn’t he? Could we maybe talk about it? Get some details?

"Why do you think her mouth is always open?" —David Duchovny

“Why do you think her mouth is always open?” —David Duchovny

  • “It’s good for you to get out of that little house every once in a while” is also what Scully tells herself in the bathroom mirror every morning.

ohhhhhhhh he’s bitter

  • “I’m always happy to see you.” “And I’m always happy to find a reason.” This is loaded. Scully worries that Mulder thinks she doesn’t want to see him.
xfiles my struggle scully happy to see you

She does.

  • I think Mulder knows that she does—that she might even be looking for a reason—but he feels like it’s on him to provide it. And then there’s the fact that they need a reason now, when the for all of those years the magnetic field around them was enough.
  • Most of my time now is spent thinking about the space between Mulder and Scully and then lying face down on the floor because they’re always going to love each other and I don’t understand what happened and I’m not sure they do either.

xfiles my struggle scully mulder street

  • The rest of my time is spent watching the “Millennium” kiss on a loop and telling myself that I’ve had enough bittersweet kisses; it’s okay that the cheek kiss didn’t make it to air. But I’m lying to myself.
  • “Former Agent Dana Scully.” Nah.
Not Impressed

Former Agent Dana Scully Dropkicks Man Across Nation’s Capital

Meeeeeeeeeee, she's shot me

Meeeee, she shot me, it was amazing

  • Join me in the pit:

xfiles my struggle mulder funny

xfiles squeeze mulder grey

xfiles squeeze scully mulder grey

  • As soon as Tad shows up, they’re a united front again. Scully never could do anything other than defend Mulder in public; she only challenges him when they’re alone. Maybe they’ve been alone with just each other for too long. Maybe they’ve always been better at being alone in a room full of people. Let them out into the world.
xfiles my struggle scully excuse him

This is more like it.

  • “You WERE the X-Files.” You got that right.
  • This means something.

xfiles my struggle scully for better worse

xfiles my struggle mulder for better worse

It means they’re married until proven otherwise.

  • When you realize you’re in a limo with a married couple:

xfiles my struggle tad wifegate

  • When you decide to give someone a pop quiz about aliens:

xfiles my struggle mulder kelly cahill

xfiles my struggle scully kelly cahill

They’re always going to love this: knowing they’re the experts, just the two of them. And I’m always going to love that Scully can now look Mulder in the eye like, “Let’s bring this bitch down a peg with ABDUCTION FACTS.”

  • Scully knows more than you.
Scully is

Don’t test her.

  • She’s awfully clinical with Sveta, especially when the conversation turns to alien-related pregnancies. It’s the only defense she has.
  • Still bitter.

xfiles my struggle mulder dana

  • People use Mulder’s first name like they know him when they don’t (in trying to prove that they know him, they actually prove the opposite), so he’s always been careful about when he calls her Dana. It’s an invitation rather than an assumption. But Scully has a life outside him now, where everyone assumes: where Dana means “You hear me” rather than “I hear you,” and Mulder feels like she betrayed their language.

xfiles my struggle scully dana

  • But look at her reaction in the limo: Her first instinct when Tad calls her Dana is to look to Mulder. She hasn’t shrugged off the meaning that he gave her name.

xfiles my struggle scully tad dana

  • “You were a couple before. You and Mr. Mulder. You were together, but now you’re not.”
xfiles my struggle scully depressed mulder


