Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week: “Founder’s Mutation”

What a light and breezy time we’re all having in this pit.

Times Mulder and Scully should have made out in “Founder’s Mutation”:

  • Welcome back, MOTW cold opens! I have missed noiselessly screaming into the void!
live shot of me when the scissors come out

live shot of me when he reaches for the letter opener

  • It would have been nice to get a little bit more of Scully and Mulder’s return to the Bureau—give me that first walk into the basement—but I’m not losing any sleep over it (SCULLY yawns, loses sleep over an X-ray, doesn’t sleep again for 23 years). I think it’s for the best that the episode order was shuffled, and there’s something right and comfortable about the way Mulder and Scully have slipped back into their old patterns like they never even left. There’s no ceremony involved in their return because this is still who they are.
"What do you make of this, Scully?" Like no time has passed.

“What do you make of this, Scully?” He’ll always want to hear what she thinks.

  • She doesn’t even know what Mulder is looking for, but she stands up for his right to keep looking for it.
  • Their walk and talk is off the charts right now.
xfiles founders not your phone

A little collusion does wonders for the relationship.

xfiles founders old school

They love being a little out of step with everyone else.

  • Scully, you Googled brain surgery.
xfiles founders pre google

The subtitle of this revival is ‘PRETEND THAT LAST MOVIE DIDN’T HAPPEN’

  • Honestly Mulder could tell me, “I’m safe. You can trust me,” and follow it up with, “Now we’re going to jump onto this moving train from a bridge,” and I’d be like, “You ARE safe and I DO trust you.”
xfiles founders mulder safe


  • FOX EXEC, MARCH 2015: “Okay, I’ll approve this revival on the condition that you help me fill in the rest of my catchphrase BINGO card.” CHRIS CARTER: “Done.”
xfiles founders truth is in here

“The truth is in here.”

  • Autopsy Scully, the morgue is still your runway.

xfiles founders autopsy scully

  • Do you think Scully sometimes looks at an ear and is just like, “Damn I hope this one doesn’t explode on me”?
  • Look at this top-shelf listening.
Mulder finds it easiest to stay still when he's with victims. This is what he's rushing to do: sit with people and hear them out.

Mulder spends so much of his time on the move, but this is what he’s rushing to do: sit with people and hear them out.

  • “Mulder, you’ve got to see this.” Music to his ears.
  • This is the kind of concern I want to see in Scully: not concern for Mulder, but concern for someone else that she knows she can share with Mulder. It’s time for them to worry about someone else together.

xfiles founders scully mulder morgue

  • X-rays: A love story

xfiles founders xrays 1

xfiles founders xrays 2

xfiles founders xrays 3

  • “It’s hard to imagine in 2016 that Sanjay had to keep his lifestyle preferences a secret.” Maybe it was because people still say “lifestyle preferences.”
  • At some point you have to wonder if Scully’s little feet can reach the pedals.
xfiles founders scully driving

I trust her with my life but would I drive with her????? (Probably.)


xfiles founders scully driving

  • Medical doctor prescribes touching.
medical doctor prescribes touching

so much

xfiles founders scully touch2

xfiles founders scully touch3

  • I need a white noise machine that’s just Scully introducing herself as FBI.
  • SUIT: “You can’t see these files.” MULDER: “I’ve seen them!!!” (Very nearly actual dialogue.)
  • It doesn’t matter how many times Skinner denies his favorite agents access to a case; Scully will look at him like she Can’t Believe This Indignity every time.
xfiles founders scully skinner investigation closed


  • Skinner is loving this game. He’s lying to authorities. He’s in the club.
xfiles founders skinner done here

Keep it together Skinman

  • Meanwhile, Mulder.

xfiles founders mulder serious

  • FOX EXEC, JUNE 2015: “My next BINGO card is called ‘It’s Not the ’90s Anymore.'” CHRIS CARTER: “I’m familiar with Edward Snowden.”
  • This is a “Like, TODAY?!” face and it makes me feel alive.

xfiles founders like today

  • Come here, you big, bald, beautiful man.
xfiles founders skinner copies

I’m so glad we’re not even pretending that Skinner’s allegiance could lie anywhere else.

  • “What do you think?” He always wants to know what Scully thinks, too.
  • “I think there are many troubling details to this case, and if Agent Mulder has nothing more to add…”
xfiles founders scully mulder nothing more to add

then we need to have sex in the nearest supply closet

  • “…then I think we need time to prove his theory.”
he's so touched

but first sex

  • Mulder is so touched by the fact that Scully’s first priority is proving his theory. For so long, their dance relied on her resistance; even if she secretly believed him, she had to make him work for it. He appreciated that—not only because it legitimized his work, but because they liked sparring with each other. But they’ve sparred enough lately. The time to put up a front has passed; they both know that she’s open to most of his ideas, so the dance would ring false (in the same way that attempting to recapture the same old sexual tension between two people who’ve been in love as long as Mulder and Scully have rings pretty false). What Mulder needs now is to be believed. He’s chased so many dead ends and pushed her away with what I’m sure were increasingly desperate theories; he needs to know that he can still be right, and that Scully will still put herself on the line in his defense.
she's enjoying this

She’s loving this: working with Mulder, exposing the flaws in the bureaucratic system, finding new supply closets…

  • What a sight.

xfiles founders welcome back skinner

  • What. A. Sight.
xfiles founders scully door basement

Home again.

