Bones Spotlights

Spotlight on Bones: Stable Until You Detonate It

R.I.P. Mighty Hut.

I’m sadder about losing a fictional house than I probably should be. But remember how long it took Booth and Brennan to even get to the point where they needed a house? Remember when Booth found this place at a police auction and Brennan called it their mighty hut, because buying a criminal’s house would make them the conquering heroes, and it was symbolically and anthropologically perfect, and they kissed in Christine’s future bedroom? Booth was so excited to build a treehouse, you guys.


Spotlight on Bones: Everything Happens Eventually

Remember when Brennan actually took a vacation? To be with Sully? On a boat? She made a really cute joke about her nickname, her hair was mussed perfectly in the sea breeze, and Booth found every excuse to pull her back into the case, but when Sully offered to let her sail the world with him, Booth was big enough to tell her to go.

And that’s when I started to fall for them.

Spotlight on Bones: Strength and Imperviousness

Sometimes Bones makes me go all Kristen-Bell-with-a-sloth on the world. “The Blackout in the Blizzard” is one of those times. Season six was hard. It was angsty and emotionally draining and sad. This episode is a light. It’s hope. It’s a hug and a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, because Booth and Brennan are Booth and Brennan again.


Spotlight on Bones: I Knew You Wouldn’t Give Up

“Hart and I both hate serial killers as a rule.”—Stephen Nathan.

“I’d always said I would never do car scenes.”—Hart Hanson

I like the executive producers of Bones because they break their own rules. “Aliens in a Spaceship” violates every one of Hart and Stephen’s guidelines. It’s basically one giant car scene made possible by a serial killer, and it’s my favorite episode of the entire series. Because you don’t actually need rules if your characters are interesting.