  • I’m not sure if it was Adele or what, but I’ve come around to the idea that Mulder and Scully could hit a point where they’d need some time apart. I know. They’ve been through too much to ever leave now; if losing William and spending years on the run didn’t do it, nothing could; they’re not like the rest of us; they’re beyond. But maybe if nothing on its own could do it, everything together could. There’s so much they never say about William. The 2012 invasion didn’t happen like Mulder expected. And they can’t work that out on the job like they used to. I can see Mulder and Scully hitting a rough patch when their relationship is divorced from the extremes of hunting aliens; sometimes it takes two flashlight beams in the night to cut through the differences that don’t matter. It’s not that The Darkness is the only place where Mulder and Scully can be together, but it might be the only place where they can find each other.
  • But I need more of an explanation than one line about Mulder’s depression, because all that does is open up more questions. What made Scully leave? What did his illness look like at its low point? It must have been bad: much worse than what we’re seeing from him right now, which is basically exactly what we saw from him every day for the first seven years of his and Scully’s partnership. Mulder won’t give up. That’s why Scully fell in love with him and why she’d do it all over again, and I know that depression can take a thousand forms, all of them capable of creeping in between two people, but I want to know what it did to these two people I love. It’s too serious an issue to be the script’s cop-out. I want to know that we’re not the only ones thinking about this.
  • “And you have a child together”: Sveta’s last words
  • Dana Katherine Scully, M.D., will stick a needle in your arm to make you stop talking.
xfiles my struggle scully thats enough

She never took the Hippocratic Oath. She loves harm

  • “You don’t know what it’s like to be abducted, to be taken against your will. You don’t know.”
xfiles my struggle scully glare sveta

I hear they reopened the X-Files because no one could explain this murder

  • Scully’s staring people into submission and Mulder’s out there hugging a spaceship. Incredible.

xfiles my struggle mulder hug spaceship

Puppy's back.

Look at this puppy.

  • He looks 20 years younger. No matter how many people Mulder loses or how much he resents his own restlessness, he still finds hope in extreme possibilities. And it’s fitting that what he’s found is not alien, but the human response to aliens, which is through science. The ARV is where Mulder’s work meets Scully’s. He asked her 19 years ago who she’d be if she could be anyone for a day. She picked herself, and I loved her even more (so did he). But he pushed her, suggesting that even if she’d still be herself behind a different face, “ultimately, maybe it’s other people’s reactions to us that make us who we are.” For a show built on the idea that we’re not seeing things as they are, The X-Files also suggests that when lies front for the truth long enough, they become it—that maybe if the truth is always out there, just out of reach, the closest we’ll ever come to anything is in our reaction to it. (Idea: When Chris Carter says that Mulder and Scully are a Platonic love story, he’s just talking about the Allegory of the Cave.) But maybe it’s the emotional truths that matter more. The conspiracy only matters for how it affects the human experience. Mulder can’t do this alone because it’s Scully who gives the work weight. Anyway, give her a desk.
  • “Do you miss it at all? The X-Files?”
xfiles my struggle scully do you miss it

There’s blood on my neck; take a guess

  • “As a scientist, it was probably some of the most intense and challenging work I’ve ever done. I’ve never felt so alive.” Working with Mulder made Scully feel alive. She gives his work weight, and he gives hers joy. And it’s being a scientist that makes the X-Files so rewarding for Scully, because what’s the point in pushing boundaries if you don’t have any? Mulder and Scully love a challenge: He asks the biggest questions but is always looking for answers, and she knows that all of the answers really just hold more questions. Belief aims for science and science aims for belief, and two people meet in the middle. This show is so big and so intimate at the same time: a set of perfect opposites about two perfect opposites. The X-Files is about doing the hard work to balance yourself out, which sometimes only happens in relation to someone else. Mulder and Scully found that in each other; the first impossibility they ever proved possible was their relationship.
(That's love in her eyes)

(That’s love in her eyes)

xfiles my struggle scully impossible



  • She’s sad. And she’s drawing hard lines around her sadness, justifying her solitude as something unavoidable because she tried everything she could. I’m sure she did. If anything, the fact that Scully calls her relationship with Mulder “impossible” speaks to the fact that she poured her whole self into it. But they’ve always been impossible, and she knows it. That dance (proving each other right, proving everyone else wrong) is part of why they need each other. This is Scully hiding hope in what looks like acceptance and leaving room for both. It’s just that you only see the hope if you know what you’re looking for: basically, if you’re Mulder.
  • Mulder’s always looking.

xfiles my struggle mulder door sveta

  • This is my favorite scene of the episode: Mulder finding his way to Sveta’s place to say Talk to me; you can trust me; I’m listening. Truth isn’t a catchphrase for Mulder; it’s the belief that everyone should be heard. And if no one else is willing to listen, he will. Fox Mulder will sit at your kitchen table and hear your story if he has to hitchhike in the middle of the night to do it.
"Everything stays between us, Sveta."

