tardis way stationI volunteered in Alaska for a year after college and was told to pack lightly, so I brought a total of 14 TV seasons on DVD. An airport security lady told me that nobody uses DVDs anymore, but she doesn’t get to tell me how to live.

This is for you, if you write Ron Swanson quotes on your bathroom mirror, if you daydreamed about Jack Bristow in freshman biology, if your ring says “ALLONS-Y” and your phone case says “Mulder, it’s me” and the airport security lady would have said the same thing to you when she opened your bag.


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  1. Nothing entertains me more than this blog. Every time I finish an episode of The X-Files (I just watched Hollywood AD) I come here to read your beautiful comments on the episode in the “Times Mulder And Scully Should’ve Made Out This Week” posts.

    Seriously, you GET me. My friends are all sick of me rabbiting on about TXF but I keep sending them your comments on different scenes because they amuse me so much, and you manage to put all my feelings towards Scully and Mulder into words.

    Also, at the start of volume 16, the subcaption “IT’S ALL HAPPENING.” – I relate so hard.

    I started watching TXF in the middle of July (specifically July 10th, and 38 days later I’m on season 7 TXF, do not judge me) and I’ve been so ridiculously consumed by it all. I mean, my entire family watched it when it originally aired, so I vaguely know what’s going to happen – y’know, William, Mulder’s absence, all that jazz – and I’m STILL aggressively marathoning the whole damn thing.

    I’m partially blaming you and your amusing commentaries. They’re keeping me (mostly) sane and keeping me obsessed.

    (This was an overly complicated way of me saying thank you.)

    1. No, thank YOU! This is so sweet! And I could never judge you for how quickly you’ve watched the show so far. That’s an accomplishment. Own it. I know the feeling of being unable to stop bothering friends about The X-Files; that’s been my permanent state of existence for over a year now. I’m just glad to be doing some good with it!

      1. Yeah! It was my first time watching the awards, and I absolutely loved it!!!

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