  • The basement looks bigger. I know that’s because it’s a new set, but I like to think that it’s also because the walls aren’t closing in on them anymore. Mulder and Scully have made a place for themselves in the margins; they’re old-school outsiders who’ve lost whatever need they once had to change the system. Scully isn’t going to be the head of the Bureau in 2023. She’s not that person anymore. She doesn’t trust authority in the way that she used to, and she doesn’t need its praise; she just wants to put a stop to the latest conspiracy and solve some cases with Mulder on the side. They’re double agents, working for the FBI but only loyal to each other.
  • And not to justify her lack of desk or the fact that her name still isn’t on the door—I still want both of those things for her—but I fully believe that she doesn’t need them for herself. This is Outsider Scully, who sees being erased as an advantage; people still don’t understand how she and Mulder work, and that’ll be their downfall. Hiding herself in Mulder’s name is another act of rebellion: against the side of her that used to chase approval, against an organization that would underestimate her, against Mulder’s self-doubt. He’s the one who needs to reclaim his place; she’s just here to get things done.
  • Why am I so proud every time Mulder tells Scully what’s really going on with him? This isn’t new. Unapologetic honesty has kind of been his thing since that motel room in Oregon. He probably calls her every morning to tell her about his weird dreams.
xfiles founders scully mulder heard sounds

She hates hearing that Mulder was in pain

  • “What are you hiding?”
xfiles founders scully what are you hiding

She’s worried about you, Mulder, and I don’t think she’s hiding it

  • Go team.

xfiles founders scully dangerous

xfiles founders mulder when has that ever stopped us

‘US’ or ‘ME’?

  • “Us” and “me” are the same again. Mulder gets turned on by danger, and Scully gets turned on by following him into it, and that’s a side of this story we haven’t been able to enjoy in a while: They work because he brings her where she actually wants to go. 
  • And they’re talking about it. He’s so happy that they get to be Mulder and Scully again. This is great.
  • I love watching Mulder mess with people, but that “Obamacare” joke is so bad that I can actually hear the Fox exec calling “BINGO” in the distance.
  • I thought everyone at Our Lady of Sorrows hated Scully.
she barely has to duck goodBYE

She could fit in his pocket and they both love it.

they're not even looking at each other. it's totally instinctual. mulder and scully are never more in sync than when they're both completely focused on someone who needs their help

They don’t even have to look at each other; every move they make is on instinct. Mulder and Scully are never more in sync than when they’re completely focused on someone who needs their help.

  • Look how much pain Scully lives with every day.

xfiles founders scully baby

  • “But everybody here has the same story.” You don’t even know.

xfiles founders everybody same story

  • Nothing to see here.
xfiles founders mulder scully smile

The government pays these people to be discreet.

  • Cue “Walking in Memphis.”

xfiles founders hospital mulder looks at scully

xfiles founders hospital scully looks at mulder

They’ve still got it.

  • Scully worries that Mulder keeps things from her because he thinks she’s fragile, but I think it’s because he knows she isn’t. Scully will carry everything he gives her. She’ll test his theories even if it means she’s working to prove her worst nightmares. When it comes to her health and her ability to conceive, Mulder wants to do the testing for her. (For obvious reasons, that isn’t possible after a certain point, but he always forgets that.) He wants to cut out the part where he throws a bunch of ideas at the wall and Scully figures out what sticks; he takes her life too seriously to play the usual game. And he benefits too, selfishly: Mulder blames himself for Scully’s health issues. It’s easier to deal with his guilt if he doesn’t have to vocalize anything on that front until he has all of the facts. It’s still the wrong call, definitely, but it’s made for all of the usual Mulder reasons: how much he loves Scully and how hard he finds it to believe that she’s willing to suffer out of love for him.
  • “Is this what you believe happened to me 15 years ago? When I got pregnant, when I had my baby?”

xfiles founders scully just incubator

  • “My baby” doesn’t thrill me, but she always says “our son.” When Scully refers to William as hers alone, it’s only clinically—the pregnancy was hers. Everything that should have come after would be theirs.
xfiles founders mulder never just anything scully

Proof that it’s so much more romantic when Mulder tells the truth

  • This is what Scully needs to hear: Mulder always sees her before he sees what happens to her. She’s been there when he gets so caught up in his fascination with people’s experiences or abilities that he forgets to treat them as people first—not out of a lack of compassion, but just because he’s looking at the big picture. It’s worth pointing out that he did that a lot more in the early years, before Scully’s voice was always there to help him not to lose perspective. But this isn’t the first time she’s expressed the fear that their baby would make him look at her as the “object of some unending X-File.” If Mulder, who’s always seen her as a person first (as she has with him) ever looks at her as just a part of the game, they’ve both lost. Telling Scully that she’s never JUST anything is basically a more overtly romantic variation on what Mulder said to a very pregnant Scully in her apartment: that this was only about her. He’ll never break her down into a set of puzzle pieces; he’ll never see her as one big piece in a larger puzzle. She’s Scully. He might not know exactly what was done to her, but he asks those questions without letting the questions become more important than she is.
xfiles founders scully never just anything