“Everything stays between us, Sveta.”

  • “The things I’ve experienced, they’ve affected my entire life. They have made it impossible to have anything like a normal existence.” “And what are you afraid of?” “That it only gets worse.” Mulder and Scully are afraid of the same thing.
Sveta's crying and LOOK AT HIS EYES

Sveta’s crying and LOOK AT HIS EYES

  • “But you always wondered if they weren’t lying to you too.” I mean, I think he was pretty clear on the fact that they were, Sveta; don’t pretend you made “Trust no one” happen.
  • This is something.

xfiles my struggle tad scully limo

  • In 24 hours, Scully will be calling Tad a “charming man full of charming BS,” so she’s obviously here to look out for Mulder and get a read on this guy. Good on her for scoring a limo ride and free champagne out of the deal—although the fact that so many of Scully’s investigations require her to accept drives and drinks from leering men is, to understate it, a real bummer.
  • “Scully, listen to me. I’ve been misled.” You’re saying “I” a lot. I heard “we.” “We’ve been misled.” There we go.
  • “Our work, the X-Files, everything.” It’s still theirs.
  • I know Mulder has been looking for a lead on the conspiracy for so long that he’d pretty much take anything, but this is an awfully quick turnaround. He’s abandoning theories that he spent decades testing, based on evidence that he usually witnessed firsthand—and all he has here is one account. Sveta’s experiences don’t necessarily disprove every one of his old theories, and they don’t have to prove all of Tad’s.
  • “Couldn’t you be jumping to conclusions?” Yeah, PROBABLY.

xfiles my struggle scully tad hand

parks and rec ron rethink that move

  • Mulder calls Scully, won’t let her interrupt, starts to tell her all about a new conspiracy, then claims he “can’t do this over the phone right now” and hangs up. He is teasing her with conspiracy foreplay.
It's working.

It’s working.

  • Scully yelling “Mulder, talk to me!” into a phone after he’s already hung up is the most familiar Mulder-and-Scully thing to happen so far in this episode.
  • We’re home.
When does Scully solve this physics problem

“Something looks different.” “It’s clean.”

  • I like that when Skinner says that nothing was touched, what he really means is that everything was touched but the pencils. The FILES are gone but it’s fine; those old pencils are still here. Or, if you’re feeling grumpy about the complete overhaul of the mythology: The substance of what Mulder and Scully uncovered together has been swept aside in favor of catchphrases and callbacks. But I’m only a little bit grumpy about that. I mean, I’m not thrilled. It’s dismissive and somehow even more confusing; the old conspiracy was nonsense, but calling it nonsense doesn’t erase the fact that Mulder and Scully saw it happen. But the mythology never mattered as much to me as Mulder’s fear that he was aimless in the midst of it, which is nothing new. I like that progress on this show isn’t linear; it’s all dead ends and false starts and a man who wants his foot on the gas but has nowhere to go. And now Mulder, who used to throw pencils at the ceiling because Scully wasn’t there, is trying to find a way to keep going without her—for her.
  • If you think Skinner didn’t repaint this office by himself on a weekend with his sweater tucked into his pants, think again.
  • “It’s about controlling the past to control the future. It’s about fiction masquerading as fact.” Oh my God, is he rehearsing a one-act play?
I've missed you so much

Lighting dept. says yes

  • I’ve missed Mulder so much and it’s been like a year since I finished the series.
  • What is this animosity toward Skinner, though?? And why doesn’t Skinner have Mulder’s number? Stop messing with my firm belief that they’ve all kept in touch!
  • The poster doesn’t deserve this.

xfiles my struggle poster

  • I know it’s sad that Scully has to downgrade Mulder’s call from an expectation to a hope, but have responsible check-ins from Mulder ever been a guarantee? I’m just glad to hear her say that she wants him to call her.

xfiles my struggle scully expecting call

xfiles my struggle scully hoping call

He'd better call me he'd better f$%*ing call me

He’d better call me he’d better f*%!ing call me

  • “Roswell—that was a smokescreen.” “So I’ve been told.”
  • She never got her call.

xfiles my struggle scully mulder hang up on me

xfiles my struggle scully mulder don't hear from you

You’re on some jag about the X-Files.