Deep breaths

  • “Do you ever think about William?” I love the immediacy of his “yes.” He doesn’t want her to need that reassurance. James Wong says that David added, “Of course I do,” which of course he did.
xfiles founders scully mulder thinks about william

This is the look that Scully gives Mulder when he says “yes” and she knows they’re still dealing with this loss together, if you were looking for new reasons to roll yourself gently off a cliff

  • “But I feel like I’ve had to put that behind me.” Mulder, what did we just learn about telling the truth?
  • “He’d be 15 years old now.”
2016-04-10 (2)


  • “I’ve missed every single year of his life. Sometimes I hate myself that I didn’t have the courage to stand by him.”
She can't even look at him

She can’t even look at him

  • A world where Scully hates herself is no good; we should probably burn everything down and start over. But a world where Scully is ALLOWED to hate herself is good, because it’s real. Scully’s been to hell and back, and after all of these years, she’s finally being given the space to let it affect her. Even better, she’s sharing it with Mulder.
  • I still think there was no one better to protect their child than Scully, but the choice to give up William was made with complete selflessness on Scully’s part: She didn’t want her son to have to live in fear. She acted out of love but still feels like she acted wrongly, like she wasn’t brave enough to stay with him like she always stayed with Mulder. Scully’s life with Mulder has been one selfless act of devotion after the next. How could she let herself define love as letting go when for so many years she defined it as showing up? It’s no wonder she lost her way with Mulder; she doesn’t think she can trust herself.
  • “You did what you did to keep him safe. His adoption is secret, his location is unknown because you had to protect him.” You. Scully had to protect William alone because Mulder wasn’t there. He doesn’t even feel like he’s earned the right to factor into this conversation. Mulder hasn’t put William behind him, but maybe he wasn’t lying when he said that he feels like he has to, because he feels like it shouldn’t be about him. But she wants it to be about him, too. She wants to know what he thinks.
"and see what it unravels."

“and see what it unravels.”

  • The most comforting thing Mulder can give Scully right now is a case to focus on. They need this job; it’s an outlet, but it’s also their way in. It’s the cause, but it might be the solution.
  • And here we go.
  • Bye
xfiles founders scully william hands

I hope wherever William is, he shakes people’s hands by waving their arms around

  • “Your hands are sweaty.” “Ew, that’s you.” MULDER’S CHILD
  • I forgot how light Scully’s voice gets when she’s happy. I forgot how her laugh sounds. I can still remember the last time I felt the sun on my face…it was a summer day 15 years ago…before the war…
  • “Sit still, listen, say ‘Excuse me’ if you fart.” How could anyone think that Scully isn’t imagining raising William WITH MULDER after a line like that?
  • She loves the ridiculous things Mulder says to their son. Look how happy she is. And look how good her hair looks.

xfiles founders scully laugh

xfiles founders scully smile william

We could’ve had it all

  • The only thing Scully needs her son to remember is that she loves him. She has to worry every day that he doesn’t know it.

xfiles founders scully forehead kiss

  • But she would also like him to remember the periodic table of elements and Newton’s laws of motion. (Every teacher at this school fears her.)
  • Full disclosure, I just burst into tears at “Be home in time for dinner!” It’s so MOM.
  • Does she just show up to yell that at William, or does she not know until he says “Bye mom” (MOM) that she won’t be seeing him until later? What a Mulder thing to just run off. SHE SEES SO MUCH OF MULDER IN THEIR CHILD.

xfiles founders scully home in time for dinner

  • Daydream Scully is soft. She’s looser. Scully attributes everything hard and empty about the person she’s become to the fact that she gave up their son, which probably only makes her harder and emptier—but she can’t let go of the version of her life that could have been happy. She doesn’t live in a world where she can clutch her cross necklace and smile at the miracle child she got to keep, but she still wears that necklace. Scully gathers up the pieces of who she is and keeps going, staking claim to the fragments of the truth that she can still believe in, even if she’s lost the hope that they’ll fit together neatly in the end. That’s why we need her; that’s how life tends to go. But that’s also why she needs Mulder. There is nothing more Mulder than shouldering all of the guilt for the loss of a child, but Mulder, improbably, still believes that he can find the meaning behind what’s happened to him. He can fit the pieces together. As long as he can do that, Scully has a reason to keep fighting. (She left him when he traded hope for desperation and lost himself in it, and she came back as soon as she had reason to trust his theories again.) A Mulder who’s working toward real answers is Scully’s answer. A Scully who holds on to herself is Mulder’s proof of selfhood.

xfiles founders scully daydream necklace

  • WILL.
xfiles founders scully will

William as a name is forever achey to me because of this show, and Will is… somehow worse? “William” is an inheritance and the promise of a fresh start; he matters because of what he means to the people around him. “Will” is a person. Will comes home from school at the end of the day and has mac and cheese with his parents.

  • This is the kind of mom Scully wants to be: the kind who isn’t punished for trying to ensure her son’s independence. She gets to be there for him when he’s afraid. She gives him the space to get hurt, and then she helps make it better.
xfiles founders broken arm

She’s a medical doctor.

  • And the worst part is that Scully’s worst-case scenario isn’t even dependent on her being there. She can’t tell herself that giving William away spared him from his alien DNA. He could be dealing with this regardless; the only difference is that she isn’t there for him.
xfiles founders scully william pajamas

The Unremarkable House deserves better

  • This is the look of a mom whose kisses can still make it better and who isn’t living in fear all the time.
xfiles founders scully pajamas william

Pajama sets still on point

  • And then her heart drops out of her chest. Scully (our Scully) fears letting down her guard more than anything. The moment she lets herself relax, everyone she loves is in danger.

xfiles founders scully what's happening william

  • Anyway, William is a Boy Scout and one night while Scully was teaching him how to start a campfire in the backyard, Mulder came up behind her and started singing “Joy to the World” in her ear.
  • Hoo boy.

xfiles founders scully william daydream

xfiles founders scully daydream william

xfiles founders scully william photo drawer

xfiles founders scully william photo

  • You can actually see her decide to pull the picture out of that drawer. Scully has to give herself permission to feel the pain that she’s already carrying every day. She lives on this tightrope strung between a scientist’s inclination to move forward and a mother’s inability (and unwillingness) to forget, and there’s nothing below her but this infinite drop. I think our son left us both with an emptiness that can’t be filled. This is why I’m glad that Scully and Mulder aren’t in each other’s daydreams; they’re together, but that’s background noise, because their breakup regrets aren’t the point right now. The breakup can be undone; William can’t. All Mulder and Scully can give each other is someone to hear those words when they hang them out there in the dark: We’re empty. They make something beautiful out of that, but it’s a new something beautiful; it doesn’t fix everything else. Scully and Mulder take loss seriously. That’s why they work as a couple, and that’s why this isn’t about them as a couple.
  • She really hasn’t gotten comfy in that new apartment. Good.
  • “I’ve ready everything you’ve published, Dr. Goldman.” I’m a medical doctor.
  • Have you cried enough at Scully being sweet with kids today?

xfiles founders scully adam hi

  • Scully is almost too excited to take this bastard down.
xfiles founders scully why sealed room

She terrifies me but I like it.

  • “Dr. Scully, I was told that you were the rational one.”

Not for a long time now Gus

  • It’s been 23 years, and Mulder and Scully still have a reputation.
  • She says, “He didn’t answer my question” like it’s the punchline to a joke. She didn’t even expect Dr. Goldman to answer. Scully’s gone full Mulder.
  • Not to be insensitive to Agnes, but this is beautiful.

xfiles founders mulder scully tunnel

xfiles founders scully tunnel police lights

Like a religious icon

  • The burgundy scrubs are more than I dared to dream this revival would provide.
xfiles founders scully burgundy scrubs

We have been chosen

  • The most X-Files experience of all: Mulder is talking about the Syndicate and alien-human hybrids, and I’m not catching any of it because I’m distracted by how good Scully looks.
  • She’s in love.

xfiles founders scully scrubs

  • With this asshole.

xfiles founders mulder you don't like cats

  • “I think about him every day.” Mulder looks to Scully before she’s even said anything. He can feel her thinking.

xfiles founders mulder never forgets

xfiles founders scully mother never forgets

He’d better be holding her hand under the table right now

  • They still fit together.
xfiles founders scully mulder shoulder

He doesn’t hesitate and she doesn’t flinch; this is totally natural; also I’m crying

  • Is this season 1??

xfiles founders mulder security footage

xfiles founders scully security footage

  • Have you ever noticed how Mulder purses his lips 200 percent more the minute he puts on sunglasses
He is mentally starring in an action movie at all times.

He is mentally starring in an action movie at all times.

  • He doesn’t get to wear sunglasses very often; you have to allow him his dreams.

xfiles mulder sunglasses season 1

xfiles mulder sunglasses season 2

xfiles mulder sunglasses milagro

xfiles founders mulder sunglasses

  • Just Like Old Times, Pt. 42/??: Scully takes the lead in the questioning. Mulder jumps in to ask something really personal. Scully’s ready to go. Mulder is in pain. Scully will burn this place to the ground to get the answer to the question that she thought was inappropriate 20 seconds ago.
xfiles founders scully mulder ground

More touch

xfiles founders scully where is he

This face is the only reason their interrogations ever get anywhere

  • There she goes; she’s off.
bad things happen when the birds gather but worse things happen when scully runs full tilt at the birds

Bad things happen when the birds gather but worse things happen when Scully runs full tilt at the birds

  • Now they’re running into danger together.

xfiles founders scully mulder kyle

  • It Could Have Gone Better
at what point do we talk about this hand placement

At what point do we talk about this hand placement

  • “Skinner, keep your people behind the red tape.” His people.

xfiles founders scully mulder red tape

  • Mulder and Scully are bathed in police lights a lot in this episode, but watch the progression. They move further away from the investigation each time: They beat the police to the scene, they’re called to the scene, and then they’re kept away. And that’s good progress. They belong on the margins. Scully and Mulder look right standing behind that tape, defiant and sure of themselves. The kind of truth they look for is easiest to see from an angle anyway.
  • “I blacked out after Goldman’s eyes popped out of his sockets.”
this is a dad joke and he's making it entirely for scully

This is a dad joke, and he’s making it entirely for Scully

  • She’s sorry.

xfiles founders scully mulder joke

  • Mulder doesn’t show his vial of stolen blood to just anyone.
  • Here We Go, Pt. 2
  • He’s shared so many movies with Scully; of course he imagines sharing them with their son.
xfiles founders mulder william monolith