  • Look at her indignant little arms. Tackle him, Scully.
  • This works too.
I'm really into the way he spins her into position, away from the stairs, toward their home

I’m really into the way he spins her into position: away from the stairs, toward their home

xfiles my struggle shoulders

xfiles bad blood shoulders


  • “I know what I’m doing.”


  • It was so nice of Chris Carter to let the same computer that designed the opening credits write this scene.
  • At least their faces are selling it.

xfiles my struggle scully sees sveta porch

xfiles my struggle scully sveta porch

  • It’s like muscle memory. There’s a dance Mulder and Scully do when they work a case, and as soon as Scully sees Sveta, she knows exactly what step they’re on. This is the part where Mulder’s only thought is the commitment he made to help someone, no matter the cost. He doesn’t go back from that. I think she’s heartbroken not only that he’s given himself back over to the obsession that she watched consume him, but that she can’t follow him this time. There are obvious shades of season 5 in all of this, and, as she stood apart from him then, she has to stand apart from him now. Scully has too much integrity to stand behind Mulder in what he now believes if she doesn’t believe it too.
"You know what you're doing"

“You know what you’re doing”

  • There goes the love of his life.
xfiles my struggle mulder porch

He barely even tries to stop her. They’re so afraid to fight for each other. They’re afraid that it’s too late

xfiles my struggle mulder porch sad

xfiles my struggle scully car

Set me on fire

  • This is killing them. Mulder and Scully haven’t fallen out of love; they’ve just fallen into a place where the responsibilities they hold highest are coming into conflict with their relationship. What if Mulder can’t help someone without hurting Scully? What if Scully can’t help Mulder without leaving him? She isn’t happy. She’s looking for an excuse to find her way back to Mulder again—but she won’t do it at Mulder’s expense. Walking away is the best way she can think to push him a few steps back from the edge, to make him do that thing they do where they become each other when they’re apart. She can’t stop him, but maybe she can make him look before he leaps. Maybe he’ll ask the skeptical questions when she’s not there to do it for him. Maybe knowing that she doesn’t support him will help him look at what he’s doing more critically. Not a word Scully says on that porch has anything to do with her; it’s all about him. She left the first time to care for herself. She’s leaving this time to care for Mulder.
  • Don’t tell me what’s important.
  • But here’s the thing she always has to face eventually but hasn’t let herself consider in a long time: What if he’s right?
xfiles my struggle scully mulder up to

“Mulder, what are you up to?”


xfiles my struggle scully upset

  • Wait, sorry: Are we suggesting that aliens came to earth because we started dropping hydrogen bombs and they were worried about us? The real bad guys on The X-Files have always been the men in suits. We got it. No one needed it to be this literal. Humanity is capable of the worst and the best; the aliens are just supposed to be the neutral players who move everyone else into place. They never took any interest in us before and now they’re coming over to visit with a plate of cookies and telling us that we could do so much more with our lives if we’d just buckle down and focus on our studies. Let’s not pretend you care, Doris.
  • “Explosions acting as transducers drawing alien life forms through wormholes in spaceships using electrogravitic propulsion.” Beautiful.
  • TAD, IN THE BACKGROUND: “Odious and far reaching!”
  • “You can’t say these things.” “I’m gonna say them tomorrow.”

xfiles my struggle scully sigh

  • I love the contrast between the way Mulder delivers the conspiracy and the way Tad does. Mulder is cool and serious; he wants you to hear what he’s saying. Tad is hyped. He wants you to feel what he’s feeling.
  • “It’s fearmongering claptrap, isolationist techno-paranoia so bogus and dangerous and stupid—”

xfiles my struggle scully treason

  • There’s nothing left to do but stand up and applaud at this point, honestly.
  • Mulder is so worried about Sveta. I love him.