Look, I am almost never on board with the whole “kid adorably mispronouncing a word” thing, but oh my God give me five hours of William pointing at things at things and calling them by the wrong name and I will complain about none of it

  • Mulder sees Scully (curious, independent-minded) in their son as much as Scully sees Mulder (bold, independent-spirited). There’s no telling any child of Scully’s what to believe; all Mulder wants to do is present his theory right along with Scully’s and trust William to make up his own mind.
xfiles founders mulder william aliens

“Other people think it represents the beginning of human knowledge.”

xfiles founders mulder william ideas

He can’t wait for this kid to tell him that he’s wrong about everything

  • Launch me into a wall of magnetite.

xfiles founders mulder william kiss

  • I do not want human emotions anymore.
"You never wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid, Scully?"

“You never wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid, Scully?”

  • “Space is hard.” You have no idea, kid.
  • The way Mulder mimics JFK’s cadence is so adorable HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THEY WATCHED THAT SPEECH TOGETHER
  • “All great and honorable actions are undertaken with great difficulty.” Mulder would never want William to be afraid of hard work. As if any child of Mulder and Scully could be.

xfiles founders mulder william rocket

  • Mulder imagines his son needing him at the same age when Scully imagines him asserting his independence. Scully needs the kind of love that allows for setting William free and then coming back together with him. Mulder just needs to feel like a part of William’s life for the first time.
  • “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”
"but because they are hard"

Which of them is having more fun with this???!!!?!!! (Not me)

  • Every time Mulder counts down, I cry. It’s so DAD. It’s so childhood: that constructed sense of anticipation. Mulder, who is anything but selfish but who leaps into action so quickly that he comes across that way, is waiting until the time is right. He’s entirely focused on creating an experience for someone else. He’s only like this with one other person.

xfiles founders mulder william countdown

  • William’s dreams are self-destructive, but Mulder still wants him to dream them.
xfiles founders william go up there someday

Save yourself

  • No one has ever called Mulder “Dad” before this. Not in a joke. Not in a dream. This is the first.
xfiles founders mulder william door light

The Unremarkable House once again deserves better

xfiles founders mulder william abduction

  • Mulder deserves better. He deserves not to go about his life convinced that he’s destined to lose everyone he loves; he deserves dreams that don’t end badly; he deserves to believe that he deserves these things. He doesn’t even think that he’s worthy of hope.
  • They didn’t get to take enough pictures of William.

xfiles founders mulder william photo

  • Scully had to let herself look at that photo. Mulder leaves his daydream photo in hand. He invites the pain, because he feels like he deserves it; setting aside time to be sad is the least he can do after leaving Scully alone with their son. He barely experienced fatherhood, so he digs his hands into the wound on purpose to make up for it—to make it real for him. That’s his nature anyway; he dreams about the moments he’d make with his son, while Scully dreams about the moments she’d have. She wants everyday life, because Scully shows love by showing up. Mulder is active. He loves in big gestures.
  • Anyway, they’re both convinced that they can’t be happy and this is me.

b99 why aren't you going to each other

As usual, I’m sorry that this took so long! I had to fight my way through the crushing sense that nothing I write means anything, because I’m Mulder throwing pencils at a poster, and sometimes I need Scully to wave a drawing of a monster in my face and remind me how to have fun. Next week.


  1. I’ve been waiting for more of your reactions to Season 10; this was so awesome. Once again, perfectly done. My favorites: “I need a white noise machine that’s just Scully introducing herself as FBI”, “This is a ‘like TODAY’ face”, and the one that made me laugh the most “Launch me into a wall of magnetite”. Well done.

    I know that there have been mixed reactions to Season 10, but I sense that you and I have a similar take on it. I was just so elated that there were new episodes and so many new awesome moments. I feel so lucky to be a fan of a show that came back after 14 years and gave us all so much more to talk about and flail over. I know that it wasn’t perfect, but I never expected it to be. What a great cultural phenomenon to be obsessed with, eh?

    Keep up the good work, I love your blog!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I really appreciate this! I definitely have my complaints with this revival (wait until the last two episodes), but having the show back was such a joyful experience overall, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. Now who can make me this noise machine…?

      1. I’d buy that noise machine. As long as it also had an alarm to wake me up with Mulder saying “Dagoo??”

        I’m wondering how you’ll be able to even compile anything in terms of “Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out” for My Struggle II, seeing as how they were only on screen together for like 20 seconds… Ah Chris Carter: you giveth and you taketh away.

      2. Hahah I thought I’d struggle with seasons 8 and 9 for that reason, but those wound up being some of my wordiest posts (until now…) so I’m sure I’ll find something to say.

  2. Oh and also, don’t ever feel that nothing you write means anything… “Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out” has been such a hilarious indulgence for me and I have recommended it to several of my friends. We all watched the X-Files back in the 90’s (I still have VHS libraries of the episodes in my parents’ garage) and your take on MSR is delightful. Cheers!

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! What a glorious surprise to find this in my in-box! Worth the wait!

    Founder’s Mutation is a classic X-File, IMHO, from that OMG! beginning to the ending (it must be allergy season, surely it must. Why else the tears?).

    Now I must go reread this and savor every word.

  4. Thank you thank yo thank you. I am so grateful that your take on Mulder and Scully and everything about the show is EXACTLY my own and that you’re able to articulate it in a way that I never could. You get them, completely. This was TOTALLY worth the wait. Take your time but keep it up!

    (Oh and if a person doesn’t feel like a sexy badass when they put on a pair of sunglasses, they’re wearing the wrong sunglasses. I love it that you caught Mulder feeling that all those times. So funny.)

  5. Another great post, keep them comming 😀 Also I’d like do add thAt Scully’s wardrobe in this episode is AMAZING!

  6. Thanks so much for this! I check TV Mouse every week for updates and happened to see this in my FB feed! I devoured your blog over the past few months as I re-watched the series, finally allowing myself to watch season 8 and 9 for the first time since originally airing. (How could I have denied myself Baby Goat- I’ll never know?!). During the revival, the New York Times was reviewing the episodes and asked fans for any Easter eggs they missed aside from the obvious…I completely believe Scully walking under Mulder’s arm into the room at the hospital to see Agnes was a gift to us, thanks for including it ha, as if you wouldn’t! Can’t wait for the rest!

    1. This is so sweet, thank you!! I’m always happy to spread the Baby Goat love (but having Mulder and Scully back together and slipping through doors like old times is even better).

  7. I agree with what others have commented. You are a wonderful writer and I love reading what you have to say. Your take is always so funny, sweet, and always chokes me up. I honestly have not rewatched the new series for a second time yet, aside from the WereMonster (only because it was sooo funny) and I know I should. I just feel like once I do, that’s it again and I will be sad. But now, I want to watch again.

    I am so glad it came back as it did, if for nothing more than you writing this blog. It’s so wonderful, I love it. I look forward to your next update.

    I love that you used the “Charles” gif. He cracks me up. His love for Jake is so great.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Wow wow wow, thank you so much. I really appreciate this! Were-Monster is the one I’ve already rewatched the most (hoping to write about it as soon as I can!), but there are moments worth rewinding in all of the episodes. Thanks again!

  8. Was so excited to see your blog for Founder’s Mutation! As always, I loved reading what you had to say! Its a very emotional post, but then this was a very emotional episode. You still amaze me with your ability to notice the tiniest details. I always watch The X-Files with new eyes after reading your blogs.

    l’ll gladly join you in your search for that white noise machine! I love that you love Scully as much as I do. Twenty years later and she’s still my hero. Is it strange that I’m so proud of her?

    I especially loved your take on Mulder and Scully’s respective daydreams! It’s so true – there is soooooo much of Mulder in Scully’s version of William and so much that is reminiscent of his relationship with Scully in Mulder’s version of William. Basically, they see their child through their love for each other. How I believe in those two!!

    The line that went right through my heart: “‘Will’ is a person. Will comes home from school at the end of the day and has mac and cheese with his parents.” Er.. excuse me, I think I have something in my eye…

  9. Just wanted to leave a note to say that I LOVE your interpretation and totally enjoy reading what you have to say. My husband and I started a rewatch of the whole series back in December, and I found your blog along the way. I’ve been devouring every post in an obsessive sort of way, like jumping to read your take immediately after finishing an episode. I was SO sad the other day when we (finally!) watched My Struggle and I realized that you hadn’t posted about the rest of season 10 yet. And then last night we watched Founder’s Mutation, and now today I have this wonderfulness to enjoy! All of this is to say: I’m now totally convinced that your blog is a special gift just for me, and I love it so, so much. Your writing means something. It means all the things!

  10. HURRAY!!! Another instalment! You always make my day with your posts! I thoroughly enjoy them! It makes me want to go back for a 3rd viewing (it’s been months that I’ve watched it now). ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm DYING to know what you thought of the next one, since it seems to be the running favourite!

  11. I loved your assessment of this episode more than the episode itself. I’ll have to rewatch it while I cling to your notes. I’m really looking forward to the next ep!

    I have loved reading your blog alongside my recent rewatch. As an aspie I often miss a lot of the subtleties and subtext so I’m taking your interpretations as gospel 😉 Often I had to go and watch things again because i was totally clueless, so thank you.

  12. I just have to say you made my day! Hell, you made my week!! I have enjoyed every one of your reviews…”Scully, you googled brain surgery”. Hahaha!. I have missed those two so much. Cannot wait for your take on the Were-Monster. I bet it will be a treat.

  13. I love it that you love Scully as much as I do ❤ This was great. I've grown to love this episode the more I think about it – and this also helped a lot. At first I was a little upset that they weren't in each other's daydream, but what you said totally makes sense. This isn't about them. Anyway. Thanks for another great post. Made me cry and miss them even more.

  14. I love reading your insights into this couple. Scully’s pain is palpable, her guilt, her sense of loss. The flash-possibles, were just agonizing. They both are so aware of what might have been, what has been taken away from them.

    I agree, it was a bit jarring ,the back at the bureau with no easing in. I didn’t know when I watched it that they were showing eps a bit out of order. And I shall forever wonder why it is Scully still doesn’t rate a desk or her name on the door. Mulder doesn’t do this without her!