xfiles my struggle mulder running sveta house

  • Parallel worlds are a part of the X-Files canon, which means there is a world where Mulder is calling Scully out to the backyard to have sex while their laundry dries in the sun. Also he grows his own tomatoes.
xfiles my struggle mulder sveta's house


  • This is probably the second time in my entire TV-watching career that a parking garage has ever done anything good for me.
Let Gillian Anderson play a Bond villain

Let Gillian Anderson play a Bond villain

Take care of yourself rest your feet draw a bath

Let Dana Scully rest her feet and maybe draw a bath

  • Mulder you dramatic, romantic puppy.
xfiles my struggle don't give up scully

It’s like passing a note in the classroom that says “If you love me, check yes, ” but his classroom is the shadows.

She loves him.

She checked yes.

  • What is Mulder talking about? I think he’s proposing that they move to space together. Either that or they fight all of the people who want to move to space.
xfiles my struggle mulder believe in that kind of thing

Stop making light of your beliefs with Scully!

xfiles my struggle scully mulder garage


  • “We need to find her, Mulder. We need to protect her, no matter what.” We. She’s in this. She’s where Mulder was on that porch. Neither one of them can turn back when they know someone needs their protection. Mulder trusted Tad’s theory more quickly than I ever would, but in relation to his pace, Scully’s pace makes sense. This is how she works: She questions Mulder for his own sake, but she listens to him, and she never stops trying to prove his theories. Even before she understood how certain Mulder was about Sveta, she knew enough to run the DNA tests again. She ignored the science and listened to her instinct (to listen to Mulder).
xfiles my struggle scully genome

She can’t look at him until she brings up William. Then she has to look at him. She needs the reassurance that they share this experience, and she knows he does too (BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE THE CHILD AROUND TO REASSURE THEM).

xfiles my struggle mulder what are you saying

He says her name like it’s a full question in and of itself.

  • “I’m saying she’s not the only one.”
xfiles my struggle mulder not only one

Mulder’s face DROPS. There he goes narrowing his world to the scope of Scully’s health again.

xfiles my struggle scully someone has to stop sons of bitches


  • Look how badly she wants to stop these sons of bitches.

xfiles my struggle scully excited

  • “Scully, are you ready for this?” Mulder, look at her. She’s ready.
xfiles my struggle scully don't know there's a choice

She doesn’t want there to be.

  • Scully wanted an ironclad excuse to come back to Mulder, whether that meant pulling him out of his obsession or joining him in it (because if she believes him enough to follow him, then he’s onto something, and that’s the Mulder she fell in love with). She’s found that excuse, but getting back into this life is still a choice. It always has been. She’d do it all over again.
  • These are heart eyes.

xfiles my struggle scully no choice

  • She’s handing him exactly what he wants, and his only concern is for her. Mulder hasn’t forgotten how much this job took from Scully, and he doesn’t want it if she isn’t ready.
xfiles my struggle mulder scully nod

Don’t tell me that he hasn’t wished every day that he could make a clean break from their old life

  • Skinner rejoices from his office.
Mulder's phone has never been at 82 percent battery. It's never been higher than 12 percent, I'm sure of it

OKAY, Mulder’s phone has never been at 82 percent battery. It’s never been higher than 12 percent, I’m sure of it

  • And the Smoking Man is alive and no one cares about him, bye

The X-Files have been reopened! And now that season 10 is over, I finally have time to write about season 10. I’m not sure what these posts are now that we’re all watching together—this fandom is smarter than I am; I’m about to be exposed—but I am sure that Mulder and Scully still need to be making out. So we’re all still in that boat.

See you soon for “Founder’s Mutation.”