  15. I am so happy to read this and can only agree what everyone else has said. I couldn’t wait to read what you would say about the two “Here we go” parts which are such beautifully painful moments in the episode. Have you noticed that Scully’s visions all seem to take place in the morning, whilst Mulder’s are in the evening? I am sure there is something deeply significant about that but I can’t get past the need to lie on the floor and try to remember how to breath after watching them. And now I am going to read what you have written again and gaze at the beautiful pictures…

    1. Oohhhh, I like that point about Scully’s visions being the sunrise to his sunset. Maybe it’s because the night means different things to each of them. Nighttime is a set of new possibilities for Mulder; in their own way, they’re both looking for more time.

  16. I like your thought that Mulder doesn’t feel as if he has any right to be a part of the conversation about William’s adoption. If there is one thing I would have liked in these episodes is more of an insight into Mulder’s feelings about William. So much of Season 10 was focused on Scully, which I like, but I would also like to know how Mulder felt. So your picking up on the notion that of course Mulder, who feels guilty about every bad thing that ever happened to Scully and feels that he’s never allowed to love anyone without losing them, can’t even really articulate his thoughts about William is insightful.

  17. So glad you are writing about season 10 still!
    I too watched the Xfiles in the 90s and have been rewatching. Your blog posts are a gift that I am so glad I stumbled upon!!

  18. I’ve been checking in regularly for this update. Then I saw it, and I didn’t want to read it. But then I did want to read it. And then I didn’t. And then I wanted to crawl in a hole and not think about this episode. But I finally did, and I’m glad I did. You made me laugh (BINGO). You salvaged the episode for me. You gave meaning to “Was I just an incubator?” which bothered me the MOST out of the entire S10 run. I might be able to go give this one another watch now.

    And now that we’ve got the heavy stuff out of the way, I can’t wait for the next installment. Thank you for not letting a Mulder-like malaise bring you down!

  19. Thank you so much for your blog post. It was very insightful and moving. One of the lighter points for me is Mulder, apparently estranged from Scully, touching her rear end to make sure she’s okay… Lol.

    Leave it to Mulder to cop a feel when his (ex?) bae is unconscious.

    How on earth did I miss this detail on first viewing? I am going to have to definitely watch this episode again for the science of romantic estrangement.

    Keep up the great work!

  20. I wish I could have liked this episode better. I felt no connection or chemistry between Mulder and Scully in this one oddly enough. It just felt flat. I didn’t mind the case or their dreams about their son. But their interactions felt like something out of CSI and almost put me to sleep. I was very disappointed by it.

  21. I had definitely been waiting for an update! You definitely have made the first two episodes of season 10 much more worth it! Plus, I keep referring back to your older posts. Love this site!

  22. Long time reader, first time poster 😀 I LOVE your take on these eps! Thank you! I’ve been reliving my teenage fangirl days ever since I decided to watch the whole series over again a couple months ago–I just couldn’t watch season 10 until I did it. Then I came across your site and had to read each post! Back in the day, I used to tell my friends I watched for David while secretly girl crushing Scully. GA. is. amazing.

    I’m *hoping* a season 11 will allow us some flashbacks of happy M/S (at the courthouse, making it official…that “for better or worse” line has me convinced and I refuse to believe otherwise). I wouldn’t mind some flashbacks of what led to the breakup either. I think we deserve it.

    Can’t wait to read your next one!

  23. I just came across your blog today by chance (can’t even remember how at this stage!) and i’ve just spent a very enjoyable few hours binge reading all of your X-Files posts. I think you may be my spirit animal! You just get Mulder and Scully and it’s so fab to read all your insights. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the season 10 recaps. I know season 10 has gotten a lot of mixed review but like a lot of true fans I was just happy for some new Mulder and Scully. Sure it could have been better but I still think it was wonderful to see them together again and it was better than not having the revival at all. I’m really hoping for a season 11! From what i’ve read it seems to be happening if they can get scheduling sorted out so hopefully we’ll have it sooner rather than later. Keep up the fantastic work! You’ve just gained a new devoted reader!

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much!! I’m so glad. I’m with you; this season wasn’t perfect, but it gave us more Mulder and Scully, and I’ll always take that. I’m hoping to get to “Were-Monster” soon!

  24. I’ve been avoiding your posts for season 10 because I’m a pansy and I’m not ready to go back. But I couldn’t stop myself from reading this one. Like the proverbial snowball — I just needed a push into what I thought would be a slope of pain. Thank god for your wicked sense of humor. Once again, you’ve been able to write down what I am feeling and I am so grateful. Somehow reading it makes it better.

    “Launch me into a wall of magnatite.” FOR REALZ.

    Scully’s daydreams of William are painful enough, but Mulder’s are what ripped my shriveled little heart out of my chest. He does deserve better. They both deserve to experience this kind of happiness with their child. And, if I may, we deserve to see them experience that happiness. Dammit. I’m fine, really.

    Kelly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m still not ready to go through this one again, but thanks for writing about it!

  25. Hi! I was about your age when the X-Files premiered back in the day, and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. I wish you could have been there at the beginning. It was so off-the-wall, so creative, we sat around in grad school seminars and analyzed every word, every look. We loved the Agent Scully who, although beautiful, was so clearly not a sex object to her partner, rather his admiration stemmed from respect. That alone was revolutionary; an intelligent woman on TV who was equal to her male partner and not there just to show some leg. Unheard of. Those were heady days. I just discovered your writings and enjoyed them so much. So fun to read, such great memories. And I agree, they should have made out, yet the wanting them to while they never do is part of the joy. I’m wondering where the rest of Season 10 is. Did I miss it, or are we all still waiting for your brilliant commentary? I loved season 10. Was it all great? Of course not! But neither were seasons 1-9 (Tesos dos Bichos, anyone?). Just the fact they’re back was good enough for me. Thanksfor writing!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m definitely going to do the rest of season 10; real life has just unfortunately gotten in the way. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up these posts again soon! In the meantime, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed 🙂

      1. My husband gave me the boxed set blu-rays of all 10 seasons for Christmas (he’s a keeper;) so I’ve been re-reading your posts as I re-watch. I have a thought for you based on a few threads you carry through your posts and comments. When do they fall in love? “Back in the day” we would read episode reviews on alt-tv.x-files right after they aired. One reviewer I liked, and have since forgotten her name, wrote a comment I still remember. It referred to the episode Terma, at the point when Scully is sitting before the Senate committee and Mulder walks in, just in the nick. This reviewer said, “Regardless of Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson play Scully like a woman in love.” When I watch that moment, I agree. The look on Scully’s face when she turns and sees Mulder walking in is the look of a woman in love. So I guess ever since I read that, I’ve felt Scully has fallen big-time by season four. And then all the Mulder angst with the season four cancer seals the deal for me with him as well. That’s earlier than many people like to place it, but I’m claiming love in season four. I read an interview with Chris Carter where he talks about Gillian and David playing for love. Maybe you’ve read it. He said that Dana Scully was his dream woman. He created her as the girl he always wanted, so he truly had no intention of letting anyone else have her. The entire relationship happened because of the amazing chemistry between David and Gillian. Carter said, “That was all David and Gillian, and we couldn’t stop it.” I also watched a clip on Youtube (and I tried to find it for you, but no luck) of Gillian on a talk show. The host asks, “So is there anything going on between you and David?” She replies, “Wouldn’t that be nice? But no, that will never happen.” They talk a bit more about that, and the host says, “So all that chemistry is just friendly attraction?” and Gillian replies, “Oh no, it’s more than friendly attraction, but it will still never happen.”

        Last bit, are you still making a Mulder-Scully playlist because I have a few suggestions for you that are soooo perfect, I just might have to make a fanvid (with my new boxed set!). If you’re interested, I’ll share.

        I hope had a wonderful holiday season.

      2. Hi! First of all, so sorry this response is so inexcusably belated. Second, I am always down for playlist suggestions! And third, as for the whole timeline of Mulder and Scully falling in love, here’s how I see it: I think they’re both in pretty deep by season 4. Mulder knows it (I’ve always felt like the keychain conversation in “Max” was a lightbulb moment for him) and doesn’t know what to do about it, and especially after she goes into remission, he just wants to get back to normal and not rock the boat. Scully’s sort of the opposite: She knows she wants something to happen (and acts on it in “Detour”) but doesn’t realize she’s full-on in love with him until later. I think it honestly takes her until “Milagro” to let go of what she thinks he would have to do or become in order to be in a relationship with her and realize she can be with him just as he is. But that’s just my outlook!

  26. I’m still wandering by now and then, ever hopeful for another entry. I’m introducing a friend to XF – she’s almost 60 and never watched it! I just watched the Were-Monster ep with her last weekend. Now she’s going with me to see DD in concert in Feb (which is a huge relief to my husband who was afraid he was going to have to go). Life is weird. And wonderful. Anyway, hope you get past those roadblocks and feel like doing another entry soon. If not, maybe you’ll get inspired when S11 rolls around 🙂

  27. I read this a year ago when you first posted but I had so much going on in my mind that I didn’t think I could articulate it very well. Now that they have announced S11 I’m finally ready to say a few words. This episode is just too sad for me. I agree with you on your assessment of their discussion of William and how they dream of a life with him. It seems that a lot of people have put all or most of the blame for their breakup on Mulder but I think Scully has so much guilt that she couldn’t live with the thought that perhaps she’s partly to blame for Mulder’s depression through her responsibility for William’s adoption. William symbolized hope and she got rid of it. Without William and the lack of a noticeable alien invasion in 2012, left them both, but especially Mulder, without any hope or direction in life and furthered his guilt over Scully’s loss of family members and general happiness. It became a viscious cycle. While I can u crest and Scully’s fears for William, I still think it was an irrational act on her part. Let’s face it, if she’s hiding him from a shadow conspiracy within the government, he’ll be found using whatever government resources and then some. She was FBI. She should have been prepared to go underground, off the grid, on the run with him and Mulder. Oh well, that’s all in the past. I think this is the only way Mulder can deal with it all without succumbing to the overwhelming guilt is to tell himself it’s in the past because there is nothing he can do about it for now. I’m actually glad Scully said she sometimes hates herself for not standing by William. Good, I want her to feel guilty. I stopped watching X-Files when David left the series but then I was really mad and refused to watch it even in reruns after William. That episode was very upsetting for me because I had a baby about the same age as William.
    I started re watching in 2011 after watching the pilot episode of Bones. Thank God for Netflix! Thank you for your great insight into M&S. It has given me a different perspective on them.

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