  1. I was browsing around this morning thinking “Surely I can’t have read every single piece written about season 10? Surely there are more people who want to talk and agonize and analyze and talk some more about what went right, what went wrong, what went very wrong, how Chris Carter doesn’t understand the fandom but thinks he does, and all those times yes ALL THOSE TIMES Mulder and Scully should have made out over the past six weeks.” And then you showed up in my inbox and my world was a sunset walk down a dusty driveway holding hands with my one true love yet again. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing these. I know I’m in the minority, but I loved this whole season. There are some shows that really become disjointed and it just hurts to keep watching, like the latest season of Nashville with crazy Juliette or that season of Fringe when Peter had been erased, etc., but I have no problem re-watching this X-Files season (and all the others on a continual loop) and letting them just keep sinking in.
    I especially feel that they’ve been honest to the characters’ aging and development, and though I accept Mulder’s probable depression without work, and I agree with you it probably wasn’t pretty, I think this season is evidence of Scully’s own unresolved issues because of William and how that impacted their relationship as well.
    In this episode, my favorite Mulder moment has to be the car, “Don’t give up” message and subsequent conversation. But for Scully, the scene where she in her car and prepared to leave Mulder’s house without participating in the meeting, brought back so many powerful Scully moments. Scully in the Jersey Devil, in the Ghosts Stole Christmas, heartbreakingly in One Son, and in Squeeze when she articulated “you must have something more… and I have to see what it is. It is just so quintessentially Scully to say, “Mulder, what are you up to” and go into the meeting. It’s like a beautiful dance that they do where she proves in spite of herself how much she respects the journey.

  3. It is close to 1am and I really should be sleeping, but I saw your FB post for My Struggle and I had to read your blog right away! I completely agree with you. Mulder and Scully should still be making out no matter what! I have to say that I was pretty upset at first that they had split up, but they’ve been through so much that someone it does seem understandable. I think the loss of William might actually be a big factor in that. Could it have been a factor of Mulder’s depression? I do wish we had some answers about that. I often feel that Scully’s carrying too much guilt over William – not only because she had to give him up, but because she did so in Mulder’s absence. I wonder if that guilt put distance between them too.

    1. I think it definitely could have. I wish these things had been talked about more onscreen, but I agree that giving up William in Mulder’s absence has to play a role in all of this.

  4. “I’ve missed Mulder so much and it’s been like a year since I finished the series.”
    One would say you don’t know what it’s like to live, and wait, more than 10 years without them.
    But you do know.
    Time is no universal invariant for Philes too.
    Thanks for your posts! Don’t give up! 🙂

  5. Yes! Finally. I was so excited when I saw this post. Are you going to do every episode individualy?

    Your comments and observarions are the best. Fantastic post as usually 😉 I LOVE your sense of humor 😀

    “Why do you think her mouth is always open?” —David Duchovny.
    I cracked up and ask myself the same thing.

    Scully never could do anything other than defend Mulder in public; she only challenges him when they’re alone.
    Nobody has ever put it better 😀

    It means they’re married until proven otherwise. – Yes.

    Let’s bring this bitch down a peg with ABDUCTION FACTS. – Flawless Queen Dana Scully

    Dana Katherine Scully, M.D., will stick a needle in your arm to make you stop talking.
    “You don’t know what it’s like to be abducted, to be taken against your will. You don’t know.”

    Scully’s look says it all. Just give Gillian Anderson her Emmy.

    Mulder can’t do this alone because it’s Scully who gives the work weight. Anyway, give her a desk.
    23 years and we are still on about the damn desk.

    It was so nice of Chris Carter to let the same computer that designed the opening credits write this scene.

    Parallel worlds are a part of the X-Files canon, which means there is a world where Mulder is calling Scully out to the backyard to have sex while their laundry dries in the sun. Also he grows his own tomatoes.

    Thanks for doing this!

      1. That’s great! I love reading this posts so I’m very happy they have become longer and longer. Someone call Chris Carter – WE NEED THIS DESK

  6. I’m so glad you’re going on with these! I always enjoy your take on things. I want to know exactly what made them separate. I realize depression is a serious thing, but I can’t imagine Scully not staying to make sure he was okay unless he insisted or just became such a jerk she couldn’t handle him any more.

  7. Kelly! You are so great! I found your blog last year and as a practically lifelong (22 of my 32 years of life!) lover of mulder and scully and their infuriatingly-wonderful, not-at-all-platonic relationship, I want to tell you that your blog somehow hits on everything I’ve loved about this show and these characters for the past 20+ years and simultaneously breathes new life and insights into a show I thought I knew better than the back of my own hand! I seriously binge read your entire blog in one night when I found it because it was like music to my shipper heart… and hilarious btw! Seriously, bravo.

    It’s been a long road waiting for this revival and an emotional 5 weeks getting through it, especially dealing with the disappointment that followed the finale (why chris? why???) But, I just want to tell you that this post made my day today, especially after being called “petulant” by a series creator that I am more loyal to than my own family (i mean, practically… not really), it was so refreshing to read your lovely commentary and know that we’re all in this together and it’s ok to love this show and also think it’s completely ridiculous at the same time. (again… why, chris? why??) You somehow manage to find and describe all the good parts in the most delightfully endearing ways and make fun of the bad parts in such loving, but truthfully honest and hilarious ways. I was seriously laughing out loud at multiple points. Thank you for representing our “minority” of this fandom in such a rational and clever manner. Keep writing, girl!

      1. I couldn’t agree more with your comment Megan. As someone who has been in a 17 year relationship with all things X-Files this blog has been incredibly refreshing and heartwarming. I binge read every post after the premiere of My Struggle and can’t wait to see your take on the additional Season 10 episodes. When I read lines like:

        “If you think Skinner didn’t repaint this office by himself on a weekend with his sweater tucked into his pants, think again.”

        I know that you just get it. Thank you for representing part of the fandom and seriously will be checking daily for your Founder’s Mutation post!!

      2. Thank you so much!!! This is the best comment to wake up to. I’m so sorry that Founder’s Mutation is so delayed; a few things came up last week that I had to deal with. And I’m going to Alaska (packing Scully-approved flannel, obviously) for a week starting today, so the next post unfortunately might not be up until next weekend or so, but I’ll try to speed that along! Anyway, thank you again!!

  8. Thank you so much! I love your take on these. I am afraid I only saw the more obvious stuff. Probably because I was too busy ranting about Scully riding in a limo with that jackass drinking champagne – but you’ve made it all ok (whew). Can’t wait for the next installment. An episode which, BTW, broke my heart, and I don’t think I can stand to watch it again, so I can’t wait to see your take on it.

  9. I love you Kelly, I do. Thank you for this post that bring out the love for this show and those beloved long suffering characters.

    I am glad for the revival, I loved it truly (mostly), but I’d rather keep Mulder and Scully away from hands that can’t handle them properly than get a continuation that won’t be true to them, and mostly that won’t love and respect them the way we do. Your posts give me hope for the future, someone is bound to listen to what you’re expressing at some point 🙂

    Petulant fans all the way!!

  10. You’re back! The X-Files is back! I’m happy (mostly). After 13 years, it was great to hear that iconic opening credit music. I was thrilled they kept the original opening. I really enjoyed all the little throwbacks and references to the original series. (Pencils in the ceiling – be still my heart!) Like most, I want to know what happened to the M/S relationship, but clearly they are still in love – and clearly somebody is expecting another series – so here’s hoping that will get rectified. As usual, you noticed things that I missed, so thank you! Your insights and hilarious observations are much appreciated.

    “This is probably the second time in my entire TV-watching career that a parking garage has ever done anything good for me.” Was the first time Little Green Men?

    And do you suppose Sveta is dead, or was she beamed up into that spaceship before the car exploded? Maybe she is hanging out with William…

  11. Thank you ever so for writing this posts, they’ve been all I needed for my own reviewing of the caps. Nice to have someone cracking with those unforgettable scenes the show gave us. And will of course wait eagerly for your thoughts on this revival- please Fox (TV), let them be back.
    I still think this M/S getting stranged is as weirder as… as… as the flukeman. C’mon, maybe not sharing roofs, but not having any telephone call? Them? I prefer to see it as “the parallel thoughts of Chris when he’s got insomnia”, and take a stand where the truth is, between the eyes of M/S. Oh yeah.
    See you on your next very nice post!

  12. YAAAAAYYY!! I’ve been waiting for this post!! Thank you, it’s so wonderful and I loved every line, especially this one: “If you think Skinner didn’t repaint this office by himself on a weekend with his sweater tucked into his pants, think again”. I full on laughed. Loudly. And all the windows are open and it’s almost 10pm (although it’s a Saturday so no one cares). I rewatched this episode in my head as you went through it. I appreciate SO MUCH your views on it, it actually makes me feel way less depressed about the entire thing (I was a bit like “WTF IS HAPPENING HERE”, but it was so deeply mixed with intense nostalgia and adrenaline and pure dopamine and full on GIDDY, that I haven’t bothered to tease any of it apart because I didn’t want to ruin my experience!).

    The whole “hey we broke up” plot line was a waste of space, since they never addressed it… really… I kept waiting and waiting and waiting… they really only addressed it in this episode, and then everyone just forgets about it and goes back to them being super married and living together (but not really). I eyerolled about that particular plot thread…

    I drove by the place where the meeting-in-the-street scene happened at the beginning (it’s downtown Vancouver, and actually the view that Scully has looking at the Washington Memorial is digitally added over the view of the North Shore mountains, which is too bad because the mountains are gorgeous, but so very very Vancouver) and started squeeing when I realized that it was RIGHT THERE.


    1. Also, the massive fic Master/Captain is totally head!Canon now, so you know… the sex in the backyard while the laundry dries is TOTALLY up their alley.

  13. I love this so much 😀 I found this website a couple of weeks ago and haven’t closed this window since. I was seeing the old recaps and watching a few odd episodes. Now I get to relive the new episodes again, yay! Love your insights, they’re funny and very perceptive! Love from Brazil! 😀

  14. I have literally lost hours this week reading and laughing and crying. All good things, all good things. But I have to say, I am dying to read your posts on the next five episodes!! Don’t rush because I’m sure that this kind of art takes time, but rush because I’m kind of dying over here…..

  15. Yes, yes. A thousand times yes. I knew you’d nail it. You’ve captured utterly the combination of thrill, loving nostalgia, and frustration that the first episode brought. I agree with every word. I don’t want to get ahead of you but I will just say that the 6th episode left me completely bereft, and reading your analysis of the first episode made it all okay again somehow. As I was reading it I was like, Bless you bless you bless you, Kelly Connolly!

  16. Yay! I only started watching this year but I managed to blast through the original series and films in 2 weeks. About halfway through I found your blog and I love it so thank you! I’ve been waiting for this post since I watched the episode 😀

    I hate that they broke Mulder and Scully up but I have no doubts they’ll work it out (even with the evil cliffhanger).

  17. Hey Kelly – I’ve quietly followed your posts for a while and wanted to say how much fun they are – so pleased you’re doing them again!
    I laughed hard at this: If you think Skinner didn’t repaint this office by himself on a weekend with his sweater tucked into his pants, think again.
    So true. Can’t wait for the next one, enjoyed a mediocre s10 far more for this!

  18. Kelly, your blog is smart, hilarious and perfect. I enjoyed your “volumes” so much, THANK YOU!! I can’t wait for your post on “Founder’s Mutation”, I really need to read your words about William’s issue (I still cannot recover from Mulder’s dream-wish about it)

    Thank you again from Santiago de Chile! 🙂

  19. Oh my gawd, you have so perfectly captured everything about this. I cannot wait for the rest of your season 10 recaps. I’ve fallen in love all over again with this show that helped me deal with growing up in rural WV in the pre-internet and very beginning of the internet era… The X-Files perfectly articulated so many of my worst fears and other everyday moments when I was a teenager living in the country… OMG. Just so many feelings. And I’m so glad I followed YOUR blog and not all the reviews, because as a hardcore fan, I freaking love season 10 so far (with the exception of some icky stuff that isn’t related to Mulder and Scully.) You rule.

  20. You made this episode bearable, Kelly. Thank you!!! The best thing I’ve ever seen written about this hot garbage episode. I know that sounds harsh, but I’m still not over it. I’m a tad bitter. Pun wasn’t intended, I swear!

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